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Both @starrypawz and @gerdavonrinnlingen requested the prompt, “realize - when one character realizes they love another”. So I am answering you both in one post!

In a different prompt response, I described when Quinn realized he was in love with Mara. It was just before the hearing convened regarding his execution of Moff Broysc, and you can read it here. Mara only took a smidgen longer to realize.

“Malavai?” Mara called as she closed the front door behind her.

“Yes?” He leaned through the doorway leading into the kitchen. “Did Jaesa’s training go well?”

Mara nodded, already removing her utility belt. The pine forests surrounding her estate were ideal for Sith training of various flavots - she herself had received no small amount of training here from her mother and aunts - and she and Jaesa had been making the most of the opportunity.

“She is progressing nicely. In a few months’ time I may have finally broken her of the habit of apologizing every time she hits me.” She laughed ruefully. “Still, she’s sparring with me without flinching, so that’s progress. I’m going to take a shower.”

Half an hour later she returned to the kitchen, drawn in by the smell of spices. She paused in the doorway to observe the tableau in front of her. Malavai was wearing a soft grey sweater and casual trousers, the sleeves of the sweater pushed up to keep them out of the way. A small dish of flimsy-thin slices of meat sat on the counter next to him - he must have ventured out to the local market, or asked someone to go for him - and he was stirring something in a pot while reading a screen in front of him.

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My favourite thing when writing papers is including character quotes I love to prove my point(s) when I run out of my own reasons. In this episode of “Ria writes papers last minute” I quoted Tyrion Lannister to emphasise the importance of self-reflection, knowing that the professor will love that and will look over the fact that I dont have a fucking clue about anything.

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