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not a happy vax’ilmore mix. because life is cruel, and love is hard, and you can’t always get what you want. sometimes, your fairytale romance doesn’t get to have a happy ending - it just hurts.


i. falling - florence + the machine // ii. real - years & years // iii. honey whiskey - nothing but thieves // iv. lost boy - troye sivan // v. halcyon - ellie goulding // vi. love love love - of monsters and men // vii. idfc (acoustic) - blackbear // viii. circles - eden // ix. flaws - bastille // x. don’t blame yourself - andrew belle // xi. tompkin’s square park - mumford and sons


“On a night like this, a man might believe anything’s possible.”

Ok, but do you know what’d save the FO4 story from a forced heterosexual relationship, a possibly unwanted child in your characters life, and that whole “I’m just taking over a preexisting character, up until now I’ve not been in control of my characters story” feeling?

You are Nate and Nora’s neighbor, also chosen to go into 111, a childhood friend of one of them, and Shaun’s godparent. (This doesn’t even have to enforce a religious aspect on your character, only on Nate and Nora and it’s not their story anymore)

You start off at home, alone, with no weird gendered career backstory items in sight. You talk to the Vault Guy. Then you head over to your BFF’s house for dinner, so we learn about them and why you should care. You get to meet Codsworth who clearly considers you one of the family (now you two have a decent dynamic - both “family members” who aren’t really family members). Your bff gives you a present (it’s a Holotape for you to cry about later when you get unfrozen, with them thanking you for being such a great friend and godparent) when the broadcast goes out on TV.

Nate and Nora die in the Vault (either due to Kellogg or the Cryopod malfunction that kills everyone else), or maybe one of them (whoever wasn’t your childhood bff) doesn’t make it to the Vault in time. You get to see Kellog because ALL the cryopods have to de-freeze when they open up the one to get Shaun out of. Add a bit of story wrangling as to why your pod didn’t fail, maybe it was the last one to cut life support as the generators die and the pods are set to open automatically after 200 years. 

So you are now on a quest to save your godson, who you are now official guardian of.  

THERE. No more pre-established character mess you have to retcon with headcanons. Very little change in the main story arc. Add as much or as little “Family doesn’t always have to mean related by blood” mush as you wish. 

*Endgame spoilers under the cut*

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anonymous asked:

I just finished watching Wreckers and have some questions about it. I kinda liked the film, the performance of the 3 actors was amazing. But I don't really understand the ending. The audio of the movie was so low and sometimes the scenes were so dark. So, why couldn't David and Dawn have a child? Did David do something bad to Nick when they're young? Where did Nick go at the end? Could you explain the film a bit? I really love your blog. Thanks!

hey :-) and thank you so very very much. really. 

well, first of all, i love wreckers with a heat of a thousand suns. i think it’s a psychological masterpiece and there’s a reason rotten tomatoes has given it 91% (x). 

first of all so you don’t have to listen to me go on and on; your questions.

1. i think dictynna hood made the film murky, and dark. so that we were supposed to be as in the dark as dawn was. at least we were encouraged to piece it together they way she does; with glimpses and suggestions, and half-caught moments of dialogue. and behaviours that seem desperate and yet also obsfucatory. as if they’re hiding something. i love how we’re never spoon-fed anything in this piece. (oops sorry going on again). 

2. david has a low sperm count; but why he doesn’t tell dawn is actually (to me) unclear. maybe it’s because he’s trying so hard to be something he thinks she wants “you’ve changed, you have, you’ve gone all posh” nick notices… and deep down david is as insecure and as damaged as nick is. those half-smiles and awkward attempts at fraternal intimacy are done SO brilliantly by benedict. 

3. they were both horribly abused as kids “thwack thwack” the retired teachers says in a disturbingly robotic way. i think in that farmhouse some horrors happened; and violence begets violence. david makes nick sleepwalk into the pond. nick pushes his mum down the stairs. which leads me to your last question. this is not a rustic idyll; this is a picturesque town behind the curtains lies countless stories of abuse and dysfunction (as nick tells dawn as they walk through the town). 

4. i think - and i am not the only one :-( - that david kills nick. they’re both so damaged from horrific abuse and they carry it differently. nick constantly flees into the army and then ends up with PTSD. whilst david (to me) is a volcano of psychoses waiting to blow. he’s tried to cover it up in so many different ways but it’s always just below the surface. and in the end, i think it’s edited so that you think - like dawn - that david has done something terrible.

i also have an equally bleak view of the future; david’s violence is never resolved. neither is nick’s disappearance. and i cannot see david happily being cuckolded indefinitely. and without some sort of emotional fracture…

depressing? yes. sophisticated? totally. watching this film reminds me of that moment in ferris bueller’s day off where they’re all staring at george seurat’s pointilliste painting (Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte) and cameron just stares at each point until the painting dissolves into uncertainty. wanky sorry, but to me wreckers is like a pointilliste film. it’s kinda indefinite. 

oh i did go on and one. long answer but - hey - it’s what i do. 


Another Brief Summary of the Fallout 4 Companions

Cait: “i punched my way into this mess, i’ll punch my way out”
Codsworth: the only reason you’re naming your character Erectus Maximus
Curie: the most lovable incarnation of the “robot gets a conventionally attractive body to feel more human” cliche ever
Danse: are we human or are we having an existential crisis
Deacon: Special Ability – Blinded By The Nips: once a day, this character completely forgets their clothes and stuns all nearby npcs
Hancock: *fatally stabs a man* of the people for the people amirite
MacCready: hasn’t showered in seven years. he’s only tall because he’s standing on five inches of pure dirt
Nick Valentine: *raises glass* “here’s looking for Shaun, kid”
Piper: Blue-skidoo, we can too!
Preston Garvey: hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I’m the last minuteman, be the general maybe?
Strong: “that’s my secret. i’m always looking for the milk of human kindness.”
X6-88: Basically Hal 9000, now with a sprinkling of extra personality and 50% more murderous intentions
BONUS! Dogmeat: has found something and refuses to lead you to it because you left him at the red rocket so you could take nick with you. how could you. he’s sad just look at his face