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more post-wasteland oc stuff:

Dennis, Art, and Sav are legally married
there’s a lot of legal fuckery involved in that and US wasteland law is generally fucky anyways. technically murder is legal in the wasteland
but thy’re married. the 3 of them. to each other

and that’s just dealt with in a casual way in Canada bc honestly, everybody is fucking tired. the whole country is. if 3 guys say they’re married and show legal us documentation then they’re married, its not worth protesting. 
well thats how it is from a legal standpoint. from a society standpoint they do get a lot of shit

but they’re really only friendly with people who are chill w/ them being gay and poly and the only problem that they ever really have with their social groups is being asked “what was the wedding like?” because none of them have a good answer

the closest thing to a wedding they’ve ever had was sitting in some fucked up building in Utah figuring out what they’re gonna do to make sure that Dennis gets out of the wasteland alive and Dennis wasnt even conscious for that
he didn’t get a say in being married to them it just happened and he woke up to it
Art and Sav decided that they should be married bc they didn’t want to be separated once they left the wasteland and it seemed like the easiest way to get that across without flat out saying it
Dennis didnt mind, but they never had a wedding

the question from people that know all 3 of them is usually “how did you work that out?” bc Dennis is Jewish, Sav’s Cree, and Art just Has Some Ideas 
even attempting to think about what a wedding would look like hurts all of their brains 

Dennis is the only one that’s really bothered by the fact that there was no wedding but they’ve all talked about it and it’s understood that its probably not going to ever happen bc life is stressful enough and they dont need the added pressure 

the littlest pet shop aesthetic:

  • watching customization videos on youtube, then ruining your lps in the process of trying to do your own
  • lps: popular
  • csi: lps
  • lpslover’s oregon vlogs
  • collecting as much little furniture as possible
  • that feeling when your main lps is lost
  • accidentally ruining the textured ones
  • ruining them in general
  • when your SUPER little instead of taking normal bath toys you play with littlest pet shops while bathing
  • sophiegtv
  • saturdays with jack being the best part of the weekend
  • finally finding that one lps

Drowning Quietly, page 1 of 21!

More to come later! I’ve never made a comic before, so a lot of this will be me noodling around in my sketchbook while I figure stuff out. :) I also don’t have access to a scanner at the moment, so we’re making do with natural lighting and my phone camera (hence, the wonky angle XD). It kind of ruins the shadows/depth, but whatevs.