look my hair is occasionally not greasy

He gets a new girlfriend and you dont like her (matt)

(Your p.o.v)14

I sat at my desk twiddling the pen in my hands,
I stared blankly at the wooden desk ,when i was interrupted
By a knock on my door,
I knew it was my dad becuase he did our secret knock
Three knocks,then one,then two,then three again,it was kind of our thing
“Come in” i say,
The door creeks open,
“Hi” i say,as my dad enters the room,he sits on the edge of my bed,
“You ok?” He askes
“Yeah i guess”
“So..” He says
I know he was trying to tell me something,he was awkward like this
“Spill” i said
“So,okay,i have someone i want you too meet”
Oh god,the day ive been dreading my entire life,well most of my life.
You see my mom died when i was 2 and i lived with my dad from then on,
I dont remeber much about her,but she was really beautiful,id saw pictures of her,
“Y/n” my dad shouted ,snapping me out of my thoughts,
“Um yeah?”
“So do you wanna meet them”
“Uh sure” i replied nervously
“Ok shes waiting downstairs”
My stomach went into a knot,
I slowly trudged down the long stair case,
“Ugh finally” she said under her breath,
well not really because i heard her but yeah.
I stood still for a few seconds and observed her
Her skin was orange,her hair was brunette,but it was greasy.
Her make up,well,dont even get me started,and her clothes looked like shed found them in the trash.
“Um hi” i said sticking out my hand
“Oh hi” she said
We spent the rest of the evening getting to know each other
She was extremely rude,and ignorant,she would stick her nose up at me
And talk down too me,she was sat opposite me,and she would give me the occasional kick if dad was focusing on me and not her,i were tempted to say something but i didnt have the heart to ,
It was clear to say i didnt like her ,and it looks like i never were,she was nothing compared to my real mom,
“dad can i talk to you?” I ask
“Of course” he replied standing up and walking outbof the room into the hall way
“I dont like her” i say bluntly
“What do you mean ‘you dont like her’ you bearly even know her!” He says louder than i expected
“I just dont like her ok,” i say trying to calm him,and myself down
“Why!? Give me one good reason!” He shouts,
I got scared,he never shouted
Anger slowly built its way up into my body,
“She is a self centred,stuck up snobby bitch,she doesnt like me,and she clearly doesnt like you,she s using you for fame,for money,clearly your too blind to see that,evertime you would focus on me in there she would kick me hard under the table,and i would shut up,if you’re planning on spending your life with her,consider me out,if you change your mind about her and your relationship with her,ill be in my room,packing,because im leaving,im going to stay with cameron,or one of the other boys” i say,yeah im going to stay with one of the boys until he comes to his senses,she is using him ,why cant he see that?
I dont like this im sorry. Part 4? Message me bc i might stop these