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how old are you when you started watching txf?

Oh, let’s see, I was a little girl when my dad used to watch it and I didn’t pay much attention. I wanna say around 11 or 12-ish. The first episode I fell in love with was Memento Mori. Sighhh. I remember thinking ‘they love each other so much…’ It felt so real. Little did I know ;-)

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Boueibu 30 Days Challenge

Ahaha, look at me, falling behind yet again. And this time I’m too sleepy to post more to try to catch up TuT.

Day 26: Favorite Duet Song. 

There’s no deep intropection for this, the one real and honest reason I have is that Sync A Think is catchy af. The rythm and melody are interesting and cheerful, their voices harmonize awesomly… I don’t even know the lyrics, but it is obvious how it is about the fact that those two can get along being so different, so it’s all like, celebrating differences…

Idk man, I just really like this one.


I’m really loving this season of Arrow.  I really hope they can maintain this nice balance of drama and action.  They really got bogged down in over the top personal drama the second half of last season.  It was too many tropes crammed into a show with a lot of story going on.  So far this season, they’ve hit all the beats with character flaws, growth  and good action based story.  Really looking forward to more eps!

Hi I’m Emergenji/Gency trash ( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅

I love @sarcasticasides​‘s Genji cat design and I love Mercy so I just sketched something out sorry it’s so messy. Wanted to put some love/art in the tag too (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*