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Black and Shiro need to have some bonding time 

This is kinda the same AU as the previous Lance and Blue drawing I did. The lions are basically able to change into different “forms”, like a house cat and a actual lion. 

Skye, 19

“I’m wearing a super expired HBA a shirt and 70s pants. I’m inspired by greasers/ bikers from the 60’s, also rockstars Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Johnny Rotten, also fashion from 80’s euro-erotica. My favorite thing is to spike my hair into devil horns, but in terms of designers I am following favorite is Charles Jeffrey.”

Oct 26, 2017 ∙ Greenwich Village

Hey ya’ll I’m workin’ on that there Amita and Vol’jin Blood troll vibes and this is what I got so far because I need to sleep oh lawd why do I do this to myself.

Pls accept this as my Trollvember for today aaaaaa

I was looking through @attackoftheclothes and idk fashion happened