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100 Reasons to Love Kim Namjoon

today is my 3 year anniversary of loving namjoon and so here’s 100 reasons everyone should love him !!!!!!!

  1. he gave up a stable future of studying and going to college (despite being so smart) to risk everything and pursue his dream of becoming a rapper
  2. had to fight criticism for being an ‘idol’ rapper and struggled for years with his decision and identity
  3. when he says he loves himself !!!!
  4. never forget this cute tummy flash !!!!!!!!
  5. he loves all his members so much sosososo much, he always puts them before himself 
  7. that one time tae came to sleep next to namjoon and namjoon sleepily held tae’s hand and wouldn’t let go
  8. his signature move when he takes his two index fingers and covers one of his eyes while looking deadass into the camera
  10. professional self-dragger, literally willingly drags his own ass
  11. his mixtape release in 2015, every song was so important and deep and okay, it’s largely forgotten because of yoongi’s mixtape but it has so much emotion and meaning behind every song
  12. he loveloveloves dogs !
  13. literally has looked like the best thing the world has to offer no matter what rainbow ass hair color bighit sticks him with
  14. that golden age when his hair was black when will that look come back from the war ://////////
  15. you know that thing he does when he’s been rapping and suddenly breaks out into a smile and scrunches his nose and winks with one eye mmmmmmmmokay !!!!
  16. his angry rap when his neck veins show because he’s literally putting his all into it
  17. the way he looks in beanies !!!!!!!!! with one ear tucked in and the other sticking out
  18. the mole on the left side right under his jawline 
  19. the fact that he literally read books on philosophy for hyyh
  20. THE WAY !!!!!!!!! HE LOOKS !!!!!!!!!!!! IN A SUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. that time his speaker wasn’t working and he yelled at it and it started to work, Legends Only
  22. the fact that he isn’t afraid to try out weird kinds of fashion and won’t hear shit about it
  23. has been known to support LGBT since 2012
  25. when he’s too lazy to wear contacts so he wears his thick black rimmed glasses :’(((((((((((
  26. that time he had a wardrobe malfunction and had his whole shirt ripped off during that dance break and he did the whole performance holding up the sorry remains of his shirt 
  27. the fact that kim namjoon invented dimples !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no really he did
  28. how he is literally incapable of doing a fan sign without making it a display of how much aegyo he can fit in any given span of time and then immediately be shy and embarrassed about it
  29. 6 feet tall, he is 6 feet tall also don’t forget that he is literally the eiffel tower because nothing is taller than 6 feet just sayin
  30. that amazing and blessed time he had silver hair and my heart literally exploded !!!!!!!!!!!
  32. that time bts was doing rainism and he was the only one who didn’t know all the moves and messed up but pulled it off confidently in the end
  33. he literally loves his mom so much i’m :’(((((((
  35. the fact that every time someone tells him to do a freestyle dance, it’s literally the same awkward robotic jerky dance with the failing arms and legs since 2013
  36. when he tries to sing even though the members laugh at him
  38. his cute soft pretty pink knees :’))))))))))
  39. in the fire era when he had that acorn haircut and pulled that shit off when will your fave ever
  40. he reads, he has an IQ of 148, he was the nation’s top 1% in 5 subjects in high school, he -
  41. his smile his beautiful glorious soft glowing stunning breathtaking smile that smile that you only have the privilege of seeing someone have one in a million times in your life, the kind of smile that could change the world
  42. the way he looks in a choker the way he looks in a choker the way he looks in a chok-
  43. okay !!!!!!!!!! but his cute squishy tiny nose so kissable n someone please bop it and pinch it and it’s soosososo cute 
  44. the way he gets his hands inky and dirty every single fan sign every single darn one !!!!!!!!!!!! why are they dirty? what is he doing ?????
  46. the way his arms look in sleeveless tops his arms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. the way he looks in snapbacks mmmmmmmmmmmm
  48. that time on running man when everyone was supposed to have as many boxes as possible and he literally got his box snatched from his hands and he tripped over nothing he’s the dorkiest softest boy -
  49. SAILORMON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. that time he wore the army khakis and outfit and i just ://////// oh my god
  51. his side profile his perfect gorgeous beautiful angelic side profile !!!!
  52. his obsession with ryan and how happy he got when jimin got him a ryan cake for his birthday fkdsfhgfd
  53. legs for days !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. that time namjoon was a minion for halloween 
  55. “I had to dance to survive in this cold, cruel world.”
  56. his cute outfit in the baepsae dance practice video :((((((((((
  57. he looks sosoososososo unbeliveably beautiful bare faced i just love him so much 
  58. that time during the hyyh prologue shooting when all the members were piling onto him and he yelled ‘MY BALLS, MAN’
  59. his fucnkgn !!!!!!!!!! puma photoshoot binch !!!!!!!!!!!
  60. the fact that he sang expensive girl and took the fact that he didn’t get a grammy for it like a man :///
  61. that time they won their first award in 2015 and he was cleARLY CRYING but denied it like “i’m not crying”
  63. that one time !!!!!!!!!!!!!! bts had an outdoor performance and his white shirt got sososososooso sweaty it was basically stuck to him and see through if you don’t know what i’m talking about then goodbye
  64. those RARE times when he smiles and sticks his tongue out at the same time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. that time he was complaining about jungkook and the fruit flies and the weird as shit way he pronounced ‘vaccuum’
  66. his messy friendship with jackson 
  67. the fact that he apologized for the mistakes he has made in the past and made no excuses about them 
  68. award for having the world’s cutest and flattest tushy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. i don’t know if anyone noticed but the way he holds his fingers when he’s explaining something like he puts them in awkward bent angles and they’re really long and expressive i just looooovvveeeee
  70. that time he was doing a duet with this female singer for a show and he picked her up from the airport and held a sign with her name and got shy around her he’s the biggest gentleman DDDD:
  71. deep husky voice like shots of pure liquid gold sends shivers down my spine ://////////
  72.  KIM DAILY
  73. that time he held a tiny itty bitty baby frog on his index finger i dont know why it was so cute of him i just !!!
  74. sweaty namjoon when namjoon sweats the sweat namjoon produces 
  75. that time he tried to twerk but ‘something keeps dangling’
  76. when !!!!!!!!!! he wears tight pants and his thighs are almost bursting out of his pants jdfkkhkj
  77. the way he says ‘baby’
  79. that time he was asked to pick between solo and bts and didn’t hesitate for a microsecond before saying bts
  81. taught himself english by listening to 10 english dvds 10 times over 3 years 
  82. special thank you to every namjoon stylist who made him wear low cut shirts
  83. THE WAY HE LOOKS WEARING A MASSIVE HOODIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. ‘and i’m sexy like a porn star’
  85. accepts and settles for being the least popular bts member
  86. the way he looks when he wears headbands 
  87. when his sleeves are super long so he has sweater paws and his pretty fingers stick out slightly jdsfkshgkjfmncvb
  88. sub par body rolls that can still make you squirm and cry :////////
  89. once when he was the first in a lineup in a fan sign he told a fan ‘now you’ve practiced on me, you can do this in front of your real bias’
  90. got to write in “힙합하다 1” (‘This is Hip Hop 1: South Korea, Hip Hop and Life’) which is a hip hop book for 42 top korean hip hop artists
  92. the way he looks in a tie ohohohoohohoho my gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. that time in the ariport the cameraman said ‘the girls love you guys’ and namjoon was like ‘thanks, we love you too’
  94. the way he wrote about the sunset in his diary when he went to dubai 
  96. he once told a fan ‘sorry’ when she told him she got him photocard
  97. he said that he wanted to know what it was like going to college and sometimes he feels like he missed out on that experience :///
  98. can you believe namjoon invented having pretty hands??????? Amazing
  99. he cares sosooso much about other people he’s always wondering how his fans are doing, what they feel like, always giving advice, always learning and growing, never stopping
  100. “I’m still existing, still breathing. Even though I keep looking forward and run, sometimes I still look back. The path in front and behind are still far, but even so, if the people who look at me are still dreaming and picking up their strengths, that alone makes me feel good. It’s okay to live this way, breaking down, getting hurt and looking back at the past. I will live. I am living like this. Me. Us.”
Harry and Guitars

I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of Harry learning to play the guitar and the thought that maybe after all these years of looking like he’s been learning, perhaps he actually has and we’ll get a taste of it on his solo album! Well, a girl can dream. 

In 2011 Harry tweeted this in response to being asked if he played any musical instruments:

So…look at this 16-year old frizzy-haired muppet with his lil pink guitar pretending he knows how to play it. I love him! Don’t give up hope, Harreh!

Hmmm. Louis sure looks cute playing that guitar. Watch closely Harry…

See? Louis showed him a few chords, and let Harry take over. 

He might look like a wax figure, but he also looks pretty good holding that guitar! Bonus points for those Keds!

Um….holy shit. Indie band hotness for realz. 

Tattoos out, guitar in hand, writing songs by the lake. What more could you ask for?

What a total goober. Channeling his inner rock god. 

Here, have a few gifs so you can see how hard he’s been working!

Er…or still acting like a goober. 

Taking the guitar on the road. 

Nice to see Niall helping out his brudder, giving Hazza some guitar lessons. 

So serious. 

Well goddamn, he looks good with a bass guitar and a fedora. We even almost got a bit of nip slip there. 

I know this is a terrible photo…but come on. Harry in a snap back with a bass guitar. It’s good stuff! 

Ah…a favorite of mine. Down on the farm. Kickin it, barefoot. Playing some Kentucky Bluegrass. Or something like that. 

Same to you, H. Who’s getting that autographed guitar? How many do you actually have?

These two photos crack me up. For some reason he looks to me like he’s in a Mariachi band. On a boat. With a high ponytail. Classic. 

70′s folk musician Harry. 

Harry’s album is about to drop. April 7th is around the corner. His SNL appearance not far behind. Will he tour? Will we see him with a guitar on stage? Maybe a slow ballad? Rocking out like David Bowie? I don’t know, but goddamn it, I can’t wait. Solo artist Harry, dramatic hoe music video Harry, 1D reunited Harry, any Harry at all…I hope he’s been composing on his guitar and that we’ll get a peek of guitar playing Harry very, very soon!

Now that presales of Harry’s album have gone up, we got at least one more guitar playing Harry photo, so I’m adding it to my master post!

1980s Duran Duran bass player John Taylor vibe here (albeit with a haircut and less makeup). And if you need further proof of the connection to John Taylor, look here.

Watch Harry Styles' Evocative Take on Little Big Town's 'Girl Crush'
Watch Harry Styles sing Little Big Town's "Girl Crush."

Harry Styles breezed into Nashville for a date on his recently launched solo tour Monday night, telling the Ryman Auditorium crowd – populated mostly by girls and young women in full singing (and screaming) voice, “I have to say, when we booked this tour, this was kind of the reason. This room. And it is beautiful, and you look fabulous, so thank you.”

The British pop star, who came to prominence as a member of boy band One Direction, has shown genuine affection for country music, with his tastes running the gamut from Shania Twain to Keith Whitley. While his set included all 10 tunes from his self-titled solo debut, released in May, Styles also gave an affectionate and well-received nod to one of the biggest Nashville-based hits of the past several years: Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush,” calling it “one of my favorite songs recently that’s come out of this place.”

Strumming acoustic guitar at the outset of the sultry Grammy-winning tune, penned by Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey and Liz Rose, the 23-year-old was joined by an auditorium of backup singers who cheered wildly as soon as they recognized the song. Kicking it off at a lower octave, Styles’ voice was soon soaring in much the same way Little Big Town singer Karen Fairchild’s does on the hit version, featured on the quartet’s Pain Killer LP.

Common to both Styles and Little Big Town is their devotion to classic rock icons Fleetwood Mac, which the former showed in his blistering cover of Linsdey Buckingham’s “The Chain.” Because signs and flags are not allowed to be displayed among the Ryman audience, during the encore of “Sign of the Times,” Styles’ first solo hit, he draped a rainbow-striped pride flag on the microphone stand, saying, “I heard these were taken away so I want to put it in its rightful place.”

California country singer Cam opened for Styles, delivering songs off her debut album Untamed. Styles will return to Nashville on June 12th, with Kacey Musgraves in support.

[TRANS] EXO-L JAPAN Book Vol.6 (2017 July): Interview - LAY

Selfies​ ​and​ ​dome​ ​concerts​ ​report!
Selfies​ ​and​ ​an​ ​interview​ ​have​ ​arrived​ ​from​ ​Lay,​ ​who​ ​was unfortunately​ ​unable​ ​to​ ​participate​ ​in​ ​the​ ​fanclub​ ​event!​ ​We’re delivering​ ​them​ ​together​ ​with​ ​scenes​ ​of​ ​Lay​ ​from​ ​the​ ​dome​ ​concerts!  

\​ ​Selfies​ ​and​ ​an​ ​interview​ ​from​ ​Lay​ ​have​ ​arrived!​ ​//  

Q.​ ​​ ​What's​ ​your​ ​ideal​ ​interior​ ​design​ ​for​ ​your​ ​room?
A.​ ​​​ ​
I'd​ ​like​ ​to​ ​make​ ​it​ ​a​ ​room​ ​with​ ​a​ ​warm,​ ​at-home​ ​feeling.​ ​I'd​ ​like​ ​to make​ ​it​ ​a​ ​place​ ​where​ ​I​ ​can​ ​heal​ ​just​ ​by​ ​being​ ​at​ ​home.  

Q.​ ​Are​ ​there​ ​any​ ​rules​ ​within​ ​the​ ​dorm?
A.​ ​​
We​ ​used​ ​to​ ​have​ ​various​ ​rules​ ​a​ ​long​ ​time​ ​ago,​ ​but​ ​now​ ​we​ ​don’t really​ ​have​ ​any.​ ​If​ ​we​ ​had​ ​one,​ ​I​ ​guess “respect​ ​each​ ​members'​ ​private/personal​ ​life"​ ​seems​ ​to​ ​have​ ​become the​ ​rule.  

Q.​ ​Please​ ​tell​ ​us​ ​about​ ​other​ ​members'​ ​quirky​ ​habits!
A.​ ​​
All​ ​the​ ​members​ ​have​ ​quirks,​ ​but​ ​I​ ​think​ ​EXO-L-JAPAN​ ​probably know​ ​all​ ​of​ ​them.​ ​If​ ​I​ ​have​ ​to​ ​introduce​ ​one:​ ​I​ ​have​ ​a​ ​habit​ ​of​ ​touching members'​ ​butts~  

Q.​ ​Is​ ​there​ ​a​ ​daily​ ​routine​ ​or​ ​custom​ ​at​ ​home​ ​that​ ​you​ ​always​ ​do no​ ​matter​ ​what?
​​Right​ ​after​ ​I​ ​wake​ ​up,​ ​the​ ​first​ ​thing​ ​I​ ​do​ ​is​ ​go​ ​to​ ​the​ ​toilet.​ ​Right when​ ​I​ ​arrive​ ​home,​ ​I​ ​charge​ ​my​ ​phone.​ ​And​ ​before​ ​I​ ​sleep,​ ​I​ ​play games.  

Q.​ ​What's​ ​the​ ​background​ ​picture​ ​on​ ​your​ ​phone?
A.​ ​​
My​ ​phone​ ​background​ ​is​ ​a​ ​beautiful​ ​landscape​ ​photo.  

Q.​ ​What's​ ​a​ ​photo​ ​you've​ ​taken​ ​recently​ ​on​ ​your​ ​phone?
​​A​ ​scenic​ ​photo​ ​of​ ​an​ ​island​ ​in​ ​Japan.  

Q.​ ​What's​ ​a​ ​dream​ ​you​ ​had​ ​lately?
A.​ ​​
I​ ​had​ ​a​ ​dream​ ​where​ ​I​ ​was​ ​competing​ ​with​ ​person​ ​I​ ​didn't​ ​know.  

Q.​ ​In​ ​your​ ​casual​ ​(non-work)​ ​clothes,​ ​is​ ​there​ ​anything​ ​you’re particular​ ​about?
​​Shoes.​ ​I​ ​like​ ​comfortable​ ​ones,​ ​and​ ​I​ ​want​ ​to​ ​wear​ ​shoes​ ​that​ ​are as​ ​comfortable​ ​as​ ​possible.  

Left​ ​Caption:​​ ​I​ ​took​ ​this​ ​photo​ ​with​ ​a​ ​relaxed​ ​expression.
Right​ ​Caption:​ ​​How​ ​do​ ​I​ ​look​ ​in​ ​a​ ​suit?  

For​ ​Lay,​ ​it​ ​was​ ​his​ ​first​ ​(exo​ ​concert?)​ ​in​ ​Tokyo​ ​Dome.​ ​"It's​ ​amazingly huge!"​ ​he​ ​said​ ​in​ ​a​ ​surprised​ ​voice,​ ​turning​ ​360​ ​degrees​ ​to​ ​look around,​ ​feeling​ ​emotional.​ ​There​ ​was​ ​also​ ​the​ ​scene​ ​of​ ​Lay​ ​playing guitar​ ​and​ ​singing​ ​his​ ​solo​ ​song,​ ​"Monodrama,"​ ​during​ ​the​ ​acoustic session​ ​at​ ​Kyocera​ ​Dome​ ​Osaka.​ ​The​ ​other​ ​members​ ​also​ ​sang​ ​and had​ ​a​ ​lively​ ​time​ ​together​ ​with​ ​him.  

JP-ENG​ ​trans:​ @acc2v
Scan: Bright_star_张艺兴资源博
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driving with tom

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Warning(s)?: none, one (1) cuss word

Word Count: 423 if u wanna be exact

Summary: It’s your first time driving alone with Tom, and you’re not exactly confident in his skills.

A/N: i feel like bullet point made this so cute ahh i’m in love w it i hope u guys r too


  • okay so with tom being a ~huge movie star~ now he’s usually always getting driven around by other ppl
  • so when tom asks you to go run some errands with him in his new car you’re… hesitant to say the least
  • he’s only recently gotten his license
  • and this is your first time ever driving with him and he can tell that you’re pretty nervous as you shakily put on your seatbelt
  • “y/n stop worrying so much i got this”
  • you roll your eyes and pray to god you make it out of this alive

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fic: No Strings

title: no strings.

genre: smut/humour

word count: 3000

description: Phil really misses sex and it turns out that Dan really misses sex, too. So…they just decide to have sex together. No strings. FWB minus the usual dramatic storyline that follows. Hilarity and #bants ensues.

“Just sex?” Phil repeats, “No strings?”

“Yes,” Dan nods, “that’s generally what no strings means,”

“Literally just sex?”

“Fucking hell. Look, Phil, I can spell it out for you or you can put your dick in my ass - it’s totally your choice. Have sex and be satisfied or wank alone to a Muse song again. What’s it gonna be?”

a/n: this is obviously smut but it’s actually funny too i promise, and it’s not like super graphic smut where you’ll cringe or whatever it’s…well, you’ll see. just read it and trust me.

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some prog bands: a summary
  • <p> <b>Yes:</b> the sun is shining the birds are singing i have no fucking idea how much weed i just smoked and life is great<p/><b>Peter Gabriel-era Genesis:</b> Weird and Wacky English Fairytales<p/><b>Van der Graaf Generator:</b> all i want to do is lie on a beach in the middle of the night and look up at the stars and cry oh god someone hold me<p/><b>King Crimson:</b> hey FUCK you *jazzy guitar solo*<p/><b>Barclay James Harvest:</b> life on the farm can be tough<p/><b>Emerson, Lake & Palmer:</b> CHECK OUT THIS SICK FUCKING SHIT WE CAN DO I'M PLAYING TWO KEYBOARDS AT THE SAME TIME<p/><b>Jethro Tull:</b> have you heard the good news of our lord and savior the flute<p/></p>
The Most Annoying Thing

Summary: Reader is having a rough day and is extremely annoyed with Dean. Naturally, this leads to angry sex.

Word Count: 4000ish

Warning: all the smut, angry sex, brief rimming

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy some Dean porn! Feedback always appreciated! XOXO

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

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All My Friends Are Wasted

Warnings: fluff, drinking 

A/N: this is my first Peter Quill imagine so be nice 

 You have had a week, let me tell you. All you wanted to do was go to your local bar and just have fun with your friends, and that’s what you planned to do. You got some friends together and put you went. You started drinking, but you were never much of one. You could have just as much fun without it. But you still found yourself a few beers in. Your friends, on the other hand, were completely wasted. You sighed watching your drunken work friends and left them to go to the dance floor, bottle in hand. You were walking with your hands up, already beginning to dance. Nothing sexual, just grooving. You were having a ball all by yourself. 

Your friends eventually came out and danced (if that’s what you want to call it) with you. Suddenly, something red catches your eye. You glance up to see a very nice looking man in a red leather jacket. You smile at him as your eyes connect and he smiles back. He begins to dance with your group, but then you somehow become more you and him, rather than him, you, and everyone else. His dance moves were ridiculous and had you bent over laughing. One minute he is rocking an air guitar solo and the next he’s humping the air. Then, he will grab your hands and spin you around. You couldn’t stop your smile with this one. “So, where’s your friends?” He asked. 

“I don’t know. All my friends are wasted.” I say with a shrug. 

He laughs. “You aren’t?” 

“No sir.” I say. 

“Well, I’ll get you there.” He said with a wink. 

You laugh and say, “I’m Y/N, by the way.” 

“I’m Peter.” He said. “But you can call me Star Lord, if you want.” 

You chuckle, but then realize he was completely serious. You immediately try to hide your smile as he groaned. “Okay,” you said. “Star Lord.” But you bust into laughter, leaning into his shoulder. He just sits there nodding like he should have known this was the response he would get. And he should have. “I’m sorry,” you finally say trying to stop your laughter. 

“You look it,” he says. 

“No, really, I like the name.” You say, somehow holding in your smile. 

“You do?” He says, not believing a word. 

You nod and say, “It fits you.” He rolls his eyes and then grabs your hand and turns you around. When you complete the turn he stops you by grabbing your waist. You lock eyes and you continue dancing. 

Your bottle was now empty, but you were still waving it around. Suddenly Peter leaned down and asked, “Can I get you another drink?” Without ever stopping dancing, you nod. He smiles and leaves to go retrieve a drink. You continue to dance until he brings you back another beer. You each pop the tops. He holds his drink up to you. “Cheers?” He says. 

“To what?” You reply. 

He thinks for a minute. “To new friends.” He states, holding his bottle up higher.  

“To new friends.” You smile and clink your bottles. 

Thirty minutes later, you and Peter were really feeling the buzz and a song came on that you each loved. “All my friends are wasted… and I hate this club. Man, I drink too much!” You each yelled as you danced around each other. “Another Friday night I’ve wasted… my eyes are black and red. I’m crawling back to your bed.” The two of you almost toppled over and Peter grabbed you and stopped it. You turn to look at him and just fall into laughter. He follows suit and the two of you are just laughing over nothing. 

You stop laughing and you just look at each other for a moment. “Y/N…” he started. 

“Star Lord…” you say with a mocking smile. 

He smirks at you. “Wanna crawl back to my bed?” 

You raise your eyebrows. “Oh? What kinda girl do you take me for, Star Lord?” 

“The kind that likes to cuddle.” He said. 

You just laugh and smack his arm and start walking away, but he doesn’t follow. You turn back and raise your arms. “You coming?” You ask. 

Peter, looking like he had forgot he asked, said, “Oh!” And ran to catch up with you. “I really didn’t think you would say yes.” 

“You come off so cocky though,” you say with a smirk. 

“All fake.” He said. “Completely and utterly fake.” 

You just laugh at him and say, “So, where are we headed, Star Lord?” He smiled at the name and pointed. You turn to look and see a… ship? “You have a ship?” You asked, excited. 

“Wanna see?” He asked. 

“Um, yes!” You said, clearly excited. You grab his hand and run up to the ship, pulling him along with you. He shows you all around the ship as you look in awe. It was so nice and it was all his. You come into the cockpit and sit down in one of the chairs, propping your feet up. 

He leans against a chair and looks down at you. “You hungry?” 

“Starved.” You reply. 

He makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and you just sit in the cockpit talking for hours. He tells you about his mom. You tell him everything that’s ever happened to you. He tells you about the guardians and their adventures. He tells you all his favorite songs and lets you listen to the Awesome Mixes. There was tons of laughing and knee touching throughout the night. 

Before you know it, it’s 3 am. You look up from your watch at Peter. “You got somewhere to go?” He asks. 

“Not necessarily, but it is getting late.” You stand up and he grabs your arm. 

“You can stay if you want. No one else is staying on the ship tonight.” You think for a moment before nodding. “Are you tired?” He asked. 

“Kind of.” 

He stands up and grabs your hand. “Come on.” 

You pull him back with a smile and say, “Wait.” He turns back with his eyebrows raised, but you face him the other way. He was confused, but stayed put. You back up a little and then jump onto his back. He makes a noise and you say, “Hey! I’m not that heavy.” 

“Are you sure?” He joked and you just smiled and hit his chest before you nuzzled into his neck. 

When you get to his room, he backs up to the bed and falls backwards. You grunt with his weight on top of you. “Peter!” You yell. 

“That’s not my name.” He said. 

“Oh my gosh, Star Lord! Get up!” You say, pushing him up. 

He laughs as he walks to the dresser. He grabs a gray t-shirt and throws it at you without ever looking over at you. Soon enough a pair of boxers were thrown as well. “The bathroom is right there for you to change,” he says pointing to the bathroom, but as he turns back you already have your shirt off, facing the other way. “Or that. That works too.” He says walking over to the other side of the bed. 

You quickly slip his shirt over your head. “Hey, no peeping.” You say, sternly. 

He rolled his eyes. “Like you weren’t begging me to look. You didn’t even warn me.” He said as he climbed under the covers. 

You removed your shorts, but it didn’t really matter because his shirt was so big that you couldn’t see anything anyways. “It was a perv test. You failed. So, good job.” 

He deadpans you as you slide his boxers on. You smile and climb under the covers. You lay on your right side as you face him. He turns and faces you. There is a good bit of space between the two of you. “Don’t be shy.” He whispers. 

“You failed the perv test, so no cuddling for you, Star Lord.” You whisper back with a smile. 

“Oh, come on. No bonus questions? No redemptions?” 

“No second chances.” You say with a shrug and roll over. You reach up and turn the lamp off next to the bed. You smile as you feel a hand snake around your waist. 

“Positive?” He whispers in your ear.

“Okay, maybe just this one time.” You say. 

He laughs and nuzzles into your neck, pulling you closer to him. He kisses your temple and you smile to yourself. 

What a night.

cross-the-oceans-in-my-mind  asked:

Hey, it's me from the band question thingy, haha. Thanks to your advice, I've been able to write situations like practices or performances less awkwardly now. However, something that gets to me is describing what's going on with the instruments and such. Like guitars, drums, bass and such. Could you give some advice on describing their sounds and movements?

Hey again, love!  I’m very happy that advice helped you :D  After I wrote it, I was all nervous about it because I wasn’t sure if it was the direction you wanted.  But I’m glad it worked!

This is a pretty broad question, because every instrument is different and it really depends on how deep you want to go into it.  You can get away with basic information, or you can really get into the specifics of a few instruments.  I’ll just cover the basics of the instruments you mentioned: guitar, bass, and drums.

Describing Musical Instruments

So I’m gonna describe each instrument with a little information on the instrument itself, its contribution to the overall sound, some common terminology, and the roles of each player in the band dynamic.  Sorry if it gets a little lengthy – I’ll try my best to condense a lot of information!

Guitar – Electric and Acoustic

The guitar is often considered the “leading” instrument as its sound is most distinctive, and can function similarly to vocals in a song.  It is played by using the dominant hand to pluck the strings, and the non-dominant hand to make chords by pressing down certain strings along certain frets.  Common gear includes:

Acoustic Guitars: Guitar, electric tuner, capo, mic (onstage), string cleaner, picks, guitar case, shoulder strap

Electric Guitars: Guitar, electric tuner, capo, guitar cable, amp, amp cabinet, effects pedals (+ pedalboard for multiple pedals), string cleaner, guitar case, shoulder strap

There’s two types of playing: chord strumming and melody picking.  Melody picking involves picking out a melody one or two strings at a time; chord strumming involves using all the strings, silencing some strings, fretting (pressing down) some strings, and leaving some strings open (not pressed).

Chords are named A through G, referring to which note is the “top note” of the chord – plus different variations of these chords, which are known as major, minor, sharp, flat, suspended, diminished, and a few more.  The minor key is known for creating a more serious, somber feeling, while major is stereotypically cheery or positive.

While experienced musicians can often pick up a song by listening to it, most guitarists play using a chord sheet, which lists out chords on top of the corresponding lyrics.  Here’s an example:

So this is what guitarists will be looking at during practice, as well as listening to the drummer to maintain rhythm.  Throughout a song, the guitarist may give an opening “riff” or line of music unique to their instrument – they then strum throughout the song, usually shining most between verses and in the stereotypical guitar solo during the bridge of a song.  Many guitarists tap their foot or bob their head while strumming.  They’ll likely carry extra guitar picks in their pocket if they do (and they often do) drop a pick in the middle of a song.  At the end of practice, they’ll unplug, clean the sweat off their strings, and pack up.

Guitarists often double as singers, mainly because vocals and guitar both require a musical ear.  A guitarist needs a good sense of tone and rhythm, as well as good hand-eye coordination.  They’ll also need a certain amount of money to afford any of the aforementioned gear – for a decent guitar, amp, a couple pedals, and the works, the total price can start around $800 dollars.  And that’s not including extra stuff like new pickups, effects pedals, and a pedalboard!

For further reference, here’s a glossary of guitar terminology, as well as a more extensive guitar dictionary.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is considered one of the easiest instruments to learn, as it deals in mainly single-string plucking, making for less clumsy playing.  It’s considered a supplement to the sound as it’s not often identified (or even noticed) by the casual listener – mainly because it’s so low that it creates less of a noticeable sound and more of a feeling.  That feeling is what inspires the “party type” listener to turn up the bass, as it gives a satisfying vibration when the volume is turned up.

Bass interacts with the guitar as it typically plays one of the notes out of the guitar’s chord, at a much lower octave.  The bass line functions in two ways: as part of the rhythm section, and as harmony to the rest of the music.  Bass creates a “full” feeling to music which often goes unappreciated.

During a song, the bassist usually begins with the drums, as they work together to keep rhythm (see: slapping).  Bass can be as simple as hitting a note and letting it ring throughout each measure, or much more active with rapid picking and complicated bass lines.

The gear for a bass guitar is similar to that of an electric guitar – bass guitar, electric tuner, amp, amp cabinet, effects pedals, string cleaner, case, & shoulder strap.  Some bassists use picks; some use their fingers; some interchange depending on the song and the desired sound.  The overall price of a bass rig can vary depending on experience, but is typically a bit lower than the typical price of an intermediate guitar rig.  Think $600 and up.

Here’s a list of common bass terminology.

Drums – Electronic and Acoustic

Drums, both electronic and acoustic, are the backbone of music.  They require the most natural skill of any instrument, as a strong sense of rhythm can’t just be learned.  Drums are one of the only instruments that don’t involve notes and melody – some drummers are completely tone deaf!

Drummers can be quite removed, mentally, from the rest of the music for many reasons: because their instrument is very loud and overpowering to their ear; because they work mainly as a rhythmic leader, while others cue off them; and because the nature of their instrument is so different from others.

The main differences between electronic and acoustic drums are volume (acoustic drums are naturally louder), sound (electric drums can be set to have many different sounds/effects), and transportation (electric drums require sound gear, while acoustic drums are clumsier and more difficult to move). As far as gear goes:

Acoustic Drums: stool, five drums, four cymbals, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, drum stands, drum tuner, mutes, drum key wrench, drum rug

Electronic Drums: stool, five (smaller) drums, four cymbals, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, collapsible drum stands, sound cable, amp, drum rug

While acoustic drumsets are physically bigger and require more parts, they cost less than electronic drumsets.  Acoustic sets + gear come in at an average $800, while electronic sets + sound gear are more like $1000.  

A drummer doesn’t follow a chord sheet, which gives them more autonomy throughout the song.  But it also means they’ll need more direction/practice if they don’t know the song.  Throughout practice, a drummer usually counts off the song (by clacking their drumsticks) and plays from beginning to end.  There are times when the guitar begins the song, and the drummer hits the bass drum rhythmically until they come in.  A drummer’s equivalent of a “riff” is called a “fill”, and it usually occurs during the transition between measures or verses, rather than taking up full measures like a guitar riff.

Here’s a list of common drumming terminology.

That’s the best I can give you in one post, but if you want more in-depth information on one instrument, be sure to send another ask and I’ll help you out!  I grew up with all this information, so I might as well do something with it.

Thanks again for asking, and for your patience :)  Good luck!

- Mod Joanna ♥️

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the-winter-siblings  asked:

Shiros reaction to Keith owning a motorcycle and their first ride together? And maybe Kuros as well? (shamelessly asks because we all need more Keith and his motorcycle.)

[The Voltron Pre-Family] (Post-college days) Keith was able to buy his first motorcycle using his first paycheck. He hadn’t told Shiro—his boyfriend for 3 years now (he still couldn’t believe it!)—about it yet, he wanted it to be a surprise. And today was the day he was going to show him! So he sent him a message since Shiro might be on duty (He was in his Residency stage now and Keith had been teasing Shiro, calling him “Doctor Shirogane” for kicks).

Keith Kogane [02:43PM]
Babe, you up for a dinner date later after your shift?

Takashi Shirogane [02:50PM]
Oh? Where are we going?

Keith Kogane [02:51PM]
Good god. Just answer yes or no, you loser.

Takashi Shirogane [02:53PM]
You’re such a bully, Keith. :( But yes, I’m up for it! I’m always happy to spend time with you, especially feeding our hungry stomachs.

Keith Kogane [02:54PM]
Okay. I’ll pick you up at 7. Love you. 

Takashi Shirogane [02:54PM]
I love you more. <3

Keith rolled his eyes fondly at Shiro’s heart. Such a dork that he loved so much. He was excited, so when it was around 6:55pm, he made his way to Shiro’s and his boyfriend was already out of his lab coat.

Shiro: *smiles at Keith* You look like you’re ready to pick up a guitar and hold your first solo concert. Love the red and black leather jacket going on. 
Keith: And you look like a tired med student graduate. *snickers*
Shiro: *pouts* Thanks, for stating the obvious. If you just gave me time I could’ve made myself presentable for a date—
Keith: *leans in to kiss Shiro on the lips* I think you look perfect as always.
Shiro: *beams and flushes at the same time* And YOU call me a sap.
Keith: You’re very contagious, Doctor Shirogane. *smirks* Now c’mon. *interlaces his fingers with Shiro’s*

They leave the hospital and made their way to the parking lot which confused Shiro because usually they would just take a cab to their destination. So when they stood in front of Keith’s new red motorcycle, Shiro just stared at it.

Keith: *amused* *throws Shiro a helmet* Put this on.
Shiro: *surprised* *almost drops the helmet but catches it thankfully* W-What?! *looks at Keith* Did you… Is this… Are you…. *blinks* W H A T ?
Keith: *chuckles* It’s mine, Takashi. 
Shiro: *eyes widens even more* No shit?
Keith: *shakes his head* I’m not shitting you. I bought it just today and I was excited to show you and—
Shiro: You richass bastard. *slowly grins*
Keith: *shrugs while chuckling* First paycheck, baby. *winks* *finger guns*
Shiro: *walks closer to the bike* *hovers hand* *looks at Keith* Can I?
Keith: Go ahead, sweetheart. I’m your Sugar Daddy now. *teases*
Shiro: *laughs* Oh my god. *slowly runs his hands on the bike* Dude, this is… beautiful. *checks the brand* *whistles* Expensive, too. Damn, Keith. You’re a Sugar Daddy indeed. 
Keith: *slaps Shiro playfully* Hey. So, you ready?
Shiro: *looks at Keith* *grins* I’m so excited. I can see myself loving it.

Once they were on the road…

Shiro: FUCK YOU, KEITH! I AM NOT LOVING THIS! *screams* *holds onto Keith for his dear life*
Keith: *laughs* *accelerates even more*
Keith: Never kill you, sweetheart. Experience thrill, yes. But never kill you. I love you too much for that.
Keith: *takes a turn while laughing*
Keith: *abruptly stops* You’re breaking up with me?
Shiro: *collects himself* *disoriented* *looks at Keith who looks broken* What? No, of course not. Never. That was me trying to play all my cards for you to—*holds onto Keith again as they resume* STOP— GOD DAMMIT KEITH.

When they arrive at the restaurant and Shiro was finally connected with the ground…

Shiro: *tries to calm himself* Oh my GOD. That’s it. THAT’S IT. I’m buying a car. *points at Keith* And I’m buying YOU a car. 
Keith: *laughs* I’m glad you loved the ride, Takashi. Let’s do it again!

Pukwudgie? But what does heart mean?

Closing your eyes to hear the rain, a song on repeat on a on just because, hugs just a little bit too long, ‘your hair smells nice today’, shouting when angry, running the last few meters before arriving to your destination, knowing when strike to hurt someone, sticking your whole arm out of the window of a moving car, laughing too loud, crying because a book character is suffering, hearing music and automatically start to dance, racing to take the first sit, taking your friends by the hand to make them do what you want, sticking your tongue out and drinking directly from the rain, being so angry that you lash out at everyone and everything, jumping out of your skin when scared, getting personally offended, singing at the top of your lungs with a crowd in a concert, feeling your eyes watering in anger, taking pranks way too far, being dramatic when telling a story, ‘Damn you are no fun’, water so hot you skin steams after you shower, looking up at the sky when it thunders, throwing your hands up in the air in roller-coasters, getting excited when you see your footprints in the otherwise untouched white snow, being mean to someone who has done nothing wrong because you want to, being the first one to dance in the club, going to the front of a boat and opening your arms screaming that you are the king of the world, showing memes to irl friends even though you know they won’t get it, suddenly feeling afraid of what might be underneath you when swimming in the sea, putting too much acid in your words, your sides hurting from laughter, crying in the shower where no one can see you, following your instinct, feeling sick satisfaction, deep conversations at 3 am, staring at a painting for longer than usual, going to someone’s home and touching everything, exchanging meaningful looks with your friends when someone says something stupid, moving your hands when you talk, feeling numb when hurt and then boil for revenge, hating love, having bags under your eyes because last night the book was just reaching the best part, cursing at a movie, using too many emojis, liking your fingertips after eating, telling scary stories so good you end up scaring yourself, falling in love, having to stop reading mid-sentece because you need a moment to process all the feels you are getting, being rude because you don’t have time for this, been heart broken, cursing like a sailor, not caring about what other people might think, the wind hitting your body as the motorbike flies over the road, obvious sarcasm, performing in the shower, hating too strongly, headphones too loud, acting the guitar solo, pushing other people to get a better look, knowing what someone is gonna say before they say it, sticking your tongue out to someone as an answer, way in anything and everything, not awkward silences, smelling flowers at midnight, raising your eyebrow, holding grudges and having your emotions in tune with your life.

Begin: BTS OneShot

*A/N  I ran across this text post by @taedamn and became inspired!  (I promise I’m still working on Scars too, but this just overtook my brain.)  I hope you enjoy!


Pairing: Min Yoongi x Jeon JungKook

Genre: Angst, Unlikely Friendship, Dabbles of Fluff

Work Count: 4.3K

Yoongi stood at the sink behind the counter, washing coffee mugs. Damn it this place was depressing…. no one but sick people coming in and out… And if they weren’t sick, they were depressed because someone they knew was sick… or they were an exhausted doctor or nurse that could barely focus so they came in, grabbed coffee and ran out again…. He put the last mug in the drying rack and peered over his shoulder.

He was still here….

The kid didn’t have a cup or a plate or anything, he hadn’t ordered anything for the last hour… he even barely drank coffee, maybe one a day… if that. But he came every day at 3pm, just after his physical therapy, and stayed till closing. Yoongi didn’t quite know what to make of the little brat… he didn’t want to make anything of him, really.  He’d worked at the hospital coffee shop long enough to know the golden rule… Never get involved with the patients. They either got well and left, or….more often than not… Yoongi shook his head and started to dry the mugs with a dish towel, but he felt himself glance over his shoulder again. The kid had white earbuds on, and was mouthing along to whatever song was playing. Yoongi never caught him actually singing though… just mouthing along.  Yoongi felt the corner of his lip twitch, and coughed slightly, grabbing another mug and drying it.

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A Higher Education PT.2

Summary: Shawn and yourself are best friends at University.

Word Count:  6,293

A/U: So happy with all of the support from you all. I’m really enjoying writing this so I think instead of three parts I will be doing four. But nothing more than that. ENJOY!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Yeah well just text me when you want us to come over?” I said as I pulled out my notebook.

We were sitting in the second row out of my choosing and because I had shown up early to get a good seat. I liked the third row because you were close enough for the prof to know your face but not too close for him to ask you questions.

“Excuse me?” I heard a voice coming from next to Shawn. I glanced over and saw the girl in the row up from us leaning over the seats, her long hair falling near Shawn and she pushed it back behind one ear. “I wasn’t here last class, do you think I could get a picture of your notes?”

My eyes narrowed automatically. First, most of the power points were online, you could sufficiently catch up by just reading them alone and supplementing with the textbook, second why didn’t she ask the people next to her and third, why was her smile so fucking big?

“Oh yeah for sure, but my writing is terrible? Maybe you might want to ask someone else?”  Shawn answered

Yeah, maybe you should ask someone fucking else.

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Collab between me and @thethespacecoyote for the bl summer bingo! Prompts: booty shorts and car wash. Art above is mine, awesome fic below is theirs. 

Jack was pissed off.

It was a nice day out—the sun was shining, the sky was bright blue and splotched with only a couple of clouds, the leaves in the trees outside his mansion were rustling softly in the breeze—and Jack had wanted little more than to take his favorite flashy sports car out for a spin with his boyfriend sitting pretty in the freshly re-upholstered passenger’s seat. There wasn’t much sexier than Rhys in his cute little V-neck and sunglasses, the wind ruffling through his glinting auburn hair.

Which is why Jack was so pissed off that he couldn’t find either Rhys or his damn keys.

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The Guitarist - Chapter One


Harry wasn’t sure how he ended up in a crowded venue, surrounded by beefy guys with beer in sleeveless leather jackets. But there he was regardless. He wanted to be alone, but not be alone. Going anywhere public would have been futile and resulted in hastily taken pictures and the definite hassle of paparazzi. It took him a while to think of a place, but he was driving down a quiet street of London when he saw an advertisement for a small metal band, playing a show of about 500. The tickets were dirt cheap and the risk of someone recognising him there was so slim, Harry was convinced he could use a fake name with no second glances. Harry hadn’t the faintest idea what kind of show he was in for, but he was excited to witness something new. Something where cameras weren’t watching and he could just watch, without being watched. He was to the left of the stage, people packed in closer but he stood his ground, at a good distance from the stage.

The lights dimmed completely and a dark red light illuminated the stage, hauling in whistles and screams from the audience. Harry chuckled and whistled with them, relishing in the feeling of being on the other side. Harry blended in and didn’t feel too out of place with his black t-shirt and tattooed arms, but he knew he was different. Harry dressed like a rock star but had the personality of a bumble bee dancing around a stage in a flower crown. He was a delicate creature who liked the simplicities of life and liked his privacy. He had learned over the years who he was and that person should not have been at a metal concert. The band was called Living With Insanity and he felt somehow captivated to their contrasting elements and desire for something new.

The band came on one by one, in traditional fashion and his eyes landed on the lead guitarist. The guitarist was a girl around 20, wild curly dark brown hair and cascading tattoos down her slim body. He felt entranced by her playing, the way her fingers plucked the riffs and murdered the solos. She stood on his side of the stage and mainly looked out at the crowd, smiling. Harry could just see her hazel eyes wondering the crowd as she danced across the strings on her black electric guitar. A few men in the crowd heckled at her during intervals but she took it in her stride and answered their crude and ridiculous pleas. He was captivated by her, nobody else mattered in the band, the crowd’s screams dulled in his ears as he listened only to the playing of her guitar. His body moved to the playing of her guitar, much like rest of the crowd. Her eyes wondered out to the crowd, searching for faces but Harry knew this attempt was pointless in such a dark venue. The show came to a close and all Harry wanted to do was find that girl and talk to her. Her aura on stage was enthralling and he felt possessed by it. He wandered lethargically out of the venue and to the back of the building where he saw them packing up. Chords lay tangled everywhere and she was crouched down wrapping them around her arm, cigarette between her lips and hair wild.

“Hey.” Harry said softly as he walked up in front of her, her eyes darted up and eyebrows quirked at him.

“Hi.” She replied in a huffed tone and continued wrapping up the chords.

“I’m Harry” he said with an assured tone, attempting to strike up a conversation, maybe even help her.

“I am aware. I’m Piper” Harry was slightly taken aback but didn’t let it faze him.

“Can I help you with anything?” Harry said, grinning and looking down at the chords she had to wrap up.

“Sure, just don’t mess up the chords.” She handed him a loose chord, making brief eye contact with him. Piper wasn’t quite sure why Harry was at their show, in fact she was quite confused.

“What are you doing here, pretty boy?” Her tone was somewhat accusing but she was mostly outrageously curious.

“I came to enjoy the show.” He said sincerely, Piper’s expression was somewhat hard and unreadable.

“Yeah okay.” Piper went back to wrapping the chords and took a ling drag of her cigarette causing Harry to cough innocently. Piper rolled her eyes, her expression covered by her cascading looks.

“Look, I just wanted to tell you the show was really good by the way, and you are an amazing player.” Harry smiled at the girl, her piercing mixed hazel eyes looked at him, attempting to decipher his meaning.

“Look, flattery will get you nowhere, pretty boy.” Piper retorted, accusation lacing her soothing voice.

“I wasn’t- ” Harry was cut off by Piper standing up and walking away, he quickly got up to follow her, desperate for her attention. Harry almost slapped himself for being so whiney. Piper turned around and took a step toward Harry to which he took one back. Piper took another and so did Harry, he felt his back touch a wall and Piper stood awfully close to him.

“Pretty boy, what do you want?” Piper spoke softly, holding a firm and slightly frustrated tone.

“A drink, with you.” Harry’s breathing had quickened and he could feel the hair on his neck rising in nervousness.

“I don’t do the whole mega star thing.” She gestured to his body and he shook his head.

“I’m not like the media portrays me.”

“And what would that be?” Piper challenged

“A stuck-up asshole with too much money and who doesn’t care.” Harry breathed out quickly, burning under Piper’s stare. Piper weighed up her options, she could either go home to her messy liquor filled apartment and drink herself to sleep or she could go out with popstar Harry and go to a poncy bar with a dress code.

“I pick the bar.” Piper stepped away from Harry and he exhaled sharply, nodding while looking her in the eye. Piper asked one of the roadies if he could pack up the chords and she told Harry to wait while she collected her belongings. He waited anxiously, somewhat intimidated by her. They started walking down the alley way, Piper led the way, her strides fast and snappy, Harry kept up with his long legs. He couldn’t help but trail his eyes down her body when she got slightly ahead, her jeans clung tightly to her figure and her hair flowed wildly behind her, mimicking her fierce personality. Harry didn’t want to seem like the other guys she clearly disliked so he kept his eyes down on the road as they walked. Harry didn’t even expect to acquire her number at the end of the night but her endearing personality attracted him, in an unexpected manner. He usually went for a quiet girl who didn’t cause the media any scandals, although, he felt Piper admired privacy and didn’t want hers stripped away from her.

“So, how long have you been playing guitar?” Harry smiled as they walked down a quiet street with a few lone people lurking around.

“Since I was eight. How long have you been singing?” Piper looked at Harry, making an attempt to be nicer than she had.

“Ever since I could talk really, but I didn’t think I had any real potential.” Piper couldn’t help but roll her eyes, but hid them from Harry who was watching her intently.

“Yeah, well singing seemed to turn out pretty well for you.” Piper attempted a smile that ended up like a pained Cheshire cat. Harry however smiled his toothy grin back and Piper stopped at a door. The door led to a downtown bar, the slightly dodgy and dirty part of town. Even as a teenager, Harry didn’t venture down here, unlike Piper, his life was more sheltered than hers. Harry had lived a relatively normal and cosy life as a child compared to the backlashing harsh life of Piper.

The lights inside the bar were dim and a few strippers adorned poles in the back corner of the room. Middle aged men threw money at them, their white singlets showing their protruding beer bellies. Shift workers loved this place. They loved the dark decor, the cheap strippers and the near twenty-four-hour service for any and all needs. Harry felt a bit uncomfortable but slung his body down on a faux leather lounge that was chipping and peeling. Piper ordered shots for the two of them, clearly knowing her way around the claustrophobic, smoke ridden bar. She laid down on the lounge opposite him and he coughed slightly, engaging her attention.

“So, tell me about your life?” Piper was shocked by his constant optimistic glow but shrugged, sitting up to look him in the eye.

“I bust my ass in a band that is seemingly going nowhere, but I love making music so I stay. I work occasionally at this bar when our gig money doesn’t cut the rent and electricity and water bills. I could’ve gone to university; my marks were good enough but I chose the band life and started touring the UK with a bunch of twenty-five-year old guys who learnt pretty quickly that I was an equal member of this band and we got along ever since.” Harry wasn’t expecting such a length response, but he was glad they were managing to get a conversation rolling. Piper didn’t ask about his life and she knew it would completely shadow her small little life.

“What was your first job?” Harry questioned as their shots came and they downed them simultaneously.

“I used to work at a coffee shop that was on the river. It was lovely there, but they changed owners and it wasn’t the greatest after that. What about you?” Piper seemed to look fondly back on this memory, a smile curled on her lips and Harry wanted to see more of it.

“I used to work in a bakery.” They made eye contact and Piper giggled at Harry’s answer.

“What?” he giggled back at her, confused at her sudden outburst, but intrigued.

“I’ve lived a safe life and I am a huge rock star and I used to work in a bakery.” Piper taunted him, Harry’s grin widened as he shook his head at her impression.

They ordered another round of shots, this time Harry watched her drink hers before he downed his. He watched the scrunch of her nose as she swallowed and the crinkle of her eyes as the spirit hit her throat. His eyes stared into hers as she bit her lip, hollering for more shots. Shot after shot they took and soon they were huddled together on the same lounge, Harry ran his hand through her dark curly mess. Harry’s phone began to buzz relentlessly and Piper had ended up turning it off and shoving it in her pocket, claiming he wasn’t allowed to have it. Harry was surprised by Piper’s demeaner in her drunken state. She stopped pretending to be an intimidating guitarist and let herself laugh and smile. She snuggled into his chest as they sat there, the music subtle in the bar, a few truck drivers had stopped and then left again. They had been there the longest, cheesy laughing at every shot they took and slamming the glasses down on the scratched dark wooden table.

“I think we better go.” Piper stated, in between every word a hiccup.

“I’ll call my driver.” Harry said loudly and started patting Piper down in an attempt to locate his phone. He found it and smirked at Piper before taking it off her. Piper dazily sat up from the lounge and stood up, stretching widely as Harry made the call.

“Okay, let’s go!” Piper was in an excited state and dragged Harry up from the lounge, he grabbed his coat and stumbled with her out the front door. They stood in the freezing air, dancing from foot to foot, trying to keep themselves warm. Harry felt light headed and looked towards Piper, her face lit up as she made eye contact with a freezing Harry. Harry saw a car turn a corner, recognising it immediately he walked closer to the road. It was being followed by several vans, he knew they contained paps. He looked to his driver and his driver was shaking his head, Harry knew he had been stalked on the way over. Piper seemed gleefully unaware of them and Harry wanted to keep it that way, knowing that even in her happy drunken state, she would lash out, claiming he was something he wasn’t. He wrapped an arm around her waist and hustled her into the car as soon as it pulled up. He saw the distant flash of a camera but didn’t turn his head in acknowledgment and instead buckled himself into the dark car.

“Piper, where do you live?” he slurred lightly but smiled earnestly at her. She seemed somewhat more aware and gave the driver explicit directions, her hands gesturing as she spoke. Harry tried to take a mental note of her place when they arrived, it was in a quiet street. The apartment building towering menacingly over the drunken boy. He stepped out of the car with her, walking her to the entrance of the building. Piper regained a sober moment and pushed him unexpectedly against the red brick wall.

“Like I said pretty boy, flattery will get you nowhere.” She breathed to him, her eyes flutter as she leant in and kissed the corner of his mouth teasingly. He tried to kiss back but she stopped and smirked at him, fumbled with her keys and unlocked the apartment entrance.

“See you later, pretty boy.” Her voice, like velvet rang in his ears as he walked back to his car, already in need to see her again.

Mine Would be You

Written for @jpadjackles‘s Double Birthday Challenge. My song was “Mine Would be You” by Blake Shelton. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1600-ish

Warnings: Angsty, language, drinking, Jensen singing (yeah, I consider that a warning)

A/N: Lyrics are in bold, I made up the last verse in bold italics. Italics are flashbacks. Thanks to my girls, @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms and @paintrider13-blog for their support of this story! Love you both, you are my sun to ward off the darkness! 

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Because I Like You // Yoon Sanha


the prompt: hii! can i ask an sanha scenario where you’re his classmate (but still quite older than him) and he seems friendly with others but you and its because he likes you..? thank you!!

words: 1372

category: fluff

author note: this was really fun to write! sorry it is short, but i hope you like it!

- destinee

Originally posted by astrobinn

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