look shes even wearing festive socks


- First Christmas one shot of the week! - MASTERLIST -

Michael - Ashton - Luke 

A loud squeal and jump on my bed woke me up, immediately I opened my eyes in a fright and saw my room mate with wide eyes full of excitement as she wore her Christmas onesie, one that matched mine exactly. “Wake up wake up!” She continued to jump on my bed next to me, pounding my side until I moved and sat up.

Groaning I move my hair out of my face and just stare at her blankly, “It is 7 in the morning Al,” I point to my window where it is still pitch black outside and back to her. “can’t you let me rest?” Slowly I began to pull my duvet back over myself only to have it quickly ripped off, exposing my onesie in all its glory.

“Nope.” She smiled in response, this one was like a child full of excitement to see what Santa had left, hard to believe she is 20 years old. “Cause its Christmas!” Jumping off of my bed she ran out of the room whilst I sat trying to gather my thoughts and still in disbelief how someone has so much energy at such an hour.

Eventually I got up, well was forced up by Ali a lot sooner than I had hoped. Just as I went to grab the cup of tea she had made she grabbed my hand and ushered us towards the front door. “Wait wait wait.” I stopped in my tracks pulling her arm back and ensuring that I didn’t spill my scolding hot tea over myself. Looking at me with innocence written in her eyes I raise an eyebrow to her, “Why are we going outside, dressed like this.” Motioning to our outfits she shrugs her shoulders continuing without a second thought.

“We’re going to Ashtons’ for Christmas morning, you know, we talked about this last night.” Ali stated as she opened the front door followed by me slipping in front of her and quickly shutting it.

Rubbing my eyes I try and comprehend what is going on in her mind, “You mean you told me when I was half drunk after having Christmas drinking games with you at 11pm?” Smiling brightly she just nods and nudges me out of the way and opens the door. As I lean against the door frame she grabs my arm until I’m just over the barrier between our beloved flat and the ugly hallway.

Ashton is our neighbour who happens to be Ali’s boyfriend, it was great- for her. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good guy, he keeps her happy but it doesn’t mean there are faults; by faults I mean his room mate Calum. Me and Calum just never seemed to click, we often had odd run ins when getting the lift down to the ground floor or when Ali and Ash would have make out sessions on his couch so he’d ask to sit in our flat for all of an hour listening to his own music yet we never really talk.

Now to make matters worse I have to go and spend Christmas morning with them in a bright red onesie covered in Christmas decorations that smells like red wine- I blame Ali. Plus having incredibly bad bed hair after a surprise attack from the adult child and to top it all off, I have morning breath. All being things I never share with anyone, let alone my best friends boyfriend and his estranged room mate.

Ali knocked on the door and held her excitement as she bobbed up and down whilst I stood behind her holding back the urge to loudly yawn. Taking a sip of my tea I was interrupted when a loud shout caused me to spit it back into the mug, “Merry Christmas!” Ashton yelled enthusiastically whilst I violently coughed after my tea going down the wrong pipe and the other half being back in my mug.

Sighing at the poor mug of wasted tea all goes silent as I straighten myself up and see all eyes are on me, even Calum peeping behind Ashton. Luckily for me Ashton is in ‘pajamas’ that consist of joggers and a hoodie that Ali got him for his birthday last year and I could hear the Christmas music echoing through their flat. He messed with the already out of shape gold curls on his head and brightly smiled at Ali, taking her hands and kissing her cheek.

“Merry Christmas Ali.” All of a sudden it was weird seeing the two of them so shy, he held her hands and swung them from side to side slowly before glancing up just above their doorway. “Mistletoe.” He spoke under his breath to her which received a giggle in response.

All I saw was her arms go up around his neck and his around her waist, she stood on her tip toes in those dirty fluffy socks she insisted on wearing as they were ‘festive’ even though they were just green, but you can’t dampen her spirit. The girl sure does love Christmas, and since we both couldn’t make it home then might as well make the best of the situation.

Pulling away from each other they headed on through leaving me to walk in and Calum quietly stood there waiting for me. He too looked as disheveled as I felt and before I could speak up Ali interrupted, “Go on then!” She yelled to us with pure excitement whilst Ashton held her close in a hug, glancing down to her with such admiration. That look, so simple but so meaningful, that was what I wanted.

Calum looked behind him as well then back at me with a perplexed look on his face, Ashton merely laughed before piping up. “Come on, it’s Christmas.” Raising an eyebrow to the both of them they merely groaned before pointing to the mistletoe above the two of us causing my eyes to widen.

Exchanging a worried glance with Calum who then looked up his head starting shaking frantically. “No, no no no no.” I told them and Calum agreed whilst Ali and Ashton just blankly looked at us.

“If you don’t you won’t get presents.” Ashton looked to Calum who then lowered his head in disappointment.

“Or mulled wine.” Ali raised an eyebrow to me and mentally I kicked myself for finishing it off last night.

Turning back to face Calum I muttered under my breath “Just a kiss, only one I mean, it’s Christmas.” Hoping to convince myself as I silently apologised to him. Standing on my tip toes and leaning in his arms held my waist to support me and I found my arms around the back of his neck. “I’m sorry for my morning breath.” I muttering into his lips just before I kissed him and felt him smile into it.

It was, unexpected to say the least. Pulling away I could feel a pink hue cross my cheeks and the butterflies would need shooting in my stomach if they didn’t soon stop fluttering so much. Avoiding eye contact I walked past him and headed into the living room only to be greeted by more festivities than Santa’s grotto itself.

Letting out a soft laugh Ali and Ashton snuggled down together by the tree whilst I took the single sofa and wrapped myself up. Calum walked on in and smiled my way resulting in an immediate blush to form and suddenly I couldn’t look him in the eyes. “I’ll be a minute.” I vaguely heard Ali say as I completely zoned out, then I felt someone grip my wrist and I was dragged out into the hallway by Ali who stood with a confused expression on her face and hands on her hips looking far from intimidating in a onesie.

“What?” Bluntly I asked and then avoided eye contact, opting to focus on those dirty socks instead of her eyes, fearing judgement.

“Oh my god.” She spoke up and then I lifted my head, her much agape and eyes wide I let out a small groan. “You like him don’t you?” Lifting her hand she gripped my arm and the level of excitement shot off of a radar.

Scoffing I shook my head and crossed my arms, “Yeah right.” Joking about I tried to use my defense mechanism but slowly failed, the filter I kept up faded as I lowered my head and hugged Ali tightly. “Why did this have to happen?” Moaning she rubbed my back and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Mistletoe for you gal,” Softly chuckling she held me at arms length, whilst I pouted. “does wonders for love birds.”

Castle Ficlet: From the Corner Store 1/1

I actually started this about 6 months ago, then time got away from me and I never finished it. So I decided to fix it up and tweak it for CastleThemeDay last week, but I wasn’t able to get it done in time. I think it works perfectly to finish it today, though.

Based on the prompt:  i got up at 2 am to get some snacks at the convenience store down the street and opened my door to find you trying to sleep on the floor of the hallway because your roommate has his fiancée over so i guess i’ll lend you my couch for the night AU - from @castlefanficprompts​.

From the Corner Store

A Caskett AU

After almost a week of near-solitude, his days and his nights were all messed up.

He had a schedule, of course, but Alexis was with his mother for an extended Gram-granddaughter Christmas shopping trip (how a six year old could possibly stand shopping every day for a week, he had no idea), and her absence combined with their empty apartment made it difficult for him to stick to it. He did his best to be productive during daylight hours, but more often than not, he spent the days he wasn’t on shift at the diner playing on his Sega and brainstorming new and unusual foods to make to gross Alexis out when she got home.

Of course, even on the nights he wasn’t working, he didn’t start writing until almost ten. Once he got into the zone, the sprints he set out for himself turned into marathons, and all concept of time was lost. He wouldn’t look up from his work until his eyes burned with fatigue, and he would close the laptop and stumble into bed with enough time to sleep before he had to serve people food.

He felt like he’d been better so far today. He hadn’t slept until noon after pulling the late shift, hadn’t bummed around in his underwear for nearly as long, either, and it wasn’t fatigue that pulled his eyes away from the screen at 2am, it was the screaming in his stomach.

He’d eaten dinner before going to buy the rest of his daughter’s Christmas presents, but that hadn’t been enough apparently, because his body was craving a snack.

Too bad he was fresh out of those. Alexis had banned him from eating her cookie creations, so he’d made a point to eat everything else. He’d eaten all the popcorn, all the leftover chocolate from Alexis’s class party, even the candy canes he’d snagged from the bowl by the cash register at work had been obliterated by his sweet tooth. He was snackless.

Then again, the convenience store down the block was open twenty-four hours. He typically avoided it after about 1am, because he lived in a city and he knew how to be careful, but he could make an exception tonight.

Tonight he was starving and they had pizza rolls. The decision was made.

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