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"This isn't a joke! There's something living in my walls!" otayuri dark/horror-ish au?

Otabek looks at Yuri again and let’s the amused smirk slide from his face.

They’re in Yuri’s dark living room, a little after midnight, because Yuri had called him begging him to come over.

At first he’d thought it was a ploy. Some kind of lead up to one of their usual pranks (though a bit inconvenient in the middle of the night), or Yuri just making an excuse to have Otabek stay over. Their relationship is fairly new, so either one is a fair assumption.


Yuri looks scared.

His blonde hair is mussed like he rose out of bed quickly, and there’s an uneasiness in his green eyes that Otabek has never seen before.

Still, Otabek has to be rational.

“Do you think it could be a mouse or something?” Otabek asks, trying to bring some sense to this situation.

“N-no.” Yuri shakes his head weakly. “The noises….they’re louder than that. They sound….bigger.”

Otabek let’s Yuri’s response fall on silence, taking it into consideration and listening carefully for any sounds around them. He hears….nothing.

“Well,” he tries to think of another explanation to quell Yuri’s obvious anxiety, but nothing comes to mind, and without hearing the sounds himself he can’t give a real thought. “I guess I can stay here, and if I hear it we can investigate together okay?”

Otabek shrugs out of his jacket and lays it over the back of the couch.

Yuri still looks a bit wary but he nods. “Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll sleep better at least.”

“Have you not been sleeping?” Otabek asks lightly, placing a soothing hand on Yuri’s shoulder and guiding him toward the bedroom. “I hate to suggest it but…

He trails off and Yuri looks at him tensely as he opens the bedroom door. “Just say it, Beka.”

“Let’s get settled in first.” Otabek bites his lip and follows Yuri into the room. “Okay?”

It takes a few minutes, and a small argument over who gets which side of the bed, but they finally settle down.

“Well,” Otabek begins again, pulling Yuri snug against his chest and kissing the back of his head, “all I was going to say is, if you haven’t been sleeping your fear might be stress related.”

Yuri is quiet for a moment. “You mean psychological?” His voice sounds small and pinched. “Like I’m hallucinating.”

“Not necessarily,” Otabek counters quickly, “I just know that when I don’t sleep for a few nights in a row sometimes I….think I hear or see stuff. It’s just a sleep depravation thing.”

He feels Yuri relax in his arms. “You really think that could be all it is?”

“Yeah. And when you get a bit of rest it’ll go away.” Otabek assures him.

At this point he’s feeling pretty confident that there’s nothing living in Yuri’s walls, and allows them both to drift off.

When he wakes up three hours later to a sound like distant scratching, then the distinct crack of drywall being chipped away…….

He’s no longer as certain.

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I want to know if Jimin is ftm His name is usually for girls and he has a very feminine face and body and high voice. I don't mean in a rude way i just want to know. He is very pretty and when i see him shipped in fanfiction he is usually crossdressing and i was just wondering Please don't be mad at me this is why i will be on anonymous

Uhh Im certainly in no way qualified to say anything definite since that’s something only Jimin should really confirm/deny but idk his voice isn’t really that high tbh isn’t it around the same as Jungkook? He’s usually the one who crossdresses in fanart I think because people see him as the “submissive type” and therefore the “female” in what society claims to be the typical relationship. His body is pretty dang muscular though, like he’s built in a way guys would build up their muscles, so I’m not exactly sure what you mean there.

Either way, I honestly don’t feel like I have enough experience nor knowledge to really talk about topics like this, ykno? Hope you don’t mind!!


Abby cupping Marcus’ face: 3x06//3x09

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: even after two years of fail ships and the non-dying obsession of stendan BK is still forcing ships with no chemistry whatsoever down our throats. In spite of all the negative feedback that these ships receive the writers still like to imply that they are a powerful couple that are loved by all. First we had to deal with the reunion of stug and witness the Oprah Winfrey show guest reject kissing Ste AGAIN. Then we had to deal with Mcshit which was even worse because having Ste kiss that human reptile is like having broccoli on pizza. As if those two shitfest ships weren't enough we now have to deal with St***y even though Ste would never sleep with a teenager. Especially one who looks like he's just taking a strong dose of night-nurse. And the only reason anybody likes him is because they're too busy looking at his nipples to notice that he can't act. Stendan were a power couple and nobody can ever replace them. Seeing Ste with anyone who isn't Brendan is like driving past McDonald's. I just miss Emmett and his sexy face.

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Usually dwarves and water don’t mix, but Kili loves the water.  To him it’s freeing just to be in the water and feel like a fish.  Even though he loves it, he does get bored when there is no one in here as well.  He looks out and sees someone sitting by the lake.  “Pssst you.”  He sticks his face in the water so only his eyes show.  Then he sticks his head back up again.  “Psst oyta…wanna swim with me?  i’m bored.”  

imagine going to the drive-in with your friend. the two of you are talking to the gang, but dally is just standing in the back, not saying a whole lot. you and him had history, and he was definitely the one who got away. you catch him looking at you a lot, though. you break out of the group for a split second to go get some popcorn for the movie, and dally pops in line behind you. "What, you forget how to talk?" you smile at him, and his face turns bright red. "i just didn't have nothin' to say, that's all!" he says back, and you can't help but laugh a little bit. "You got anything to say now?" you ask. "i... well, i mean..." he stutters, unable to talk. "wow, looks like the king of cool isn't so cool anymore," you grin. "it's impossible to be cool around you. you're the most beautiful girl i've ever seen in my life," he finally spits out. "you leave me speechless... in a good way." now, you don't know what to say. he sighs, and looks at the ground. "i'm sorry, i just shouldn't have said anything," dally says, a bit embarrassed, and turns around. before he can, you grab his arm. "you make me speechless, too, dally." "in a good way?" he asks hopefully. "in the best way humanly possible," you smile back.