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I would like to thank all people for notes! It means for me a lot.

Every painting took me about 3 hours to done, which makes it in total over 45 hours of work. Through this time my style started to change so some of characters needed to be done from the begining. Also I had a little breakdown and I just didn’t wanted to look at my tablet again, BUT here they are I’ve done it and I’m proud of myself that erryday I’ve spent this time just to show the world my art c:

“shitty memory” aesthetic

-giving ur friends the same information over and over because u forgot u ever gave it to them

-opening up a new text post only to forget what u were going 2 say

-never changing a wall calendar/needing to look up what day of the week something will be

-literally not being able to remember what happened yesterday/an hour ago/five minutes ago

-forgetting where ur going/what ur doing in the middle of doing it

-flipping through the beginning of a book because u forgot some characters and plot development

-making a typo, make a mental note to fix it, get up to do something, keep typing without fixing the typo

-”haha ur memory cant be THAT bad”

-it can be

-reminding urself 2 do something but u forget

-writing reminders, forgetting that u wrote a reminder/forgetting what was on the reminder/forgetting where u put the reminder

-”just put something in ur room out of place before u go 2 sleep” and ur room has so much shit on the floor u wouldnt even be able 2 tell whats out of place

-alternately: doing the above and then forgetting what it was supposed to remind u of

-did that happen or was i dreaming

-i was gonna put something here but i FORGOT it and i HATE it

Stress Reliever

Rated: M

Warning: Smut

Summary: Jungkook’s had a bad day at work and could use a little stress relief.

Note: i’ve been craving some domestic jungkook smut so i decided to write some. i wouldn’t consider this yalls late christmas present… how about a late stocking stuffer? LOL. also, for the first time ever.. jungkook isn’t totally dom daddy in this GASPPPPP (ok maybe a lil. doNT LOOK AT ME)

Words: 2.6k

Words couldn’t express how glad he was that today was finally over. Work about drove him fucking insane today, so to say that he was happy as he walked through the front door was quite the understatement.

He kicked his shoes off by the door and tossed his keys onto the bar, looking around the apartment as he undid the first few buttons of his shirt, looking for you. “Baby?” He called out, and when he got no response he knew you were probably in the bedroom.

So he began to trudge his way in there, scratching the back of his neck and realizing how excited he felt to see you after such a long and irritating day. You always knew how to calm him down.

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The Secret Ahoge

On the wallpaper of Kaede from the MonoMono Machine, the blue area near the top of her head looks like it was scribbled over. If you look closely, you can see something below the blue scribble. 

If you trace an outline of what’s below the scribble and fill it in with the same color, it kind of looks like a certain someone’s ahoge. 

Saihara is controlling Kaede.

Note: A very similar image of Kaede that was in the video trailer does not have the same scribble or hidden ahoge. For some odd reason the wallpaper has this. I don’t know if it was an accident or if it has some sort of foreshadowing. This is just an observation.

I’m not sure why things happened the way they did, I’m not sure why we met on the first of may and I’m not sure why i ended up in mo. sometimes i still think about it all. but i do not regret it, that year taught me more about life, love, and most importantly myself than i ever thought it would. i became a better version of myself because of it. you taught me what i want in someone, and what i should expect from someone, i hope my future wife has some of the qualities i loved about you. you taught me to look for someone who will cover my room in sticky notes, or buy a huge bear just bc I’m sad, you taught me to look for someone who will hold me as i sob uncontrollably on the bathroom floor, and not look at me any differently because of it. in a way because of you, i learned what it was like to love someone with a mental illness, i watched you love me through it, and in a way it taught me how to love myself through it. i didn’t know it at the time, but i do now. some days i was so sad i didn’t even have the energy to wash my own hair and so you did it for me, i would shake and so you would hold me every night. when i thought i couldn’t ever smile again you sang to me in the car. i am not sure why things ever happened the way that they did, but a tiny piece of me is happy that they did. i have washed my hair without the help of your fingertips 74 times, i have slept tangled in blankets rather than in you for 63 nights, i have driven countless miles with an empty passenger seat, i have listened to hundreds of songs without your voice belting the lyrics. i never wanted things to end the way they did. I’m not sure why things happened the way they did, but I am thankful that they did. Hurting me is the best thing you ever did for me, partially because of you i have learned to love myself, you hurting me forced me to learn to love me without the help from you. I am a stronger me than we ever were an us.
—  And so I thank you, thankyou for hurting me,
thankyou for making me that much stronger.
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Last-Minute Revision Tips
  • firstly, never ever ever just read through your notes!!! this is only good if it’s like the morning before your exam, otherwise never do it- it won’t work (unless you have a photographic memory or something)!
  • flashcards- they don’t have to be pretty, just functional! Write only key information down such as dates and places or formulae
  • don’t write notes for things you already know! Go through your folder/specification/textbook and make a list on everything you need to revise
  • bullet points- sit down with a black biro and some lined paper and read through your revision guide/textbook/class notes and make concise notes- you can make them look nice later using highlighters but for now just focus on noting down key information!
  • word documents- this is what I call my ‘panic notes’. I sit down with a revision guide (usually a day before my exam) and make very quick notes on a word document- I use shortened words/text speak to save time and make sure I get down key information
  • print off past papers- give yourself about half the time you would have in the exam and go through the paper, making bullet points for longer questions or plans for essays. Highlight sources/extracts you’re given as if you are in the exam as this is very good practice. Then use the mark scheme to roughly mark the paper and add to your answers
  • mind maps- don’t write down every single piece of information, or copy out sentences from a textbook- just put a key idea/topic in the middle and expand on it with key statistics/facts- use lots of diagrams if they help
  • notebook notes- get a small, lined notebook and write down key facts in it, also draw diagrams if needed. Then carry this notebook around with you- maybe go for a walk with it and test yourself as you walk (getting outside is very important and good for your brain!)
  • use word association/mnemonics/silly little tricks to help you remember things- for example I remember that barium ions burn green in the flame test because barium sounds like bear and bears live in forests which are green! Often the ruder the better as you’re more likely to remember them
  • ask a family member of friend to help you revise- ask them to test you on things from notes/a revision guide; I often ask my mum to test me and somehow it really helps me to remember things as she’s hopeless as science-based subjects so always mispronounces things and I have to explain basically everything to her! 
  • If no one is available to help you, test yourself! Fold a piece of A4 in half vertically and write questions and answers on separate sides- then, a little while later on so you don’t remember everything word for word, fold it back so you can’t see the answers and ask yourself the questions!
  • also it’s vital that you get a good amount of sleep (all nighters usually do not turn out very well unless you’re superhuman), drink plenty of water, eat healthily (it’s alright to treat yourself a bit though!), and get outside at least once a day! Also give yourself a few breaks from studying- you and your brain will need to relax a little!
Winter Cuddles

Tis was requested for prompt 72- “You look so comfy, and cuddle-able.”

Edited by @winter-patrick

It was a cold and snowy England night. Newt was out talking to his editor about his book. You were back at his apartment decorating for Christmas. Using your wand, the lights and ornaments hung themselves perfectly on the tree. Looking around satisfied with your work, you sat down on the couch. It began to get cold, so you poked around in Newt’s closet. 

You found an old tattered Hufflepuff scarf and his blue coat, along with a pair mittens and some fluffy socks. After putting everything on, you looked in the mirror. You laugh, as you look like a multi-colored marshmallow. 

Plopping down on the couch, you picked up some of Newt’s notes and began reading through them, correcting some mistakes and adding some information. Eventually, sleep overtook you and you lied down peacefully on the couch.

Newt checked his watch as he was exiting his editor’s building, and noticed how late it was. Rushing back home, he opened the door and sat his suitcase down. 

“I’m so sorry, love, I did-” He stopped when he saw you cuddled up on the couch. 

He smiled as he watched your chest rise up and fall down in a steady pattern. He walked over to you and sat next to you, placing his hand on your cheek. The sudden pressure caused you to quickly open your eyes. 

“Oh, y/n, you woke up. Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you but, you just look so comfy and cuddleable right now.” He blushed, and you sat up smiling at him. 

“Well, okay, Newt, do you want to join me?” 

“Um, I would love to, that is if you don’t mind? I don’t want to make things uncomfortable,” He smiled sheepishly and you took his hand and pull him to the bedroom. 

You both get under the covers and start cuddling. You placed your face in the crook of hid neck and Newt placed his chin on your head. 

“So my editor said that the book is beginning to take form, and it should go to a publisher in a few months,“ He said while stroking your back. 

“That’s awesome Newt!” You two continue to talk until you both fell asleep. 

You woke up warm and comfortable but when you opened your eyes, you were met with the eyes of Dougal and the Niffler. 

“Newt…” You nudging him awake.

“Hm?” he asked, half asleep. 

“You should really get that case fixed.” 

The first time I tried copying it to send it to someone I accidently deleted it lol. I panicked until i realized the Undo button existed 

real essay tip

– wait first of all, real essay tip #1: work on the essay at least a few days in advance so u can actually do this –

- ok so real essay tip #2: anytime u stop working on an essay for the day (or if u’re taking a break or something), make a note on your draft of what the next step is. make it as specific as possible!! 

do u need to elaborate on sentences? say “elaborate *s” and then go through and mark the sentences you need to elaborate on with *s! 

do you need to write your conclusion? create a skeleton of the conclusion, or 2-3 bullet points in your note of what u want to put in the conclusion!

do u need to clear up some language? write down which paragraphs need simplifying!

honestly this helps SO much bc when u sit down to write the rest of your essay, you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing. u just look at your previous note and do it. and then u write a new note for next time, and keep going!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any images of the henna designs used and how they vary across different ethnic groups? I'm familiar with henna and my Indian neighbour taught me her traditions around it and applied some designs to me when I was a curious child and she was getting ready for a wedding, but I would assume designs very considerably between cultures as well as the context in which they are used. Would you be able to direct me to info on this? Thanks :)

You’re absolutely right — henna designs vary considerably from region to region… I often post pictures about it if you look through my henna tag. Here are some examples of different styles:

This is the style traditionally done in much of Morocco, known today simply as “bildi” (’rustic’ or ‘old-fashioned’)… Commonly associated with the “Imperial Cities” of Fes, Meknes, and Marrakech, it shares many similarities with the traditional embroidery (terz) of that region — note the division of space into diamonds and triangles, the use of parallel lines, and the toothed edging. Photo taken by me in Fes, 2014:

This is another style seen in Morocco, in the southern regions and Sahara. This “Sahrawi” style shares some elements with the henna of central and northern Morocco, but is similar in layout to the henna done in Mauritania. Photo from Flickr:

The henna of Mauritania is breathtakingly unique and immediately recognizable. In my opinion the henna artists of Mauritania are among the most talented and technically accomplished in the world; designs were traditionally done in reverse with a tape resist, and today they are also drawn (there’s actually a whole book about it!). Photo from Flickr:

And West Africa has its own style as well, commonly seen in Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, and other places in the region — done in reverse with tape, like in Mauritania, but with longer lines and different layouts. Photo by Casey McMenemy, from my article on henna in West Africa:

There is also a unique and recognizable style in East Africa, on the Swahili Coast (Kenya, Tanzania, etc.). Unfortunately today they often use the dangerous “black henna” chemical dye, but as you can see it can be easily replicated with natural henna (from this article on henna on the Swahili Coast):

The countries of the Arabian Peninsula have their own set of styles too, known as khaleeji (“Gulf”), which are today immensely popular around the world (even in places like Morocco and India which have their own longstanding traditions of henna design). In the Khaleej itself there are many henna salons with local and international artists, and so the designs are constantly evolving; the constant, for me, is the open layout and the contrast between thick and thin. Here’s an example of some contemporary khaleeji-style work (from Instagram):

Of course, Persia was once the heartland of henna, and in the Safavid period we have many depictions of beautiful, elaborate henna patterns in illustrated manuscripts. While the tradition died out during the Qajar period under the influence of Western fashion, it is clear that there was once a “Persian style” of henna, which some artists have attempted to continue or revive. This is a (very zoomed-in) detail from Mir Sayyid Ali’s 1540 masterpiece “A Nomadic Encampment” (and for more on Persian henna, see this article):

And while India came rather late to the henna-pattern game, developing traditions of henna art only in the 18th-19th century, by the 20th century South Asia had become one of the centres of henna art worldwide, and the henna styles from the region are probably the most common and recognizable today. That’s not to say that they were always what we think of today as “Indian-style” henna — here’s an example of Rajasthani designs from the 1950s recorded by Jogendra Saksena, which are quite different than the style of henna common in India today:

Not to mention the fact that within the Indian subcontinent, there are (or have been, historically) distinct regional styles: Pakistani, Marwari, Rajasthani, and more… And of course, henna designs are constantly changing! What was popular and stylish twenty years ago is not the same as what was popular ten years ago, or what is popular now. Especially with the interconnectedness of the internet, artists around the world are able to learn from each other, spread innovations, and merge styles in new and exciting ways.

Compare this old-fashioned, recognizably Pakistani-style design (from Flickr):

To the contemporary work of Pakistani-American artist (and dear friend of mine) Sabreena Haque, who combines motifs and layouts from Indian, Pakistani, Gulf, and Moroccan patterns, along with inspiration from many other areas of art and nature (from her Instagram):

And there’s so much more to explore! There seems to be a unique style of henna patterns in the Balkans, similar to their tattooing and embroidery. What were henna designs like in medieval Spain? Yemenite Jews had their own unique patterns and techniques as well, which still need more research. And there’s more to say about the evolution of henna designs in Morocco too!

I could go on and on, but perhaps that’s enough for now. Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

I’ve learned so much this year… I learned that things don’t always turn out the way you planned, or the way you think they should. And I’ve learned that there are things that go wrong that don’t always get fixed or get put back together the way they were before. I’ve learned that some broken things stay broken, and I’ve learned that you can get through bad times and keep looking for better ones, as long as you have people who love you.
— Jennifer Weiner
All Mine - Part 3

Hiya everyone! Here it is, the long awaited final chapter to my Norman Reedus Imagine :D You can read Chapter One here: X and Chapter Two here: X :D please send me a little DM letting me know what you thought it would mean the world to me :D I loved writing this story and I hoped it worked out the way you guys wanted to, i personally am so happy with the result. Speak to you guys soon! Love you all <3 Side note: I listened to chasing cars whilst writing part of this, so if you want to feel some feels listen to the big chorus at the end of the song during the voicemail.. just fyi hahaa :D Enjoy guys xx


You opened your eyes with a jolt. The light was just starting to creep through the curtains. You moved your body slightly, realising you ached in places that normally didn’t ache. As you lifted the covers you noticed that you were completely naked, you looked over at Norman, noticing he too wasn’t wearing anything. You closed your eyes remembering the night before. The kissing, the touching, the -
“Y/N, are you awake?” Norman grumbled barely opening his eyes, cutting you out of your thoughts. You pretended to still be asleep and you felt him get out the bed and go into the bathroom. As you slowly started to feel more awake, more of last night came back to you.

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I am not technically Māori, but I am from New Zealand. I grew up in an area with a high concentration of Māori people. I have Māori friends and whānau and honestly the culture is engrained in us through school, through te reo, if you are from New Zealand, it is a part of you in some way. 

Moana was the movie I’d been waiting for. 

When that first fucking note hit, my sister and I just turned and looked at each other. The looks on our faces, man. The music was beautiful (I love you, LMM). The story was beautiful. I grew up reading books about Maui and his legends - Maui and the Sun? I must have read it dozens of times. Hell, the word ‘moana’ literally means ocean in te reo Māori! When Maui did the haka facing Te Kā, when Moana did a hongi with Te Fiti, there were so many parts that reminded me of the Māori culture. 

And I loved that it wasn’t just Māori, it was like a mash-up of many different Polynesian cultures? New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, and so many others, no matter where you were from, if you were Pasifika, you could identify in some way????? 


Look, basically, when the lights came up, I was literally crying. I loved this movie so damn much, I LOVED IT. 

Ed, Edd n Eddy are all victims of abuse

I didn’t notice it till now but when watching the show again, it’s kinda obvious. Let’s start with Ed.

Ed’s abuse seems to be more emotional abuse. His parents spoil his sister Sarah, while Ed lives in the basement. They also seem to take Sarah’s side more often. These can be signs of parental favoritism. I mean, look at Ed’s room.

now look at sarah’s:

Sarah’s room is much larger, cleaner and more comfortable than Ed’s. Sure, Ed’s a messy guy but you’d think a good parent would start showing SOME concern when their child’s room is as bad as Ed’s. 

Now to Double D. His abuse is more about neglect and lack of affection from his parents. Not only are his parents never home but they communicate through sticky notes they leave around the house. and what are on those notes?

Chores. Double D’s parents seem to treat him more like a maid that cleans the place while they’re away most of the time, instead of their son.

and finally, Eddy. His is the most obvious. 

While not a parent, Eddy has been shown to be physically and verbally abused by his older brother. This was revealed in the series finale. 

I can’t believe I actually missed this until now. 

This also shows another difference between them and the rest of the kids in the cul-de-sac.

Jimmy’s parent’s don’t seem to mind that their son has more feminine interests, buying him things like an easy bake oven and letting him have a feminine room and stuffed animals. Kevin’s dad constantly showers him in gifts. Nazz lives a carefree and happy life. Johnny’s parents seem to be tree-huggers(they have arbor day parties and bring nature inside as a christmas tradition) and don’t find it strange that their son talks to inanimate objects and Rolf has a close, very large and traditional family.

These are kids that most likely wouldn’t understand what the eds go through. That could be another reason why the eds are outcasts in the show. 


Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Sam walks in on a very insecure reader wearing a bikini.

Words: 1,215

Pairing/Characters: SamxReader, mentions of Dean

Warning: Body image insecurities… Fluff. Mention of smut.

Author’s Note: So, I struggle with body image all the time and a friend of mine has had it bad lately. I wrote this for her (even thought my writing is trash), but I thought some people might like it here. It’s just an experience with my own body image I guess? I don’t claim to know anything about how it is for others or what anyone else is going through. All of you are beautiful and we shouldn’t feel any pressure to look a certain way. Anyway… I hope this makes someone out there feel a little better.

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

You hated bikinis, yet there you were standing in front of your mirror in one. Well it wasn’t bikinis you supposed, it was your body. Bikinis just highlighted the parts of your body that you hated, your stomach mainly. You liked your legs, they were long and strong, and you’d come to terms with a few stretch marks on your thighs. Everyone has the marks, you would tell yourself, it happens. No one had a perfect body, but your stomach, you just couldn’t look past it. And no matter what you did it was never enough. You were in shape for the most part, you exercised and ate well, you just weren’t a flat-stomached girl. To you, it bulged out so much, you looked potbellied or something. It was… ugly.

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*rubbing hands together* here we gO

James “Jim” Lake Jr.

  • Okay so first off the amount of cooking shows that this precious boy has watched is #insane. He can list every winner of Chopped in order.
  • Probably writes little notes for his mom on the lunch bags/Tupperware (’love you!,’ ‘I have rehearsal tonight,’ ‘METAL FORK!!!’).
  • Gets really hype watching <cooking show> Jr. because look mom that child is shorter than the table??? He started cooking before he could do long division and he gets so excited to see other kids cooking/baking competitively. Doing so has been a dream of his for quite some time. 
  • Totally got Blinky a Father’s Day card.
  • His ‘12-year old emo phase’ lasted all of 3 months but he went through like 10 pairs of earbuds and all of his mother’s old grunge/hair metal cassettes. 
  • Probably picked up a lot of (somewhat random, mostly helpful) medical knowledge because Dr. Lake would have him with her at the hospital from time to time. 
  • Adores science fiction novels. He’s read the Hitchhiker’s Guide series no less than three times
  • Will fall asleep anywhere if tired enough. This has led to being found in odd places around Trollmarket by his fellow hunters, including atop multiple shop awnings and curled between the bookcases at the far end of Blinky’s study. 
  • Wants to learn troll cuisine/teach human cuisine in the underground.

Tallemaja: Newt x Reader Imagine

Summary: A fluffy little one-shot imagine based on this Anon request:

Anonymous said: May I have a Newt x reader where the reader is researching Swedish folklore?            

Hope you like it, love!!

Word Count: 3706

Originally posted by hardyness

You sighed, frustrated, running your fingers through your hair as you attempted to sift through your notes to find what you were looking for.

Papers and a few small journals were scattered all across the table in the café you currently occupied, a steaming cup of tea in front of you. Some of the books were open and the notes themselves were a mix of neatly documented notes next to more hasty scribblings and dates. The notes that were not so neat were virtually illegible to anybody except for you. Here and there, careful drawings lay strewn throughout the mix. You were just beginning to ask yourself what the whole point of all this was if you could hardly find anything, anyway - but at that exact moment you finally found the paper you had been looking for.

It was a drawing of a creature, although she so human-like in appearance that you hardly could have told the difference, despite the fact that she had a cow tail flicking out from underneath her skirt. There were notes in Swedish scrawled along the sides of the paper - these were yours; locations, hunches, details, compiled after painstaking research and hastily scribbled in the margins of the best picture you had got.

You had unceremoniously ripped the page from a library book, something that normally horrified you. But you couldn’t carry the whole book with you on your trip, and more than that, you couldn’t afford to buy the actual copy. You would have, had you had the money, because it had been a particularly well done book on Swedish folklore, but you had saved for months and months for this trip already.

Most of your fellow witches and wizards dismissed non-magical folklore, thinking it a giant joke and a supreme waste of time. You knew better.

You knew that, even if not entirely accurate, even if non-magical tradition got mixed in and some details went astray, that folklore was an excellent place to research actual magical creatures and beings. You had grown up with these stories, your mother and father reading them to you as a child, and they had always fascinated you. The Dwarves, with their dislike of the sun; the beautiful Elven maidens, living in the forest or in the meadows, described as more beautiful than the sun; the Trolls, slow, hairy, half-witted. You had declared, from a very young age, that you would go out on an expedition and find these creatures. Your parents had just taken it as something any curious, excitable, and adventurous five year old like yourself would say - laughed, patted your head, told you they couldn’t wait to hear all about it.

Your five year old self hadn’t been kidding around. You had been dead serious, and when you were dead serious about something, you were going to do it. Your passion and interests hadn’t faded, and neither had your convictions. It didn’t matter that you had had to spend an entire year just to save up to be able to do this in your own country, scraping to get by; it didn’t matter that you had to rip pages out of library books; it didn’t matter that still, no one was taking you seriously. You had made do, and you were here.

Your first official expedition.

It had been difficult, knowing where to begin and where to look. The only favorable thing about needing to save up the money and having to budget so carefully was that it had given you time to research. After months of poring over library books of historical mythology and all of the various accounts, you had found a forest where it was claimed that many disappearances had taken place. You had even found a guided walking tour into that same forest, advertising the mythological aspects.

Touristy, but it would suit your purposes nicely. A walking tour meant you could easily try and slip away.

You stuffed your papers into your notebook, except for your drawing with the labels and the notes; this you stuck into your coat pocket. You glanced around the café and drained your cooking tea in one gulp, packed your belongings, and moved outside, where the tour was designated to meet and begin with an hour or so of driving until you reached the forest near the mountains, exactly where the disappearances were supposed to have taken place.

A small group of people were already milling about by the front door. You gave them each an awkward smile an a nod, assuming they were the group you were going to join, but not wanting to socialize. You hitched your backpack up and over your shoulder a bit more and leaned against the wall, waiting for the tour to begin.

The van finally stopped and the tour guide, along with the tour group, spilled out of it eagerly, a few chatting among themselves. You hadn’t seen the point in getting too friendly, seeing as you had plans to bail on them as soon as possible. The man sitting next to you in the van, a rather awkward and yet attractive dark blonde in a blue coat, had luckily seemed to be thinking along the same lines as you; he had kept his gaze intently out the window.

The forest was beautiful ancient. the air crisp that day and a bit cold but the sun was shining, filtering through the trees until a portion of it kissing floor below. You shivered from the cold, but also from anticipation and a sudden bout of nervousness about what you were seriously attempting to do.

It was about half an hour into the tour that you saw your opportunity. The tour guide - who had, the entire tour, made spooky references to the disappearances of men in that forest, sometimes right where they were standing - as well as the other participants were facing the other direction. The tour guide was talking intently about something and you had been hovering behind, waiting for your chance. You grabbed it now.

Slinging your pack higher on your back, you edged off the pathway as quickly and quietly as possible and melted into the forest behind you. You hurried away before anyone could notice you, quickly and quietly; you didn’t hear any calls yet, or any shouting, so you assumed your presence had gone unnoticed so far. It was a good thing no one had been particularly chatty with you on the way up, but you had been careful to exude a very standoffish presence to achieve this exact goal.

Satisfied that you were far enough away, you slipped your wand out of your jacket pocket, your breathing suddenly becoming quicker, more pronounced. Here, in the thicker trees, there was less sunlight. It had been far easier to be brave and confident on that sunny pathway in the group of people and in the comfort of the tour. Chastising yourself and pursing your lips determinedly, you hurried forward.

The truth was, you had no idea of the true nature of what you were looking for. The stories were too varied to be certain. creature in particular was consistently described as a beautiful woman with a cow’s tail; but the personality varied. Some accounts had the woman luring men into the forest, never to be seen again. Others had the woman leave humans be, as long as they were not too rude; and yet others said she was friendly to humans.

You had been walking for only a few minutes, wand drawn, when you turned sharply around a tree and ran straight into another body.

You gasped and, with a loud thud, toppled backward to the ground. When you whipped your head up, lying there on the ground with your heart racing, you caught a flash of blue. Your eyes traveled up to see the same man from your tour; the one that had sitting next to you on the van. He was standing over you, looking bewildered.

You scrambled to your feet, desperately searching for your wand, which had clattered somewhere in the dirt and leaves when you fell.

You saw him bend and pick up something that had been lying on one of his feet. Breath hitching, you saw it was your wand.

He held it out to you. “Looking for your wand?” He was British, you could tell by the accent. His face, upon closer inspection, was certainly attractive. His eyes were a lovely, light shade of green and his face was dotted with freckles. The faintest half-smile graced his face as he took in your disheveled form very curiously, eyes flicking across your face.

Shocked to the core, you took it from him, eyes wide. “H-how did you…”

He pulled out another, albeit longer, wand from his front jacket pocket as an answer, looking even more amused as you stared at it, taking a second to process the implications. “You’re a wizard!” you exclaim with a gasp. “What are you doing here? Why did you leave the group?”

“I could ask you the same questions,” he replied, raising his eyebrows. He cocked his head to the side. “You have an accent when you speak English. Are you Swedish?”

“Yes.” You waited for him to speak again but he did not. He was merely slightly hunched over, peeking up at you every once in a while but his eyes darting constantly around the forest. “I asked you first what you’re doing,” you pressed further, urging him to answer you.

“Looking for…something,” he answered evasively.

You narrowed your eyes at him. “What’s your name?”

“Newton Scamander,” he answered promptly. “But you should just call me Newt.” He still wouldn’t meet your eyes for most of the conversation, and you were beginning to wonder why.

“What are you looking for, Newt Scamander?”

He glanced up at you again. “Isn’t it my turn to ask a few?”

You sigh. “Sure.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Looking for something,” you mimicked, purposefully evasive and innocent.

His mouth quirked into a half smile. “Fair enough. What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you replied.

“You looked quite purposeful, Y/N. Did you leave the group on purpose?”

“Erm…sort of.”

He gazed at you curiously a bit longer, though it was still never for too long. Finally, he spoke. “Well since we’re both already looking for something, might as well figure out what that may be….I could, erm, help you, if you like. I’m quite good at finding things.”

Your eyes met his green ones. He really was quite adorable, standing there awkwardly shuffling his feet. You sighed and began to explain. “I’m looking for Tallemaja. The maiden of the forest, Hulda…She has many names. You know…from Swedish folklore?”

But he looked confused, so you elaborated further. “She looks like a woman in all of the accounts. A very beautiful woman, but she has the tail of a cow. Or sometimes a fox. And sometimes in the stories, she has the back of a tree, too.” He was staring at you now in such a way that you blushed, suddenly self-conscious. “I know it’s a bit of a strange thing to be looking for.”

“It’s not that,” he countered quickly. “But..why exactly?”

“Mostly to prove that she exists,” you answer simply. “I always loved folklore. I found it a really great way to find magical creatures. Non-magical folk sure miss a lot, but they don’t miss everything.”

“I find that true as well,” he replied, and his eyes were twinkling at you. “I’m a magizoologist, you see. That’s my job, to find creatures. So I suppose I really can be of help to you. If you like?” He looked at you questioningly.

You supposed that it couldn’t hurt. “Okay,” you agreed. “Erm…”


“Just a quick word of warning that I don’t really know what we’re in for. I don’t really know how she will behave if we do end up finding her. And you’re a man, so I should probably tell you that some of the stories say that she lures men in. With her seductive charms, you know.”

He shrugged, looking supremely unconcerned. “I’ll manage.”

You raise your eyebrows, a bit concerned how nonchalant he was, but you let the point drop. Desperately curious, you can’t stop the next question from pouring out as you begin walking along in the forest together. “So, a magizoologist, huh?”

He glances at you out of the corner of his eyes. “Yes.”

“So what creatures have you worked with then, Mr. Scamander?”

“Newt,” he corrected you.

You smiled. “Okay then, Newt. What kind of creatures did you work with?”

“All sorts, really. I rescue them, preserve them, study them. Occamies, a Demiguise, Ashwinders, Erumpent, Thunderbird…” He was still listing them, but you were too stunned to listen properly. In order to do all of this, he must have traveled most of the world!

Going on expeditions. You were not only impressed, but very jealous.

You also noticed the way his eyes lit up when he talked about the animals, the way his behavior changed entirely. Once he started listing them, his face took on a whole new light. You asked him more questions about the names you didn’t know, and he responded. He was no longer peeking around the forest, he was no longer glancing around and avoiding your eyes. He was chatting animatedly, eyes lit up, seeming to finally enjoy the conversation the two of you were having as he talked in depth about the creatures, how he had rescued them, what they need, how he cared for them…

After a while, he faltered, and you saw a steady blush rising over his cheeks. He had talked, with a few questions from you, for a solid ten minutes about his creatures and their stories. “I-I’m sorry,” he confessed. “That was very impolite of me to continue on like that, you probably don’t want-”

“I loved it,” you cut him off. Your voice was full of enthusiasm. “I absolutely adore having someone to talk about this stuff with. My family thinks I’m silly, chasing creatures from non-magic fictional books. Fairy tale stuff. I haven’t done all of the stuff you have, though, this is my first time doing something like this. They tried to stop me, but I wasn’t having it.”

He smiled at you, not a half-smile this time, but a very wide smile that reached all the way to his green eyes. You decided that you loved it when he smiled, and you loved looking at his face.

“Well,” he told you seriously, “I find that most people, for whatever reason, find it strange when a beautiful woman wants to do anything other than sit around and use those looks for a man’s benefit.”

It was a second before he realized exactly what he had said, before you realized what he had said. Quite flattered, you felt your cheeks heat up and you peeked over at him, but he avoided your eyes, clearing his throat awkwardly.

It was silent for a long time, your feet both crunching along in the leaves and plants on the forest floor. The sunlight was changing in the forest. It was past midday now, and the colors of the forest had taken on a more golden hue, the sunlight less pronounced in many areas where the trees were especially thick. You were suddenly glad that you had a companion and you wouldn’t have to traipse a dark forest alone, if it came to that.

After another hour, an hour of Newt’s companionship - which you were beginning to enjoy more and more as the time went on - something changed in the forest. You noticed there was a pond ahead, the water sparkling tranquilly with the last of the afternoon sun; the trees had become significantly less thick. But that wasn’t the change you had noticed. There was a certain hush. No birds, no animals, no sounds at all.

There was also a very light mist settled in the air, and you weren’t quite sure why you hadn’t noticed it before. It was if one second it had not been there, and the next second it was. At the same time, you couldn’t remember what the forest had looked like before the mist at all.

Everything was still.

Breath hitching, you peek over at your blonde companion. His hair was hanging over his eyes but he peeked up at you from underneath the curtain of it and you knew that he had noticed it, too.

Without realizing, you had both stopped in your tracks, poised carefully near the edge of the pond. Your mind suddenly flashed to other folklore stories of Sweden; particularly the nakk, a rather nasty creature that, supposedly, lured women in children into the water by playing the violin and drowning them.

You wished suddenly that you weren’t near a body of water.

“Newt?” you hissed, trying to keep the fear from your voice. “Can you see anything?” The mist was getting so thick that you could see him by your side, but just barely.

“Erm…yes.” His voice was suddenly very strange sounding, almost strained. He was gazing straight ahead toward the pond, eyes wide.


Eyes widening, you suddenly saw what he saw. The mist was beginning to become thinner; thin enough to see her there, sitting perched on the log. Hulda. The maiden of the forest. Tallemaja. She was there, she was real, and she had noticed you both standing there near the water’s edge.

She was every bit as beautiful as the legends described. Her face was angelic, her hair long and curly and blonde, cascading down her back in delicate waves. She was completely nude and she was perched on a log, though she was partially turned so you could both only make out the side of her; the way her belly curved inward, the curve of one of her breasts. Her cow’s tail swished behind her, trailing out behind her very human body. It was a strange sight to behold, one that nearly made your legs give way, and it was made all the more surreal by all of the shimmering mist, giving everything an incredibly hazy feeling. This was something you had only ever seen in your children’s books; she was here, she was real.

The maiden of the forest giggled; the sound was light, airy, a tinkling sound that seemed to carry on endlessly through the trees. It sounded like magic, like it carried to the moon and stars and the Sun.

But she was paying you no mind. She was staring intently at the man beside you, and after a few moments of staring, her full lips moved upwards into a small, seductive smile.

She beckoned very slowly, very purposefully.

You ripped your gaze away from Tallemaja in front of you, whipping your head to look at Newt. He was standing transfixed, slightly in shock, gazing in wonder at the woman in front of him in all of her glory.

As if in a trance, he took a very small step forward.

“Newt,” you warned, suddenly worried.

“Human male,” she spoke, and her words were like her laugh. They were addictive. They seemed like they contained boundless eternity, like she had a secret that only she knew and she was about to tell you. Her voice could make you feel so many strange things and you wondered, horrified, that if she could make you feel that way, the effect it must have on a man…

“Newt!” You tried again, louder, your voice even more desperate. He still didn’t even budge or act like he had heard you.

“Come with me, human male,” she said, her voice more seductive than anything you had ever heard in your entire life. She said this with a slight giggle, a twitch in her hips, swaying. Newt seemed speechless, unable to do anything but take another small, tentative step forward. “I have so many things to show you…” she continued, smiling another wonderful, radiant smile.

Warning bells were sounding in your head. You weren’t sure what would happen if Newt got too close, but you also weren’t sure you wanted to find out.

She giggled and he took another two steps, staring at her in absolute wonder and adoration.

Without thinking, you did the only thing you could think of to distract him. You darted forward, grabbed his shirt collar and spun him around to face you, stood up on your tiptoes, and kissed him hard.

You would be lying if you had said you hadn’t thought about doing this nearly the entire time you had been around this man. He was smart, funny, and incredibly attractive. You would also be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy kissing him and it was only to save his life, because that was simply not true. You very much enjoyed it, and you did not want it to stop. You moved your lips against his roughly, trying to invoke need in your kiss and as much passion as possible, for two reasons: both so he would be successfully distracted, and because you did need to kiss him like this.

His hands crept to your back, holding you steady and he pressed against you and your lips harder, desperately. He was reciprocating.

After a few moments you both broke apart, breathing heavily. Almost afraid to look, you glanced over at the pond.

The maiden of the forest, however, was gone. A disappointment ran through you but it was paired with the light, giddy feeling you had just received after being against Newt’s lips.

Your eyes found his green ones. He was staring down at you with a very strange look in them and you felt your cheeks getting a bit red. “Right,” you said, giving him a bit of a stern look. “You’ll be fine seeing the maiden, then, will you?”

“Yeah…sorry about that,” he told you, still looking a bit dazed.

“Men,” you mutter, shaking your head and avoiding his eyes.

“That was a good distraction,” he told you, a bit shyly. But when you looked up at him, he gave you a wink.

“Glad to be of service,” you said, trying to be casual despite the fact that his flirtatious wink had shaken you to your core.

He leaned forward suddenly, swiftly, until his face was right next to yours again. His hands were on your face this time, and you found yourself unable to breathe but also unable to look away from his eyes, which were suddenly full of passionate fire.

“Can I have another?” he breathed.

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