look pretty and swagger

Got7 as their own songs: Girls, Girls, Girls

Official f***boi Got7 era debut song

  • middle school Got7
  • tbh not f***bois at all but think they are and try to be
  • really just a group of good-looking boys who are all friends with each other and low key thinks girls still have cooties
  • hang out all the time after school and play video games together
  • wear fake chains and semi-matching outfits so you know they squad
  • all the girls go after them because they’re popular, but they don’t really know how to nicely decline so they hard core reject
  • savage af
  • hang around the side of the cafeteria
  • “Hey girl! How’re you doing?” at the pretty popular girls
  • “My look, my style, my swagger” prob Jackson and Bam Bam trying to talk to girls
  • Mark martial art flips everywhere, girls are always swooning around him
  • “From birth until forever" gets kisses on the cheeks and pinches on the cheeks by elderly women who think they’re cute
  • dance crew and hip-hop after school
  • everyone teases JB until he gets a gf and breaks up with her for a bet
  • but he feels really bad and so asks for her forgiveness
  • continues saying how girls hang on to him and never let go when with his squad
  • Jinyoung (Jr. in this era) prob still savage af and flicking away all the hearts and kisses thrown at him by girls
  • Youngjae slaying the beginning chorus shows and musical, but avoids being seen there by any of Got7
  • all electric skateboard to school (hecka extra)
  • Yugyeom hair flips that curtain haircut until all the girls faint

anonymous asked:

Re: Check out my bad self. Ash, you just know that Andy is gonna be (if he isn't already) one of those dads. The ones that are dorky and embarrassing, but the dad that all your friends will have a secret crush on.

Oh, he absolutely is. It’s actually a big part of what I love about Andy – he is a complete dork, who makes the silliest jokes that make me face palm (and yet, I still laugh), and it’s sexy as hell. He’s fun and funny and kind and it certainly helps that he looks like that, and can turn on that Rick Grimes swagger pretty much anytime he wants. I agree with Danai saying he hatched from an egg. He’s precious. ☺️