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Request: Hello! Its me again…*face turns red* Can you do a bucky fic where Bucky and the reader are going on a mission with the team and the reader almost dies, and bucky really worries about her? And maybe with some smut *face extra red* Thanks!!!

Summary: You have a brush with death during a mission and a worried / angry Bucky and you have a confrontation about it in the middle of the night.

Warnings: Angst, Sad Bucky, Smut. 

A/N: I hope you liiiiiike this! 

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Little town
It’s a quiet village
Every day
Like the one before
Little town
Full of little people
Waking up to say

HELLO! Hello!
Hello! Hello! Hello!

There goes Thomas with his plate, like always
The same old poptarts made by himself
Every morning just the same
Since the morning that we came
To this poor primitive town

Good morning, Kev

Good morning, Elder Poptarts.
Have you lost something again?

Well, I believe I have
Problem is, I’ve, I can’t remember what
Oh well, I’m sure it’ll come to me

Where you off to?
To hand in this entry to Cunningham, it’s about why pouring milk first is a sin

Sound boring

Look there he goes, that boy is strange, no question
Brash and arrogant, can’t you tell?
Never part of any crowd
‘Cause his head’s up on some cloud
No denying he’s a funny boy that Kev
Hello, good day
How is your family?
Hello, good day
How is your wife?
I need six eggs
That’s too expensive!

There must be more than this primative life!

Ah, If it isn’t my only gospel in town!
So, what’s the moral for this week?

How pouring milk before cereal is bad…
Do the locals even have cereal?
Have you got any new ideas to preach?

I’m afraid not
But you may preach any of the old ones if you want to

Your religion makes our small corner of the world feel big

See ya Kev!

Look there he goes, that boy is so peculiar
I wonder if he’s feeling well
With a dreamy, far-off look
And his nose stuck in a book
What a puzzle to the rest of us is Kev

Oh, isn’t this so inspiring?
It’s my favourite part because you’ll see
Here’s when Joseph Smith starts preaching
But they won’t believe that in him 'til chapter three!

Now it’s no wonder that his name means Beauty
His looks have got no parallel
But behind that fair facade
I’m afraid he’s rather odd
Very different from the rest of us
he’s nothing like the rest of us
Yes, different from the rest of us is Kevin!

Look at him, Poptarts
My first ever love,
Price is the most beautiful boy in the village
That’s makes him the best

But he’s so conceited
And you’re so selfless and kind

Before we came to Uganda, I felt like I’ve been missing something
He’s the only boy that ever given me that sense of

Mmm je ne sais quoi?

I don’t know what that means
Right from the moment when I met him, saw her
I said he’s amazing and I fell
Here in town there’s only he
Who is so beautiful and hot
So I’m making plans to woo and marry Price

Other elders:
Look there he goes
Isn’t he dreamy?
Elder Mckinley!
Oh, he’s so cute!
Be still my heart
I’m hardly breathing
He’s such a small, pale, kind and adorable boy!

Villagers and Elders:
Hello, hey there!
Good day, bonjour!
You call this coffee, what lovely flowers
Some cheese, ten yards, one pound, excuse me I’ll get the knife

Please let me through!

Villagers and Elders:
This bread, those fish, it’s stale, they smell!
Sister’s mistaken Well, maybe so

There must be more than this primative life!

Just watch, I’m going to marry Elder Price!

Villagers and Elders:
Look there he goes the boy is strange, but special
A most peculiar Mormon boy!
It’s a pity and a sin
he doesn’t quite fit in
'Cause he really is a funny guy
A beauty but a funny guy
He really is a funny guy

The Healthy Team Initiative

You blinked, your expression mirroring that of the teams.  Expressions of disgust and skepticism mixed together, directed at Steve and Nick as they stood in front of you.  Steve’s azure eyes met yours, silently pleading with you to take his side on the matter.  But you couldn’t, not when he was teaming up with Nick to make a stronger, healthier team. 

“Y/N, please, doll, you know this’ll be good for the team.” pleaded Steve as he moved closer to you with the file.  You held your hands out to stop him and shook your head, successfully stopping his forward movement.  He turned his movements towards Natasha, who cautiously took the file from him and flipped through the first couple pages before passing it on to Bruce.  When the file was finally handed back to Steve, he glanced at the team with a hopeful expression, grinning when he saw more accepting expressions.

“Doll?” he asked, turning towards you, “what do you think?”

With a deep sigh, you nodded, silently bidding goodbye to your favorite snacks and treats.  Steve put the program into effect immediately, almost sprinting to the kitchen in excitement.  His happy chatter floated to the teams ears, as well the sound of trash bags being opened and all the snacks and goodies being thrown away.  

“This isn’t gonna end well is it?” Clint asked as Steve threw away his coffee.  His question was met with several head shakes and uneasy looks. 

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((i wanted to do a sort of a height comparison of the elders ive drawn so far.. i havent decided how i’m gonna draw the other elders so thats why they arent here))

Wrong Love My Company Pt. 2

A/N: So I had to cut this into two parts. It was going to be wayyy to long otherwise, but the good news is that you don’t have to wait for the next part ! I’ll post that in a few days, until then part 2 everybody…

Warning: Smut, kind of.

Word Count: 4032

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t3hraerae  asked:

Hello! I have an 11 year old min pin, Max, and a new kitten, Poptart. Max is normally pretty chill, except that he chases Poptart when he runs. The problem is, Poptart is a kitten and he runs a LOT! I'm not sure if Max is just trying to play or not, but it looks like it stresses Poptart, and I frequently don't catch it until they're both running. I end up yelling no at Max, and he disengages, but I feel like there's a better way to handle this and I can't see it. Any advice?

I think my best advice would be that they need to separated unless you’re physically present until your kitten is large enough to stand up to your dog. Miniature Pinchsers are a breed bred for ratting - they were originally in the terrier group until they were reclassified into the toys in the early 1900s. What you’re seeing from Max is probably a terrier’s innate drive to chase and catch small things that run away from him. Prey drive can be dangerous, because the terrier hunting sequence normally includes either a kill bite or a head shake that snaps the prey’s neck; while modern min pins are pretty far removed from their original purpose as ratters and many don’t have that full instinctive set of behaviors anymore, you don’t want to find out the hard way if Max still does the one time he manages to actually catch the kitten, y’know? Once your cat is larger and more comfortable pushing back against being chased (aka standing his ground and smacking the heck out of your dog to discourage it) it’ll be safer for them to be around each other unsupervised, but until then, don’t leave them alone with access to the same spaces. 

eavesdropping - mcpriceley

hey!! i know i haven’t done any writing on here yet (oops) but here’s a little oneshot of my current otp mcpriceley!! i’m currently doing a book of oneshots on wattpad for mcpriceley and though it’s just a draft, i figured i’d share the first one on here and maybe post the others in the future? we’ll see :00 anyways this kinda sucks but heyoooo

{prompt}: Imagine Person A of your OTP being asked if they would kiss Person B for $100.00. They respond, “I would pay $100.00 to kiss Person B.” Bonus points if Person B overhears this.
  Connor sighed. It had been a hot and grueling day, and he was just dying to get into bed and go to sleep. But just as he was about to strip down to his temple garments, the door swung open to reveal his mission companion, Elder Poptarts.

  “Hi, Elder McKinley,” he greeted with a tired wave.

  “Hello Elder Poptarts. Where were you? It’s almost past curfew, and as your district leader, I need to know,” Connor said with a nod.

  Elder Poptarts grimaced. “Yeah…about that…Elder Price needed help with something. He was trying to move some crates down to the kitchen or something, I don’t really know. Sorry for being late, but there was something I needed to ask you-”

  Connor’s heart leapt at the sound of Elder Price. To be honest, he had been having gay thoughts about him for a long while. Everything about him was appealing to Connor. His smooth tanned skin, his perfectly smooth hair, his beautiful dark brown eyes that made Connor’s stomach drop whenever he saw them looking back at him, and don’t even get him started on his incredible butt-

  “Connor!” Elder Poptarts finally shouted. Connor looked at him with wide eyes, shocked that he had gone to first name territory. Elder Poptarts sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

  “You didn’t answer my question.”

  “What question?”

  “Were you really that zoned out that you didn’t hear me?”

  Connor blinked. He had zoned out? Oh, right. Because of Elder Price. Suddenly a thought traced his mind. Did Elder Poptarts notice he zoned out at the mention of Kevin?

  His face was all the answer he needed.

  Elder Poptarts was smirking at him, now sitting on the bed across from him. Connor gulped, knowing what was to come. Before he could speak and tell his companion that, no, he was not having gay thoughts about Kevin Scott Price, Elder Poptarts spoke up.

  “What is it about him that you’re so obsessed with?”


  Elder Poptarts chuckled and shook his head. “Every time I bring up Elder Price or he walks by you or talks to you or even does as much as look at you, you look like a lovesick puppy. I mean, I’m not going to blame you for having gay thoughts, but why Elder Price? He’s probably one of the most insensitive, narcissistic, selfish jerks I’ve ever met. And don’t even try to deny how you feel. Don’t forget the time he walked by and said ‘Hey Elder McKinley!’ and you tripped and fell. You’re literally falling head over heels for him,”

  Connor was speechless. Was he that obvious? Did the other elders know? Did Kevin know?

  Little did Connor know, Kevin had just walked up to their door to deliver something to him, and was now listening to their conversation.

  Connor quickly cleared his throat. “Y-yeah, well I probably tripped on a rock or something. It was definitely not because of Elder Price. And I’ve already learned to turn it off, so any gay thoughts I’m having are completely gone. Besides, Elder Price isn’t that bad. Sure, he can be selfish, and rude, and narcissistic, but deep down I think he’s just a great guy. I’ve seen him at his best. He can be funny, smart, friendly, tolerable, sexy-”

  Connor clamped his hands over his mouth. He didn’t mean for that to slip out. He couldn’t even bear to look up at Elder Poptarts. After a few moments of dreadful and uncomfortable silence, he looked up. Elder Poptarts looked like he was trying to stifle a laugh, and Connor knew he was done for. He sighed.

  “Promise you won’t tell anyone?”

  “Promise,” Elder Poptarts said back, laughing a little. “I still think he’s a jerk though,”

  “He can be,” retorted Connor, shrugging his shoulders. “But he’s not all that bad, have you seen his butt? And his eyes? And, oh Heavenly Father, those lips-”

  “Yeah, yeah,” Elder Poptarts said with a laugh. “Would you kiss him for $100?”

  Connor was slightly taken aback by the question, but he knew that there was nothing to lose at this point.

  “I would pay $100 to kiss him.”

  Elder Poptarts burst out laughing and threw his head back, while Connor sat there, lightly chuckling. Elder Poptarts’ eyes glanced over to the small window on the door and saw Elder Price standing there.

  Suddenly, he got an idea.

  “Hey, Elder McKinley?” Elder Poptarts spoke.


  “I’m going to, uh, go grab some poptarts from the pantry. I want to make sure I have some extra.”

  Connor cocked an eyebrow at this, but waved him off anyway. “Go ahead, but hurry. It’s already past curfew,”

  Elder Poptarts nodded quickly and practically burst out the door, shoving Kevin to the side as he did so. Once Kevin saw that he was completely out of sight, he hesitantly made his way into the dim room.

  Connor was sitting on the side of the bed with an almost unreadable expression. Once he saw Kevin enter, however, his face went pale as a ghost and he let out a quick scream. A few awkward and quiet moments passed before the colour started to return to Connor’s face, but now his entire face was red and flustered.

  Kevin decided to speak. “Hi Elder,”

  Connor gulped once again and gave a small wave. “Good evening, Elder. Wh-what, uh,” Connor cleared his throat. “What brings you here at this hour?”

  Kevin plopped down on the edge of the bed opposite Connor’s and handed him a letter. “This is just a letter from the Mission President. I came to deliver it to you and I couldn’t help help hear some of your…confession?”

  Connor felt tears stinging at the corners of his eyes. “O-oh. Okay, listen Elder Price. I-I didn’t mean to make you, uh, uncomfortable or anything, I’m sorry, I know you don’t feel the same way, you can just forget me. I’m not even worthy of being your friend, Kevin Price.”

  Kevin was speechless. He had been waiting for Connor to say something, to return his feelings, but not like this. Never like this. Kevin’s heart sank as he saw tears begin to stream down Connor’s face. Kevin instinctively got up and wrapped his arms around Connor in a tight hug.

  Connor let out a small gasp, and after a moment, clutched onto the back of Kevin’s shirt, sniffling into his shoulder. He let out a shaky sob and Kevin hugged him tighter. They stayed like that for at least a few minutes, until Connor let out a few final hiccups, loosening his grip on Kevin’s shirt, and Kevin pulled away slowly. He knelt down and looked into his deep blue eyes, only seeing a sadness beyond compare.

  “Th-thank you..”

  Kevin only smiled and leaned in, pressing his lips to Connor’s in a burst of confidence.

  Connor’s eyes have never gone more wide in his life. After a few seconds, he fluttered his eyes shut, and lovingly kissed Kevin back, wrapping his arms around him in return.

  After a few moments, they parted, and Kevin pressed his forehead to Connor’s, closing his eyes and holding his hands reassuringly.

  They stayed like that for only a few minutes, but to Connor, it felt like an eternity. He was in absolute bliss, until a thought entered his mind. Does he just feel bad for me?

  Before he could ask, Kevin spoke. “Connor, I love you, and it hurts me to see you like this. Honestly, I had a feeling you felt this way for a while, but I was waiting for the right time to confess to you. I just want you to feel loved. And I love you so much. I have since I laid eyes on you.”

  Connor laughed quietly, pressing his lips to Kevin’s in a short but sweet kiss, and murmured against his lips, “I love you too.”

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look poptarts lives for oversized clothing, and yeah he wears james' clothes all the time, but just in general chris wears oversized pastel t-shirts and light washed jeans and it makes him look so adorable. and during fall he wears sweaters that are too big for him. and he's so small and cuddly this world doesn't deserve him. also he swears by converse, and he mostly wears white ones because he doesn't want to go overboard, but he owns yellow ones too.

uM YES PLEASE I live for pastel oversized Poptarts! 

Chris Thomas, with his white converse that he gets James to draw all over, his big ripped blue jeans rolled up over his ankle, light pink sweater that matches his hair swallowing him, yellow flowers tucked into his hair and a smile so bright it competes with the sun