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it was just another pep rally for the river vixens but for cheryl blossom it meant that there was another opportunity to be in the spotlight, being the captain and all.

you smile over to your red headed best friend, she was nervous like always. her parents had attended every single bulldog/vixen event but after jason’s death they had stopped because the memories flooded back each time they sat in those bleachers.

tonight was different though, tonight both blossom parents were here to support the teenage girl, so we had practice every damn day for at least a few hours. 

we had to make this rally perfect so cheryl could show her parents what they’ve been missing.

“you know this routine inside and out cheryl, you could do it in your sleep” you reassure her placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“thank you” she smiles softly at you “what are best friends for?” you giggle bumping her hip with your own as you apply your last coat of mascara to your eyelashes.

it was our fifth and final period and cheryl had ordered an emergency practice which resulted us being forced out to practice on the field with the jocks because the gym was being occupied by freshman gym class.

“5 minute break” cheryl yells allowing us to rest and hydrate.

you wonder over to the drinks table pouring yourself a cup a icy water from the cooler they leave there for the jocks.

“drinking our water i see?” you jump at the sudden voice almost covering yourself in water “god you scared me” you mumble wiping your mouth of the fallen liquid.

it was the one and only reggie mantle, it was common knowledge to all the kids at riverdale high that the raven haired jock had a thing for you. you flirted back and fourth tension building between the two of you.

he’d asked you out multiple times as well as half the other guys on the team but you refused to date anyone of them. the girls on your squad were puzzled at your decision to turn down only the best of riverdale high but you just shrugged it off.

you didn’t want to fall into the stereo type of an ‘easy’ cheerleader.

its not that you weren’t attracted to him because god, you were. he was tall, strong one of the best bodies in your year but he was more than that. you were the only one who’d seen past his bad boy jock facade.

he had everybody fooled, except you.

“can’t a hard working vixen get herself some cold water?”

he smirks “depends” he steps closer continuing to flirt

“will this working hard-gorgeous vixen want to go on a date with this beautiful specimen of a bulldog”

you roll your eyes placing the cup back down on the table

“you know what I’m actually not that thirsty” you turn and walk back toward your squad, swinging your hips as you know his eyes are watching your every agonising move.

“your going to have to try harder than that reg” you yell to the boy

he bites his clenched fist before jogging over to his jock friends.

you begin to stretch when cheryl approach you a smirk evident on her face. you grab her shoulder to stabilise yourself as you tuck one foot up.

“what are you doing?” she questions you, looking you up and down then behind you were you know reggie is staring based on the voice of coach clayton yelling at the poor boy.

“mantle! ball. over here” you giggle turning and giving the small boy a wave

“gosh (y/n) why don’t you just say yes!” the captain fumes at you.

“because its reggie cheryl” you muse taking a break from the stretching.

she huffs crossing her arms over her chest.

“oh c’mon you don’t seriously think i should go out with him? you hate reggie and me dating jocks remember what happened last time?”

she ignores you staring off behind you

“god what are you looking out” you turn spotting a familiar red head looking your way.

you smile and wave at your long time friend before turning and facing your best friend.”

“oh. my. god.” you squeal bouncing on your feet

“what now?” she snaps

you grin widely “you have a thing for andrews gah this is golden!!”

her eyes widen and she shakes her head “no i don’t!” she defends 

you laugh clapping your hands together

“it doesn’t matter his into you- they’re all freaking into you”

your features soften “cheryl archie is NOT into me” 

“I’m serious its completely platonic- wait what does this have to do with me and mantle?” you question dipping down to touch your toes.

“well if you start seeing the bimbo jock-” you interrupt her “don’t call him that”

she sighs “anyways if you start seeing each other than you my dear friend can put in a good word with efron- and then we can have double dates at pop’s!”

“god you didn’t just refer to archie as zac efron” you giggle

she narrows her eyes causing you to shoot your hands up “fine fine ill put in a good word to archiekins, i don’t need reggie for that”.

you bend down again touching your toes when you hear whistles and a huge thud.

you both turn quickly glancing as reggie is sprawled out onto the floor clutching his head as he rips off his helmet. before you know it your legs are carrying you over to the injured boy dropping to your knees as you approach him

“reg oh my god are you okay what happened?!” you bout running your hands over his face worry covering your expression like a blanket.

he winces trying to stand up only to stumble down, you stand quickly trying to bare all his weight. “arch” you mumble begging for the bulldog to help you out.

he swoops over holding the boy up, “what happened?!” you exclaim glancing at his team mates they all go quite holding in laughter “what?!” you ask confessed looking to your friend and the injured raven haired jock.

arch sighs laughing before answering “someone was having a good look at your ass and moose clocked him because someone didn’t have his head in the game”

you laugh covering your mouth as your cheeks heat up “hey i wasn’t-” he tries to defend himself leaning against his team mate.

“oh im sure you weren’t” you tease poking his chest

“practice is over mantle your on the beach tonight” he throws his hands in the air in frustration pulling away from the support of his red headed best friend

“c'mon coach-” coach clayton tucks his clipboard under his arm pointing a finger at the raven headed captain “i can’t afford you trying to show off to your girl- rest up”

your eyes fall to the ground blushing as Reggies attempts to cover up what his coach just said

a laugh spills from your mouth but your hands dart up to stop anymore from being realised. he glances at you with pleading eyes his rosy cheeks evident on his tan skin.

“(y/n)!” you turn to see your best friend yelling your name “i gotta get back to practice to you need help getting him to the bench?”

archie shakes his head adjusting his grip on the sulking boy “nah we’re good, go back to cheryl before she bursts a vessel”

you give the two boys a two finger salute before winking and rushing back over to your hot headed cheer captain

“jeez cap don’t get your knickers in a knot” you complain throwing your hair up into a pony tail.

she huffs turning and clapping to get the vixens attention “lets go bitches formation!” she yells

you roll your eyes getting into position catching the boys staring as we start our routine. “be right back” you mumble to the red head before jogging over to the pair on the first row of the bleachers

“yes” you smile catching reggies attention, the ice pack of his head slipping as he moves his hand away. they share a confused glance before looking back at the dumb smile on your face.

“wait what?” the raven haired boy chuckles nervously “ill come with you- on a date. pop’s. tonight” you speak with confidence twirling your hair.

a smile grows on his lips “really?” you dip down to reach his eye level “as long as ginger god comes too, for my ginger goddess” you point to the anger cheerleader standing with her vixens

“deal?” you question smile lazily placing your hand on his thigh

he looks to archie and he shrugs “im in” you give your friend a fist pump before looking back to the shy boy “deal” he finally speaks smiling up at me.

“what made you change your mind?” he asks nervously

you bite your lip backing away “i told you mantle, you had to work for it”

his smugness overwhelms his features archie elbow him in giddiness as he watches his friend flirt with the girl of his jock dreams

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Kor and Dei were sitting so nicely in this costume

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Don't you think Dylan looks, like... unwell in that prom pic? Gaunt from weight loss? :(

Yes, I would agree. He looks especially gaunt and his skin is stretched tight around his eyes. You can see the line of his cheek bones along the side of his face.

In the Breakfast Run video, on April 19th, just literally one day before the massacre, you can see in this profile shot how sharp and pointy his chin looks. High metabolism in teenage boys is one thing but Dylan was pretty rail thin and emaciated for a dude of seventeen. There should’ve been a least a bit more meat on his bones at that young age. 

In the high def photo prom photo of Dylan and Robyn, his hair looks thinned out in one spot up near the top of his head. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some hair loss with the stress of eminent doom on the horizon.

It’s a wonder to me that Sue considered in retrospect in only one sentence of her entire book that her son seemed very thin in the months leading up to the massacre. 

The boy was suffering and wasting away. And no one really noticed the drastic drop in weight for the symptom it was. :-/

Servants ~ A Zhang Yixing Series

A Zhang Yixing royal life AU

Not requested

Genre: Angst // Romance

Member: Zhang Yixing (Lay)

Summary: (of this series) As an upcoming king, Zhang Yixing has always had many pressures and expectations as the only heir to the royal throne. As his servant, he never acknowledges you. What happens when he suddenly does?

{Chapter two} {Chapter three, coming soon}

Wiping the sweat off his forehead with his pocket handkerchief, Yixing sighs as he looks out to how far his golf ball had traveled. 

“Great one son,” his father says as he positions himself to take his swing. “Qualities of a King. Being great at everything.”

Yixing rolls his eyes. Just because he’s good at golf doesn’t mean he’ll be good at being a king. After a few more swings and compliments, he excuses himself and leaves to go back to where the castle is. 

Stepping out of the bathroom after a steaming bath dressed with his wet hair slicked back due to him running his hands through his hair, he sits by the window and sighs. Looking out the window, he spots his soon-to-be kingdom.

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In Your Head - Part 2

Jughead Jones x Reader 

Reader: Y/N 

Brother: Y/B/N

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered.

The final bell rang of the day. You closed your locker and made your way outside. You had several minutes until your bus left. That was the plus side of a small town, there was only 3 of them. You waited for when Jughead would meet you goodbye, until *SLAM*! Your bag and books went flying with some loose paper tossed along with it. You looked up to some laughter coming from Reggie and Chuck and you glared back. Chuck gave you a long stare looking you up and down until you looked away. You counted back from 10 in your head, focused on grabbing your stuff while gently saying out loud “breathe, just breathe”. 

You heard a fast pace of shoes behind you, “you okay”?!?! Jughead grabbed the rest of your stuff before looking up to see that Reggie and Chuck were walking away still laughing. 

He stood up with determination and you grabbed his arm looking up at him “always”. 

“They shouldn’t do that to you, let alone anyone else…” his glare was still on the two teenagers. 

You grasped his hand, “Hey, Pops later”? You eyed him with a reassuring nod. 

“Okay”, he huffed some air before grasping the bottom of your jaw, pulling you in with your hand and giving you a long kiss. It was a rather change of pace than the typical PDA at school, as neither of you were too into shoving it in anyone’s face. His lips felt soft, and were kissing you with purpose. His embrace felt secure and you had never felt safer.  

“Geez, let her breathe!” Kevin spoke up. You looked at Jughead gleefully as he released your lips, “I got to go and meet Y/B/N. See you tonight?” While you weren’t always 100 percent you could, you asked anyway. 

“Yeah. Betty, Kevin and I are going to go through the “murder board” again”. 

“My dad likes to tell me things he probably shouldn’t about the case”. Kevin seemed happy about that though. 

“Alright, I’ll message you later”. You waved your hand to Kevin and gave a quick peck to Jughead before making it to your bus while looking back to give another smile behind you. 

You sat in your usual spot looking out into the parking lot of the school, seeing Chuck and Reggie get into a car together. Your body tensed up, repeating again “breathe, just breathe”. You got out your novel, and began to read. Trying to escape out of the current world you were in, even if for 15 minutes.

                                                   * * * * * * * * * * * 

You looked up from your book after about half a chapter and got off 2 stops before your usual block. You had made it to the middle school about 3 minutes until their bell rang. Still walking with your nose in your book, you stopped to lean against the wall next to the bike rack. Their bell, while higher pitched than the tone you have grown accustomed to at your own school, rang. 

A few moments later, you were greeted by Y/B/N and slowly started to walk together. You cornered the page on the sentence you finished and looked to him, “So how was the presentation”? 

“Good, I forgot a part of it but was able to make a joke about it. Teacher gave me a B”. He adjusted the poster with Aristotle’s picture on it. 

“Ah, 7th grade….you were a simpler time…” you gave a slight smirk pertaining to the sardonic tone in your voice. 

“Yeah yeah….but thanks for helping me with it”. 

“Yeah sure Bud. Whenever you need it. So, I made plans tonight, you think everything will be okay so I can meet up with everyone”? Your voice got a little more stern. 

“Yeah, I mean she is usually better when Dad is out of town. You should be fine”. You nodded. It had been a while since an incident, actually since about your birthday that June. 

“I think it helped that you grew like a weed over the summer…” you started to joke with your hands of how short you were now compared to that of Y/B/N. You made it to the outside your house and entered as usual through the garage. You made sure your stuff was away and that your brothers poster was put in the shed with the other school things. You came back in the house, and said hi to your mother gently. She ignored the greeting. You chalked up the courage into talking about going to Pops tonight. 

She slightly grunted, “homework”? 

“Not much. I was going to take some of it with me and then finish the rest of my math when I got back”. You tried to say as surely as you could before talking a deep breath. “Um, I got invited to Veronica’s house and Betty was going to be there too”. You knew your mother wouldn’t approve of a party, let along a large one at the likes of Cheryl’s house. So you refrained from fully lying but rather decided to keep her only aware of where you would be staying. 

“When?” Your mother didn’t look up while stirring her cream into her coffee.

“Tomorrow night. I’m meeting Betty at her house so there won’t be a problem driving me”. You glared down at your feet. 

“Fine, but I’m not picking you up either”. She went back to the TV and plopped down sipping her coffee. You made sure you were out of sight before you smiled. 

You went to the kitchen to make something for Y/B/N before grabbing towels to go into the laundry. You grabbed some homework out of your bag, glanced at yourself in the mirror by the door and were on your way. Before leaving the outer area of the house, you texted Y/B/N, “there’s food in the fridge for ya”. You looked up to Y/B/N’s window and he gave a slight wave from his room. 

                                               * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

You grabbed your book back out and began your walk. The plus side of this town, versus the last one, was that you could walk to anywhere important pretty quick. You had the diner in your view, as well as a familiar car out front. You gently, breathed before looking up to seeing both Betty and Jughead in the window. He looked up from his laptop and gently smiled at you. You went through the door - another bell dinged. 

You were greeted by Pop who asked what you wanted. 

“Just a strawberry shake, thanks”. You weren’t really hungry. You gave a quick smile before hearing a familiar voice talking with Cheryl behind you. You deemed your focus on Jughead and slid into the booth next to him. 

“Hey”, he squeezed your knee slightly while giving you a peck on your cheek before grabbing a fry from his plate. Luckily, it seemed Cheryl and Chuck were done with Pops and started to leave. You could at least have all of your focus on the beanie capped boy next to you. You heard the ding again and looked up to see Chuck give a slight stare again before Betty had sat back down with her burger in hand and giving you your shake. 

“Ugh, I loathe that man”, Betty rolled her eyes. 

“A common feeling we share”, you looked at your shake while Betty gave a slight questionable look. At that point you had all started to talk about your day with the Blue and Gold included. Once again, it was a nice feeling to have friends. 

                                                     * * * * * * * * * * *

 *heavy breathe* 

You stumbled over a rock, looking down at your ripped and wrinkled dress. You were cold and lost your cardigan somewhere but weren’t going to give a chance going back there. You wiped the tears from your face just trying to focus on your walk home. Your hands wouldn’t stop shaking and not just because you were cold. Looking down, you hadn’t realized your tears hadn’t stopped yet. You heard a car and scurried into the side of a tree, making sure no one saw you. You tripped and your bare feet hit something. You hid before trying to make yourself stop crying again. You hear a horn….


You woke straight up again but along with a cold sweat, this time you had some tears running down your face. You swiped the alarm off your phone, and tried to focus on your day once again.

dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This

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"I can't forgive you for this anymore" with Bucky please!? I'm already sort of crying at whatever angst your beautiful brain comes up with for this if you're kind enough to write it! X


The New York skyline welcomes him when he rouses from his sleep, the sun peeking out after weeks of constant clouds. Bucky’s feeling good, repositioning himself in the co-pilot seat.

“Mornin’, sunshine,” Clint greets him with a cheerful smile, punching in the sequence that will engage the autopilot and handle the landing.

Bucky likes the archer, the easy rapport between them, the silent agreement they’ve had for a while that no one knows about but them. Maybe he’s finally good now? First solo mission, or at least solo in the sense that Steve wasn’t there with him. He’d done good, everything handled nice and clean. Low-level thug causing trouble, in and out job, no sweat.

“It’s good to be back,” he mumbles, letting his mind wander. What to do first? 

Obviously debrief and checking in his equipment, but then. He was famished, maybe he should call that pizza place Tony tipped him about, maybe have a whole pie to tuck into when he’s done with the technicalities. Or maybe a shower first? Or maybe seeing you first? A smile graces his lips. Definitely see you first. He could possibly combine all three items.

“Looks, like we got ourselves a welcoming committee.”

Clint’s words brings him back from day dreams of a hot shower, holding you close while water drained away the dirt and grime the mission had brought upon him. Looking out the window, Bucky spotted a group of people out on the flight deck, furrowing his brow. You, he’d expect. Steve, maybe Tony. Not… all of them.

The quinjet touches down, and he unbuckles, hurrying to gather his equipment. Clint tells him to go ahead, he’ll follow as soon as he’s done the post-flight check. Bucky nods, punching the button that opens the hatch. He’s smiling, ready to maybe boast a little about how well he did, but the smile dies before it reaches his eyes, the scene before him like something out of a nightmare.

Steve looks like he’s gone 12 rounds with a heavy weight champ. The others don’t look any better. Horror grips tight in his gut when you break free from the group, bruises littering your face, the perfect imprint of a hand blemishing your throat.


“We trusted you Bucky.” Steve’s voice sounds hollow and full of so much disappointment.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Bucky asks, looking at each of his team mates. What is going on?

“You weren’t ready,” Tony continues, Natasha nodding her agreement.

“No, I am, the mission went perfectly!”

His protests are ignored, Steve glancing over his shoulder.

“You call collateral damage ‘perfectly’? First page coverage of an operative gone rogue?”

“Steve, come on, this ain’t funny!” Bucky reached out for his friend, but Steve sidestepped him, avoiding his touch. “The mission was successful. By the book. Hell, ask Barton, he was there-” Bucky turns around, motioning towards the cockpit and expecting to find Clint finishing up. The archer is nowhere to be seen.

Hurrying inside, his insides twist when he finds Barton. Dead. Body mangled, eyes glossed over. No. No, no, no.

“See, Buck? Never should’ve let you out. You’re just an animal.” Steve has somehow materialized behind him, and he’s still wearing that exasperated expression. “Incorrigible. Savage. A killer.”

“No, Steve, I swear, it’s not-”

“You never should have come back, Bucky.”

He whirls around to find you sitting in the co-pilot seat, neck stretched just so to make the imprint of the hand - and he just knows it’s his - stand out. His mind refuses to cooperate, refuses the input.

“No, I swear, I-”

“I can’t forgive you for this anymore. You only hurt me. Steve’s right. You’re nothing but a killer.“


He wakes up when he falls out of bed, drenched in cold sweat and pulse running wild. His left hand is outstretched, grasping nothing but air, but the sight of it sickens him, and he pulls it back to tuck it over his torso and under his right arm.


His head whips around, finding you leaning over the bed in the darkness, brow furrowed.

“You okay?” you ask, suppressing a yawn.

“Fine,” he manages, fighting to keep his voice calm. “Just… Just a dream. Go back to sleep, darling.”

You peer at him for a moment, but finally shrug your shoulder, returning to your side of the bed. Soon enough, your breathing evens out. Asleep. Bucky lets out a breath, shuddering and shallow. Just a dream. It was just a dream. He’d never lose control like that, never.


Ridiculous Ladybug Theories #95
  • *End of the Christmas Special™*
  • Ladybug: Well thanks for helping me defeat Santa, Cat Noir, but I should really be getting back to finding Adrien.
  • Cat Noir: *nearly in tears* You were looking for me??
  • LB: What?
  • Cat: I mean What?

Final Fantasy Type-0 characters sharing Japanese voice actors with other characters.

Out of ideas for your crappy WoW blog? Resort to awful puns!

What does Vereesa Windrunner take when she can’t sleep? Nyquel’dorei!

How does Sir Finley store his discoveries? He Murlocks them away!

What did the Orc look-out say when he spotted an enemy? Look’thar!

Why can’t a Bloodhoof be warchief? Because they’re the Baine of the horde.

What do you call a Shaman’s fart? Stormwind!

what should i draw

help i have cons coming up and idk whats hip and cool with the kidz right now

any suggestions of fan art would be much appreciated 8′O!!!

Summary: Katniss Everdeen is in Manhattan for one night. Her wedding ring is off, and she’s planning to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

A/N: Modern AU. A one shot originally written for The Love Games. With many thanks to @fyeah-everlark for hosting, to my amazing betas and homegirls @dandelion-sunset, @jennagill, @myusernamehere, to everyone who read or voted for my story, and last but not least to the ridiculously talented @loving-mellark for making a banner that is, once again, way sexier than anything I could write. I don’t question how you do what you do… I’m just thankful for it. Ich liebe dich, chica. <3

Rated E for explicit language and sexual situations. 

Trigger warning: Infidelity

Now on AO3


“Excuse me, madam?”

Her gray eyes flit over to the source of the voice before making their way back to the window, looking out to the same spot where they’ve been anchored for the past twenty minutes, watching for some sign of him.    

She hates how obsequious and polite that voice is, how its owner is reduced to servile smiles and ingratiating nods and bows. Some part of her feels compelled to tell him to relax, that he’ll get his twenty percent, that no one should have to dehumanize themselves to earn their bread.

“Yes,” she answers instead, her eyes surveying the wintry scene outside, taking in the sight of the whirling eddies of snow floating languidly through the air and the taxis inching their way through the heavy evening traffic, crawling slower than the pedestrians slipping along on the icy sidewalk.

“Can I get you another glass of wine while you wait?”

She runs her thumb around the rim of the stemless glass, smudging the lipstick traces she’s left on it, and considers the question.

He’ll show up. She knows that. Of course he will. Why wouldn’t he? Unless something’s happened to—

No. She’s sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why he’s running late. He’s probably even texted her to explain. She bites the inside of her cheek, frustrated at herself for leaving her phone back in her hotel room. She’d just been so eager to get here—to see him—that she didn’t think to grab it as she dashed out the door. She imagines it on the bedside table, its screen uselessly lighting up the empty room with messages from him: I’m on my way. Hang on. I’m so sorry. Don’t run off with someone else. ;) And then, because it’s been far too long: I need to be inside you. I miss you

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Going out in public
  • me: do i wanna look rlly great but get sexually harassed today
  • me: or do i wanna chill, and be slightly less harassed
  • me: the struggle is real. *purposely leaves house as pissed-off-trash-hobo bc it's less effort*
Good Enough (3)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Your dad didn’t talk to you the entire journey to the palace, although you could tell he really wanted to. In fact, judging by how clenched his fists were, he probably wanted to shout at you: tell you how stupid you were for getting yourself pregnant, especially to the prince of the country. If it wasn’t for the two men in suits sat in the front seat, he definitely wouldn’t hold back on what he was thinking.

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