look this guys


today i did some intense music theory studying because exams are coming up and i literally passed out in the library for a solid 45 minutes. shows how much i’m lacking sleep. music majors am i right?

The moment you realize boxman (villians night out) embarassed himself, and acted the way he did at the party. Just to piss everyone off, and basically give all the villians a “big fuck you”

He knows all the villians don’t like him, and he just wants to piss them the fuck off.

During the dinner with Boxman in (We’re captured) he acted extremely mature and respect to his client. But he isn’t trying to impress anybody in (villians night out) he actually wants to crash the party.

only opinion he cares about is Venomous’s opinion, he even during the show called venomous his “best friend”

which is in a way honestly  character development for boxman, to call somebody his best friend  (or boxman could of been in the party crashing mood and jokingly called venomous his best friend, but thats probably unlikely)

rey deserves to be happy HER WAY.

if she wants to be a hermit on an island (which i seriously doubt bc she’s spent her entire life vying for a family), she can.

if she wants to be w finn, she can!

if she wants to be w rose, yes she can!

if she wants to be w kylo? LET HER!

as long as she’s satisfied and no one is harming her, why be so actively against her happiness? this isn’t about you. it’s about her.


I thought I would give it a go and draw a full still from Carmilla Season 1, I hope you guys like it, I am still developing my drawing skills but I am pretty proud of this one, Tell me what you think! 

one of the things I love about having an octopus tattoo on my ribs is that whenever I move the octopus moves like an actual octopus and that’s just really cool

in other news it’s 12:30 and while I am still coherent I’m starting to feel a little bit like I’m drunk?? but I’ve also cut a fic down to one more scene to write and I’m gonna go write more porn before my brain gives out on me

They’re doing so many interviews, they don’t do so many interviews in their own goddamn country and instead of asking them stuff about their love myself campaign, about their music, it anything relevant we get people asking them who their celeb crush is over and over and over again ahhh. Don’t get me wrong I was grateful the first couple of times they asked it but the novelty is wearing off fast and they’re not even halfway done with this trip