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i love your blog, could you do a drabble in which draco is really obviously flirting and harry is super oblivious, and the draco gives up and kisses him? thanks in advance!!

((I hope you don’t mind, I combined your prompt with one very vague anon prompt…also, I accidentally wrote 1.2k instead of a tiny drabble so I figured you may forgive me.))

“You don’t understand!  After the end of the year, I don’t really see us being around each other much.  I feel like I’m running out of time.  If I don’t do something soon, I’ll lose my chance with him forever!” Draco said.

“Poor thing, can’t imagine what it’s like to lose your chance with a crush, forever, only to be stuck in a toilet, forever…” Myrtle sobbed.

Draco was very used to navigating the ghost’s moodswings, “Of course you can. That’s why you are so important to me.  I didn’t go to any of my other friends, did I?  And I didn’t start talking about myself until after I fixed the lock on your favorite stall?”

Myrtle sniffled. “I guess.  But maybe he just doesn’t like boys.”

“I asked Weasely if he did,” Draco said, “and it wasn’t a pleasant conversation. I only asked if Harry liked boys and he started shouting at me. ‘He can like whoever he wants. You got a problem with that?’ Then he stood up like he was ready to fight me.”

Myrtle almost laughed, “Well, if he turns you down, just remind him that he can come see me any time he likes.”

Harry was his potions partner, his roommate since the eighth year rooming assignments were posted, even his friend.  But Draco wanted more.  He had always wanted more.  Draco had admitted that to himself almost at the beginning of the school year.  Harry never exactly turned him down, either.  That just made everything maddening.

He invited Harry to Hogsmeade the month before.  When Harry accepted, Draco was over the moon.  He came crashing back down to Earth when he grabbed Harry’s hand.  Harry had just stopped walking and looked at Draco.

“What?” Harry asked, pulling his hand out of Draco’s.

Draco panicked, “I, er, do you mind if we stop in to the quidditch supply shop? I need some polish.”

“Well, yeah.  I thought that was what we were here for,” Harry said.  

“I guess I thought we were multitasking,” Draco said.

A week later, in Potions, Harry was leaning over the cauldron to see if it smelled like burnt cinnamon yet as the assignment indicated.  His hair had gotten longer than Draco had ever seen it and he just couldn’t keep his hands to himself.  He reached over and ran his fingers through the thick, black tangle of hair, tucking it behind Harry’s ear.

“I wasn’t going to get my hair in the potion,” Harry said. “It’s not that long.”

Draco let out a deep sigh. “I know.”  He made himself look away from Harry only to make eye contact with Weasley who promptly made an I’m-watching-you gesture.

The following weekend, someone asked the house elves to bring cappuccinos and lattes up “as study aides, obviously” and Draco tried to care about the cappuccino in front of him, but he couldn’t stop watching Harry.  He almost choked on air as he watched Harry run his tongue along the rim of his mug, licking the chocolate from the edges of his cafe mocha.  

Draco couldn’t keep his eyes off Harry’s lips.  Draco reached up and brushed his thumb over Harry’s bottom lip.

Harry pulled away. “Do I have chocolate on me?” Harry asked, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Completely crestfallen, Draco just shook his head. “You’re good.”  Before he went back to his Transfiguration essay, he caught eye contact with Weasley who was trying very hard not to laugh.

Earlier this week, Draco walked into their room to catch Harry dancing quite ridiculously to some muggle love song.  Harry blushed beautifully, and Draco grabbed his hands and danced with him.  By the end of the song, they were a bit closer than just hand-in-hand and both laughing.

“Why can’t all of my friends be so forgiving when I’m caught doing something silly?” Harry asked. “Hermione danced with me, but Ron never would.“ 

“I wouldn’t say ‘never,’” Weasley said from the doorway.

“Glad I could keep your dignity intact.  I only came in, for, er,” Draco looked around, “this,” he said, grabbing an ink bottle off his desk.  Weasley stared him down as he left the room.

Tonight, they sat in the common room celebrating the end of the first round of exams.  Draco couldn’t keep his eyes off Harry.  He laughed at Harry’s jokes, gave him a friendly shove when those jokes were at Draco’s expense.  Draco melted every time Harry’s leg bumped his own.  He intentionally moved a little closer when he thought it would make Harry’s shoulder brush his own. Then a conversation started taking over the group as a whole.

“I think a first kiss should always be discussed,” Pansy said. “It’s too presumptuous to assume an eye flutter and a smile would mean it’s okay to kiss.”

“It’s just because you’re a massive flirt,” Blaise said.

“Pots and kettles,” Hermione said. “I don’t know, I think it’s important to get consent, but implied consent between two people, depending on the people and the situation, could be okay.”

“I guess that tells you where I stand,” Weasley added. “How ‘bout you Harry? Negotiate kissing or surprise kissing?“ 

Harry shifted in his seat, "I don’t know.  It’s kind of hard to imagine anyone really wanting to kiss me.  Especially now, I mean, I don’t even know any other guys who prefer guys.”

Weasley stared at Draco before looking back at Harry, “Question still stands.  If one of us,” he said, waving a hand at the men in the group, “decided we fancied you.  Would you insist we asked permission?”

Draco’s head was going fuzzy.  Maybe he needed to remind himself to breathe.

“You trying to admit something there, Ron?” Harry laughed.

“Answer the question, dude,” Weasley said.  More than a couple people were looking at him like he’d sprouted a second face.

Harry threw his hands up in defeat, “What is the deal? Why are you getting so worked up over this? No. No. No I’m not opposed to surprise kisses! No, kiss consent isn’t something I insist on. No.  Okay. No-”

Before he realized he was moving, Draco had Harry’s face in his hands and his lips on Harry’s.  

“Thank fuck!” Weasley shouted.

Draco kissed Harry roughly, months of oblivious rejections be damned. When he felt Harry’s hands on him, he worried for the briefest moment that Harry would push him away.  It didn’t happen.  Harry’s arms circled his waist, pulling him closer as he kissed Draco back.  And, oh sweet Merlin, he moaned against Draco’s lips.  

Draco pulled away enough to ask, “How the bloody hell did you not know I like men?!”

Harry laughed, “Too much to hope for, I guess.”

Weasley, one of the few who hadn’t left while they were practically devouring each other, said, “He’s only been throwing himself at you for years, mate. And, Malfoy, I’d say it’s about bloody time you made a move but in your defense, you’ve been putting moves on him all year.”

Harry started to say something, but Draco cut him off with a kiss.

“Want to go discuss this, privately?” Draco asked.

Harry nodded. “Please.”

A Potato By Any Other Name

A few days ago, there was a fic about a potato, and then I thought about this, which I first heard a few years ago, and has stuck with me (K and I gift each other potatoes sometimes, because we’re huge sappy nerds) Big thank you to @rhysiana for the brilliant title, and to my SWN chat group for the encouragement!

So, plot: Derek gives romantic gifts, but Stiles is still a little insecure about the future of their relationship. When he gets with the “Derek loves me” program, he gives Derek a rather unconventional gift.

On AO3 here!


The flowers are beautiful. A perfect balance of deep purple heliotropes and white lilies. They even came in a glass vase, simple but elegant. The note is equally simple and sweet: Thinking of you, as always. Love, Derek.

Stiles sighs as he places the flowers on his kitchen table, they look a little bit ridiculous on the aged, slightly worn surface, but he smiles at them nonetheless.

It’s a nice gesture, but he’s not sure he’s ready to believe they mean what he wants them to mean.

The phone call is unsurprising, but not unwanted. “Hey, Der,” Stiles answers with fond exasperation, “You have impeccable timing.”

Derek chuckles lightly and asks “Did you uh, do you like them?” He sounds so hopeful that Stiles knows even if he was allergic, he’d say “yes” and keep them on his table until they dried out and fell apart.

“They’re beautiful, thank you,” Stiles answers sincerely. He can feel the way his grin goes soft, melting into the private smile that only Derek can tease out of him. He knows Derek can hear it in his voice, can tell from the way he inhales a quiet sigh that makes Stiles’ heart swell.

Stiles knows that Derek is going to say something that Stiles has no good reply to, going to ask if Stiles is ready to accept that Derek’s invested in a future for them. But the truth is he just isn’t; he can’t quite convince himself that it’s possible that Derek is going to stick around for him, not forever.

So before Derek can ask, Stiles launches into planning their weekly dinner with his dad the following night.


The chocolates come three days later. They’re Stiles’ favorite dark chocolate assortment, and they’re delicious. The note is just as sweet: Stiles, I saw these and thought of you. Love, Derek.

When Stiles brings the last of the box to pack night, he pretends that everyone’s chocolate-induced excitement distracts him from how Derek’s face falls.

When Derek pulls him aside later, questions written all over his face, Stiles stops them from spilling from Derek’s lips by pressing his own against them. He tries to say everything he wants to with gentle sweeps of his tongue and hands that hold on a little too tightly.


When the box of comic books and assorted superhero things arrives, Stiles laughs out loud into his empty living room and calls Derek.

Derek answers the phone with a wary “Stiles,” and Stiles feels like the worst boyfriend in the world.

“I got the box, and I love it. Thank you so much!” Stiles replies, a little overly cheerful, but still genuine and honest. He’s a lucky man, and most days he thinks he doesn’t deserve Derek. Which is basically the problem, when it comes down to it. Derek has been trying to convince Stiles that their relationship is what he really wants, and Stiles has been keeping him at arm’s length, too caught up in the remnants of his teenaged self doubt to… see what was right in front of him.

Shit. He is the worst boyfriend in the world.

Derek is in the middle of “I’m so glad! I think I got all your favorites-” when Stiles interrupts with a half-shouted and mildly frantic “Come over tonight!

There’s a brief pause, before Derek drawls out an elongated “Okay?”

“I have something to give you,” Stiles insists, suddenly overwhelmed with the need to see Derek. To talk to Derek and apologize. To look him in the eye and make him understand that he is everything that Stiles wants, and that he’s ready to stop being such an asshole, if Derek will just forgive him.

“Stiles,” Derek admonishes lightly, “You don’t have to get me things just beca-”

“Yes, Derek,” Stiles retorts, “I really need to give you this. Like, really really. So just come over, okay? Please?”

Derek sighs and Stiles knows he’s won. He grins at Derek’s put upon “Sure, babe. See you in an hour.”

“See you soon, Der-Bear!” Stiles teases, adding an earnest-bordering-on-wistful “Love you,” and hanging up before Derek can react to the declaration, and before he can feel badly about how infrequently he says it to Derek.


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Rollercoaster -Tom Holland

A/N: I don’t know what the hell I did, I hope you like it, fluffy fluff


You flattened your dress with your hands and were looking at yourself in the mirror. The dress hugged your body in the right places but something felt off. You let your hands trail down your body and tilted your head. Something was off.

“Darling, can you help me put this on. This bloody thing keeps getting tangled and I’m gonna loose my sh-…Shit!”, he interrupted himself as soon as you turned around to face him.
“You look absolutely stunning.”, he said and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You walked over to him with a small smile on your lips and took his bow tie.
“You don’t look too shit yourself, Mr.”, you joked and he rolled his eyes while you tied his bow tie around his neck.
“Done!”, you said triumphantly and looked up into his eyes. He took your face inbetween his hands and was about to kiss you when you stopped him.
“Uh…mind the makeup?”, you said apologetically and shrugged. He groaned and stumped his foot like a grumpy child before he leaned in and gave you a butterfly kiss on your forhead.

“That’ll have to be enough. For now.”, he said and you turned around with an anxious smile on your face to look into the mirror again. And your smile turned into a frown.
Seeing him, like the god he was, ready for the redcarpet, born for the redcarpet, you felt tiny and insecure. He layed his hands on your hips and placed his chin on your shoulder.
“I-…”, he started with a grin but you interrupted him.
“I can’t do this!”, you blurted out and let out a huff getting out of his grip. You crossed your arms infront of your chest and couldn’t look into his eyes.
“What do you mean? Hey- hey. Look at me.”, he said and lifted your chin with his hand.

“I’m can’t be…this.”, I said and pointed at him and he furrowed his eyebrows.
“I don’t belong in your world. I belong behind my books with my sweatpants and old t-shirt on.”, I explained further and huffed again, now more desperate. You really felt uncomfortable.
“You…Alright. Now. This is not my world. It’s ours. I’m just lucky enough to be the one sharing with you. You belong by my side. Both in your sweatpants and this dress. Because you are the one who makes them look beautiful to me.”

“Okay now your getting cheesy.”, you said and rolled your eyes but couldn’t surpress a tiny smile.
“There she is.”, he said and pulled you against his body.
“Also I need you.”, he added with a small voice and a shy smile. Now you realized that he himself wasn’t that confident either. His hands seemed to tremble a little and he looked down shaking his head.
“You’d think I should be getting used to all that attention and shouting and people. The people. But I’m not.”, he said and it was your time to take his face into your hands and give him a quick kiss onto his lips.
“The makeup!”, he shrieked and made you laugh.
“You wipe your mouth and I’ll refresh my lipstick. And were set to go.”, you answered and let him go.


“Oh boy.”, you sighed stepping into your apartment and kick off your heels immediatly.
“You might as well organize a funeral and bury me.”, you added and hobbled into the living room because your feet were killing.
“You’re being dramatic.”, he laughed after you threw yourself onto the couch. He pulled off his bow tie and you couldn’t help yourself and bit your lip.
“Shit.”, you said under your breath and looked away from him. The carpet was more intresting suddenly.
“You don’t look too shit yourself.”, he imitated you and you stuck out your tongue at him.
You pulled yourself up and turned your back to him, pulling your hair over your shoulder to expose your back.
“Could you zip that open please?”, you asked him because you couldn’t wait to get into comfy clothes.
“Sure.”, he said and with his next move you were free. You let the dress slip down your body and raised your hands into the air triumphantly. You stood there in your underwear which was non of your problems right now.
“Yes!”, you sighed and rolled your neck to loosen it a bit. Suddenly you felt two arms wrap around your lower half and a warm chest pressed against your back.
“You should put something on. We’re both too tired to go further.”, he hummed into your ear and sent shivers down your spine. You put your hands above his and closed your eyes. Your hips started moving against his and he let a lustfull groan escape his throat, which made you smile.
“Yeah too tired.”, you teased him with a grin on your face.

“You’re a jerk.”, he sighed and you turned around to face him.

“Well, I learned from the pro, didn’t I?”, you said and placed a butterflykiss on top of his nose. “Since we don’t have to mind the makeup anymore…”, he said and kissed your lips. It started as a harmless kiss but got more passionate along the way. You had to pull away eventually to take a breath and when you did you burst out laughing.
“We gotta write an email to Maybelline that their Lipstick isn’t kiss-proof.”, you laughed and pointed at his lips where your lipstick was smeared all over.
“Red suits you.”, you teased him and smirked.
“I know. So does blue.”, he said with a cocky grin and you playfully hit his shoulder.

“Come on Spider-ling. Let’s see what else suits you.” You took his hand and walked over to your bedroom, closing the door behind you two.


You woke up in the moring, tangled in the sheets which were telling the tales of last night. You smiled to yourself remembering your activities and closed your eyes again. Until you recognized that you were alone in bed.
You got up to look around the house but he was nowhere to be found. Walking by the front door you found a sticky note.

“Manager called. Had to rush out.

Love, T.”

You took the sticky note and went to the kitchen to make yourself a nice breakfast. After being full you sat down ok the couch and took your laptop on your lap to research the last nights events. The ones before you came home obviously. You scrolled through some headlines.

“Tom Holland and his new girlfriend!”


“Tom Hollands accesoire: His Girlfriend!”

Nice. Now I’m a purse.

“Spidermans girlfriend is a snack!”


“Tom and Y/N are rocking the redcarpet!”

Wow, that’s a confident boost. You clicked one of them and went straight down to the comment section even though Tom warned you not to that, ever.
It’s strange how something said by a complete stranger can impact your mood. You were left totaly confused and insecure. After reading thousands of comments and tweets you shut your laptop. There were both positive and negative opinions about you. Even though you did absolutley nothing. You just walked with Tom, which was one of the reasons why some people hated you, and only answered questions in his interviewes if asked directly to you.
Some people said that was snob-ish from you. But you only did that because you didn’t want to seem eager to be in the spotlight. Which you definetly weren’t. Others were talking about your dress. Mainly nice things which made you a little happy. There were fans who thought that you two seemed happy together and truly in love. Which was the truth but you know. The internet.

You were still deep in your thoughts when Tom came back late in the afternoon. You heared keys being tossed into the bowl at the front door and looked up.
“Hey!”, he yelled from the hall and you greeted him back.
“What’s ma beauty doin’?”, he asked with an accent you couldn’t quiet put your finger on while coming into the living room.
“Don’t do that.”, you said shaking your head.
“Do what?”, he laughed and let himself fall next to you.

“Shut up.”

“Better than me? Shut up.”, he imitated the rapper Stormzy and you rolled your eyes.

“So how’d you feel last night?”, he asked you more serious now and put his arm around you.
“You mean when you did the thing with your hands between my…”, you started teasing him put he interrupted you.
“Oh c'mon. You know what I mean.” He blushed and you chuckled at his reaktion.
“I don’t know Tom. I mean it was nice and all and I really enjoyed being by your side but…I think you should go with someone else next time. Zendaya for example. She is a great friend and she is already famous. She knows how to handle all the…opinions.”, you blurted out and he raised his brows.
“Y/N Y/L/N! Did you read comments or magazines or some stupid stuff?”, he scolded you and you shrugged.
“It’s fine. Really. I’m fine. But I rather not be in the spotlight a second time.”, you added and shrugged again.

“Actually I had a meeting with my manager this morning exactly about this. Not only this. But it was a part of it. The people absolutly LOVED you. To the point where the most articles that came out today were mostly about you and not me.”, he said with a big smile trying to make you feel good but it kind of backfierd.
“What are they saying? The articles.”

“That’s not my point! But if you really wanna know they are all over you. Bits they could find about your childhood, mom, dad, siblings, school and all that stuff. But mainly your projects, what you stand for. And they love it. They say you bring the best out of me.Which is the only time I am mentioned actually.”, he chuckles and shakes his head.

“We’ll see, I guess. Next time.”, you said still insecure about everything.
“Uh…actually…next time is kinda…tomorrow?”, he stutterd while his voice got more silent with every word.
“What?”, you said and widened your eyes.

“You know, normally, a girlfriend means bad press and it’s not really favorable for the promotion of the movie. Has something to do with the teenage girls who tend to get jelous or something. But you kinda went around that? They love you, kinda like they love Zendaya. Like rolemodel or something. My manager went on and on I couldn’t listen to all of it BUT all of that means that I would really be happy if you could join me every now and then.”, he said and looked hopefully into your eyes.

“You’re kidding.”

“I’m not! Really.”

“That’s insane!”, you sighed but he shook his head.

“No, it’s perfect! You can work from everywhere thanks to your projects so that isn’t a problem. You’ll be by my side on the carpet and the events and you could work in the trailer while my interviews. It’s perfect. No longer being apart from each other for months.”, he said now excitedly and your heart shrunk.

“Babe I don’t know if…I want that.”, you said carefully and the excitement in his eyes went away. His shoulders deflated and his eyes widened.
“Oh.”, he just said and you took his hands into yours immediatly.
“I just don’t belong in that world Tom. I’ll always support you at anything you do and I’ll always be your number one fan and I’ll ALWAYS love you…but I can’t handle the spotlight and its aftermath.”, you explained and it broke your heart to see him disappointed. He couldn’t even look into your eyes.

He pulled his hands away and your whole body stiffened.
“Tom…”, you sighed but he didn’t seem to recognize that. He turned away from you and leaned his elbows onto his thighs.
“You know they are going to have an opinion about you no matter how far away you stay.”, he said and you nodded.
“I know. But that’s different.” As you said that he shook his head.
“It’s not. What happens when those get to you too? Are you going to leave me then? To escape those? I wouldn’t judge you, you know.”, he said and looked up. His eyes looked sad and concerned which made you sigh.
“Oh Tom no! How can you think that? I’m not with you or without you based on the outside world.”, you said and took his hands in mine again.

“But that’s what you said. Just a minute ago.”
Because nothing you said seemed to go through to him you swung your leg over his lap, so your legs were on either side of his thighs. You took his face into your hands and forced him to look into your eyes.
“You listen to me. You don’t get to overthink this. I do. I’m the woman here.”, you teased him and he rolled his eyes.
“I know how to handle the pressure from the outside. I just need time to adjust. I can’t go out there full time. Let’s take babysteps. I’ll come with you to events but you’ll have to do your promo on your own. For now. Let me get used to it, let the people get used to me without rubbing it into their faces. How does that sound?”, you suggested with a supporting smile and he finally gave in.

“Good, I guess. I just don’t want them putting wrong ideas in your head which’ll harm our relationship.”
You shook your head and gave him a quick kiss. He put his hands on your hips and smiled up to you.
“You wanna go out?”, he asked suddenly and you raised a brow.
“Sure. Where?”, you asked and he shrugged.

“Just out.”

And that’s what your relationship consisted of. It was a rollercoster with moodswings, arguments, laughs and adventures. The important thing was that you both were able to sort things out.
Of course the amazing sex helped too. But that was another topic.

The Encyclopedia (Destiel)

A little one shot I wrote… I hope you like it! Let me know if you do, and send me a prompt if you feel so inclined!

“This is a terrible idea, Sam,” Dean said, voice hushed and hurried so no one in the library would hear him. “I really can’t do this.”

“Dean, you’ve been staring at him for the past hour. Go talk to him!” Sam hissed, poking his brother with the spine of one of his books.

They were at the library, picking up books for one of Sam’s middle school classes. Dean had had to drive him to the library right after his football practice, so Dean was still in his letterman jacket, hair damp and eyes bright when he saw him. A boy, the boy, of Dean’s dreams, fantasies, and desires. He was a little smaller than Dean, with ruffled dark hair and those eyes, like every tear Dean had ever shed was crystallized in that hypnotizing blue. He was a fucking masterpiece, and while Dean was well versed in flirtation, he had no idea how to approach this stunning and slightly nerdy boy. He could flirt, yes, but he didn’t know how to flirt with someone in a sweater vest.

“How am I supposed to talk to him?” Dean peeked around the edge of the bookshelf to glance at the boy, who was carefully running a slim finger across the spines of the books on the shelf. Dean turned back to his brother, a look of unadulterated panic on his face. “He reads.

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In Your Defence.

Summary: “So I saw the coffee shop with Merlin request and well I work in a coffee shop and now I need some Tequila-related coffee shop fluff if you could!! At my store we’re all supposed to be extra bubbly and nice to customers. Maybe one where reader is having a bad day and a rude customer is being mean, so Tequila comes in and defends her?”
Pairing: Agent Tequila x Reader.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: A rude customer who says some shitty things. Very minor violence.
Word Count: 1354

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Fresh Start - Part 8

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Felicity Smoak, Cisco Ramon and Iris West

Words: 2836 (I got carried away lol)

Warnings: mentions of death

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian @gothesimplethingsinlife @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms@kindfloweroflove @dejewskoo @castellandiangelo @moonlightbae14 @jade-cheshire

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PART 1  /  PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 6  /  PART 7  /  PART 9

You couldn’t believe you just gave Barry another chance. You swore to yourself you wouldn’t do it, that it was over. But there was something about him, something you didn’t know what it was, that made it impossible for you to say no. Maybe there were his eyes, those green sparkling eyes that never ceased to bright; maybe it was his smile, that one that never left his face, maybe it was just him. He was a nice guy, he was kind and smart. Probably the best guy you had ever liked.

And it scared you.

Actually, it was stupid. You had always been with “bad guys”. You just couldn’t help it and, most of times, they ended up hurting you. Somehow you deserved it, as Thea always told you. And for the first time, you liked a normal guy, a nice one, and you got scared. It made no sense. You wish you could talk to Thea about it, or at least someone, but you didn’t have many friends. You knew some people from college that you liked, but you didn’t get on that much with anyone just yet.

Luckily for you, the moment you got off the car once you get to the college, you knew who you could call: Felicity. She wouldn’t tell Oliver or Thea if you asked her not to. She could be trusted. So you leaned against your car, after checking you still had time, and dialed the hacker’s number.

“What do I own the honor?” Her voice said on the other side after the second tone. You smiled widely.

“I need some…boys advice” you told her.

“Do you think I’m the best for that?” She laughed.

“Probably not. But I don’t want Oliver or Thea to know about him and I know you won’t tell them” you explained.

“It is about that Barry that didn’t stop calling you?” She asked. She really was good. “I’m going to take your silence as a yes” she laughed. “What’s wrong?”

“I think I like him” you said. Saying it out loud to someone else actually felt good, it was like taking something off your shoulders.

“So…? I kinda put that together when you were here” Felicity replied.

“I’m scared” you shrugged as you looked down at your shoes. “He’s a good guy, really. For once, I’ve found a nice man who likes me back and I’m scared” you chuckled shaking your head. “Does it make sense?”

“Liking someone is always scary” she said. “Maybe it scares you the most because you don’t know how to handle a good boy” she added laughing a little.

“Maybe” you sighed. “I have a date with him tonight and I’m already nervous” you admitted.

“I know it’s probably the first advice in the book but just be yourself (Y/N).” She said. “It’s obvious, but that’s the best thing you can do. I don’t think there’s nothing you can do to shake off the nerves but being yourself with him is your best weapon”

“I guess…” you whispered. “But I’ve been myself the whole time and it hasn’t been working out that much” you told her as you remembered the two times he left you.

“Just give it another shot and if it still doesn’t work then, maybe, he’s not for you” she said.

You frowned and looked up. You hadn’t really thought about that. Maybe you just weren’t meant to be as more than friends.

“You’re right” you nodded. “I’ll give it another shot and we’ll see what happens I guess” you shrugged. “Thank you, Smoak” you smiled.

“Anytime. And don’t worry, I won’t tell your brother or your sister” she assured you.

“And thank you for that” you smiled even more. “I gotta go. Thank you again!” You repeated before hanging up the phone.

After that small talk you definitely felt much better so you took your bag from the car and headed straight to the building where you would be having your first class of the day.

“I can’t believe she agreed” Cisco said laughing.

After running into you, Barry had ran straight to STAR Labs. They still had to catch the Black Siren so he had called in sick at the CCPD so he could work with the team the whole day to catch the meta. Of course, the first thing he did when he got there, was telling Cisco about the encounter he had with you.

“That makes two of us” Barry smiled. “I’m just glad she did” he sighed.

“Just try and don’t screw it up again” Cisco told him.

“Wally will handle it tonight” Barry said. “I’ll talk to him and I’m sure it won’t be a problem” he added.

“Good idea” Cisco nodded. “What if Black Siren shows up?” He asked. Barry sighed looking at his friend.

“Let’s just hope she doesn’t” was all he could say with a shrug.

He knew the possibility was there and he wanted to trust Wally to handle it, but at the back of his mind he knew Iris’ brother was still learning and he didn’t want to leave him alone, even less facing a metahuman from another earth.

Later that day, Barry was a wreck of nerves. He knew this was his last chance to make it right to you and he really didn’t want to mess it up again. He had everything planned, he had made sure nobody interrupted him during your date and was ready to go and pick you up.

“You really should take a shower and change first” Iris said. They were all at STAR Labs and, of course, everyone knew about Barry’s date with you.

“What?” Barry asked, getting out of his thoughts.

“Shower, Barry. You smell” Iris laughed as she walked over to him. “Are you ok?”  She asked with smile.

“I’m nervous” he admitted with a sigh. “I don’t want to mess it up again” he added looking down at his best friend.

“You won’t” she reassured him. “We have everything covered here, I promise. Now go” she told him.

“Okay…just call me if anything comes up” he said before speeding out of the cortex.

“We won’t” Irish laughed.

They all had talked about it. It didn’t matter what happened that night, they wouldn’t call Barry. Wally could handle it by himself perfectly and they knew how important that night was for Barry.

Once again and one last time, you were making your way towards Jitters to meet up with Barry. You didn’t expect much since you didn’t want to get your hopes up once again for nothing. But somehow, a part of you told you this time was going to be different, that things were going to be alright.

When you turned the corner of Jitters, Barry was already waiting at the door. You checked the time on your phone thinking that maybe you were late but no, he was earlier than you were. Good sign. With a small smile, you approached him.

“Hey there runner” you said to catch his attention.

“What?” He frowned looking down at you.

“Easy tiger” you laughed. “It looked like you came running since you arrived even sooner than I did” you explained.

“Oh right” he chuckled nervously. “I got out of work early so…” he shrugged.

“I see” you smiled. “So where to this time?” You asked with your hands in the pockets of your leather jacket.

“Have you ever been at the Central City coast?” He smiled.

“Actually I haven’t” you smiled back. You loved the coast and you loved the beach so if he was taking you there, it was going to be a perfect date. “That’s where we are going?” You asked biting your lip.

“Sort of” he winked and grabbed your hand.

“Don’t play de mysterious now” you laughed, enjoying the feeling of his hand around yours.

“I’m not. It’s just a surprise” he told you.

Then, he stopped in front of a car, unlocked it and opened the passenger door for you. You got in and buckled yourself as you waited for him to get in the car.

“I didn’t know you had a car” you smiled.

“There are many things you don’t know about me” he said with a wink.

“True” you smiled. “And when will I know them?”

“As soon as you start asking” he shrugged.

“I like that” you laughed as he started the engine. “Where are we going?” You asked again in another attempt of finding out.

“Wait and see” he laughed. “Impatient” he added.

“You have no idea” you told him.

You didn’t stop looking out of the window, trying to figure out where he might be taking you but unfortunately, you didn’t know the city, therefore, you didn’t know the streets. So there was no way of telling where he was taking you.

“Are we leaving the city?” You asked with a frown.

“Yes, but we’re not going far” he replied, focused on the road.

That was the first time you turned to look at him since he started driving and you had to admit it was hot. You didn’t know why, but there had always been something about guys driving that drove you crazy. There was something really hot in seeing them with a hand on the wheel as they focused on the road. You just didn’t know what, but you couldn’t help staring.

“Take a photo. It will last longer” he smirked.

You blushed and looked away immediately. You couldn’t be more obvious right? With a low chuckle, you looked back out of the window at the city lights that were now further away than before.

“We’re almost there” he said after a few minutes of silence.

“Good” you said. “I hope you’re taking me to a super-secret restaurant in the middle of nowhere because I’m starving” you told him.

“Don’t worry” he smiled. “I brought food”

“Then you have my heart” you laughed.

“Do I?” He asked with a teasing smile.

“Wait and see” you mocked him, making him laugh.

After a few more minutes, he got off the road and started driving down a path.

“Are you going to murder me?” You joked.

“I don’t think we will take it that far” he joked back. You laughed and looked at him. You really liked how he always had a comeback for your sarcastic comments.

It didn’t take much longer before he stopped the car. There was absolutely nothing around you, which kind of confused you. Where had he taken you? When he got out of the car, you unbuckled the seatbelt and opened the door just when he was waiting for you to help you out.

“Where are we?” You asked. You couldn’t really see his face since it was so dark around you.

“Wait here, I’m going to take the food and some stuff we need. We’re going to have to walk a bit but not much” he informed you.

You nodded and watched his shadow walk to the back of the car. You heard how he opened the trunk and then closed it again before going back to you.

“Grab my hand and don’t let go” he said.

You did as he told you just before he started walking. You wish you knew where you were setting your feet but you had no idea. What if you stepped on a snake or something like that? Luckily, you didn’t have to walk too much.

“Here it is. You can look up” he said with a low chuckle.

You looked up at him but then looked around in awe. You were on a cliff from where you could see the whole city with all the lights on, along with the shore and the sea. It was beautiful! You felt Barry letting go of your hand but you didn’t even move since you were too shocked by the views.

“Earth to (Y/N)”, Barry said after a while, standing in front of you and blocking your amazing view.

“This is beautiful” you told him looking up.

“Yeah…” he smiled looking around as well. “I thought you said you were hungry” he said pointing to his side.

“Oh!” You exclaimed when you saw the bonfire he had started. “When did you do that?” You asked with a confused frown.

“When you were all E.T. there for a moment” he smiled.

“Shut up!” You laughed. “We don’t have these views in Star City” you shrugged.

“I know” he smiled taking your hand again and leading you to the bonfire. He had also put a blanket on the ground so you sat down with a sigh.

“Have you ever been to Star City?” You asked turning to look at him after you warmed up your hands.

“A couple of times to visit a friend” he nodded with a smile. “Which one do you prefer? Starling or Central?” He asked taking out a few sandwiches from the basket he had been carrying.

“Tough one” you smiled. “And it’s Star, by the way”

“I know, but I prefer Starling” he shrugged.

“Me too” you admitted with a nod. “And I don’t know… I grew up in Star City. It’s my home. But it hasn’t felt like home lately to be honest” you told him as you took the sandwich he offered. “It’s like Central City is warmer somehow but I don’t think I can chose” you finally said.

“Fair enough” he said with a nod.

“Have you always been here?” You asked and took a bite.

“Born and raised here” he nodded. “What about you? Have you ever lived somewhere else?” he asked.

“No” you shook your head. “My parents had their jobs there in Star City so they couldn’t leave and none of us really wanted to” you shrugged.

“You never talk about your family” he commented.

“There’s not much to say” you said quickly.

It wasn’t something you wanted to talk about. Your name was always linked to tragedy and you weren’t that far away from home. You were sure if you said who you were, Barry would know, he would know who Oliver is, what happened to your mother and to your father, and he would start asking questions you didn’t want to answer. You had done it for so many time already. So lying was easier.

“My parents died in a car accident” you told him. “I was 17 years old when it happened so it was me, my brother and my sister to take care of each other”

“I’m so sorry” he frowned.

“Thank you” you smiled a little. “I’m happy with them. They’re the best I have but it was time to move forward and staying in Star City wasn’t the way to do it so…here I am” you said looking at him. He smiled a little and wrapped an arm around you.

“I’m glad you decided to come here” he said smiling down at you.

“Me too” you agreed. He chuckled as he looked into your eyes as you looked into his.

Those damn eyes you could never ever forget from now own. You looked down at his mouth before looking away. You really wanted to kiss him but maybe it was too soon. You looked back at him just to see that he was still looking straight at you, making you nervous.

“There’s something I want to do” he said smiling a little. “That maybe will make you go away or will make you stay for a long time with me” he added looking down at your lips.

You could literally feel your heart pounding in your ears and you were thankful for the small amount if light that kept him from seeing your red cheeks.

“You should give it a try” you said, feeling your throat completely dry.

“You think so?” He asked with a small smile as he leaned in a bit closer. “Are you sure?”

“Stop teasing” you chuckled nervously.

“Oh I’m not teasing” he whispered. “I’m just making sure this is what you want” he smirked. Bastard. He was going to make you kiss him.

But he didn’t want you were a Queen and a Queen never backs away. So you narrowed your eyes at him and placed a hand on his cheek, breaking the distance between you two and kissing him slowly. His free hand went to your cheek as he moved the other one down to your hips, kissing you back immediately, still smiling against your lips. Slowly, he laid you down on the blanket, laying on the top of you as he deepened the kiss.

Both of you wanted to take it to the next level but you also knew it was too soon and it wasn’t the place. So he was the one breaking the kiss but didn’t get off you. He looked at you with a growing smile on his lips as you smiled back. Then, out of nowhere, you two just started laughing, filling the silent night with laughter.

If You Want, We Could... (Theo Raeken prompt)

Originally posted by dancing-queen1717

Request: Hey :) Could I request a Theo Raeken imagine with the prompts 55,57, 31, 65? thank you!💗 + I love your writing!💗

31) “fuck you” “yes please” “not literally” “oh”

55) “I’m bored” “find something to do” “just did” “what is it?” “you”

57) “complain one more time I will choke you” “kinky”

65) “im stressing out” “you know, they say sex is good for that”

I walked back and forth across the room thinking as the pack was trying to think of a plan.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” Scott asked with concern.

“Yes, maybe, okay no” I answered when he gave me a look.

“This whole thing with the hunters has gone to shit“ I explained while coming to a stop and just standing there looking at everyone.

“I’m stressing out” I added.

I looked up to see Theo smirking at me, “You know, they say sex is good for that” Theo spoke, “And I’m willing to help with that” he added.

“Fuck you” I commented, “Yes please” Theo countered back, “Not literally” I say rolling my eyes, “Oh, maybe next time” he smirked.

Everyone groaned, “Really Theo? Just get a room you two”.

“Okay everyone, let’s just call it a night, we need our rest” Scott urged and we all nodded leaving his house.

“Hey Theo” I called out, “Yeah?” he questioned and walked towards me, “I know you don’t have a place to stay, so I wanted to know if you wanted to come over to my place?” I asked.

“You’d do that?” he asked unsurely, “Yes” I spoke, “Okay” he agreed.

We arrived at my house and I set my stuff down in my room, “You’ll be sleeping in here with me” I nodded my head towards my bed. “I definitely don’t mind” Theo smiled and I threw a pillow at him, “Shut up” I laughed. We both changed into comfy clothes and laid down.

Theo started tossing and turning, “(Y/N), I can’t sleep” and I closed my eyes thinking he’d give up. But I was wrong, Theo never gives up.

“(Y/N), (Y/N) I can’t sleep!” Theo poked me, “What?!” I exclaimed.

“I’m having trouble falling asleep” Theo spoke again and I huffed.

He went to speak again but I cut him off, “Complain one more time and I will choke you” I threatened. “Kinky” Theo replied.

“Let’s watch movies then” I stated and got up and dragged him downstairs.

Thirty minutes into the movie, Theo opened his mouth, “I’m bored” “Find something to do” I countered, “Just did” “What is it?” I questioned still looking at the TV. “You” Theo replied and I looked at him to see him coming close to me and kisses me.

He pulled away, “If you want we could do something else fun”.

“You mean if you want” I corrected and he nodded, “Yeah”.

“What are you waiting for? Take me upstairs” I added and giggled when Theo threw me over his shoulder.

Keith knew it was common knowledge for the body temperature to drop during sleep; however, when he woke up to shivering limbs and chattering teeth, he figured this was different.

When he sat up and had to blink back dizziness stemmed from a splitting headache, he all but confirmed the worst: he was sick.

But, time didn’t stop for illness, so he pried himself off his bed and dressed for the day. Twice he was forced to stop when his vision began to swim, but he would brace himself against a wall and take in slow, measured breaths until he could see and think clearly.

While slipping into his jacket, he stepped out of the room and bumped into Lance.

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Crush at First Sight [ Harry Holland ]

Anonymous said:

Would you do an imagine where your the same age as Harry and your hanging out on set with your friend Zendaya and Harry is visiting and instantly has a crush on you the moment he sees you and so Tom and Harrison try and set him up with you?

A/N: my first Harry imagine!!!! Exciting! Also, if any of you guys are into teen wolf, check out my new blog @isaacslchey

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anonymous asked:

Can you do 13, if you haven't done it yet? Preferably Astrid to Hiccup, but whichever is easier for you

Sorry, but I kind of forgot you had asked for Astrid to Hiccup, and since I’ve been doing a lot of Astrid to Hiccup drabbles lately, I did it Hiccup to Astrid. I’m sorry! :) <3 But I hope this is alright anyways. 

Prompt 13:  “I could kiss you right now!”  



The one thing that almost the entire gang but Hiccup struggled with.

So -upon moving from Berk where the cooks at the hall were in charge of meals- who was designated to be chef?


Lucky him.

And things had only gotten harder since chicken had gotten scratched off the menu (thank you Tuffnut), now limiting their diet to fish and whatever wildlife they were able to nab in the forest- except the fish of course. That they got in the ocean- the dragons were quite regular in that department. Every morning they’d go out and fish- or hunt in the forest- before bringing back their kill for the gang to eat.

But Hiccup had always been the one to make the meals- at least until Heather arrived. Once she came they took shifts- much to his relief. It had been difficult to manage both cooking and Dragon Hunter attacks… and add Viggo to that mix… his life had been crazy busy.

But after Viggo’s death, he was once again placed in charge of the kitchen… yay.

“Hiccup! I’m starving, would you pick up the pace?” Snotlout whined from his place at the table, tapping his fork impatiently against the wood.

In his daze of thoughts about why he was the one currently cooking the morning meal, Hiccup had ceased the movement of flipping the fried fish and pancakes. With a snort he hurriedly flipped both, giving Snotlout an annoyed glance.

“It’s not as easy as it looks, Snotlout!”

“Ah, come on, can’t be that hard…” Snotlout appeared uninterested in the topic- besides the fact that all he wanted was food that could be stuffed in his mouth.

“Be patient, my good man.” Tuffnut said indignantly, sitting up straight while Ruff and Chicken sat on either side of him, Chicken standing on a pile of Fishlegs’ books. (And Fishlegs was most definitely not happy about it, but after a not-so-small scuffle, he’d settled with it, if Tuffnut promised that Chicken wouldn’t crap over his knowledge books)

“Yeah, just wait, Snotlout.” Astrid added fiercely, picking up a butter knife and waving it at Snotlout’s nose threateningly- that girl really could look violent with even the smallest of weapons- she was so talented she could make a spoon look threatening.

“Fine, fine, okay! Wait for the slow poke, got it.”

“Any more of that Snotlout, and you just might be making your own meal.” Fishlegs added casually, looking unamused.

“Thank you.” Hiccup grinned over at them, giving Snotlout a firm look. “Patience cuz.”

“Cuz!?” Snotlout guffawed. “Since when do I get called cuz? That makes me sound like some immature kid.”

Everyone just stared at him, causing the teen to blush in indignance. “Right, right… gang up on Snotlout! Brilliant.”

“Gah, darn it!” Hiccup yelped, accidently flipping a cake off the iron and onto the floor. Toothless was there in an instant, slurping the cake up with his tongue and swallowing it in one gulp, grinning gummily at the unamused Haddock before him.

“Toothless!” Hiccup laughed, giving the dragon a little shove. “That wasn’t for you!”

“He ate it though! They must be good.” Snotlout licked his lips in anticipation, tapping his fork and knife again. “Hurry would you!?”

“I’m coming!”

Hiccup turned and slid the plate onto the table, hurrying back to the stove to slip another batch of cakes on as well as flip the fish yet again.


He turned and smiled at Astrid who was standing close behind him, arms crossed and a stern expression on her face. “Yes, m’lady?”

“You should come and eat.”

“And listen to Snot’s complaining?”

She grinned and pushed the pan off the stove, setting it on the warmer and tugging on Hiccup’s arm. “Come on, Haddock! You never get to relax at meal time, and I like to sit next to you while I-you eat.”


“Come now.” She shoved him onto the bench and pushed a plate in front of him, slapping a few cakes on it before rushing back to the stove and placing the pan of fish on the table, tossing a few onto his plate.


Hiccup laughed shakily, staring at Astrid for a moment before grabbing his fork and doing as she’d instructed- eating the meal with the rest of the gang. He could feel her eyes on him- making sure he was behaving and actually eating without trying to sneak away before she also followed suit.

Once eating his fill (which he did quite quickly, seeing as how he was used to gulping his food down) he just paused and waited for the others to finish. It was… nice. to just sit and relax, not really worrying about rushing through everything to get out to do chores and what not…

He turned and glanced at Astrid who was still eating beside him. She was still eating the cakes which she’d slathered in maple syrup- a new sappy substance that Hiccup had discovered was a really sweet topping for the cakes. Her mouth was slightly sticky with the stuff and after taking three bites, she reached for the napkin.

Hiccup didn’t realize he’d stopped her until his hand was resting on hers, both setting on the napkin.

“Yes..?” She asked, quirking an eyebrow in question.

“Er…” The syrup was still shining on her lips, and he knew she realized he was staring at them… but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t look away. “I could…”

“What?” She urged, eyes sparkling in question… and a bit of teasing dorkiness as well.

“I could really kiss you right now.” He breathed, feeling his face flush crimson in embarrassment.

She grinned and leaned a bit closer… but still too far away… Thor

He moved forward then, pressing his lips against her syrupy covered ones. She tasted sweeter with the syrup on her lips, and he couldn’t help but smile against her when she giggled slightly. He pulled away a few moments later, licking his lips to rid them of the syrup.

“Better?” She laughed, wrapping an arm around his shoulder.

He grinned at her, before freezing in position when he realized… it had gotten very quiet around the table…

Both he and Astrid glanced up at the same time, met with wide eyed stares- even from the Chicken. No one moved, all smiling and grinning from ear to ear.

“Awwwww.” Ruffnut sighed dreamily, tilting her head to one side and rocking back and forth.

“Ewww. Didn’t you see that she had syrup on her mouth?” Tuffnut shook his head in confusion. “I don’t understand love at all.”

“I personally just find that disgusting.” Snotlout stated simply before returning to his eating.

Hiccup hunched a bit in embarrassment, but Astrid’s arm stayed on his shoulder. He smiled at her, she smiling back before grabbing the napkin and shoving it into his hand.

He stared at if for a moment before taking the hint and lifting it to her mouth, delicately wiping away the syrup from her lips.

“Thank you.” Astrid smiled and leaned forward, giving his cheek a peck. “See? Told you you’d like sitting with us.”

You.” He corrected, wrapping his arm about her and pulling her close.

Sick Days

Wowie. I finally finished this :)

Pairing: Lin x reader 

Warnings: none

Requested: Yes, anon requested #1 (Please don’t leave me) and #29 (You said my name in your sleep) with a Lin x sick!reader Requests are always open and welcome!

Word Count: 1282



You woke up with the worst of headaches, and for once, it wasn’t because you were hung over from partying with your best friend, Lin.

You groaned and tried to stand up out of bed. Nausea racked your body. You sat for a moment, holding your head, before venturing into the kitchen to check your temperature.

“100.9” you read aloud. “Looks like I’m going to do the show sick tonight.” Lin, being the best bestfriend ever, had gotten you a job as the stage manager for his show, Hamilton. You had yet to take a sick day, and you weren’t about to start now.

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Block Your Shot - Zach Werenski #9.2

Originally posted by dylanzink

about/request: block your shot part two when requests open back up ? AND I LUV YOUR WRITING ! Can u do a part 2 of Block Your Shot - Zach Werenski AND Is there going to be a part 2 to block your shot?? and more

warnings: cursing and angst 

authors note: yeah so sorry if you wanted a happy ending but

word count: 1466

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A Taste of Heaven

Relationship: Bucky x Reader 

 Summary: sometimes getting baked isn’t a bad thing

 A/N: written for the lovely @ipaintmelodies (I hope you like this)

 Warnings: fluff and baking 

 Words: 1,196

“Natasha?” you called out over the gentle holiday-themed melody humming through the room, your body stayed turned to the nearly prepared cookie batter. 

The team wasn’t meant to be home for another half hour and they’d discover your surprise if they walked in now to the sweet scent of baking cinnamon and sugar. Bucky’s gravelly voice answered, wrapping his arms around you, “no such luck." 

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We Didn’t Go To The Snowball Together (but it's okay)

The brown carpet burned against her knees. She readjusted, biting her lip as she straightened his tie. Mike winced. “Does it really have to be so tight?”

“Well…” she loosened it a little, and saw relief flood his features. “Better?”

“Yeah. Way better. Thanks.”

Nancy stood. She brushed off her dress—it was an older one, which their mom had let her borrow. I wore it to my junior prom, Karen had said with a small, sentimental smile. She had run her hands over the blue silk skirt, reminiscing about her glory days; hiding in the bathroom with Joyce Byers, throwing snowballs at Hopper, drinking a little too much…

Some of the beading was missing. It was still beautiful to Nancy, though.

“Are you sure you wanna go?”

Nancy watched as her brother brushed a comb through his hair for the thousandth time that day. He looked smaller, somehow—almost like he’d sunken into himself. But he was taller, and older in a way that she couldn’t put her finger on. It had only been a month since Eleven, but he’d cried every night between then and now. Sometimes the tears were silent. Others, they were louder than thunderstorms and shook the walls of her heart.

Mike smiled. “I’m good.”

“Mike…” she sat down on the edge of his bed, “no more secrets, remember?”

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Black Coffee Love Pt. II

Pairing: Seb x Reader

Featuring: Sebastian Stan, the barista

Warning: fluff

Prompt: your favourite coffee shop happens to be the spot he decides to take shelter from the rain.

Song for the imagine here: (x)

Previous Parts:

Part I

The grey haze of cloud had stayed over the busy city for the following few weeks. Making you stay sheltered inside, writing as much as you could in the comfort of your own home. Though you liked to write in your own, big comfy couch - you really enjoyed having the rich coffee and quiet chatter of the café surrounding you. And for some reason, especially this week, you were very much missing the café.

You had ben distracted mostly, as the week progressed. Your mind was full of only a single face. A face you placed in a category you dared not to peek at. Though, your heart was swarming and overwhelmed with a different sense of passion for this face, you were scared. The feelings that had surfaced when he sat at your table, when he spoke. Those feelings had been stuck so deep inside you, you had forgotten they even existed.

The sky had cleared today, though. It was today that you decided to venture outside your apartment and go get a coffee from the café. You were desperately craving caffeine from a specific place.

Slipping your book bag over your shoulder, you made sure to put in your lap top and one of your recent favourite paperbacks. Grabbing your coat that was hung on the hook by the door, you snugged it over your shoulders and braced yourself for the cold wind of the hustling streets.

The walk to the café was longer than you had remembered. After travelling the same root over so many years, it had seemed, on that particular day, to be extra long. It encouraged you to move faster, for some reason you anticipated the arrival of the café. Your heart began to accelerate as the café came into view. Why? You knew the answer.

It was that single face. Pictured neatly and perfectly in your head. The dark, long hair. The dense, piercing blue eyes. And the adoringly, smothering grin. It was all so captivating. So alluring. And you were hoping that he would be there. Even though, you raced out of the café as fast as your small legs could carry you, oh-so-many weeks ago. But, a part of you had wished you’d stayed.

But it was hard for you. You were a difficult person to work around. To be around. You were an introvert. You were shy. Quiet. Being around people who were paying attention to you was scary. It made you feel so on-the-spot.

And for some crazy, weird reason - he didn’t make you feel that way. And that scared you more than anything. It was a good kind of scary. Like the ‘don’t go into the basement but goes into the basement’ kind of scary. He was so very much enticing, enthralling. Yet, you’d only spent an hour or so with him.

Stepping into the café, the smell of strong coffee and fresh bagels filled your nose. It warmed you up inside. Taking a glance, more of an absolute look-through, you didn’t find the face you were looking for. Sadly, you walked over to your regular spot by the window, taking your coat off and pulling out your lap top in the process.

The barista then walked over. A peculiar and bright smile lit his features as he saw you.

“Haven’t seen you in a long while.” He spoke cheerily, “just the regular?” He asked, knowing exactly what you always got.

“Yes, please.” You sighed, just realising you were more upset about him not being there than you though.

“Okay.” The barista nodded, before giving you a small tilt of the head. “Everything alright?”

You only nodded, giving him a small, taught smile. He stared unsurely at you for a moment before heading off to the counter, brewing up fresh coffee.

Opening up a document you had been working on, your fingers danced on the keyboard as different thoughts and inspiration flowed through your mind. It’d only be minutes before the barista came back over with you black coffee, setting it down softly beside you. Your eyes drifted to the steaming liquid, only then realising that you felt something missing.

“He’s been looking for you,” the barista spoke then, making you look up at him in question. Not really sure what he was talking about.

“Y’know,” he started. “The guy that sat at your table a few weeks ago.” Things clicked together, then.

“H-he’s been looking for me?” You asked in astonishment. The barista nodded his head eagerly.

“Yes, yes!” He smiled cheerily. “Sebastian, right? Yes, he’s been in like twice a week.” your heart had started to hammer against your chest, feeling the pulse in every nerve of your body.

Had he really been looking for you?

“Is-” you breathed deeply, trying to contain yourself. “-is he coming today? Is he around?” The barista was smiling greatly at you, now. This was the most you had ever spoken to him. Well, in general really.

“I’m not sure. The last time I saw him was about five days ago.” He said, looking at you with a tint of sympathy. Your palms were sweating immensely and your head was spinning. 

“Oh,” was all you could manage as you started to mentally hyperventilate. You just wanted to see him, that was all. Maybe hear him talk, or take in his manly, foresty smell.

“Oh! But I have his number, yes!” The barista said gleefully, realising something that was very much helpful to you.

“Could you - would you,” your words were stumbling over themselves as you tried to breathe properly. “Could you phone him?”

“Of course!” He then rushed back over to the counter and disappeared from your line of sight. Your sweating had grown as you waited in anticipation.

What if he had grown tired of waiting for you? Why had he waited and looked in the first place? Did he have something of yours you accidentally left behind? Moments passed as you waited for the barista to reappear. He came back four minutes later, his cheeks flushed to a rosy-pink.

“He’d not in the city,” the barista started, his voice low and dampened with sadness. “He’s not back for another few months.”

It was then that you realised what you had done. You’d ruined any chance of you ever feeling anything other than emptiness. You had walked away, more actually, you had ran out of the café. Rushing, running from something you were afraid of. You shouldn’t have ran. It was only a momentary gap of fear. He was what you wanted. He was what you needed.

Now, he was gone. You didn’t know when he would return to the city. Or if he would ever. It’s not like there wasn’t other girls out there, sure any of them. Most of them were models, actresses, all of the above. And there was you. A quiet, introvert, who spent her time writing in a café. Why wouldn’t he leave the city?

You loved sitting and writing. you loved rainy days at home, reading. But, maybe that’s not what he wanted. He waited to see if you’d show. But you stayed quiet and hidden in your apartment. Being the idiot you were and let him get away.

The barista had walked of, gone to help other customers. Leaving you only to drown in your never ending regret of the decision you made only a few weeks ago. The worst decision you could have possibly made.

Your lap top had shut off to the screen saver, since you hadn’t touched it for ten minutes. Your eyes were strained, focusing solely on the live screen saver that displayed rain hitting a window. It numbed some part of you that felt like it was going to burst. It was then that you felt them. The hot tears that fell silently and slowly down your cheeks. Crying was something you very much disliked, especially in public.

But, you couldn’t bring yourself to move, or to wipe them away. The bell chimed as new people walked into the café. Your thoughts continued to consume you as the screen saver blurred your vision.

“Why’re you crying, Doll?” An all-to-familiar, rugged voice sounded above you. Making you snap your head up at the sound. You couldn’t breathe as your eyes landed on his blue ones.

They were soft, caring. He was staring down at you, a large coat protecting him from the wind outside. His hair tucked neatly back in a grey toque. His hand came up, slowly and carefully, to your cheek, his thumb brushing away the any tears that had stained your red cheeks.

“How’ve you been?” He asked calmly, retracting his hand and taking the seat opposite you. Your head was still buzzing and you couldn’t breathe, let alone form a sentence.

“I-I you were - there w-was,” your breathing was erratic and Sebastian watched you in concern.

“Hey,” he said, stopping you. His hand reached across the small table, grabbing hold of yours as it sat perched on top. His hand swallowed yours, it was much bigger than your petite hands. It was soft, and warm, making you feel completely relaxed in 2.0 seconds. “Just breathe.” He smiled at you.

“You’re here.” The only words that you could coherently manage to breathe out. He nodded slowly, his smile never faltering, his hand never leaving.

“I sure am.” Sebastian started. “I wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye, or getting a goodbye for that matter.” His laugh then floated through the air, filling your ears like  a soft hum of bliss.

“I’m sorry, Sebastian.” You said quietly. Completely embarrassed with the way you had acted weeks earlier.

“Don’t be sorry, Doll.” Sebastian soothed, his thumb rubbing circles along your hand, giving you tingles all the way up your arm. “I understand.” Those two words had your heart hammering.

You weren’t sure if he really did understand. But, the way he said it, the way he looked at you, and how he touched you. It made you feel so very safe.

“I thought you left.” You then said, remembering the barista saying he had vacated the city. Sebastian shook his head at you, giving you a small chuckle.

“No,” he said. “Actually it was just a way for me to get here without, I don’t know, scaring you off? I’m not sure if that’s-” You shook your head, stopping him from carrying on.

“No, I’m fine. It’s okay.” You said to him, adding a reassuring smile. Sebastian’s own face was then brightened by his goofy grin as he looked at you.

“Okay.” He said softly.

The both of you fell silent. It was a comfortable silence. It enveloped the two of you into your own world. There was only you and Sebastian. No one else mattered. It was then, you knew, what was happening. For some crazy, bizarre reason, you were falling for him. You were desperately, immensely, and deeply falling for Sebastian.

His strong jaw clenched in a way that made you want him. His broad shoulders hidden under his large coat. His hair tucked away. Only his sharp-blue eyes drawing you in. The sound of his breathing. The feeling of his hand atop yours. You wanted him to surround you, to devour you. You wanted him closer than humanly possible.

It was impossible to tell where you two were headed from here. It was something so enticing, not knowing where it was going. But it allured you, it encourage you forward. He encouraged you forward.

You were falling in love with Sebastian. Quite possibly already in love with Sebastian. And you couldn’t wait to tell him.

Part III anyone??

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Hi hi! Would you write something where JD and Veronica have to move in with Martha for college? I think it would be super funny and adorable. Luv you!

Awww! Thank you so so so so much! I had a pretty funny idea for this one. Because I always thought Martha was a innocent sweetie! But at the same time I think JD and Veronica would make her have some fun. Not dangerous fun, but you can’t always be perfect haha. Also I had a fun night last night and wanted to write some of what happened lol. It was really funny in person, and I hope it’s funny in writing.
Trigger warning for drug mention. There’s nothing serious, it’s mostly nineties fun
In case you’re wondering, JD was me in reference to my night.

“This is going to be so much fun! I’ve never had roommates before!” Martha cheered. She was helping Veronica bring in some stuff. JD had hardly brought anything. And what he did bring was in a garbage bag instead of a luggage. “Why doesn’t JD have a luggage?” Martha asked.

“He refuses to buy one.” Veronica responded. “He can be a stubborn idiot.”

“I’m right here, and I can hear you.” JD stepped into the house, dragging a bag. Veronica laughed and put her arm around him, leaning against him.

“So this is it?” Martha asked. The couple both nodded and Martha clapped. “Oh yay! I’m so excited to be living with you guys! This’ll be so fun! We can have movie nights, and have dinner together. I just got my own copy of The Princess Bride!” Martha sang. JD rolled his eyes a little, laughing all the same.

“You’re still going on about that movie?” He asked. “I thought by now you’d be over it.” JD snickered.

“How do you guys want to celebrate our first night as a roommate family?” Martha asked, putting her hands on her hips. JD gave Veronica a look and she shook her head.

“No way.” She giggled.

“Come on, Ronnie.” He urged.

“It’s Martha!” Veronica reminded.

“What? Is it fun? I’ll try it!” Martha insisted. “I’m down for something new.” She assured. JD was laughing hysterically at this point, much to Martha’s confusion and Veronica laughed, shaking her head.

“Alright.” Veronica agreed. JD laughed and took out a lighter and a wrap.

“Here, try this.” He told Martha.

“I don’t smoke cigarettes.” Martha told him. JD shook his head.

“It’s not a cigarette.” He told her. This clicked and Martha nodded, taking the blunt.

“Okay, I’ll try it.” She agreed. Veronica laughed, and told her she didn’t have to. “No, seriously. I wanna try it.” Martha was also laughing at this point and JD tossed her a lighter. Veronica laughed as well and sat down, waiting for Martha to pass it to her.


“This was a good idea… this was a really good idea.” Martha was watching the tv intently. “This movie is so much better high.” She pointed to the Princess Bride on the screen. JD was just laying on the floor laughing. Everything was a lot funnier to him. “This was such a good idea! I’m having so much fun.” Martha fell back on the floor.

“Hey JD, pass me that cookie.” Veronica told him. JD sat up and looked confused.

“What?” He asked.

“The cookie, give it here.” She repeated.

“I ate the cookie.” JD told her. Veronica gasped, and then fell off the couch laughing. “Why are you laughing? Was I not supposed to eat the cookie?” He asked.

“JD, that was a special cookie!” Veronica laughed. “That was a special cookie Ram gave me! You ate ALL of it?” She asked. JD nodded.

“It was a special cookie? I didn’t know it was a special cookie!” He tried to sound worried, but he was laughing.

“JD, you are going to be so high in a few minutes.” Veronica shook her head and then looked at Martha. “Hey, to celebrate us moving in, you wanna see something funny?” She asked her friend. Martha nodded and got up, they all sat in a circle. “Okay, so JD gets really stupid when he’s high.” Veronica explained.

“I didn’t expect that from him.” Martha added. Veronica nodded.

“Yeah, I thought he’d be a paranoid type. But he just sits there and gets stupid.” Veronica laughed. “JD, say something stupid.” Veronica told him. JD rubbed his eyes, that all of the sudden felt weird.

“Go download me a hot wing off the computer.” He told her. Martha burst out laughing at hearing this. “Go! Go now and download a hot wing.” He waved his arms at her. “Oh my god, my arms are so long.” He looked at his arms with wide eyes.

“How much is in one cookie?” Martha asked, looking at JD in shock.

“Enough. Trust me.” Veronica told her.

“GO DOWNLOAD A HOT WING!” JD yelled. “We’ve been talking about this for hours! I can’t get up. I will never get up from this spot.” He continued on. Veronica was laughing and Martha was covering her face, trying to suppress giggles.

“I never thought I’d see JD like this.” Martha told her. “He’s always so tough and stoic in public. Sometimes I just expect him to growl and walk away.” She giggled.

“Yeah… you haven’t seen my JD.” Veronica raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

“You think you can download my hot wing now?” He asked. “Just-just the one.” He held up one finger. “Veronica, I’m sorry.” He fell forward.

“Why are you sorry?” She asked, laughing.

“For making Martha feel like I’m gonna growl at her. I’d never growl at you Martha.” He continued on. “I just don’t like social interactions.” He put his hands up defensively. Martha nodded and raised her fist.

“Amen to that.” She giggled. Martha then pointed at JD and smiled big. “You deserve a hot wing!” She smiled.

‘Veronica won’t download it.” He spoke with a sad tone. Martha looked at Veronica and climbed on her lap.

“I have to… I have a secret I need to tell you, Ronnie.” martha whispered. Veronica laughed more and nodded.

“Yes, Martha?” She asked. Martha leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“Will you order us pizza?” She asked. JD crawled over too.

“And please, just one hot wing.”

- Rant of the day..

This girl I work with randomly was talking about gays today. She came to discuss how she doesn’t mind them, and added the fact that she has a gay best friend so she can say this..
She doesn’t mind gays, but highly doesn’t approve of us being affectionate in public.
I looked at her, and began to rant..
How is it okay, for you and your husband to be out in public, holding hands, kissing or showing the smallest amount of affection to the point that it clearly shows that you two are together. But it bothers you for gays to do it? It’s the same fucking thing. You just think we should hide. Which is really unfair. Let me get this straight, your saying that you’d hide the love you had for your significant other just because it makes others uncomfortable? Let me tell you something yeah most of us get annoyed with people like you.. I used to hate going out in public with girls I’ve dated because ignorant people like yourself.
Let me list a few things that have happened.. When I’d go anywhere people would talk shit on my partner because they couldn’t tell what he was, because he was born a girl but clearly didn’t identify as one and that wasn’t okay to them which made them cause a scene. Or how about the time just walk into Walmart holding hands with my girlfriend and some dumbass would stop us and ask if he could join the threesome. How about the time I went to get breakfast burritos with one of my ex girlfriends and someone would stop and ask why we got burritos, since apparently because clearly we’re lesbians, and were supposed to eat tacos. It’s so fun when people sit there and say gays can’t do certain things because we draw attention to ourselves because apparently we just want the attention. No we just want to be happy and live our lives like everyone else.
We want what everyone else does, we aren’t any different from anyone just because we love the same sex gives you no right to tell me or anyone they can’t show the person they love affection.

Vacation in the Caribbean: Day #7


Surprisingly, this happened a lot faster and with a lot less begging~

Okay, I spoke too soon, Midnight has disappeared after the first message ;-;


xcuse u, i said i was sorry a bazillion times T_T and it wasn’t one message ok calm down pls thenks

She said sorry like twice, liar :P 

WARNINGS: There’s actually no warnings this time *gasps* I know, I was shocked too but there’s loads of fluff, smut and angst :) 

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