look my hair is bleached


Random selfie! I wanted to do one before i dyed my hair again today, cos I think this blue hat looks nice with my bleached hair. *shrug*

But I didnt realise I was standing with my recycling bins in the background
Oddly fitting that I’d be surrounded by trash! But at least I’m moderately high quality trash!

…it kinda ended up like “come to environmental protection in the next 5 minutes if u want an ass kicking”


Edward Petherbridge in the ‘The Exorcism’ episode of the BBC’s Dead of Night series, 1972

I saw these sweaters and I instantly wanted to draw hux and cormac in them ok

Not quite finished yet but I’ve never painted a person before in my life (i’ve only drawn people, paintings have been strictly abstract or landscapes do to my inability to paint a person) I…don’t hate it. Sort of proud all things considered (i never make it this far. I normally scrap portraits after the first layer in my insecurity.)


Finally got my hair back to a color I’m happy with

roochuchan  asked:

Hello! Sorry if you've already been asked this but is there any fairy kei known people who look super cute but with natural hair? After my bleach grew out I dyed it all back to brown and stopped wearing fairy kei because I feel like it doesn't work well TAT

There are lots of cute coords with dark hair! Especially if you look at more “vintage” fairy kei pics~

Since people change their hair colour all the time I can’t think of someone who has consistently dark hair off the top of my head aside from @strawberryskies (although it is coloured in areas).. however, here is some inspo:

image source: Spank! Eri

image source: Tokyo Fashion

image source: KERA

A lot of Japanese fairies keep their natural hair because of school etc! Also black hair x pastel clothing has become a trend recently thanks to Yulayula

Click here for more inspo~

I hope that helps♡