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I Know

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel X Reader 

Fluff, angst 

Word count: 3094

• you’re besties with Woojin and Jihoon ( you’re their noona ) 

• Daniel gets jealous 

ahhhh the Daniel stans have spoken. excited to work on this one after Daniel being the side for like two scenarios it’s quite funny 😂 Love all of my boys omggg. Thanks for requesting this anon :)) PS: it suddenly got rlly fluffy idk what happened sorry !!

- Admin L


Woojin was the first person to crush you in one of his tender ‘woojin, i think you’re suffocating me’ hugs. Jihoon joined the hug, nearly squealing. 

“Y/N noona! We haven’t seen you in so long! Did you miss us?” Woojin asked, pouting when you only laughed at him. You rolled your luggage behind you, turning down Jihoon’s offer to help but he ended up carrying it to the car anyways. 

“How have you guys been?” You had missed out on a lot of your friend’s lives as you were has traveled home to visit your family during the term break. 

“Oh! Daniel hyung has been missing you like crazy! He can’t shut up about you,” your dongsaeng teased, causing your face to tinge pink. He leaned over and pinched your cheek. 

“Sungwoon hyung! Don’t lock the car door on us!” Woojin yelled, causing his hyung to jump in shock. Disappointment surged through you that your boyfriend hadn’t come to receive you but you knew exactly how busy he was. He had been anticipating your return for the longest time but there was a complication with one of his tracks and he was needed back in the studio to rerecord it, thus, he had to wait a bit longer to see you again. You hoped to at least see him once before the sun set today. 

“Hello Y/N! How was your trip?” Sungwoon greeted, smiling warmly as you were also his good friend. 

“Hi oppa, and it was good break. I missed you guys though,” you replied.

“Pfft, you only miss Daniel hyung,” Jihoon insisted. “Ahh, what should I do! Y/N noona doesn’t like me anymore!” You attempted to reach over and wrap your arms around your playful younger brother as Sungwoon started driving. 

“Ugh, don’t even ask me why I’m still friends with you Jihoon. I can never forget about my indirect hyungs and dongsaengs, especially you and Woojin! You guys are so special to me.“ 

"Yah! What am I to you then? I woke up early to drive with these two jokes all the way to the airport for you,” Sungwoon scoffed, shaking his head but a smile was prominent on his pretty features. You giggled, glad to be surrounded by your friends and their banter, it brightened your mood and lifted the spirit. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy unlike in college. Sighing, you realised you only had about two weeks to spend finishing up your assignments, studying and hanging out with your friends. 

Woojin noticed the sudden shift in your mood, he gazed worriedly at you and patted your shoulder affectionately. “What’s the matter noona?" 

"Nothing, just realised how little time I have left with you guys,” you said, grateful for his observation skills. “I’m okay. Just really tired.”

“Sleep, Y/N. It’s a very long journey to your dormitory,” Sungwoon said. You nodded, resting your head on Jihoon’s shoulder and shutting your eyes.


“Baby, wake up. Y/N, it’s me.” A soft, caring voice lured you out of your slumber.

Still blur and teary-eyed, you slowly sat up and came to your senses, rubbing your eyes. You opened them, only to see your boyfriend’s handsome face staring back at you. 


You nearly shrieked with joy, throwing your arms around his wide shoulders and pulling him close to you. Daniel let out a surprised laugh at your eagerness but held onto you tightly too. He seemed reluctant to pull away and assisted you out of the car. 

The two of you bid the three other boys goodbye as they headed back to the Wanna One house while Daniel helped you to settle back into your dormitory. You knew your roommates were still out on vacation so it wouldn’t matter. 

You nearly fell asleep again in Daniel’s arms. “Is my baby girl tired? Aww….when you’re in your room you can nap while I unpack your things, okay?” he said, eyes twinkling at your cuteness. 

You flopped onto your bed and curled up in a ball. It took you some time to fall back to sleep, so you watched Daniel hurry about your room, neatening and packing your belongings. God bless. “Daniel, come and cuddle with me,” you called out, reaching out to him. “I can’t sleep." 

Daniel smiled, happily obliging. "Do you want to go out tomorrow?" 

"I don’t know…you’re still busy in the studio right?" 

Your boyfriend nodded sadly. "Unfortunately, yes. The rest of the boys are quite free though, you can ask them to take you out. I may be able to meet you for dinner though. For now, you should rest. Goodnight, Y/N." 

So, with Daniel humming sweet melodies and tracing circles on your back, you had no problems going back to dreamland. 


"Wah! Woojin and noona look so much like a couple!” Jihoon yelled, clicking away on his camera. 

“What?” Woojin was quick to reply, “Me and noona? No way. Ugh. Daniel can keep her !" 

Your jaw dropped and you gasped in mock offence, slapping the younger boy’s shoulder playfully. He beamed at you, showcasing his adorable snaggletooth.

Daniel had told Woojin, Jihoon, Seongwoo and Jaewhan to look after you while he and the rest of the group was busy with something. You were upset he was still occupied with work but promised to come home safe and sound to him. Woojin and Jihoon was ecstatic when they found out they would be going out with you and by their idea of going out, they meant driving to the beach in the middle of summer transition. You were hesitant but they convinced you that’d it be fun. 

"We’ll go to the carnival and eat seafood for lunch? Okay? I promise!” Jihoon swore. 

Seongwoo fell asleep on the drive there but was energised and ready to take on some rides at the fair which was pretty crowded considering it was still holiday time. He looked at Jaewhan and back at the rides. 

“Yes, hyung?" 


He wasn’t sure if he was ready for more of the vocalist’s strange psychotic laughter. He stepped back to admire you and Woojin’s banter as the two of you posed for ‘couple’ photos, it was amusing. 

"Come on! I want to go to the haunted house!” Jaewhan insisted, skipping excitedly in that direction. 

Seongwoo wanted to punch him in his perfect face. Did he really think he could take it? 

“Y/N, I will protect you!” Woojin said bravely. 

“Let’s go!” “Don’t forget about me! I’m a black belt!” Jihoon whined, linking your other arm his.  

Seongwoo groaned, he felt Jaewhan wrap his arms around him even as they lined up to get inside. 


“That was…amazing!” You declared as you ventured out of the haunted house. Jaewhan was the first to get scared by a ghost, he yelled (psychoticlaughter) and clung onto Seongwoo tightly. 

“I really, genuinely, wholly hope I never have to do that again,” Seongwoo muttered, 'that’ was not walking through the haunted house but 'that’ was being forced to hug a screaming Jaewhan. Jihoon and Woojin did freak out quite a bit as they adventured through but emerged unscathed emotionally and physically.

“I think I want to work as a scarer,” Jaewhan announced, seemingly positive about his newly chosen career path. 

The others blinked at him. You had to restrain Seongwoo from punching his friend. 


You were finishing off the ice cream that Jihoon had bought for you just as the car pulled up outside the Wanna One house. 

The ice cream was just for you. 

Not for the entire group. 

It made you feel bad so you attempted to share some with each boy but Jihoon had complained, “Y/N! Don’t waste my love for you on them.” and sulked. 

You were amazed by how clean and tidy the house was, it was also very prettily decorated. 


You spun round at the sound of Daniel calling your name. He hugged you then placed a tender kiss to on your lips. "Ooh, nice ice cream. You pick good flavours." 

"Oh! Jihoon bought this cone for me. You have to ask him what it is, it’s very good!” At your statement, you swore that Daniel’s jaw clenched and his smile faded sightly, he looked away from you to glance at someone over your shoulder. 

“Oh. That’s so nice of him, stop freeloading off others babe. What other flavours did he buy for his hyungs?" 

"Uh… he only bought one for me…” you added in a small voice, licking off the last bit. Daniel’s eyes darkened, for two complete different reasons and you weren’t sure if you wanted to find out. 

Luckily, Jisung called everyone to eat so you managed quickly escape that sticky situation.


The next few days passed by in a blur, you were happy to have your roommates back but that also served as a constant reminder that school was starting soon. You were out of contact with the boys for a bit as you caught up on school work but Woojin and Jihoon were the first to text you to ask you out for coffee. They said Daniel had recommended it and it would be nice if you could try it with them. You asked about your boyfriend and the rest of your friends, they replied by saying that all was well, they were busy but happy and well rested. 

I’ll buy them dinner tonight, they’re working so hard and they’re such good friends of mine, you thought. 

“Y/N unnie, where are you going?” one of of your younger roommates asked.

“Ahh, I’m going to see some friends of mine.” You didn’t dwell on the details. 

“Is it your idol friends?" 

You pursed your lips and glared at her. 

"Ahh, unnie likes her idol friends more than us now,” your other flat mate added in a joking manner. 

“Introduce me to them! I need a boyfriend!" 

They let you go eventually and you rolled your eyes. 

Actually, my dongsaengs would be a nice fit for Jihoon and Woojin. How sweet, I should ask them. 

You broke the question as the three of you sipped on various coffees. Jihoon said he didn’t mind, making a new friend was good anyways. Woojin was a bit more hesitant and shy, his awkwardness was definitely more prominent. "I-I-I-I mean…I g-guess? Management doesn’t really bother us with it now. For now…uh…uh…maybe. It’s good to make new friends right?" 

You laughed and reached over to squish his adorable, reddening cheeks. Woojin covered his face with his hands in embarrassment. 

None of you noticed pictures being taken and uploaded on fancafes.


Daniel was pissed to say the least when he saw the photos of you and his dongsaengs out at a cafe, especially the one with you being all sweet and tender to Woojin. He did clear the air of confusion by mentioning that 'Y/N is they’re good friend and like a big sister to them. Don’t be mean to her or to Woojin and Jihoon.' 

Why wouldn’t you tell him you were free? Did you not want to see him? Why would she go out with them and not me? He wondered. 

He decided to text you. 

6.15 pm

Daniel: hi babe, had to clear some confusion abt pics of u and the boys? where are you? Let’s go get dinner tgt. 😊 

6.19 pm 

Y/N: so sorry abt those!! And yes, I’m treating all of you to dinner today, pizza is on its way. I’m otw back to the house with Woojin and Jihoon. 

6.25 pm 

Daniel: ahh, you’re the sweetest. Thank you so much jagi! You know I love you 😍 


Y/N: I love you too. Enjoy the pizza first if it has arrived already :) 

"Daniel hyung! Y/N noona sent us pizza? Is it?” Guanlin yelled. Daniel shouted his response and there were cheers from the boys. He couldn’t bring himself to be happy, as much as he knew you wouldn’t do anything with his dongsaengs, he wasn’t sure why you wouldn’t want to hang out with him. It was very strange you were growing so close to those two. 

Whatever. Just go downstairs and eat. 


“Yay! Thank you Y/N!” Daehwi exclaimed, rushing over to hug you the second you were through the front door. 

“Yah! Manners, Daehwi!” Minhyun called out. 

You dismissed the lack of formalities and hugged Daehwi anyways. It brought a smile to your face to see how happy your friends were, beaming, skin glowing and stuffing their faces with pizza. You sat down beside Daniel and grinned at him. He fed you a slice of your favourite immediately, smiling cheekily. 

“Aww…” Guanlin started taking notes, he better if he wanted to ( steal ) win over Jihoon’s heart from Jinyoung. He also took pictures to upload to the official social medias. 

The night was off to a good start and you hoped it would end on a high note but Daniel could only keep his emotions bottled up for so long. 


You received an untimely call from Daniel when you and your roommates were heading out to meet Woojin and Jihoon. They were shrieking excitedly but sweating with anxiety. 

“Hello? Daniel?" 

"Hi Y/N! Are you available today? Let’s go out!” He sounded so sweet and excited you’d hate to turn him down. 

“Uh, sorry babe. I’m-I’m going out with my roommates today,” you said apologetically. Technically, it wasn’t a lie and you were leaving as soon as they had acquainted. 

“Oh, it’s okay! I’ll call you before you sleep tonight, okay? See you later babe, have fun!" 

"Bye, love you." 

I can surprise him with his favourite coffee later! I’m sure he’s at the studio. He’ll be so delighted! 

Your roommates fiddled nervously, repeatedly asking you if they looked presentable. There wasn’t much time anyways, you called a taxi and it sped off to that coffee house that Daniel loved. 


Your roommates excused themselves before they had even take one step into the cafe and dashed to the bathroom. 

What a pain. 

You went over and sat with Woojin and Jihoon who were both occupied with their phones. "Hey,” you started. 

They smiled in response, not offering any other words. It appeared that they were anxious too, Woojin was just rearranging the apps on his phone by colour. Eventually, you got them to stop and actually communicate. 

“Noona…I’m nervous,” Woojin confessed, grabbing your hands. “Are my hands cold?" 

"No! Noona,” Jihoon smacked Woojin’s hands anyway from yours and pressed one to his face. “Is my skin smooth enough? I did a face mask yesterday in preparation." 

You sighed, giggling at their cuteness, you pinched their cheeks. "Ahh, both of you are sooo handsome! I’ll be back.” You turned around and your jaw dropped.

Daniel stood in the line to order. But his face had a look that you would never forget, he was hurt, he looked so betrayed. 

Your roommates emerged, whispering and laughing but stopped when they saw the scene. Jihoon still waved to them.


Daniel didn’t utter a word, he didn’t even bother to pay for his order. He dropped his head, burning bright red and stormed out of the shop. 

You knew where he was going, and he would need time to calm down so you hurriedly paid for his drink and dashed out after him. He was long gone by the time you were on the street but you ran in the direction of the YMC branch. He would be in his workroom. 


You heard him before you even took a step into that corridor. He was crying and yelling some incoherent words to someone. 



You waited outside and ducked out of view when they came out of the room. It wasn’t clear who it was but you entered the room anyways. 


"Go away! I don’t want to see you right now!” He managed to shout despite his tears. 

“Yah, I’m not leaving until you’re okay. What did I do?” You took a seat next to him, rubbing his back soothingly. He didn’t fight you off yet didn’t seem to welcome your touch either. 

“Why would you do that? How could you betray me?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t spend much time with you." 

"Yah! I know you like either of them. Who is it? Jihoon? Or Woojin?" 

You had to bite your tongue to stop yourself from laughing. Seriously? You wouldn’t go for someone who was like your younger brother. "Daniel, I don’t want any of them. They’re my brothers, you’re my boyfriend. Don’t think like that. The three of us just click very well and they treat me like their older sister. Why would you think like that?” you questioned. 

Daniel wiped his face free of tears before continuing. “Why else would you lie to me when I called you?" 

He had a point. 

"Ahh, I did go out with my roommates. In fact, I was trying to play matchmaker for those two. Two of my roommates needed boyfriends, two of my younger brothers needed girlfriends. How could I not?” You responded. “Oppa, don’t cry anymore. I’m all yours.” You pressed a tissue gently to his delicate face. “Wow. So handsome, and all mine." 

Daniel tackled you into the warmest hug you had ever gotten. "I’m sorry Y/N, I’m sorryimsorryimsorry." 

"Hey, it’s okay. Don’t apologise, it’s just how you feel. I’m glad you let me know…even if you did dampen my shirt. Wait! I haven’t finished drying your tears.” Your hands cupped his face, wiping it clean with a fresh, soft and sweet-smelling wet tissue. “Oh my god, my boyfriend is so good-looking. God bless.”

Daniel finally cracked a smile and kissed you on the lips. “I’m sorry I was being petty and insecure,” he apologised but you clamped a hand over his mouth. “I can’t hear that! Stop apologising! Just remember that I’m your girlfriend no matter what. Now that Jihoon and Woojin are busy with their new friends, you have me all the time. All day. All night,” you affirmed. 

“In that case, let me help you play matchmaker for them. Okay?" 

"Is that all you want to do?” ( he wants to do you ) you teased. “It seems like everything revolves around the boys." 

"Yah! Okay, okay, we’ll do something you like." 

"Nah. Even if it’s the weirdest, dumbest thing. I’m happy doing it with you." 

"You know that’s one of the reasons I love you right?" 

"I know, you know.” ( team deserved better )


Today I spent 4 hours volunteering at the charity shop which was very quiet. Although I did manage to sell £20 worth of jewellery to 1 lady and got to pet/give treats to 3 dogs. I also got the news yesterday that my old flat has a new tenant so I decided to treat myself to some jumpers from New Look and booked Eurostar tickets to go see my friend in Paris in November. I also got a Himalayan salt lamp in the hopes that will help my mood and sleep. And even if it doesn’t at least it looks pretty.

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There's a beauty to being a 'gray'. I can do... this! *Snaps fingers and all the glue and errant feathers vanish* And, big guy, 'cause I know you like Christmas so much, have this! *Another snap of the fingers and coils of Christmas lights loop elegantly around Optimus' frame. They twinkle merrily, though there is no power source.*

Well, this is certainly preferable to glue and turkey feathers.

“Thank you, my friend.”

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WE ALREADY KNOW HOW THE TFA BOTS WOULD REACT TO HALLOWEEN *or most of them* HO W ABOUT SOME TFA CONS FOR A CATEGORY ASK *i don't think there is more than ten cons? like 7 cons idk this includes black arachina* Categories would dress up, would celebrate but not gonna dress up who do you think i am?, won't celebrate but as long as you aren't annoying have fun, omg no nope no stop (I have not slept yet sorry for this mess ha h a)

LOL that’s okay!! XD This made me laugh!!! Thanks for sending it, especially as a category ask because you know I LOVE category asks! This is cute and I had fun doing it. <3

Forgive me though because I’m not as good with TFA! I also got rather silly with this. 

Would Dress Up: Blitzwing, Shockwave

Of course Blitzwing is going to dress up! Random DEMANDS IT! Plus look at his face, he was pretty much born for this holiday?? Icy and Hothead aren’t as into it as Random but they can admit it’s fun and go along with dressing up. Hothead especially likes going around and scaring the other cons hehe >:D

Shockwave is the Master of Disguise and apparently this applies to Halloween costumes. So to everyone’s surprise he does get dressed up and creeps around the base in the shadows.

Would Celebrate Only: Blackarachnia, Soundwave

Blackarachnia likes the dark, scary but thrilling vibes of Halloween and plus, she doesn’t feel like as much of a freak on this night. She celebrates on her own though because the others are a bit too much for her. Plus you know, she has an attack on the Autobots to plan!

Soundwave just really, really likes all Halloween music and goes around base playing it constantly through the month of October until all the other cons are annoyed as hell. 

Won’t Celebrate:
Lugnut, Starscream, Megatron

Megatron hates the humans and their silly, pointless holidays but mostly he hates that Blitzwing keeps putting up ridiculous decorations and Starscream keeps trying to scare him to death. Give it up Starscream he’s not going to have a spark attack and die from your shenanigans. Honestly feels like he’s babysitting a bunch of Sparklings during October. Well, more so than usual.

Starscream thinks the holiday is strange (though he does find the costumes amusing) and is too focused on trying to foil Megatron to care. His annoyance with the Earth holiday shall be Megatron’s down fall and then he, Starscream, will lead the Decepticons!


NO NO NO: Megatron

Primus save him from this stupid planet.