look this ad just really gets to me okay

i love you guys so much, and i love to hear your comments about my edits and gifs, but please keep them to the tags of reblogs… it’s a pet peeve of mine that really gets under my skin when someone adds a comment to the caption section itself instead of the tags, because then anyone who reblogs that post from you is reblogging it with the comment you’ve added, and i’m really specific about the aesthetic look of my posts… adding comments to text posts is perfectly fine with me, it’s just photo edits and gifs that i’m specific about.. this might make me sound rude, or like a bitch, but it just bothers me…. i’d love to see comments in the tags and stuff when you reblog my stuff, i just get comments added to captions of my posts a lot and i finally wanted to speak out about it.. the only people i feel okay with adding to the post itself are the people the edits/gifs are made of/for… hopefully this doesn’t come off rude, because i don’t intend for it to be that way… thank you..