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Music Shuffle

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Rules: Put your music on Shuffle. List the first 9 songs and your favorite lyrics from each. Then, tag 9 other people to participate.

1. Secondhand Heart - Ben Haenow ft. Kelly Clarkson. Honestly this is my favorite song right now out of everything and I love all of it, but I suppose if I had to choose… “All your friends think I’m hopeless, they don’t understand, that this imperfect love can start over again.”

2. Confession - Florida Georgia Line. “I take a sip and say a prayer, wait for the shooting star and stare off at the headlights on the highway.”

3. Looking Through Your Eyes - LeAnn Rimes. “I see the heavens each time that you smile. I hear your heartbeat just go on for miles.”

4. Love, Me - Colin Raye. “And between now and then, till I see you again,
I’ll be loving you. Love, me.”

5. Day of the Dead - Hollywood Undead. “When the angels softly cry, On the flames below the sky. Would a thousand souls still pray for you and I?”

6. Make Me Wanna - Thomas Rhett. “You make me wanna pull the truck to the side of the road, slide on over, let me hold you close and tell you everything I’m thinking.”

7. Forever Country - Artists of Then, Now & Forever. Basically the lyrics are comprised of several different country classics, all mashed together to create one song, but I’ll list my favorite section. “[Carrie Underwood (Brad on 2nd Half Harmony)] And I will always love you, I
[Martina McBride] Will always love you
[Little Big Town Harmony] Take me home, Country roads
[Dierks Bentley/Kacey Musgraves] Take me home, Country roads
[Trisha Yearwood] And I will always love you
[Tim McGraw] On the road again
[Faith Hill] I will always love you
[Alan Jackson] I just can’t wait to get on the road again
[Faith Hill] I will always love you.”

8. My Mistake - Cam. “Just another heartache in waiting
Just another sweet talking dream that ends in lonely nights
Just another handsome breakup.”

9. We Owned The Night - Lady Antebellum. “You had me dim the lights. You danced just like a child. The wine spilled on your dress. And all you did was smile.”

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send “♪ reverse” for a song that reminds me of your muse.

Keith David – Friends On The Other Side 
Can you feel it?
You’re changing, you’re changing, 
you’re changing alright. 
I hope you’re satisfied, 
but if you ain’t, don’t blame me! 
You can blame my friends on the other side.

send “♪” for a song that reminds me of my muse.

Brian Stokes Mitchell – Through Heaven’s Eyes 
No life can escape being blown about, 
by the winds of change and chance, 
and though you never know all the steps, 
you must learn to join the dance. 
So how do you judge what a man is worth? 
By what he builds or buys? 
You can never see with your eyes on Earth; 
look through Heaven’s eyes.

the signs as lyrics from "Through Heaven's Eyes"
  • Aries: "You must look at your life through heaven's eyes!"
  • Taurus: "And the stone that sits at the very top of the mountain's mighty face, does it think it's more important than the stones that form the base?"
  • Gemini: "And to one lost sheep, a shepherd boy is greater than the richest king."
  • Cancer: "And though you never know all the steps, you must learn to join the dance!"
  • Leo: "If a man loses everything he owns, has he truly lost his worth?"
  • Virgo: "No life can escape being blown about by the winds of change and chance."
  • Libra: "Or is the beginning of a new and brighter birth?"
  • Scorpio: "So how do you judge what a man is worth by what he builds or buys?"
  • Saggitarius: "A single thread in a tapestry, though its colour brightly shines, can never see its purpose in the pattern of the grand design."
  • Capricorn: "So how do you measure the worth of a man in wealth or strength or size?"
  • Aquarius: "A lake of gold in the desert sand is less than a fresh cool spring."
  • Pisces: "So how can you see what your life is worth or where your value lies?"
"And that's why we share all we have with you though there's little to be found. When all you've got is nothing there's lots to go around."

-The Prince of Egypt (1998). This reminded me of the youtube videos where one person asked a few people if he could have some of their food and they said no, but after having someone give a homeless man food and then asking if he could have some from that man and that man giving him something to eat.