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without really meaning it

The Way You Said “I Love You” Prompts
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Watching Derek dote on someone is hard – harder than Stiles thought it would ever be, despite the fact he knows it’s insincere; despite the fact it’s the job and nothing more.

 It’s hard because Stiles hasn’t had those arms around him in months, hasn’t had opportunity to arrange a chance meeting on a crowded street in weeks, hasn’t had Derek’s eyes meet his and watched his mouth curl into a smile for him.

 Derek’s team have been fairly indulgent, letting Stiles tag along on the assignment to observe and allowing him to blend with various crowds just to be close to Derek. Early on, before Derek insinuated himself into their mark’s life, they even allowed them to talk on the phone, but that might as well have been in another lifetime.

 Sometimes, Stiles hates his job, hates Derek’s job, hates the fact they’d never have met if it wasn’t for their jobs because then he can’t hate it as much.

 Stiles is across the restaurant and he can’t tear his eyes away from the back of Derek’s head for more than a few seconds at a time, usually at the prompting of the agent he’s sitting across from.

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hold up hold up hold the frikfrack up

I was looking through recent Nomura interviews and this line about KHUX jumped out at me:

- Little by little, we’re getting to see Ephemer. Will his role be more important?

Nomura: Ephemer and Skuld are becoming considerably more important in the second season of KH Unchained X. Although the story of KHX (PC) has concluded, the story of Unchained Chi exists in another dimension. The relationship around that will be told in the second season, so please wait for the next report.

BARRING THE FACT that I follow the global version so I could be missing some critical info and be way off in my thinking here–

“another dimension.”

Rewind to Ava talking about Ephemer in mission 425: “He’s fallen into an unchained state and now finds himself in a different realm. From that realm, I believe he tried reaching out to [the player].” He was in our dream. He tried to reach us through sleep.

Fast forward to when we meet Skuld. She also said that Ephemer reached out to her in a dream.

Fast forward to Union X. Ven is somehow present, with Ephemer and Skuld, hundreds if not a thousand+ years before he’s living in the present KH timeline. What is Ven associated with? Sleep. He suffers from two comas that we know of, one of which was around the age that he appears to be in KHUX. What did we learn from the Terra+Namine dialogue from the concert? There’s a possibility that memory can transcend time, allowing a person in the present to speak with a person in the past through memory.



Got to make the trip up to see this wonderful girl today! And with incredible news!! She got her PICC line already and she’s responded so amazingly well to the antibiotics that she just might get to come home tomorrow! So excited! And thank you all so so so much for all the shares and donations helping this little lady out!

MML Chapter Two: Frog

Summary: With the right context, frogs can be terrifying.

Notes: A short chapter to bridge the gap into the first arc. Also, I am looking to re-name this chapter and chapter one after songs, so if you have a suggestion, shoot me an ask. 

Wordcount: 2,076

Beta’d By: @sentochoryu

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save him

also my commissions are open, if you’d for whatever reason be interested :’)

Couldn’t attend the nearest Women’s March the other day and I’ll forever mourn my own loss but that only means more purpose for me to draw my faves obviously having been there. In this case, these cuties were travelling their way from their barnz to the city lyfe to march alongside. Country folk getting lost/explorin’ city vibe much??

A quick lil’ shoutout to Thomas @thatsthat24 for creating such a beautiful phrase that’s on Peri’s shirt that will be featured in another piece soon because what a godsend of a phrase.