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Not A Date (5/?)

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an infamous player with a well-known reputation. Can he woo the wary girl who had her heartbroken too many times? Or will she woo him so he changes his ways?

Warnings: Swearing, College AU

Words: 1.4k

A/N: This is part five to my College AU! I’m assuming it’s gonna be within 4 to 5 more parts! Hope you guys enjoy. Also, my requests are still open! You can send requests/tag requests/ feedback here.


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Summary: A fluffy one shot with you and your good friend Ben Solo, who never ceases to make you feel warm. 

The cold had come suddenly, the temperature dropping seemingly overnight. After a few uncharacteristically warm weeks in October, this shift left little room to adjust. One day you’d be uncomfortably warm, the next it’d be gone. This was New England weather, erratic and extreme, and it left feeling as if you could never get warm again. You tried drinking hot tea, which only brought a short lasted heat. This made mornings more difficult, you had even less desire to leave the confines of your cozy sheets.

You missed Ben, a close friend of yours who was a human furnace. Ben was a very touchy kind of guy, and even if you had spoken about keeping your friendship (because you didn’t think Ben would want to be with you anyways, you weren’t his type) you missed his annoying acts of affection. Ben was busy off helping his mother with her campaign for senator, you were glad that he was finally taking some time to repair their damaged relationship, but it meant that he couldn’t be in contact with you very often, and it bothered you more than you liked to admit.

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some wynonna earp hogwarts au hc’s

because @clarkesquad and her anons got me thinking about it and then carly and cez and c and maria and i talked and now i’ve sold my entire sold for this au so!! here we go

  • gryffindor earps, hufflepuff haught, ravenclaw dolls, slytherin doc
  • champ is a muggle and whenever unexplainable things happen around the earps or the couple of other wizarding families in the town, they give champ some bullshit explanation that makes absolutely no sense. champ always buys it. it becomes a running joke and competition among the earps to see who can get him to buy the most outlandish story
  • nicole is a muggleborn who takes the wizarding world in stride (it perfectly explains all the strange things she’s been noticing her entire life and she’s thrilled about it)
  • waverly and nicole are in the same year, and when they enter hogwarts doc and wynonna are third years and dolls is a fourth year
  • (when dolls graduates a year earlier than doc and wynonna, they spend a lot of time alternating between complaining about how much they miss their stupid boyfriend, and subtly bragging about how their boyfriend is an auror now and super good at what he does) 
  • waverly and nicole become best friends in their fifth year (they save each other’s asses in potions more times than they can count.) nicole falls asleep on a chair in the gryffindor common room more than once during late night study sessions and waverly brings blankets down from her room to tuck over nicole, then sleeps in the common room with her (because, “wynonna, i couldn’t just leave her alone down there!”)
  • coincidentally, the triwizard tournament happens to be at hogwarts their fifth year. they go to the yule ball together “just as friends” but can’t stop staring at each other. nicole can barely speak when she first sees waverly. (“what’s wrong?” “you’re just…you look so pretty.”) they end up kissing, and waverly spends all of holiday break thinking about it
  • waverly gets there before nicole on the first day back after holidays. she’s in and out of the hufflepuff common room and dorms all day waiting for nicole to get there, and as soon as she sees she’s back waverly launches herself at her and kisses her again. (she knocks nicole’s luggage out of her hands because she didn’t even give her a chance to put it down.) after nicole has waverly confirm that yes, she’s sure she wants to do this, nicole pulls waverly onto the bed by her tie to keep kissing her and waverly just about combusts.
  • when wynonna finds out about wayhaught the first thing she says is that the charms on the gryffindor dorms really do work in waverly’s favor

Merlin and Arthur go outdoor skating, and Merls discovers that the Great Arthur Pendragon can’t skate for his life. He watches as Arthur falls quite ungracefully on his butt, and laughs for a long time before taking pity and teaching him how to skate. :’)))

I guess the snowman ships them pretty hard. It looks pretty glad that they’re finally holding hands hahaha. I hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays!!!

This is on sale as a print, yay!

Author’s Note: this got way longer than it was supposed to be and is hardly a blurb but oh well. 

Michael didn’t mind being a single parent most days because his little girl was his absolute world, but he had to admit it was hard sometimes especially around the holidays. His princess deserved the world but Michael had only just started getting paid for his tattoos at the tattoo shop, having recently finished his apprenticeship under Calum. Leaving Michael with very limit funds to spend on his little girl this Christmas.

“Hey Princess come here for a second,” he said, calling his little girl away from his favorite doll and towards the couch. “So Christmas is coming up.”

“I know daddy! The tv keeps playing that Santa Claus movie, you know the one where he falls off the roof,” she rambled.

“Oh yeah? That’s one of my favorites,” he smiled. “Speaking of Santa, he has a lot of kids to bring presents too so he only brings them a few things each. Have you though about what you’re going to ask Santa for in your letter this year?”

“I just want a Barbie doll house this year with the pretty fairy Barbie that’s in that one movie we watch all the time!”

“Well then, let’s write him a letter! Go get your crayons and I’ll get the paper and meet me in the kitchen, okay?”

“Okay!” she shouted, taking off in the direction of her room.

Michael helped her write her letter that night, promising that he’d take it to the post office first thing the next morning after she got dropped off at school. Except, Michael didn’t really take it to the post office, instead he tucked the letter into his pocket and headed off towards the nearest Toys R Us to buy his little girl her Christmas presents. Only, Michael hadn’t realized how expensive those Barbie houses were and even though he had been saving up for gifts, there was just no way he could afford getting her the house and the fairy doll and still affording to feed them for the next two weeks. So Michael had to make a decision, deciding that the doll house was more important than the fairy before heading to the registers to check out.

“Awe man I remember when I had one of these,” you chuckled, scanning the large item. “Some little girl is going to be super excited this Christmas.”

“I hope so, it’s for my little girl,” Michael said, glancing at the price displayed on the screen.

“Is that all for you? No barbies to live in the house?” you asked.

This got Michael to stop, “doesn’t it come with a Barbie?”

“I wish, but unfortunately Barbie’s dream house only comes with a few accessories no dolls.”


“Did you want to go back and look for a Barbie? I can hold the item here for you,” you smiled.

“Oh uh I really can’t afford anything else,” he coughed, uncomfortable with the fact that he was probably getting judged by the cute cashier. Why couldn’t he have just got a real job like every other single dad? At least then he could afford to get his princess everything she wanted.

“Oh,” you mumbled, realizing the mistake you had just made. Maybe it was the sad expression on the boy’s face or the fact that the sunlight was hitting his green eyes just right that they shined brighter than even the brightest of star you weren’t sure, all you knew was that you were following the tall red haired boy back to the Barbie aisle with the promise of using your employee discount — and maybe a little bit of your paycheck — to pay for a few Barbies for his little girl.

“You really don’t have to do this,” Michael said, as he watched you type in your employee number before shelling out $40 of your own to pay for the three dolls he had found.

“Don’t worry about it I’m sure you’re daughter will enjoy these Barbies way more than my mom will enjoy another holiday scented candle,” you shrugged, before wishing him a Merry Christmas and watching him walk out of the store with a Barbie house and three Barbie dolls.

You figured that would be the last time you’d ever see the red haired boy but thankfully you were wrong. It was during your shift a few weeks after Christmas did you catch sight of the familiar boy, only this time he was carrying a mini girl version of himself into the store. You watched as he set the little girl down, taking her hand as she dragged him back towards the Barbie aisle. It was ten minutes later when the pair appeared at your register a few Barbie clothes on the conveyer belt along with a pink Barbie candle.

“I felt bad that you didn’t get your mom something for Christmas so hopefully she enjoys this weird candle,” Michael said, his cheeks turning red.

“Daddy, your face matches your hair,” his daughter squealed from her new spot in the cart. “I think my daddy likes you. You even look like the pretty Barbie Santa brought me!”

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