look shes talking to ed


She has love.

what if tabitha brings up how she murdered oswald’s mom while holding him captive and edward attacks her for it? 

Tonight’s Haylor one shot by @taylorsblankspace13

Imagine Ed ends up getting really sick and getting worse. Harry ends up convincing him to go to the hospital. While there they end up admitting Ed because he has pneumonia. Harry comes every day to check on him, make sure he is okay, hang out with him keeping him company. One day Ed seems to be getting worse and Harry decided to stop by twice that day. Before he stops by second time he quickly heads over to Ed’s house to pick up some stuff for him to have and feel a little more at home with. When he gets to the hospital Ed and him start talking. One of the things Harry grabbed was Ed’s guitar. Ed starts messing around with it while they’re talking, playing random chords and stuff. Eventually he starts playing songs. While he’s playing Harry notices he’s playing a song that H has never heard before. He asks Ed what song it is and Ed replies. “Oh this. It’s an old song. It was something Taylor and I worked on while we were touring.” Harry nods in response and Ed notices H’s face when he mentions Taylor. “You okay?” Ed asks“What?” H asks distracted. “Oh yeah, I’m fine.” “You don’t look fine.” Ed replies. H shrugs. “You miss her don’t you.” Ed asks. Harry shrugs. “Have you told her this?” Ed persists with his questioning “No. There’s no point. She’s with someone else. She’s happy.” H answers.“They broke up.” Ed says “Yeah right.” H replies. “No really. A few weeks ago. She realized she wasn’t happy. She wasn’t feeling it.” Ed explains. “So?” H asks. “So you should talk to her!” Ed exclaims. “No Ed. She’s better off without me. I’m not going to bother her.” H says. Ed starts coughing and the nurse comes in to give him some medicine. H says goodbye and leaves. Once H is gone and he has stopped coughing Ed decided to text Taylor. He informs her that he’s in the hospital playing it up a little making it sound worse than it is. Taylor freaks out and tells him she’ll be on the next flight out to London. Ed chuckles to himself and falls asleep. The next day around 3pm he gets a text from Taylor saying she just landed and was on her way. He sent her the address of the hospital and the room number. As the text sends Harry walks into the room. They start talking and Harry sits in the chair next to Ed’s bed. 20 mins later Taylor rushes into the room, Harry is in the bathroom attached to Ed’s room. She rushes over to the bed asking him how he was feeling and what’s going on. Harry opens the bathroom door and hears her talking. He comes around the corner.

“Taylor?” He asks as he sees her. “What are you doing here?” Taylor gasps as she sees him. It’s been a while since she’s seen him in person. Confusing feelings rush over her. “I’m here to see Ed.” She manages to say to him before turning back to Ed. “Have any tests been done? Do you know what’s wrong? Have the doctors figured out what it is?” She asks. Harry starts chuckling as he watches Taylor panic. Taylor whips her head around to him. “Stop laughing! This isn’t funny. Ed is really sick! He could die!” She snaps at Harry. Harry turns to Ed. “Are you serious right now?” He asks Ed realizing what he’s done. He turns back to Taylor. “What’d he tell you?” Taylor confused replies: “He said he was sick and in the hospital? Why are you angry?” She asks reading H’s expression quickly. H grabs Ed’s phone off the table and opens the convo with Taylor. As he reads the messages he looks at Ed. “You’re a fucking prick you know that?” Ed shrugs. Taylor confused watches the interaction between the two men. “Can someone tell me what’s going on?” she asks. Harry looks over at her. “He lied to you” Harry explains. Even more confused Taylor looks from Ed who shrugs at her. “How did he lie? He’s in the hospital, he’s sick.” “He had pneumonia. He’s fine now. Recovering but going home today. He’s not dying. It’s not that serious. He’s fine. He just wanted to get you out here” Harry explains annoyed with Ed glaring at him as he spoke to Taylor. “What the hell?” She asks even more confused. “Why the hell did you scare me like that? If you wanted to see me you could’ve just asked!” She angrily asks Ed. Ed shrugs again cheekily at her not saying anything. He looks at Harry. “Fuck you Ed. Find your own way home.” H replies walking out. Taylor looks at Ed confused and sits down. “Explain now.”

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The Ghost of Nygma's Past
  • Kristen: [Appears in mirror]
  • Ed: [Gasps]
  • Kristen: Hello Ed
  • Ed: Kristen?! No. You cant be here! your dead
  • Kristen: Yes thanks to you! You choked me remember?
  • Ed: Sorry
  • Kristen: Its okay
  • Ed: But seriously what are you doing here? Am I hallucinating?
  • Kristen: NO I AM A GHOST!
  • Ed: [Gasps]
  • Kristen: ....Kidding... I am probably just you hallucination
  • Ed: Oh
  • Kristen: Ed, what are you doing with Isabella?
  • Ed: She's my girlfriend?
  • Kristen: I KNOW THAT
  • Ed: Right sorry
  • Kristen: I mean what are you doing dating a woman like her? what about her do you love and adore?
  • Ed: Well...She's funny
  • Kristen: Ed
  • Ed: Shes pretty
  • Kristen: Ed?
  • Ed: She loves Riddles like me
  • Kristen: ED!
  • Kristen: That is not a reason to date her...You should never date anyone who looks like me..I mean... Look what happened to me HAHAHAHA
  • Ed: .....
  • Kristen: Listen Ed... Is there not anything about this woman that strikes you as odd?
  • Ed: ?????
  • Kristen: I mean yes you are odd, you are very very odd.. But isnt there something about her that makes her more odd?
  • Ed: how so?
  • Kristen: Well she looks like me, except my hair is better, she claims to love Riddles-
  • Ed: Riddles are not bad Kristen!
  • Kristen: Yes Ed...Yes they are. And she shows up right when Oswald is about to-
  • Ed: About to what?
  • Kristen: Nothing *Whispers to herself* [I need to stop talking to Oswald's hallucination of his mother.] Look Ed... All I am saying is be careful. Make sure you dont get too carried away. Make sure that bitch doesnt kill your bf
  • Ed: What?
  • Kristen: *Starts fading* Goodbye Ed!!!