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4. BTS Reaction When You Look Cold But Are Actually A Nice Person.

Thanks to the anon that requested this :) sorry if there’s any mistakes x


Jin probably wouldn’t worry to much about you looking cold and not smiling as he’s generally a person who looks out for everyone. Although the moment he spoke to you and found out that you were really shy, he would find you absolutely adorable. Jin definitely wouldn’t get how you can look one way but act the complete opposite so it would make him love you even more.

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Well yoongi can look cold himself so I don’t think he would worry too much about what you’re actually like as he knows that sometimes the people who look the coldest can be generally good people. He would love when he finds out that you have a lovely personality only because it’s something that you would both have in common. He would find it cute that your personality differs and would be super happy to know the real you.

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Wow he would fall in love with you even more. I feel namjoon would like the badass looking women but to find out your personality is completely the opposite would make him so happy. He would love to see you get all shy and knowing that he caused it even when you do look really tough.

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He would be a little worried when approaching you only because you can look intimidating and he doesn’t want to be rejected but the minute he saw you blushing and getting shy he would remember the exact reason why he had a crush on you in the first place. Hoseok would love that your not as bad as you seem as that makes things a lot easier for him.

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He would be so scared to approach you just in case you are as mean as you look but when he finds out what your true personality is like he would love it. He’d be so relieved to know that you’re really nice and he’d find you super adorable even when everyone else thinks you’re intimidating.

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Taehyung really wouldn’t care that you look cold as he’s a people person and wouldn’t be put down by the fact that you look cold. Although once the little baby finds out you’re funny and shy he would be over the moon to know that you’re so cute and he loves cute things.

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Good luck getting this little bun to talk to you BUT the minute he’s sees you smiling and making jokes every single one of his worries would be gone. He’d be super happy only because it would’ve probably taken him months just to talk to you, so to see you smiling and blushing he’d think you were so adorable and love it so much.

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▓  - the awful weather forced them to stay stuck home (bonus if one of them doesn’t live there) (w/ ceo!hoseok)

“You know, you could just spend the night here,” Hoseok suggests, his fingers strumming up and down your arm, a leisure movement he likes to do when you’re tangled up in the sheets with him; skin on skin with your whole, if not almost entire being connected to him. You hum and remain pressed to his chest, fingers idly flicking one another behind his back because Hoseok likes leaning against the headboard with a small gap for your arms to slip and settle there.

“I wouldn’t want to have to worry if you’d make home safely with the weather looking like the moment you step out, you’d be swallowed,”

Chuckling, it’s a sound Hoseok adores to hear. He smiles at you, as if he couldn’t the moment your eyes meet. 

“You sure you wouldn’t swallow me first?”

All he does is bite his lip, and you hit him without much force.

“I mean, you know, if you wanted me to all you have to do is just ask me, love,”

“You’re insatiable,” You mutter under your breath, turning your head to rest your cheek by the side of his arm. He laughs and shifts you to lay down with him, legs coming between yours before they rest like that, tangled and warm under the sheets, “I know,”

“But you seem to like it,”

“No comment,” You sigh, closing your eyes and it’s his turn to chuckle as he cups your cheek, “So you’re staying?”

You peek with one eye to see his gummy smile before it closes to dissolve his image, but not his voice when they continue to kiss your eardrums.

“With you here like this, I’d be crazy to leave,”

He smirks and pulls you closer, as if you hadn’t been anything but close.

“I would’ve said the same thing,”

“Don’t push it,”

“…let’s sleep then.”

You’re Everything Harry Styles Smut for Anonymous

I sat in my apartment with a video tape in my hands staring down at it. Amazed by how one moment I was looking for past videos of my fiancé and I to having silent tears fall down from my face and a bottle of wine gone.

“Fiance I’m home!” My fiancé called out as he entered our apartment and dropped all of his things at the door like any other night. He came into the family room and saw me looking down at my hands with the tape. “Babe what is that?” He asked and I looked up at him and his face softened when he saw my tears.

“Why don’t you see for yourself. You can pull a full on marathon with the videos you have.” I said as I slapped his video to his chest as I walked toward our bedroom.

“Babe I’m so confused what is this?” He asked as he followed me in and I started packing a small bag. He stopped me and made me look at him.

“Those videos are all your sex tapes with all your past girlfriends, or one night stands! Next time you should hide them better or don’t call them Harry’s High School Scores!” I yelled as I kept packing my clothes and he stopped me from packing.

“Babe I just named those because I didn’t want my mom seeing them. I thought those were lost the moment we decided to move in together.” He said and I sighed and rolled my eyes.

“You never thought about telling me you’ve ever made a sex tape! Or should I say sex tapes!” I yelled  and went to the kitchen to get my phone charger.

“I didn’t know you at the time! This was before you where I was a complete jerk and didn’t care who I slept with.” He argued and I turned and looked at him sad.

“Harry.” Was all I said and he knew how hurt that caused me. Harry has been the only person I’ve slept with. He knew this and he knew how much stress it caused me and how important waiting was for me.

“Babe I didn’t mean it like that. I was careless back then but we’ve been together for so long and I chose you. I want you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You knew I have been with a lot of women.” He argued and I sighed.

“Harry hearing you say it is one thing but seeing it on tape with these women who are so out of my league.” I said in a sigh and he gently grabbed my hands and I looked up at him.

“Love what are you talking about?” HE asked and I looked back down starting to feel my eyes water.

“They’re so beautiful and sensual and experienced.” I said and I walked away and went back to our bedroom with tears falling onto my cheeks. I felt Harry come in and he hugged me by my waist. He kissed my shoulder and rested his chin.

“Love you are so divine and graceful and gentle and kind. I love you for who you are not because you aren’t sexually experienced. You’re everything to me even if you don’t see it.” He whispered while lightly rubbing my hip bones knowing that would help relax me.

“It’s hard to not compare myself to those women.” I whispered with a dry voice and he gave me gentle squeeze.

“Those women aren’t you. They didn’t steal my heart away , they didn’t make me belive in love. They never made me feel the way you do every single day.” He said and he lightly kissed the back of my neck. I closed my eyes and sighed and slumped my shoulders.


“Love I’m so sorry. That was an old side of me that I hated, I love the side you bring me out and I want to be this side for the rest of my life. With you.” He interrupted and I turned around with silent tears covering my eyes and blurring my vision. He whispered soft ‘shhs’ and wiped my tears away. I leaned up and kissed him catching him off guard. He kissed me back and scooped me off my feet and gently laid me on the bed.

“You’re everything to me.” HE whispered before kissing down my neck and I unbuttoned my shirt while he lifted mine to kiss my stomach knowing how much I liked it. I let out a small whimper as his hands groped my breast through my bra and I felt him smirk. He unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them all the way down while I took off his shirt.

“My beautiful baby not wearing any underwear. I love it when you’re naughty.” He growled and I bit my lip as his lips attacked my core and gasped and grabbed our headboard. He grabbed my hips and lifted them up and went deeper and I bit my lip to keep myself quiet. He tapped my ass signaling for me to make noise, because he likes to hear me but I feel like an idiot when I moan.

“Fuck Harry. I’m close but I want to come with you not just by your mouth!” I moaned and I grabbed his hair to try to stop him but he went deeper and stuck a finger along with his tongue. I yelled and he smirked as I felt my orgasm reach its high and I pulled his hair causing him to grunt. I was panting as he climbed back up toward me and I couldn’t help but smile at his goofy grin that he had on.

“Babe you know I love to make you yell. You don’t have to be quiet if you want to yell. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you about cumin but I couldn’t help myself.” He said and kissed me hard and I kissed him back.

“Harry I love you.” I said with a small smile and he leaned down and kissed me again and I felt like I was in heaven. He looked at me and I nodded and he lined himself up with me and slowly slid in causing us both to moan out in pleasure.

“I want to make you feel good. You’re everything to me and I’m so glad I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you.” HE whispered and I smiled and forced him to kiss me as his hips started to move. I surprised him by flipping us over and rocking my hips back and forth. He grabbed my hips and started to thrust his up and I moaned louder while he followed with grunts. I clawed at his chest and bit my lip and he knew I was close. He brought a hand down and started to furiously rub my clit and I gasped and threw my head back. My hips rocked faster and I grabbed his thighs and squeezed.

“Harry fuck! I’m cuming!” I yelled as I reached my orgasm and Harry followed right after. We both panted and I got off him as I walked toward the bathroom to start a shower.

“Baby you know how much you mean to me right?” He asked as he came up behind me and hugged my waist.

“I know it’s not as much as I love you.” I said with a smirk and he laughed and kissed my cheek and as he started to walk away I slapped his ass and he jumped. I laughed and wnet into the shower smiling glad who I’m spending the rest of my life with the man I love.

Tamaytka’s Casper x Reader

Artwork, Casper, TicTac, Aaron, Scarlet & Pigeon’s Pizza all belong to @tamaytka​. This is merely a fan-work, inspired by the fluff-inspiring Casper. I might try doing more for Casper. It was really fun and relaxing to write. I apologize in advance for any misinterpretations & mistakes!

Casper leaned back on the sofa, head coming to lay against the sofa’s arm rest. He pressed a hand against his face and heaved out a heavy sigh before running his fingers through his newly cut hair. It had been getting into his eyes, and he had finally gotten sick of it.

Enough to cut it, at least.

He felt a weight drop onto his shoulder - turning his head, he found it was the tiny Tic-Tac he and his friends had adopted.

The little plush-looking creature stared blankly at Casper for a moment, before giving off a soft wheezy quack. He was slumped on Casper’s shoulder as if he were no more than a ragdoll - using the convenient softness of Casper’s sleeveless jumper and the rise and fall of the adolescent’s chest to ease himself to sleep.

‘I don’t blame you, Tic-Tac. I might join you in,’ a yawn slowly came to escape Casper. 'A couple of minutes.’ He flexed his legs and kicked off his shoes, his socks joining them shortly after on the floor. 'Aaron’s at work, Scarlett’s turn to watch'im…perfect time to nap.’ He hummed to himself, his hand coming to slowly stroke Tic-Tac’s feathery head. Gradually, his pastel blue eyes were closed and his dreams beginning.


You pushed open the doorway into the apartment, rubbing the back of your neck sorely. It had been a long evening, working as a waitress for the last hour of the lunch rush, and the first hour of the dinner rush. It didn’t help that Aaron started part way, dozing in and out of consciousness, and Scarlet pestering you, to pester him awake. Sometimes, you wondered why you put up with your boyfriend’s friends.

You slid the beak hat from the top of your head and tossed it onto the rack on the wall, jacket joining it along with the work apron. 'Casper?’ You called into the apartment, sliding your shoes off. You were eager to slide out of your skirt and button-up shirt, and slide into a loose shirt and a pair of sweatpants. Cuddling up to Casper in front of the TV would be a nice bonus as well.

There was no reply, which was surprising. Even if Casper didn’t always reply, Tic-Tac usually came waddling to you in hopes of free food.

'Tic-Tac, I’ve got cheese pizza!’ You tried.

There was still nothing, prompting a frown to spread on your face. With a firm nod, you decided to go get changed and then roam in search of the two.

Quickly ducking into your and Casper’s shared room, awkwardly stepping around Casper’s increasing pile of dirty laundry - he insisted that being dead meant his laundry didn’t need to be done. He got fussy sometimes when you insisted, but he enjoyed the soft clothes once you put them through a cycle. It also meant he was usually softer to cuddle.

One of his jumpers and a pair of your own sweatpants later, you stepped out of the room and strolled into the kitchen, glancing around for the little plush-looking TicTac. 'Ticcy,’ you called, opening the fridge to slide the small container of pizza you’d brought home, inside. 'Taccy.’ Stepping into the living room, you almost missed the nineteen year old on the couch, if it hadn’t been for the quiet quack TicTac gave as he rolled over. 'Guess the cuddle pile started without me this time.’ You smiled and folded your arms as you came to stand by the sofa.

His pale-tan skin still seemed as full of life as the day you met him, but his sudden death still seemed a surprise to you. Passing at such a young age, it couldn’t have been easy, but he always played it off. You supposed it was so he wouldn’t make you feel guilty for not really seeing him until a week after his death.

There were rumours that the longer someone was dead, the colder their body got. You could’ve sworn it was the opposite way with Casper. Always a warm little cuddle-ball, barely awake for the time you got off work and school. You lowered yourself down, resting on the edge of the sofa, snuggled up to the warmth that is Casper.

TicTac glanced at you, stirred from sleep, before sniffing and starting to pull himself over the sofa arm. 'It’s in the fridge, third shelf,’ you said to the little creature as he tottled off. You rested your face on Casper’s shoulder, inhaling his familiar smell.

Toasted marsh mellows and cinnamon.

You didn’t even know where it came from - he couldn’t have touched the kitchen without the food exploding everywhere, but never the less, it meant he was there. That’s all you needed.

You felt a pressure on top your head, a hand coming to rest on your back as an arm pulled you onto Casper’s body, off the edge of the sofa. 'About time you got home, my little ghost.’ He breathed into your hair. He tangled his fingers into your ponytail, gently tugging it free.

'I’ll make your dinner after a nap,’ you replied, lifting your head to look at the drowsy blue eyes. You pressed a tender kiss to his lips, rolling your eyes when you felt them smile. Your head soon resumed its place on his shoulder, eyes sliding shut for your own nap. 'Wake me in a couple hours, Cas.’ you whispered, yawning and drifting off.

'Maybe. Depends if I wake up then,’ he chuckled, joining you in a blissful sleep.

I sit here twiddling my thumbs and tapping my feet. It’s unusually hard for me to stay still today. I glance across the room for a moment.

It’s a little crazy and even a bit funny how over 2 years ago I loved this girl. I fell for her as if it was the easiest thing in the world.
And she ruined me.
She wrecked me and hurt me in ways I didn’t know were possible.
She hurt me in places I didn’t know existed.
And now she’s sitting across the room.
And here we are, a mere 20 feet apart with silence between us.
As if nothing happened. But it did. And it doesn’t hurt to look at you anymore. But sometimes there are those delicate moments where I find myself tasting a bit of nostalgia as I look at you tap your leg or fix your hair. How I loved you and what we were. We were so many good things, but too many bad. Too toxic. We loved each other but it was never going to work. And after all of it. The falling, the love, the destruction and heartbreak. The hurt. We sit across from one another. With these memories still held in the back of our minds. The knowledge of who you are at your core, how you’ve seen my soul, but how you only chose to love me when it was convenient.
The darkness you created in me when you left the way you did.
As if none of it never existed at all.
—  between us 
how can you love me?

“I’m so fucking in love with you!” Daveed yelled as you stood with your arms crossed. His eyes were looking anywhere but yours, the dark eyes closing for a split moment before he opened them again when you made a small whimper.

Your eyes had tears in them and the whimpers and sobs falling from your lips broke him.

“How can you love me?” you whimpered out and sat your hands on your face as he began to speak.

“How can I not?” his voice calmed. You looked at him and took a deep breath.

“I do not love myself so how can you love me?” you whispered.

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” Is that outfit really appropriate? “


Viv + Rook + hunting gear

The Twi’lek blinked and frowned slightly. “Is that outfit really…” He searched for a word carefully. “appropriate?”

The slender Cathar folded his arms and frowned hard, ears flattening. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing, nothing,” Viv said in a soothing tone, raising his hands a bit. “Just…for hunting…”

Rukahr blinked and glanced down at himself. He was wearing what he normally did. Loose sturdy pants with plenty of pockets tucked into knee-high boots. A shirt that hung on him a bit, tucked into a vest with even more pockets, and over it all a heavy leather jacket that was made for someone much broader and fell past his knees. It covered him, concealed him, and was even protective. At least in the places he was used to being. His brow creased a moment and he looked back up.

“…I don’t…have anything else,” he said carefully, trying not to sound disappointed that he might not be hunting at all.

Viv made a soothing noise, coming forward to touch his shoulder gently. “No problem. We got plenty of armor around your size. We can put off leaving an hour or two and get something tweaked out to fit you.”

“You mean Mandalorian armor?” Rook said, tilting his head.

“Well, yes,” the Twi’lek laughed, guiding the other toward the armory. “You are going hunting with Mandalorians.”

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can you please provide some headcanons about Emerald being safe, cared for and loved for the first time in her life because lord knows she needs it (If headcanons are hard for this then could you possibly write a little something instead?)

Emerald’s eyes shut open, heart still pounding fast. She didn’t even remember the nightmare, or for how long she had been asleep. Could have been five minutes or five hours. 

She was still lying between Weiss’ legs, head resting on her stomach. You’re safe, she told herself, and it sounded odd. When had she ever been safe?

The nightmare had left an unsettling feeling in in her chest, nagging and burning. She shifted her head a little to look at Weiss who only glanced up from her book for a moment and started to gently stroke Emerald’s hair. It immediately calmed her down. 

You love her. 

She buried her face in Weiss’ sweater. Gentle fingers started to caress the back of her neck, making her stomach feel warm and tingly. 

She loves you.

Emerald lifted herself up and icy blue eyes locked with hers. Weiss looked so beautiful, wearing her hair down for once, soft white curls falling down on her shoulders. “Tired?”, Weiss asked. Emerald shook her head and Weiss layed her book on the coffee table. “You’ve been asleep for at least an hour. I thought about waking you up before you have a sore neck tomorrow.” 

And she cares for you.

“You’re comfortable.” Emerald rested her head against Weiss’ chest. Weiss wrapped her arms around her and buried her face in Emerald’s hair. “Want to go to bed? Or stay up and read?” 

“I thought you weren’t tired.” 

“I just don’t want to go to bed without you.” 

Why not both? Fluffy Emerald post coming up.

Just be aware that yeah, I wrote a little something for this one, but I am muuuuch more picky about requests that ask me to write a scene or something like that instead of headcanons. 

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For real?! They said dan and phil? That's the funniest thing ever wtf :D

they did!

there was an awkward moment where i looked down at my dnp galaxy backpack and then back up at them and they did the same and we both kinda smiled at each other then i turned my music volume up

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We're actually freaking out because 1) henriks filming with the girls 2) henrik looks power Even as fuck 3) if him and tarjei are filming it means that ISAK x Even are still going strong 4) there's links to a party so perhaps noora birthday is coming up. Just to give you a 360.

Ohh I know, trust me! And I’m freaking out about ALL of it too. I just saw that photo and people exploding lol, that’s what I meant. I started freaking out the moment I saw the ‘looking for extras’ post, actually