look they have a bro street

Different Types of Ravenclaws
  • The Know it All: most common phrase is "actually" followed by them correcting you on some matter.
  • The Overachiever: involved in every club ever, picks up a new hobby every week after mastering it in that time
  • The Book Worm: constantly hidden behind a book. Always the person to go to for Recs or if you need to borrow a book for class and it's already been checked out, they have their own copy to lend you.
  • The Aesthetic: Style totally unique to them, has everyone figured out, doesn't give a shit what people think
  • The "Philospher": stoned most of the time, but also has a new theory about the world every other day
  • The Wall Flower: always watching and observing other people, the most intuitive. Hates attention.
  • The Coffee Addict: always in the library working on homework with 6+ empty coffee cups around them, always looks stressed. Must remind them to hydrate.
  • The Bro: super street smart, knows all the new lingo, super social, can have a conversation with anyone about anything

alright but. au where even is working in a diner his parents own late at night, there are only like two people there, he’s on his phone texting his friends and then the door opens with a jingle and a drunk isak manages to walk up to the bar and puts his head down and even slowly puts his phone away standing up, “can i help you? are you alright?” and isak groans, puts one finger up and makes a “shhh” sound and even raises his eyebrows, “this isnt a hotel” and isak slowly lifts his head and looks even up and down and then after a while he’s just like “wow.” and even is just. he doesnt know what to do but the guy is clearly drunk so he just gets him a glass of water and after half an hour he’s still sitting there, even has gone back to his phone but is still keeping an eye on him, and isak just blurts out “im gay” but he’s just staring in front of himself and even looks up suprised but then he shrugs like “im bisexual” and isak looks at him with furrowed eyebrows “excuse me but, im talking to myself” and even holds up his hands “damn ,sorry, i thought we were getting to know each other” and isak rolls his eyes “whatever” but then after a minute isak just starts asking even questions about everything and theyve been talking for at least an hour when even is in the middle of telling a story and notices isak fell asleep and he doesnt have the heart to put him out on the street so he closes the diner and drags a half asleep, really clingy isak to a small couch in the back, turns the lights off and sits next to him and lets isak put his head in his lap and eventually both of them fall asleep and the next morning is really awkward for isak, and later that day he finds out his friends planned a chill bros night and “that diner down the street looks cool, we should definitely go there tonight” and isak is too hungover for this

omgcp characters as people i saw during the massive snowstorm yesterday

Bitty is me and my flatmate, staying indoors because we are not Crazy. But he’s nicer than us (and not working), and brings the people trapped in the snow hot chocolate.

Nursey is the 2wd kia that spent 3 hours stuck in front of my house, unable to go more than 5ft in any direction. He really thought it would be fine - he has all weather tires and there are tons of cars just like his driving.

Chowder as my neighbor who went out to shovel the sidewalk and stoop but ends up spending 3 hours outside helping people dig their cars out when they inevitably got stuck trying to turn down the street that runs perpendicular to mine. 

Jack is wise to snow and is walking to the store instead of even trying to drive. He’s dressed in what looks like not nearly enough, but he’s just got really good winter gear. He’s also too good of a person to let anyone stay stuck in the snow, so he spends literally hours pushing people’s cars out of wherever they get stuck. All he wanted to do was go for a walk, since it’s too gross to run, but at least he’s getting his workout.

Dex was walking to his truck when he saw Nursey and Jack trying to get the kia free. He’s one of those guys with a plow attachment on his pickup truck. He’s a little pissed that this city kid thought his kia was gonna be ok in the snow (he should be making bank plowing driveways) but he’s also not gonna leave the guy in the lurch. 

Shitty and Lardo as the kids walking down my street with snowboards, presumably looking for a hill? or a car to hold on to the back of a la Back to the Future?

Holster and Ransom as the bros who are parked nose to tail but help dig each other out, because to free one from the snow is to free both. They’re both wearing blankets instead of coats, and once they’ve dug out their cars they walk to the grocery store and walk back with 18ers of bud. Whenever they have to stop to push people out they just leave their beer in a snowbank. It’s very cold by the time they get home.

Fry Guy as the angry man in the toyota SUV right behind the kia. He sits behind Nursey for hours, gets out of his car to angrily stand with his hands on his hips (while not offering to HELP Nurse) before suddenly remembering that he’s in an SUV with 4wd and snow tires and just going around the Kia.

Three LAX bros as the bus drivers who got stuck at the top of my street. The one who tried to go in to the Dunkin parking lot (????what were you aiming for? were you gonna go around the bus that’s stuck in the middle of the intersection???) is named Chad.

MTL likely to get road rage:

Anon requested: Mtl of who from BTS would get the worst road rage to no road rage.




okay so it probably seems very unlikely that he would be that easily irritated but if he gets mad when people interrupt him, i think he would be mad too if someone was disturbing his peaceful driving. would probably shout his head off too.


Definitely mad like I don’t suggest saying anything because when he rolled that window to give the nasty driver a “what the hell bro” look, Jungkook didn’t seem like he would be appreciating any dialogue at the moment, but I bet he’ll forget it soon after.


He would probably swear at the top of his lungs, not gonna lie. Yoongi doesn’t seem to be a memeber with a particularly long temper and if bad drivers decided to mess with him, he will have no problem cussing once or twice.


He won’t like it, and being the scary-when-angry member he is will have no problem with a little street fight. Like he would try to drive past the rude driver. But he will try to stay calm when he saw your scared form holding on to your seat belt.

Rap Monster:

OK so he wont be as mad as the maknae and the eldest hyung but he would still be irritated as eff and now you have to sit and listen to his speech about road manners.


I don’t know, he just doesn’t strike me as the type to let annoying people get to him you know?? Like maybe just an aish or a sigh but nothing extreme.

V/ Taehyung: 

There is no way taetae could get that easily irritated. Bad driving? Just switch lanes. A real cinnamon bun I don’t believe he ever gets road rage.


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not the same person, but can you continue the hs au??

sam is here for ur kevin and neil sibling needs, friend. they’re such weird brothers. i love them. dan is going to keep them forever.

(previous post) (first post) (the first shitpost)

  • the way we’re working this is wymack rents out apartments in his free time. since dan is uncomfortable with two european dudes living in her house (despite one of them legally related to her), wymack puts them in one of the apartment complexes right next door
  • they still have dinner with each other a lot of the time at wymack’s house, but for the most part neil and kevin are good about being on their own
    • they get up every morning for practice and everything. wymack would chew them out if he didnt see either of his sons at school
  • neil is kind of (definitely) a neat freak. the apartment stays clean and wymack is both impressed and slightly worried about neil’s ability to roast on sight if kevin doesn’t clean the bathroom once a week
    • neil: i swear to god, do the dishes or i will not hesitate to throw away every single vegetable in this house
    • kevin: please. as if you’d touch a vegetable
    • neil, already reaching for the carrots: choose wisely, day
      • (kevin does the dishes)
  • these two are the assholes that no one knows if they’re actually related or not
  • they say theyre brothers, but not only do they not look alike (or look like wymack), but they have two different accents and last names
    • this family is a mess. save them
  • some people try and ask dan about it because wymack adopted her, surely she’d know
    • wrong. she has two brothers and they’re both assholes.
      • dan: i love my idiot brother
      • someone: kevin?
      • dan: what? no, he’s being a dick today. i meant neil.
  • even some of the teachers gossip about it in their free time. wymack does not have time for three of his friends asking if neil is also his son within the course of one day
    • he says yes every time, though. neil has been apart of nearly every skype session between him and kevin before the Big Move, and kevin talks so highly of his ‘little bro’, so who is wymack to not take in another stray kid?
  • canon: david wymack has three kids and only two of them legally belong to him
    • kevin, at breakfast: neil is the stray pet we keep around because he looked too pathetic to be put back on the street
    • dan: are you the pet donkey then?
    • wymack, looking into the camera like he’s on the office: children, stop picking on each other
  • for ur amusement i give you: wymack, abby and dan staring at neil and kevin trying to understand someone with a southern accent
    • kevin: whut the fuck is a yaint
    • neil: is… is that a type of dog
    • kevin: no, i think it might be a food. like. a croissant or something

this took me seven years to answer but here friend lmao

Big Bro Jason [Jason Todd x Sibling!Reader]

Requested by Anon: “hey! i love your writing sm and i was wondering if i could request 5 with jason todd? where the reader is like his little sibiling and lives with him maybe? i love the idea of an innocent kid knowing about everything and jason just trying to protect them bc theyre small and pure aaah <3 thank u sm and i hope ur having a great day! ur writing is great<3″

A/N: I’m going to try this new format for my requests! It looks a bit neater. And of course my lovely anon! I hope I wrote this the way you wanted! Big Bro Jason is comin your way ;)

Prompt: “Do you think we’re bad people?”


Jason’s your older brother. He’s been taking care of you since you were both on the streets after your mother’s overdose all those years ago. Though you were still very young and didn’t remember much.

Now you lived with him in his apartment. He thinks that you’re unaware of everything he does as Red Hood but in reality you know a lot. He thinks because you’re younger that he has to protect you all of the time.

And he does. He never brings his Red Hood business home. But you have questions about that life. It intrigued you.

“Hey Jason“ You brought his attention away from the tv.

“Huh?” he responded looking over to you coming into the living room.

You sat on the arm chair, sitting with your legs crossed, “Can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead shrimp” he teased, always giving you a nickname pertaining to your short stature compared to him.

“What’s it like on patrols at night? You never talk about them” you leaned forward, against your legs.

“[F/n] I don’t want to talk to you about this” his tone was strict, but it didn’t effect you really.

“Why? Do you think we’re bad people?” tilting your head to the side in confusion.

“No I don’t think we’re bad people, but I don’t want you hearing about the bad people in this city.” shifting in his seat to look at you better.

“But Jason” you whined, “No buts the answer is no!” he cut you off.

You crossed your arms and slumped in your seat, pouting of course. “Stop pouting” he scolded. “I do what I want” you lipped off.

Though your pout soon turned to a look of shock when a pillow hit your face. Shooting a glare at him, you saw another pillow in his hands. Squealing when you jumped to the back of the chair for cover.

Grabbing pillows you began to throw them at him. You got a couple hits but he dodged most of them. Eventually he snuck around the chair and began to hit you with another pillow.

“No.. Jason stop!” You yelped trying to steal the pillow from him. “Not until you admit I’m the best brother and know best” he laughed as he continued to hit you.

“Okay okay! ‘You’re the best brother and sometimes know best’“ you yelped and he dropped the pillow on your face.

“I’ll take it” he stood up and began to walk away. “I hate you” yelling after him.

“I know you mean love” he teased from the kitchen, beginning to make dinner. It was Sunday which meant Jason’s homemade pizza (well Alfred’s recipe anyways).

When he placed the pizza in the oven and returned to the room you had taken over the remote. “Food’ll be done in about a half hour.” he stated before sitting down. You replied with a simple nod, eyes locked on your favorite show.

“Hey, I  just want you to know i don’t tell you about patrols because I’m trying to protect you” he verified causing you to look at him.

“I know” nodding again. “I just worry, you’re the only family I have left. Well close family, I’m grateful to Bruce and everything but it’s different having gone through everything we have.”

He nodded, “I know. I’ll always protect you. We’re the only things we have left of our past life.”

You smiled, he was actually being open with you. “And who else would I throw pillows at?”

There it was. His brotherly instincts taking over. You merely chuckled and shook your head. He may be overprotective and a bit secretive, but he is your brother and you love him. 

listen, don’t ask a random 16 year old on the street what they thought of the musical you wrote unless you want to hear the truth, RAS, cos that was all I did… Tell the truth… I thought you were a random person looking for a nice night out on broadway and I told you straight up that the sets and costumes were good but the writing was terrible and to save your money … I was trying to do the right thing. I didn’t know you were the fucking writer, bro, why did you think I would? Except that everyone else in my group knew and was trying to get me to shut up and I maybe should have figured it out sooner but I’m glad I didn’t

Meet me in the street in front of the Foxwoods Theater again if you want a review of some of your more recent work, RAS, because believe me… I have more thoughts for you…

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What kind of video games do you think the BTT, England and Russia would play with their S/O?

(Disclaimer I have not touched a video game for weeks forgive me I have sinned)

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: Prussia loves fighting games. Of course he does, fighting is in his blood. And he’s a sucker for classics, too. It’s only to be expected that he just loves spending nights in front of the TV, duelling his s/o to the death (in game) through games like Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. Just because it’s his s/o doesn’t mean he goes easy on them, and most of these battles lead to real-life pillow fights.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: France has always liked fantasy stories. Even in a video game, he looks for riveting plots and engaging characters. It’s for this reason why role-playing games with branching storylines interest him so much. Final Fantasy, Undertale, etc. To him, nothing is better than having his s/o by his side, living these stories with him. Yes, they may get into arguments about the choices made from time to time (’I keep telling you, Yuna is best girl!’), but in the end, there’s no doubt that these trips to a fantasy land only strengthens their bond.

Spain/Antonio Fernández Carriedo: Spain’s pace of life is arguably slow. Things like sitting in front of a computer or holding onto a game console for hours, messes up his siesta schedule. But it’s not like he doesn’t play video games at all. He’s a huge fan of time-wasting mobile games like that one piano game or the one where the chicken crosses the road. He’s built up a rivalry with his s/o, both competing to get the highest score. So far, he’s been leading for around two weeks, but Spain is sure that his s/o will beat his score soon. Then he’ll beat their score. Then they’ll beat his score again. And again. And again.

England/Arthur Kirkland: England may criticise America for all the video games he plays, but in truth, England does have a few that he holds dear of his own. What England looks for in a game is how it challenges his mind, which is why games like Professor Layton have managed to make Mr. Perpetual Frown smile for hours on end. Although he prefers to play on his own, he’s not opposed to sharing with his s/o. They do help him solve tough riddles at times by looking at them from a different perspective. And the expression they make when they’re confused is just too cute.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Russia was always afraid of taking care of small things, like animals. They didn’t like him and he was scared that he’d hurt them. But in a game, that can’t happen, right? Russia still remembers the joy he felt when his s/o first introduced him to pet-raising games. It was just a little puppy, and now he has a whole house of dogs. And horses. And dolphins. Okay, he got a little addicted to the genre. But he loves them, and his s/o loves the smile on his face when he plays these games, so everyone’s happy, right? He even searched for and found a Tamagotchi!

Baka-akuma problems or Azanina talks [2]

Yeah, the new episode wasn’t so productive for our ship. However, I have some things that kinda bother me. I saw some reactions like: “Azazel betrayed Nina, he can’t keep secrets, and he will be a true evil of this season”. Therefore, I decided to write a post about a bad guy who isn’t so bad like it seems. Still it’s just a my opinion.

I try to be honest and look at the situation from Azazel’s view. It’s obvious that he can’t fight alone anymore. He was near to die last time. The king knows his face. The Rag Demon should disappear. However, who will help demons? Who will save them from the cruel humans? Who can give a guarantee that Charioce will not make a provocation like murdering some demons? Azazel don’t have a time to hesitate, he needs alliance, that’s why he comes back to his demons bros.  

The behavior towards demons gets worse. The people treat with the indifference towards them. Slaves are just slaves. It was pretty shown when Nina try to protect demons on the street. An indifference or just a fear.

Azazel knows it and tries to bring a “golden age” back. When demons were strong enough to play with human life. When demons were free. However, look at his plan. Only two points: slay a human king and destroy his secret power. Nothing about kill all humans, destroy their town, and make them slaves. Yeah, he said: “I will teach a lesson to those, who celebrate Cocytus fall”. Maybe all it was implied but… He didn’t say it directly.

It reminds me that in this season Azazel never attacked ordinary people, who did nothing wrong. Only cruel slavers and knights who tried to kill him were killed. This Azazel saved a strange girl Nina too. It looks like he forgot about his bloodthirstiness. Or it’s only a current behavior?

The demons, being smart guys, ask him what he has to fight with people. Unfortunately, Azazel can’t answer — “Myself!” A potential demon’s squad needs good guarantees. It’s time for one’s best card — a red dragon’s power! However, why? Nina didn’t give him her permission to use her like this, yeah?

Here is another big Azazel’s mistake. Remember last episode. Nina said that she isn’t useful for demons revolution because she can’t control her power. A soft “no”. However, Azazel is sure that all be daijōbu, he helps her to control herself. “Let me embrace you and turn you into a dragon”. It’s an offer, not an order. But Nina run away mumbling something about weird things without any answer. Silence gives consent. Vivat Azazel’s logic!

By the fact, Azazel still keeps Nina’s secret. He didn’t even say that dragon is a girl. Moreover, Nina asked him only about not telling someone how she turns into a dragon. For now, Azazel keeps his word. He is one of the honest characters after all. Nina knew that he wants to use her power at the beginning, cause he at once said it to her.  

 Knowing all this she don’t fear him. Azazel yelled at her before, made her troubles, offered “make love” things, but Nina talks about him like about a good a little weird friend. She calls an evil and dangerous demon baka-akuma, lol. In her eyes, he isn’t a bad guy. He showed her a truth about demon’s pain and now she herself try to help other demons without using her dragon power.

For now, I can’t see that Azazel will turn into an antagonist. Too much people trust him: Nina, Mugaro, Kaisar, even Rita. He isn’t a typical kind protagonist, yeah; he is an ex-villain, he has his pride, revenge, his own goal like make demons great again. It’s more important for him then Nina’s safety. However, things change with the time. We all feel that Azazel’s plan isn’t a good idea. He obviously will fall and then I hope get a big development. Well, will see~

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drunk part 2 joseph, drunk jotaro, drunk rohan hcs?


-He has a regular tolerance to alcohol, but honestly he doesn’t even realize the amout of drinks he has consumed until he starts laughing because he sees two Caesars.

-This dude is going to be a happy drunk. He would get one hundred times more loud, tells bad jokes (some of them actually dont make sense at all) and, if he is with his partner he will get all hansy and touchy-feely with them.

-”Hmmm baaabyy your hair smells so goodmm….do you wash your hair with clouds becasue you smell…like..heaven…..”

-But he will also fight with absolutely anyone (and everyone), no doubts on that.

-”Hey! Were YOU looking at my partner?! i saw you blinking….winking at them! Come at me bro!” His partner would have to try (and obviously fail) to stop him because he starts swinging his fists everywere and will hurt other people by accident and then he suddendly is fighting like, five guys at once.

-By the end of it all his partner will have to somehow drag him out of the bar by force, and he will probably put all his weight on them and crush them in the middle of the street. Rip.


-He has a high tolerance to alcohol and doesn’t tend to drink a lot, so drunk Jotaro is a rare Jotaro. Maybe if someone dares him to do drink a lot he will give in. Because his pride.

-When he is drunk though, it’s going to be quite hard to tell, unless his partner is there with him.

-If he already has a resting bitch face all the time, imagine it amplified four times. He starts to look scary even for his partner. He just glares at everyone and you can practically feel holes being dug in wherever he is looking at.

-But rarely enough, he will be more smiley and affectionate! He will show a little bit of PDA (which is quite rare) and will smile and kiss his partner’s head everytime they do or say something cute.

-He is also more open and will start conversations and speak about a wide range of topics, surprising the people that think of him as the silent type.

-Jotaro also will get red when he is drunk! It’s really cute and he will blush harder if his partner points it out! And will send death glares at anyone else that does it.


-Rohan drinks a shot ad he is done for.

-He has the biggests mood swings when he is drunk. One moment he is telling you to go fuck yourself and to suck a dick and next moment he is giggling and telling you how nice you are!

-Then the next moment he is staring at the void itself, the bags under his eyes accentuating, lost expression. “Rohan, are you ok?” “What is the meaning behind being ok? Is any of us actually ok? ”

-Rohan will start ranting about anything rapidly, yelling and hitting the table. After he is done, he’ll take another sip and then stare at the void again.

-He will probably get inspired and will ask for a pencil or even take one that he brought himself and start sketching on any surface that he can later take with him, probably a napkin. He can’t believe that such a wonderful work of art looks actually so awful next morning though……

-Picture Rohan lying on his stomach in bed, face facing sideways, with his hair and make-up mess while droll is falling from his mouth. If his partner opens the courtains to his room he will groan and get under the sheets. “For god’s sake just bring me some headache medicine……”




SO I thought you guys would like something like this, Inspired by my friend’s @anjiezombie recent drawings of a cute style, i started this little silly thing, the third party ladies + peach!

Just as a little distraction until my new laptop arrives (which by now i’m in the middle of dealing with FedEx’s shenanigans, boy howdy have they made me rage), i apologize if the anatomy or dimensions look weird, but once more, my video card is malfunctioning and stretches things, so i can’t say for sure if things look good or not. I’ll like to thank my friends @anjiezombie and @pinkkittyrose for helping me with external visual aid though.

Wrong Place, Right Time

Summary: Can I request a Scott Lang x reader fic where he accidentally breaks into reader’s house and it’s super awkward but reader goes with it? @pymparticlez 

Word Count: 1,497

Warnings: None.

A/N: Hope you all enjoy it! I had so much fun with this request <3 

Originally posted by peggycarte

Scott Lang was desperate. He had no other choice. When money proved to be scarce, all he had left were what Luis called “his mad thieving skills.” And after asking help from Luis, Kurt, and Dave, Scott had taken over two weeks to really scout out this house until he had gone over every detail. He knew the house in and out, knew the owner’s daily schedule, and he also knew that said person would be out of their house for the weekend. Something about a bachelorette’s party in Vegas.

Cassie’s birthday was next week and all he had managed to purchase was a beat-up bunny that looked like it had come out of Chuckie’s personal toy closet. The thing was creepy and had been known to scare the men around the apartment. He thought it hilarious, but he also knew that Cassie deserved better than a hand-me-down, crappy bunny.

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Mafia! Taeyong AU

•ofc he’s the leader because he’s Lee mother fucking Taeyong
•he got the position from his dad who was the old leader
•cue sad childhood story that I’m not gonna go in depth about
•so Mafia leader Taeyong is probably one of the best there is
•looks scary af but is a smol ball of fluff
•like someone protect this boy
•loves his family (which includes the boys v v v much)
•doesn’t like hurting strangers
•doesn’t leave the office very much because he has a lot of paperwork and calls to handle
•sometimes goes outs to make deals because no one can say no to him
•always takes someone with him on these deals because he’s secretly an insecure boy who needs lots of reassurance
•scared that he’ll mess up the deal or makes the group look bad
•so he has a poker face when making deals
•also gets straight to the point to gets what he wants
•what he wants is to get out of there quickly so his nerves start to calm down
•does so much work because he doesn’t want his boys to be stressed and have too much on their shoulders
•is highkey stressed himself most of the time
•boys have to drag him out of the office to do something
•out of the office he is known as either ‘eomma’ or ‘taebreeze’
•does most of the cleaning and makes sure there’s not a spec of dust so his boys don’t get sick or allergies
•sometimes cooks if he had the time to
•even though the boys basically have to feed him because he’s so fucking busy
•takes care of the little ones especially
•basically a sucker for them but is still strict
•now you on the other hand, are Jisung’s older sister
•being the amazing noona you are, you start to grow suspicious when your brother isn’t going to school that much and staying out later
•so one day, while you were walking down the street, you see Jisung and a very good looking man
•but Jisung is supposed to be in school tho
•looks like the man is scolding your bby bro and only you can do that
•immediately thinking that man is a threat
•here comes super noona to the rescue
•bursting into the scene and slapping Taeyong
•maybe slapping him is too much
•anyways, going off on him telling him not to take advantage on little kids and the importance of school
•Jisung is there looking like 'noona, pls, stap it’
•Taeyong quietly listening because as I said before he doesn’t like upsetting people that aren’t involved
•when he finally got tired he just interrupted you with his deep voice
•'um… excuse me but I was telling your brother the same thing here’
•Jisung basically running back to school because you and Taeyong were scaring him
•Run,child, rub!!!!
•cue the awkward silence between the both of you
•Taeyong breaking the silence because he thinks you’re cute
•'do you want some coffee?’
•and that was how your relationship with Lee Taeyong began
•becoming best friends v fast
•like you two just connect
•there’s no denying it
•ask Jisung, he’s the leader of your and Taeyong’s fanclub
•not knowing he’s in the Mafia because he refuses to tell you
•is actually scared that his secret will ruin your friendship
•not risking it
•now to the juicy part
•let’s pretend that you’re a medical student or something
•it’s been like a year and a half since you met Taeyong and you falling deeper and deeper in love every minute
•basically Taeyong got hurt really badly
•let’s say he was jumped by a rival Mafia group when he was going to buy ramen for everyone
•now guess who has a bullet in his shoulder?
•Taeyong being a stubborn little shit that refuses any medical help because he doesn’t want to burden anyone
•being the good brother that Jisung is, he calls you up
•'hey, noona, I know it’s 3am but I really need your help. The love of your life is dying but he’s being stubborn’
•you blushing when Jisung said that Taeyong was 'the love of your life’
•but still running with a medical kit to help because he really is the love of your life
•when you get there you’re just like 'rtf’
•but you don’t ask any questions because you need to save this boy right now
•when you do finish and he’s on a bed and your besides it, checking his vitals
•he’s still unconscious (or so you think) so you start ranting about how he could have died and you’ve never confess your love yet
•he hears and suddenly pulls you in the bed with him
•'I like, maybe even love, you too’
•tells you everything too because you threaten to break up your non existent relationship if he doesn’t
•Jisung cheering behind the doors

Should I make a second part? Like one that’s like, 'dating Mafia!Taeyong’? Meh we’ll see

Second part: http://sebooty-lyfe.tumblr.com/post/149352096049/dating-mafiataeyong
Reasons Why Mikey RULES OOTS:
  • “Thanks Kevin, see ya next week!” - he KNOWS their pizza delivery guy. Shit, he probably has a Christmas Card for this guy every year and talks about how he can’t believe how much his kids have grown every time he sees them.
  • “I look gooooood, bro!” - he doesn’t believe it. He KNOWS it. That adorable self-confidence is all the more sweet for how fragile it can be
  • The lip licking. STAHP.
  • “ca-CAW, ca-CAW!”
  • He’s not eating that pizza. He’s making LOVE to it. And the pizza ain’t objectin’.
  • The stricken look of dismay when he drops the slice onto the court - not because Leo will be pissed, but because he’s just endangered his family <3 <3
  • The look on his face when he rises onto the street during the Halloween parade: “I’m doing it, holy shit, I’m doing it!!!!!”
  • The sweet wonder but all the same the easy acceptance of Bumblebee’s compliment. “Lookin’ good, man” echoes his earlier words about himself, and that’s mindblowing coming from human, but still - Mikey knows he looks good, so natch!
  • The unbelievably disrespectful way he jumps on that manhole cover Leo is beneath - Mikey, that is some serious sass and you are in TROUBLE.
  • His hero-worshipping little conspiratorial giggle after his bad-ass big bro bursts back into the truck
  • How goddamn much he loves the crazy shit he gets to do: “this is AWESOME!”
  • “Yeah teleportation residue, man. It’s the worst.” - pretending like he knows what any of that means <3
  • Fucking with Casey. Just. Yes.
  • “I’m a vegan. Except for meat, cheese… and eggs.” I mean, can’t you just see Mikey swearing off animal products out of his love for animals, except for “my very, very faves”?!?! But he’s whole-hearted about that shit! He’s a vegan! For the ANIMALS! btw, dinner is a four cheese, meat-lovers pizza.
  • He has a whole game-show styled introduction for each of his bros. I mean, what?? Does he have it prepared? Has he been practicing at home in the mirror, just on the off chance they make a new friend? Is it the only one he has? Does he have a whole array of them ready to trot out depending on the situation? Is this what he does when he’s on cleaning duty for misbehaving? Just come up with snappy intro reels for his family? Whatever, it’s completely adorable.
  • “Ladies like to call me Mikey.” Oh, that sweet optimism. 
  • The LOOK on his face when he contemplates what he’s just heard Donnie tell Leo, the heartbreaking mix of hope and yearning. Oh, my heart.
  • He knows Raph. He knows what Raph is like. He KNOWS. But he still has to go tell him, even knowing what Raph is like, because he HAS to talk about how he FEELS. Cos goddamn, he has a LOT of feelings right then!
  • The look of realisation that dawns when he comprehends what he has done and that shit is about to go DOWN between his beloved bros.
  • Mikey totally does not get how to throw an enraged tantrum. He’s lost. He’s never done this before. What do you do? Slap stuff out of the way and stomp? Yeah! He can do that! YEAH! He’s so enraged! What are they doing again?
  • "uuhHHhhRight!” He’s just gonna do whatever his big bro says. He’s no snitch! He’s not fully sure what’s going on, but he’s behind Raph all the way. That’s what little bros are for! Plus it’ll be fun! Screw Don and Leo!
  • “See you theeerrreeee.”
  • Breaking into police headquarters is FUN!
  • Mikey may be willing to go out onto the streets in the middle of a Halloween parade, but when there’s real stakes (in his mind), he’s a lot more sensible - he’s shocked Raph is prepared to burst out into sight in the police HQ.
  • The tight-lipped, determined, loyal-as-fuck, I’m scared but I’m with you all the way bro nod he gives Raph when his bro asks if he’s with him. 
  • Amidst all the fury and resentment amongst his brothers, and all the shit they’re up against right, he’s still brooding on that.  The hate is what gets him. It’s incomprehensible to him.
  • He’s genuinely impressed that Bebop and Rocksteady have “achieved the power of flight” and is totally sincere about being happy for them. That’s Mikey in a nutshell, really.
  • He sounds actually betrayed when Raph is scared of jumping. How could his badass big bro do that to him?
  • Sky-boarding. He doesn’t need a chute when he’s got his board!
  • Saving Leo’s off-target ass.
  • Hyping for Raph’s blustery effort to reassert his masculinity: “Chutes!”
  • The nimble way he leaps around the plane cabin when it’s careening out of control and everyone else is getting tossed around like lettuce.
  • He’s literally devastated when Leo says they’re not a team. LOOK AT THAT FACE! LEO HOW COULD YOU!
  • He’s right there, leaning into that computer screen alongside Donnie like he has one single clue about what all that data means. Mikey’s care factor: 1000000%
  • He doesn’t get a say. He doesn’t. But he stands aside and lets Raph decide. But that look in his eyes says he’s gonna be thinking about that late at night for many to come…
  •  Of course Mikey was expecting an evil goatee. Of course.
  • All of that badass boarding during the fight with Krang. See, it DOES help to play on that thing six hours a day, Master!
  • You know what? It’s super goddamn sweet he covers for Raph’s blunder with the “garbage truck”. That’s pretty embarrassing, but Mikey is just all ‘well, we DO have one!” because it’s a moment and Mikey isn’t gonna let any one of his bros feel left out of the moment. Not then. Not ever.
  • That smile and wave he gives the assembly when he receives his key to the city - he’s so proud, and so excited, and so delighted, and they’re applauding him and honouring him and his bros and he’s a hero and this just might top the Halloween parade for amazingness - just might. 
  • He leads the cheer at the top of Liberty, because of course he does. He’s Mikey. That’s what he DOES. He’s not the hero we deserve. He’s the hero we NEED. He’s Mikey. And we love him. 

Did I miss any?

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2p seeing you with soaked shirt, pretty please ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (I'm so sorry about my english >.<)

you: *gets shot with a Nerf water gun by a bunch of rowdy young boys from your neighborhood, a 2P happens to see you*


2p!china: um. *blushes, looks away* you should take this… *gives you his own shirt for you to change into* it’s dry and you don’t want perverts like me staring at your bra… *chuckles*

2p!england: good heavens, you must be freezing! *worried that you might catch a cold* why don’t you come into my flat for a warm cup of tea and a change of clothes? *smiles politely*

2p!france: …that’s a nice look for you.

2p!russia: *carelessly tosses you his coat* keep it. *walks away*

2p!italy: *laughs gently* you poor dear… *sneaks up from behind you and snakes his arms around your waist* let my body heat warm you up for a while, yes~? *winks*

2p!japan: *is currently watering his yard, notices you* oh. *sprays you down even more with his hose* didn’t see you there. *smirks*

2p!germany: *is with kuro and starts laughing* now that was kinda mean, bro! *turns to you and pats your head* no hard feelings, yeah? *grins and invites you to the water party that’s going on down the street*

2p!canada: … want me to go kick that brat’s ass for doing that to you?

2p!romano: oh darling, do not worry. i heard there’s a water party going on in this neighborhood – would you like to come over to my house and change into a bikini? *laughs* don’t ask why, but i have many~

2p!prussia: *looks anywhere but at you* oh… y-you might want to hurry home and change… *blushing intensifies because he saw your bra*

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you know Chanyeol and tao not get along very well right ?! how you feel about it?

how do i feel? i feel like that’s impossible and you need to sit down because i’m about to educate you on the most precious brotp that is chantao

for starters, this is probably what you’re used to seeing

chanyeol rejecting tao

tao abusing his hyung

and generally just messing with each other

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I know you’re not a marvel blog but i see you mention it and i love reading your opinions ♡ So what’s your thoughts on chris evans? Ty ♡ ☆

*oprah voice* I love Chris Evans.I love Chris Evans! I LOVE CHRIS EVANS! There is an alternate universe that exists out in the vast reaches of space where I run a Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan blog. Chris Evans is what I call a chameleon daddy. What is that you ask? Well that means he’s good at blending into his surroundings. 

sometimes he looks like the broiest bro of all the bros. god of the bros living on brolympus. 

sometimes he looks like a father of two boarding school children and he sits on the board of some wall street company but never goes into work and instead sails around on his yacht and he went to like harvard and was a legacy and didn’t really have to try to get good grades cause his parents paid all his professors off

sometimes he looks like a hooker you picked up at the truck stop and has a really dirty one bedroom apartment with like fucking lava lamps and all his jeans are ripped cause he spends a lot of time on his knees and you’re like this is fine, i’m fine, but his lips are extra full and you’re wondering what he did to get them that way and it’s all neon lights and you’re like did you just steal old signs from bars across the country or 

sometimes he looks like a lumberjack and enjoys nature and hiking and turning off his cellphone and you don’t really mind going out to the woods with him cause you know he would be good at pitching tents and would probably wrestle a bear 

and sometimes he takes his final form in this bearded masterpiece where he looks like he’s ready to sit your ass down and tell you some stuff about your life that you don’t want to hear but you dont want to disappoint him so you listen 

The Haus on election night. Turned out kinda long, so here’s a cut. Sorry, mobile users. And thanks, @aergie, for giving this a quick beta read before I posted it. - PB

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Think of You

Think of You

Requested; no, just needed to clear my mind since I’ve actually grown to love this song (but I’m not into country) and it relates to me a lot

Cal x Reader

Your POV

I sat a table with 4 of my best girl friends, all of us wearing the tightest of clothes and drinks in hand. Usually I would be dancing and having a good time taking a few shots, but right now all I felt was heartbreak. This wasn’t any old girl’s day, it was my friends idea of getting me out of my sad phase after my breakup with the famous Calum Hood. It confused me how him and I ended, and I honestly never thought it would. We were the couple that everybody wanted to be. We had a love like a highschool couple, and all of our friends and family saw us being together the rest of our lives. But with rumors, lies, backstabbing, we fell apart. I was smiling at my friends trying to get me pumped up, but I kept waving my hand at them, telling them to dance without me. I pulled my phone out as they left and opened up my contacts scrolling for his name. It was still there, but it hadn’t been calling weeks. I was close to pushing the call button, but with every muscle in my body I shut my phone and put it down, taking the biggest gulp of my cup of Jack.


Luke was nudging me on to take 5 shots with him and see who could down them the most, and frankly I’m always up for drinking someone under the table, but tonight was not my night. I sipped on my first beer, shaking my head at him. He finally gave up and downed them with Ashton. He wiped his mouth clean and went to sit next to me at the bar, me not staring at him once because I knew he would ask me about her.

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