look no movie shit in this photoset

uncommonsockeater replied to your photoset: nicasiosilang: singoallala: Holy shit tho??!? I…

trudeau too good-looking? really? nightingale of the old fashioned movie lead looks? other way round i’d’ve said

Obviously this will depend on people’s subjective feelings on how attractive Justin Trudeau is and how attractive Nightingale might theoretically be, but I’ve always interpreted Nightingale as, like, good-looking but not head-turningly so, and the movie-star thing being at least 50% Peter’s filter and his clothes. 

…and I really can’t keep going because when I got up this morning I did not expect to be making a post about the subjective attractiveness of Justin Trudeau vs Thomas Nightingale what even is my life 


mötley crüe + outfits: shout at the devil

“When we were living together, we had watched Mad Max and Escape From New York, until every image was engraved in our brains. We were starting to get bored with the glam-punk image because so many other bands have copied it, so our look evolved into a cross between these two movies.”
- Nikki Sixx

My favorite meme that often goes unnoticed is photosets of unlikely shows/movies that use specific screengrabs to make it look like some David Lynch shit