look the water

  “The waves receded, making their feet sink as sand was pulled and shifted. Cas smiled as Dean overcame his shock to stare in awe at their surroundings, turning in a circle to take in the curve of the secluded beach and too blue ocean, the lush greenery and tropical forest a wall behind them.

   “Oh  wow ,” gasped Dean, eyes wide as he took it all in. “You weren’t kidding about somewhere warmer.”

  The waves rolled in, over his toes and around his ankles in a soothing wash, small minnows swimming with the tide. Drawing in a deep breath, Cas turned to look over the water, tilting his head back and eyes drifting closed. He savored the warmth of the sun on his skin. Beneath the water’s surface, he could sense countless lifeforms drifting with leisure, could feel the birds and beasts in the forest behind them, various birdsong and animal cry filling the air. He felt the breeze catch under a bird’s wings as it took to the air in flight.

    This was peaceful.”

The One with the Fanfic Competition, Chap 15

to the tune of Brian Eno's "Baby's on Fire"

Bidoof is on fire
Better throw her in the water
Look at Squirtle (Japanese: ゼニガメ Zenigame) is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Wartortle starting at level 16, which evolves into Blastoise starting at level 36. Along with Bulbasaur and Charmander, Squirtle is one of three starter Pokémon of Kanto available at the beginning of Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, FireRed, and LeafGreen. Contents [hide] 1 Biology 2 In the anime 2.1 In the main series 2.1.1 Major appearances Gary’s Squirtle Ash’s Squirtle Squirtle Squad May’s Squirtle Team Go-Getters Tierno’s Squirtle Other 2.1.2 Minor appearances 2.1.3 Pokédex entries 2.2 In Pokémon Origins 2.2.1 Blue’s Squirtle 3 In the manga 3.1 In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga 3.2 In the Magical Pokémon Journey manga 3.3 In the Pokémon Adventures manga 3.4 In Pokémon Newspaper Strip 3.5 In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga 3.6 In the Pokémon Zensho manga 4 In the TCG 5 Other appearances 5.1 Super Smash Bros. Melee 5.1.1 Trophy information 5.2 Super Smash Bros. Brawl 5.2.1 Trophy Information 5.3 Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U 5.3.1 Trophy information 6 Game data 6.1 Pokédex entries 6.2 Game locations 6.2.1 In side games 6.2.2 In events In-game events 6.2.3 Pokémon Global Link promotions 6.3 Held items 6.4 Stats 6.4.1 Base stats 6.4.2 Pokéathlon stats 6.5 Type effectiveness 6.6 Learnset 6.6.1 By leveling up 6.6.2 By TM/HM 6.6.3 By breeding 6.6.4 By tutoring 6.6.5 TCG-exclusive moves 6.7 Side game data 6.8 Evolution 6.9 Sprites 7 Trivia 7.1 Origin 7.1.1 Name origin 8 In other languages 9 Related articles 10 External links


Allison: I think I’m going to explode, Lala. I can’t stop this anger. I want to go back in there and rip her to shreds.

Lala: Breathe deep, Allie. That’s what helps me. Take deep breaths and look out at the water. At the sky. But you can’t go back in there. 

Allison: What the hell was I thinking? If she tells Nico…

Lala: You weren’t thinking. And that’s okay. Tell Nico first before she gets a chance. He’ll understand. He won’t be happy, but he’ll understand. But you have to apologize. To him…to Ivory…to Nicole. Not today or even tomorrow, but someday. 

Allison sadly: I can’t believe what a mess I’ve made, Lala. I’m so glad to have you.

Lala: Messes can be cleaned up. They might leave behind stains, but they can be cleaned. And I’m glad to have you too. So much, okay? Oh, this is Remy! Wait for me in the car, Allie, and then we can go.

Lala takes a deep breath herself then answers her cell. 

Remy snaps: Where the f*ck are you? I’m back at the penthouse and you’re not here. It’s late and you’re pregnant. Pregnant ladies should be home at this hour, not out in the f*cking streets.

Lala quietly: I’m not in the streets. I went out with Allie, Remy. I told you I was.

Remy: And I told you to stay home. I like to come home and find you here, that’s what I like. You get me angry just this fast, Lala. We’re going to have a real talk tonight about this Allie situation. I’m hanging up.

Lala rubs her temples. Great…Allison is upset and is probably going to want me to stay with her again all night but now Remy’s angry and I’ll have to hear his mouth all night. What a mess is right, Allie. And I just want to sleep.

Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble  

andrew came downstairs from the office to give me a hug and seemed really worried about me and it turned out that i had reblogged a picture of a jellyfish with the tag “sometimes i wish i could be this” and while i had meant “beautiful, ethereal, and full of light” he had interpreted it as meaning “brainless and totally free of the burden of consciousness”

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #24
  • Dan: I love you
  • Phil: *dabs*