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elenathehun  asked:

Hmmm. Um, #20 from the soulmate AU, madatobi edition?

((Also for an anonymous prompter :D ))

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Tobirama Senju,” a deep voice says with relish from behind him and Tobirama freezes, breath catching in his throat as his hand stills on the doorknob. His name echoes in his ears and reverberates in his bones, as if his whole body is a tuning fork that had been waiting for the right force to strike it. It’s a bizarre but unmistakable feeling.

At twenty-nine years old and a decade past the national average of nineteen, Tobirama had assumed he was part of the majority that never meet their soulmate. And while he’s rather pleased to be wrong, it also presents a very big problem.

Because the only thing that should be behind him right now is his empty apartment.

The soft, familiar click of a hammer cocking sounds through the silence, and Tobirama slowly raises his hands above his head.

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