look moving pictures i cropped it and put text on it and everything

Writing is Hard, pt 9: Sexting

Summary: You send Dean some dirty pictures.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Warning: Smut, taking pictures during sex

Word Count: 2600ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

You hold up the phone, then almost instantly put it down.

This is stupid.

No. This isn’t stupid. This will be hot. Just do it.

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Can you give me some advices/tutorials on how to make gifs? I suck at it and hell, I've been trying to gif for two days and I still can't :(

Of course! Let me just say when you start off making gifs it can be very difficult and confusing (I know it was for me). So I’m going to try and give you lots of tips and things that I’ve learned so hopefully you can skip lots of the hard parts I had to learn on my own. Also don’t get discouraged if you feel like your gifs aren’t turning out amazing, you’ve just started and it’s taken me over the course of 3 years to start making ones I’m actually happy with, as always practice gives you experience! Anyways enough of my rambling lets get started.

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Party Like A Stark

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Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Part (5/6)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 6

Summary: Your 19th birthday party was a memorable one and maybe the best one yet.  One of the best things that came out of the party was Peter.  There’s definitely something budding between the two of you, but will it last?

Warnings: just some cursing!


AN: Hey friends! I know this is being posted late, it literally took me hours to write this chapter! Also don’t think I don’t like Zendaya’s character after reading this! I just thought it could work! also The actor or Ned, Jacob, is Filipino, and I’m filipina so I wanted to kinda to make his birthday party accurate to how it would be in real life haha anyway sorry for the long wait! I hope it was worth it!!

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So, I have many ways of cutting out characters, and I pick which way to use depending on the scene. In this tutorial I will show you 3 ways to cut out characters for gifs. Let’s get started!

  • Program: Photoshop CS6 Portable
  • Difficulty: Easy (it’s just time consuming) 
  • Previous Knowledge: Basic knowledge on how to make gifs (any PS resource blog will have tutorials on how to make them)

put under a read more because it got quite long

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William Nylander #3.4

- read the rest of the parts for this imagine here -

A/N: so i’ve been writing bits and pieces of the upcoming parts of this little series and boy oh boy dont give up on me now folks (pls).. also let me know if you’re loving this at all by sending me a mssg or reblogging this :)

Word Count: 3,063

Translations: vacker = beautiful in swedish

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As you walked into your house, you were nearly knocked down by your excited pup. Chuckling, you bent down and pet Duke. After him trying to lick your face, you stood back up and started making your way into the kitchen. As you got into the open area that was your kitchen and dining room, you saw that you weren’t alone.

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AU Memes: Tutorial for beginners


First of all

This might be disappointing for some of you, but;

You’ll need a Computer/Mac/Laptop to make those

There are barely any apps or ways to create AU Memes on a phone. At least I don’t know any. If you only have a phone, I’m sorry about that, but this tutorial won’t be useful for you. 

I also want to say that I use a Macbook. You’ll notice in this tutorial that I recommend a lot more when it comes to Mac / Apple cause I’m more experienced in that. But this should also help you out a lot when you have a regular computer, especially with understanding the process of making an AU.

So you have a Computer or Mac? That’s great. Then let’s get started!

Step 1: Find a video that you can turn into a gif

(Gif files are what those AU memes are made of. They are those moving pictures that repeat themselves in an endless loop. You know what I mean?


You basically start with watching videos on youtube (Tumblr, Twitter, etc..) and searching for suitable videos for your imagine / AU. I’d even say that it is the most work out of all the steps because it takes a lot of time. But trust me. It will be worth it in the end. 

If you already have gifs saved to your computer/Mac, you can skip all the way to step 3. 

BUT I advise you..
don’t use already created gifs from people on tumblr
(or from the internet in general) 
and if you do, make a note and give the owners credit.
Some people might not give a fuck if you use their edits, but a lot of people do so make sure to be friendly and not claim something as yours that wasn’t made by you. 

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on to step 2. 

Step 2: Save that video

you found a video that you think would be suitable? Good. Now you need to find a way to save the video to your computer

you can …

… use youtube videos and download them via a youtube video download website or program. (I won’t link a website here because they happen to go offline often or have some issues, but..) You should be able to find a working one by googling ‘download youtube video’ and looking through the websites popping up. 

… use twitter/tumblr/instagram videos and download them via a twitter/tumblr/instagram video download website or program. Basically the same as the above. Google ‘download twitter/tumblr/instagram video’ and see what websites are working and helpful. 

I know it sucks that you’ll have to browse through the websites first, but like I said, those change often or they go offline or stop working, so if I linked a working one it might not work anymore by the time you’re reading this. There’s also often spam on those websites so be careful and make sure to have a firewall/antivirus, just in case. But there is usually at least one of those that works and let’s you download the video. 

Easiest Method that works in all cases is just to record your computer screen while watching the video. That’s the method I use currently. You’ll need a program for that but they’re usually cheap or even for free. 

Macbook: I use ‘QuickTime Player’. It allows you to record anything that happens on your screen. 

PC: search for a program at a well known provider or website (you can try googling ‘screen recording program’)

Step 3: Turn the video into a gif

To do that, you will need a program. 

Macbook: I use ‘GIF Brewery’. You should be able to find it at the app store. With that you can crop the video, cut out the part of it that you want to use and also add text and some effects. In the end it turns it all into a Gif. Everything linked here is made with this program. It’s not too complicated and pretty self explanatory when you give yourself some time to play around with it. 

PC: There should be similar programs available that are cheap or even for free. (you can try googling ‘Gif making program’) Also, make sure it’s from a well known provider or website! All that program needs to have is a function to cut, maybe crop the video and most importantly; add text. 

If you already have a prepared gif and no video, you will still need that program to add the text to it.

Step 4 (For tumblr): Make sure the gif is the right size 

If you want to upload your creation to tumblr, make sure the size is smaller than 2MB! Everything above it won’t work. 

Step 5: Put a little story together 

You probably had some kind of imagine story in your head. And you also already added the text to the scenes. Now all you have to do is upload it in the right order and maybe look at it again to double check that it all makes sense. And then, that’s it. 


Step 6: You’re done! 👏👏

Congrats! Now all you gotta do is patiently wait for people reacting to the things you’ve created. 

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Just a few more tips that might help you:

- In general, I consider a video/part of a video suitable if I can imagine a situation or dialogue with or about Y/N while watching it. 

- I often search endlessly to find the right videos and everything. This is also why it takes me quite some time and effort to make them. Using already existing gifs from tumblr might be easier. But trust me, it’s worth making different ones because if you keep seeing the same gifs over and over just with a different caption, it get’s tiring. 😪

- Trust me, you don’t want to choose the theme of the AU before searching for videos. At least not a too complex theme. It already takes time to find a video that’s suitable for an AU in general, it will take forever when you need it to fit a specific scenario. It’s much easier when you do it the other way around. Look through the videos that are out there and then see what scenario you come up with. It can be anything if you feel like it matches. Random scenarios are often the most authentic ones. (You might now understand why I don’t do too specific requests and why requests are often closed on my blog - because it’s much harder for me to do than to just put out what I randomly come up with)

- Snapchats are often very useful, especially if they’re taken by another person. This way you can always edit it the way that Y/N would be that person. You can often find Snapchat stories uploaded on youtube.

- You can use interviews/Youtube videos and pretend Y/N is there with them / behind the camera. If they’re talking and the interviewed person looks to somewhere behind the camera and smiles, or even talks to someone who’s not seen in the video, you can always pretend it’s Y/N.

- Him being on the phone is always a good video to use (’He’s on the phone with Y/N again’). always works. 😄

- If you’re not sure what to make the conversations of Y/N and him about: When I’m not sure, I make the gif without text and keep watching it until I get an Idea. It usually helps.

- If you add friends or family of the person to an AU, it can make it more authentic. A different persons point of view also can make it more interesting. 

(I might add on to this list if I can think of more)

I hope I could help a few of you !

I’m putting this out there because I want to support anyone who would like to make AU Memes. I LOVE checking them out and I think Tumblr needs more of those :)

If some of you reading this want to try making them, feel free to message me, I’ll gladly check them out and support you / give you feedback :)

Also, if you still have any questions, just message me :)

 - Mel


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“The photo I took of you has like 24,00 notes on Tumblr,” you say, looking at your account. “What is Tumblr?” Richard asks.

“It’s kind of like Facebook but you can literally post whatever without people knowing who you are unless they’re really good hackers. There are many different types of blogs,” you say, explaining all the types of blogs that you usually see.

“And I look like I just frightened you,” you finish, looking at Richard, Aidan and Dean. They look like lost puppies and you can’t help but laugh.

“And which group are you in?” Richard asks, clearing his throat.

“Mines is a mixture of photography and fandoms. I draw stuff and write stories for fandoms and I kind of just yeah,” you finish lamely, not really wanting to get into it. “Can I see?” He asks and you nod passing him my phone.

“I have this system where everything on my blog is 100 my own. Meaning no reblogging stuff. Everything on their is also watermarked as well. It’s barely visible and it kind of curves around whatever is in the middle so they can’t crop it out,“ you explain.

“B/T? 20 million followers?” Richard asks and you nod. “I can’t remember where I got the name from,” you say, shrugging.

“20 millions followers?” Dean asks. “Some people run multiple blogs so I probably get my following from that,” you explain. He nods. This is actually pretty fun.

Aidan and Richard take a picture together and you laugh.

“So I just put a caption on where it says text?” Richard asks, looking at you thoughtfully. You nod. “Yeah and then by the pound sign, you just put whatever hashtag you want. It’s like twitter but you can put spaces. One you finish with the tag, you press enter,” you explain and he nods again.

“I think i’ll caption this, “Y/n is teaching us how to us Tumblr and I don’t know how to feel about it.”” he says and you laugh.

“Just don’t make a tumblr. That would be ten times harder,” you say. “Why are there things popping up on the bottom? Did I do something wrong?” Richard asks and you laugh.

“Those are just notifications. It tells you how much people liked or reblogged the post. Its like regular notifications but on the bottom,” you shrug. you decide to move next to him to see what he’s doing. He’s looking at all the notes. You read the reblogs and smile.

“My followers are big fans,” you say. “Obviously. This blasted thing has 100 notes and I just posted it 2 minutes ago,” he says. “It’s probably cause you’re hot,” you say, shrugging and he smiles at you.

thirty days of skam fic: day seven

beginning. accusation. restless. leaves. rainbow. flame. formal. under. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. cans. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. tent. mad. thousand. paper. winter. luxury. letters. promise. simple. future.


For Even’s parents wedding anniversary, they throw a party.

Isak is surprised when he finds out it’s only their tenth anniversary.  They’d had a twelve year engagement, apparently, which Isak finds both bizarre and oddly romantic.  If you’ve decided to get married, surely you would just want to do it already, but at the same time, it’s kind of nice to think about being promised to somebody, living together and creating your lives but feeling secure enough in your promise that you don’t need to lock it down until the moment is right.

It also means there are some very cute pictures of Even standing at the aisle during his parents wedding, ten years old in a bunad that looks far too smart for him, being his dad’s best man.

The thing is, Isak likes Even’s parents.  He’s just not sure if Even’s parents like him.   They always seem friendly enough, sure, but he’s all too aware that they’d known Sonja much longer than him, and liked her, and were friends with her parents, and had been all too surprised when they found out Even had broken up with her – had not only broken up with her, but was dating someone else almost right away.  It’s not that he thinks they hate him, but no matter how many times Even tells him he has nothing to worry about, my parents adore you, Isak still finds himself getting a little nervous around them.

So at first, he’s almost surprised when he gets the invitation to their party.  He probably would have come as Even’s date regardless, of course, but they actually take the time to invite him, as if he’s a separate person from just their son’s boyfriend.  Even’s mum even texts him to make sure he’s coming, and to insist that he doesn’t get them a present or anything.  She’s sweet about it.

Isak buys flowers anyway, because he’s ridiculously nervous about turning up at the party empty handed.

Another thing he’s nervous about – and another thing Even has to reassure him thirty times that it doesn’t matter – is what to wear.  Even’s parents are very chill, but this is a formal party, not something where Isak can get away with wearing his one non-plaid button down shirt and feel like he’s put in an effort.  Even’s wearing a suit, because he’s the kind of person who owns a suit.  He has a lot of extended family and is constantly going off to weddings and stuff; it makes sense.

Isak is not the sort of person who owns a suit, though.

Which is how he ends up, one rainy Saturday when he has homework to be doing and pancakes to be eating and naps to be taking, trailing around an endless shopping center with Even instead.  It could be worse – he could be doing it without Even.  But Isak would still rather be doing pretty much anything other than shopping.

“Get that,” Even says, pointing into the window of one shop.  “You’d look hot in that.”

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The Perfect Smile

A/N: I probably overdid this, but I love it. Neuroscientist James is my spirit animal.

Thomas had always thought that Alexander was absolutely beautiful. His smile always seemed to be contagious, making Thomas’ own eyes light up as well. Thomas’ gaze would flicker over to Alexander’s any chance he got, and he felt better every time he saw Alexander smiling at something.

There was a smug smile that seemed to be reserved for only him. Something that only showed up when Alexander was sure that he had somehow bested Thomas. Every now and then, it would throw Thomas off for a second. He had seen the smile so many times, but it only seemed to get better each time.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Alexander asked one day. Thomas had been staring at Alexander’s smile, and one had appeared on his own lips.

“No reason,” Thomas had said, going on to wreck all of Alexander’s argument in one swoop.

Alexander immediately retorted. The game went on.

Maybe Thomas wasn’t allowed to feel this way about Alexander, but to him it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that he already had someone who loved him at home. All he wanted was Alexander. He needed Alexander. It wasn’t that he didn’t love James, it was just a different type of love. It didn’t have the passion Thomas felt for Alexander. That was gone, and only the skeleton remained.

James and Thomas were just very good friends that had ended up married, and basically given up on it the first time they had tried to have sex. It wasn’t romantic. It wasn’t sexual. It was just a deep friendship.

A part of Thomas always wanted to tell James exactly how he felt about Alexander, but it seemed like there was a line. Telling your husband you had a crush on another man was a stupid idea.

“Who’s making you smile that much, my husband?” James asked, stressing the pet name. It was mostly ironic, a joke about the world forcing them into this position. The day they had gotten married, it was just my husband and your husband all the way to bed. Now it was some sort of joke between the two. The world was cruel for letting them get married in the first place.

Thomas looked down at his phone. He was texting Alexander, and he could feel the smile on his lips. It was another debate about something trivial, and Alexander had sent him the message I don’t know whether to laugh or cry with a smiley face in response to a pun that Thomas had made. Somehow, it was just as contagious as seeing the real thing.

“Just somebody from work. He liked my pun.”

James chuckled, walking over and sitting down next to Thomas. “Want to watch a crappy reality TV show?”

“As always,” Thomas said, putting down his phone and leaning into James.

“Have you heard of the Texas sharpshooter fallacy?”

That was the thing with James. He was just so incredibly smart and talented and frankly wonderful, and James didn’t deserve to be stuck in a marriage with Thomas, not when he could win absolutely anyone over. Maybe Thomas would actually hand James the divorce papers one day.

James twisted the ring on his finger as he talked about someone shooting at a barn or something, and ended up connecting it to the trashy reality show they were watching. Thomas chuckled, nodding along the way. It was nice. He couldn’t deny that.

But it wasn’t what he wanted.

Thomas wanted the pounding of his heart that he felt every time Alexander stepped closer. He wanted to press his lips against Alexander and kiss him like there was no tomorrow.

There was probably a reason he was with James. Out of all people, James was the one that he had chosen to propose to. James had been there for him his entire life. They had grown up together, gone to the same college, even moved in together before they started dating. They were meant to be. James made him feel comfortable. Thomas could be satisfied with just this feeling, and he wouldn’t have to worry about the pounding in his heart. Thomas ignored his phone buzzing.

Thomas didn’t wear his wedding ring anymore. James didn’t either. James kept his engagement ring on, though. It seemed to matter too much to him for him to take it off. Thomas didn’t question it. James could do what he wanted. Thomas always saw James fidgeting with it, and he never said much about it. One day, Thomas had walked into James just holding the ring and examining it, gently turning his fingers so that he could see all the sides. Thomas sat down next to him, neither of them saying anything. They both knew that the other felt the same way. James had just slipped the ring back on and leaned into Thomas, asking him about his day.

“So you’re saying that they purposely make these people look like idiots,” Thomas said.

“That’s just an example of the entire thing. It’s why that entire Kennedy-Lincoln conspiracy theory is idiotic. It’s ignoring the fact that coincidence is going to be a normal part of life, and that just because a bunch of things seem to line up a certain way that seems incredibly miraculous, the fact is that it was statistically probable in the first place,” James replied.

Thomas began to wonder if James had picked this specific discussion for a reason. The fact that they were meant to be had always floated around their relationship. Was James finally calling bullshit on that? Thomas focused on James’ engagement ring more than the show, watching James twist it around his finger.

“Which is why when they have hours of footage, they can pick out the parts that they want and make it look like these people are idiots. To us, all these clips seem to show that Patricia is an idiot, when the bigger picture shows that they’ve cropped out all of her humanity, only showing us these snippets. We assume she’s just an idiot because that’s all we get to see of her. Same thing with all coincidences. There’s so much more that you’re cropping out, you just never see it.”

“Nerd,” Thomas teased. James playfully punched his arm.

Still, it made sense. Thomas was thinking of only the things that he and James had in common, the things that made it seem like they were meant to be, instead of all the differences they had. Different jobs, different food choices, different outlooks on life. There seemed to be much more of those than just being born in the same place and being accepted into the same college.

Maybe they weren’t meant to be.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Alexander asked. It was the same question as before, and Thomas could feel his heart racing even more.

Thomas just took Alexander’s hand, pulling him into a supply closet and kissing him hard. It was everything he dreamed of.

“What are you doing?” Alexander asked, looking up at Thomas with wide eyes and a grin.

“You make me smile,” Thomas said, picking Alexander up and leaning him against the wall, kissing him again.

Alexander let out a breathy giggle, inviting Thomas over that night. They had dinner, talked a bit, debated a bit, and Thomas left only after he and Alexander had kissed each other for a few minutes. Alexander gave him the feeling that he always wanted, a feeling that was hard to get with anyone else.

James was typing something on his computer, the TV playing in front of him. Thomas walked in and sat down on the couch next to James.

“Work late?” James asked.

“Dinner with a coworker,” Thomas answered. He was about to talk about everything that had happened between him and Alexander, but James was still his husband. That was the curse of it all. They were married best friends, and that came with its own set of problems.

Thomas had considered asking James to make it an open relationship, but he could tell that James wasn’t very into the dating thing at all anyway. It would be a selfish request, and Thomas didn’t want more strain on their relationship.

James nodded. “I’ll be out for the next week, scientist’s convention. I’m presenting some of my research.”

“What’s it about?” Thomas asked.

James instantly launched into an explanation of action potentials and synaptic transmission that Thomas didn’t understand any bit of. He just nodded and tried to be as supportive as possible. James chuckled at Thomas’ confused face at the end.

“Forgive me, but I have no idea what anything you just said was.”

“I’m trying to figure out a better way to regulate brain chemicals from the inside so that people like me don’t have to take antidepressants all the time,” James said, simplifying it for Thomas.

Thomas nodded. “I’m happy you’re helping people.”

“Shut up.”

“I’m not teasing. Aren’t I allowed to appreciate my husband?” Thomas asked, snickering.

James flicked Thomas’ hair playfully. Thomas stuck out his tongue. James chuckled. “Think my husband hasn’t grown past Kindergarten.”

“I’m going to sleep, farthead,” Thomas said.

“Hypothesis confirmed,” James teased.

Thomas rolled his eyes.

“Have some work to finish. I’ll see you in bed when I’m done?” James asked.

“As always. Good night, my husband,” Thomas said, walking up the stairs to their bedroom.

They slept as usual, back-to-back, and Thomas couldn’t help but wonder what sleeping with Alexander would feel like. They’d probably sleep facing each other, Alexander’s face in Thomas’ chest, probably arguing about something stupid. Thomas berated himself for thinking about Alexander when he was in bed with his husband. However, when his brain floated back to the thought, he couldn’t help but smile. He slept uneasy that night.

Alexander and Thomas were kissing every day. Thomas couldn’t stop smiling.

James left two days later for his convention. The house was quieter without him, but not for long. Thomas passed Alexander in the hallway.

“My place tonight. You have condoms?” Thomas asked.

He was going to revel in making Alexander speechless for the rest of his life. He kissed Alexander’s forehead, hoping nobody would see, and continued on his way.

They walked out to Thomas’ car together.

“I’m only doing this if you’re ready to commit” Alexander said.

Thomas grinned. He wanted Alexander. James didn’t matter for this one day. Thomas could deal with the consequences later. Alexander was here with him and that’s all he needed. “I’m ready.”

“Do you like me?” Alexander asked. “Like, actually?”

“Yes, I do,” Thomas said. He really did. He loved the smile that always displayed on his face when he was talking to Alexander. He loved the pounding of his heart when he talked to Alexander. He loved Alexander, and everything about him. “I love you.”

“Wow, loser,” Alexander said, rolling his eyes. “I’ve been dropping hints for a year, you could’ve asked me out at any point.”

“My bad,” Thomas said.

Alexander kissed his cheek playfully, and Thomas’ smile brightened at the giggle that followed. “I love you too.”

Alexander kissed Thomas against the door as he was fumbling with his keys to the house. As soon as they were in, Alexander pushed Thomas against the door again, kissing him hard.

“Wait for the bedroom, asshole,” Thomas said, giggling.

“Condoms are in my back pocket,” Alexander whispered into Thomas’ ear. Thomas blushed, reaching into Alexander’s back pocket and taking out the box. Alexander wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Shut up,” Thomas said.

“Make me,” Alexander purred.

Thomas kissed him again, before grabbing Alexander’s arm and running up to the bedroom, Alexander stumbling behind him. He pinned Alexander against the mattress, kissing at Alexander’s neck. He pulled off Alexander’s shirt, kissing his chest. He began to suck little marks into Alexander’s chest, his fingers working at Alexander’s pants.

“Take your shirt off, tease,” Alexander said.

Thomas chuckled. “Rather not.”

He pulled down Alexander’s underwear, beginning to kiss down his chest.

Thomas took his own clothes off eventually, of course. He took his sweet time with Alexander first though. By the end of it, they were breathing heavily on top of each other. Thomas faced Alexander, snuggling into each other. Alexander nuzzled into Thomas’ chest, pressing a kiss to Thomas’ jaw every now and then. It was better than Thomas imagined.

Thomas smiled.

They skipped dinner and went to sleep together that night. Thomas smiled as he woke up to Alexander studying his face. He gently leaned in and kissed Alexander.

“I was scared yesterday was just a dream,” Alexander said softly, smiling as he cuddled into Thomas.

“I’m glad it wasn’t,” Thomas said. He picked up Alexander and carried him downstairs, Alexander giggling the entire time. For a second, it seemed like they had let go of everything that was weighing them down. It felt like floating. Thomas poured Alexander a bowl of cereal. He buried his fingers in Alexander’s hair, gently combing through and working through the mats. Alexander purred happily at the feeling, feeding Thomas spoons of cereal every now and then.

They went to work together, debating something trivial before going to their individual offices. Around lunchtime, Alexander sat down in Thomas’ room, working across from him. Thomas cancelled all the meetings he had for the day, happy to be alone with Alexander. He leaned in and kissed Alexander whenever the smaller man started to get frustrated, and Alexander’s smile was back in a few seconds.

Thomas beamed.

He brought Alexander home another night, blindly kissing each other all the way to the bedroom. Alexander teased him this time, to the point where Thomas was begging. The both laughed the entire time, and Thomas rested his head next to Alexander’s, smiling softly.

Alexander hugged Thomas, smiling into Thomas’ bare and marked chest. Thomas smiled back. This was perfection. He relaxed softly.

“So I was thinking that we go on an actual date after this?” Alexander suggested, biting his lip.

“Maybe I can take you out to the debate and you can punish me for everything I’m thinking,” Thomas replied suggestively.

Alexander rolled his eyes, nipping at Thomas’ chest playfully. “Don’t think that a debate is a great date idea, love.”

“Maybe we could-”

Thomas’ phone buzzed.

Thomas didn’t think much of it. He looked over to the bedstand next to Alexander. “Could you get that for me, darling?”

“Sure thing,” Alexander said, reaching over for Thomas’ phone. His eyes grazed over the contact image, and he stilled. Thomas had completely forgotten that his contact for James was still “my husband” with a bunch of hearts after it. It was ironic, not serious, but that would be impossible to explain to Alexander.

Alexander looked at him with wide eyes, dropping the phone on the bed and backing away.

Thomas was shaking his head. “No, wait Alexander, I can ex-”

“You’re married?” Alexander asked.

“Yes, but it isn’t what you think!” Thomas protested, sitting up. Alexander was already off the bed, backing away to the door. “Please, stay.”

“Does he know about this?” Alexander asked, voice wavering.

Thomas shook his head, biting on his lip.

“I’m not letting you cheat on your husband. That’s not fair to him or me,” Alexander said.

“Jem is not… we’re not… we’re married, but we’re not in love,” Thomas tried to explain.

“So he’s cheating on you, too?” Alexander asked.

“No,” Thomas said. He could see Alexander deflate. “Please, we can keep this a secret-”

“You said you were ready to commit! I believed you!” Alexander yelled.

“I am ready.”

“Not when you have a husband,” Alexander said, shaking his head. Thomas could see tears in his eyes. Alexander took a deep breath, steeling himself. “I’m not making the same mistake again. I thought you cared. Have fun with Jem or whatever.”

“I care, Alexander! I love-”

“Save it for your husband,” Alexander spat, turning and slamming the door behind him.

Thomas’ smile melted right off him, and he was sure he’d never feel the same one on his lips ever again. There was a moment where everything was still, and Thomas could feel every emotion twisting in his gut.

He sighed softly, picking up his phone.

“Hi Jemmy. Nothing new.”

Meant to be.


I'll Think About It (Jay Park x Reader)

Requested by anon. Enjoy!

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You loved to draw since you could remember, it just felt nice to be able to paint a picture and make it however you want, it was a a hobby that made you feel better, it calmed you down. You took classes and soon enough you decided that you wanted to do it seriously.

Being able to bring a picture to life for someone else and mark someone’s body with something so beautiful and plenty of times meaningful to them was the best career path for you, you loved how people fell so in love with just a pictures and chose you to make it permanent on their skin. The career you chose was harder in many ways, not only ot was male dominant but in Korea it was also illegal unless you are a doctor. Even that did not stop you, you started under other artists you managed to find, when you got on your feet you made your own path.

Jay fell for your artwork, no one could deny how talented you were. It was Hyun-jung’s first tattoo and they called you to the studio to do it there, since getting a studio was too risky. But jay fell more for your face and attitude, he could tell you were foreign not only from your looks but also from your manners. Don’t get it wrong you were respectful, but you were also intimidating, when you walked in the room the second someone laid eyes on you they could tell you were powerful, your eyes had this strong gaze that could make anyone feel small next to you.

Hyun-jung’s tattoo was perfect as expected. You were packing up your stuff when you felt a hand on your shoulder! Startled you turned around your fists ready for defence. Being a foreign curvy girl in Korea wasn’t the easiest thing, so you took boxing classes. Jay raised his hands up in surrender

                          “Chill it’s just me”

“You scared me”

You said as you put your hands down. He smirked at you when you turned around to pack your things, the view was nice so he wasn’t complaining about seeing your backside

“Hyun-jung already paid me”

“I’m not here about that but good to know”

You stopped. If he wasn’t here for that, then why did he came here attempting to give you a heart attack?

“I wanted to ask for your number”

You turned back at him, now it was your time to smirk matching it with an eyebrow raised.


“Cause I want to use it for a spell to slay the magic dragon. Why do you think a guy is asking you for your number?”

“Cause he thinks he is the shit and that he can have any bitch he wants”

You fired back. His eyes went wide while you smiled devilishly. He should have expected that, you had already roasted half of the crew, it was inevitable. “So…. can i have it?”

“I don’t know, can you?…. i’m sorry I always wanted to say that”

You gave him your number and he texted you so you can have his. You took your equipment and you were about to walk out, when you heard him call you

“Hey (y/n), we are having a party tomorrow, would you like to come?”

“I’ll think about it”

And just like that you left. You said your goodbyes to the others and got out of the studio. Kiseok -who heard everything- went to his side and put a hands on Jay’s shoulder

“She is a handful, I think the famous playboy Jay park found his master”


Boy was he right. Jay went all in with you, he did stuff he hadn’t done in years, he texted you, he called you, he complimented you, he was a gentelman. It’s not like he had a choice, you demanded nothing less, he had no room to fuck things up, he had to be on his best behavior  or you would be gone, you were the one calling the shots. You had to admit that when you saw his new m/v you got a bit jealous, you didn’t like how he was looking at her, how he touched her, you should be in her place. Maybe it was time, you made him wait for too long, eve though you had established that you were in a monogamous relationship, you still haven’t moved on.

You dressed up in a tight black leather skirt that reached your knees and a thight maroon crop top, hiding the sexiest pair of underwear under these clothes. You wore your hair down and straight and your make up was dark with your lips painted blood red. When jay saw you standing on his doorstep his jaw hit the floor. You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck, since you were taller with the heels

“Hey babe”

Your voice was low and slow, he could feel your breath to his ear.He hugged you back but his hands went to your butt. You giggled as he gave it a squeeze, you closed the door with your foot and pulled away to look at him

“ so what we are having for dinner?”

“You need some dick, don’t ya?”

He had you over his shoulder before you could reply, you squealed and then started laughing. He walked in the room and pretty much threw you on his bed, you landed with a huff and hovered over you

“Babe the dinner”

“We got a microwave”


You laid on his chest, your legs tangled with his. That was when you noticed an awful tattoo on his left hand, you reached over and touched it

“When did you get that? And did you get it done by a toddler?”

“Shut up”

You giggled at his cute expression. He was very proud of all his tattoos except that one, he was drunk and he had no idea what was going on in his mind when he saw it the next day. You looked up at him with the smile he hated the most

“Oh no, I know that smile. What do you want?”

“Can I fix it?”

You asked and pouted. He wanted to fix it but he knows it’s extremely painful, so he just delayed it and did others to keep the spotlight away from that drunken mistake.

“It will sting like a bitch”

“I’ll be gentle”

You teased and pecked his puffy lips. He smiled st your words and kissed you back, his hand going on your hair

“Come on please?”

“Why do you want to do it? Do you want to mark me?”

“Yes, so when you going to have bitches grind on you in your mv’s I will still have a permanent mark on your skin”

“I knew you would be butthurt”

He cackled and you just looked at him with a serious expression on your face. He turned you around so now he was on top of you

“Do you really think I did anything with her?”

“No, I know you don’t want your studio to be burned down”

You replied. He huffed as he reached over to brush the hair away from your face, your hand found it’s way on the back of his neck and brought him closer so your foreheads were touching. You slowly licked your lips before you spoke, that made his lips art and take a deep breath.

“So what do you say?”

“Fine, but it will happen here on this bed”

“If you are a good boy you might get a treat after”

“That’s what I want to hear, but let me get a taste again”

32. i’m a loser

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Title: I’m a loser

Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/Reader

Summary: As he lights up a cigarette and looks up at the sky, he wonders when he is going to be the same man that he used to be. However, in the middle of a drunk night, he notices that life hides the secret of happiness in misery.

His head is dizzy as Jiyong puts one hand over his forehead, groaning lightly as the small pain in his head has him wincing. His black hair is sleeked back by his hand as he sits up in his bed, taking in his surroundings as he shakes his head. Jiyong always felt like he didn’t fit in; it didn’t matter who he was around of, he always felt like he was…different. Said male had the possibility of feeling like he was more, in the sense that his high standard in society made him be treated better than others, but he feels like with every dollar that enters his bank account he becomes more of a dull person.

Working, nothing else; that’s what his father taught him since a really young age, to reach his dreams no matter what and if he arrived to his home late at night, the tiredness of his body indicated that he did well that whole day. Jiyong had listened to his every word, growing up to be a person that only cared about improving as a dreamer, of reaching higher and higher to the point where he brought himself lower. He doesn’t remember when was the last time he had actually thought about his actions, it was all automatic: The movement of his hands, where he had to go and how he had to do things.

Jiyong was almost not human anymore.

There was one thing keeping him from being a complete joke, a man that didn’t feel and it was his misery. Surely, he had reached his dreams better than anyone else at such a young age; he was his family’s star, the man who had done it all. He can hear cheering from the back of his head, the voices of people who looked up at him and most importantly, the voice of his biggest enemy.

Jiyong stands up from his bed as he walks towards his bathroom. The dim lights illuminated his shirtless body with golden colors, his hair slightly disheveled as it fell over his forehead. Jiyong takes a notice of his biggest enemy, looking back at him with all the things he hated. Jiyong hated that shameless smirk that would appear on his face as a way of covering himself from being unhappy in public; he hated the emptiness of his eyes, those black eyes that once looked up at his father and how much he worked where now looking down at the ground as if he was asking for help. Bastard, Jiyong thinks of himself before picking up a box full of medicines, searching through it.

It had been a while since Jiyong had had a good night of sleep. Usually, he woke up in the middle of the night, the sound of the TV in the background as his dreams woke him up. People were strange to him; their nightmares running around the lines of fearing death and Jiyong…he feared the most beautiful things in life. He feared love, life and so on. Since then, Jiyong started doing anything to get some sleep, from drinking hot milk to swallowing pills to get his eyes to close for another hour or so.

He was doomed.

“What are you doing?” Jiyong stops his hand movements as he hears a voice behind him, a female’s voice, that is. His feet make him turn around as he takes notice of the girl in front of him, wearing the shirt he was wearing that night as she looks at him with worry, her bottom lip in between her teeth. “Jiyong…” The black haired man walks backwards slightly as his back hits the wall, looking up and down at the beautiful woman in front of him. How had she gotten there? Was she a stalker that had gotten inside his house?

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The old One-Two

Title: The Old One-Two
Author: totalfanfreak
Rating: T+ (language)
Prompt/Summary: Imagine being in a secret relationship with Reid, and when Morgan flirts with you, Reid hits him:  http://imaginingcriminalminds.tumblr.com/search/secret+relationship
Main Character(s): Spencer Reid/ Reader, Derek Morgan
Trigger Warning: none, small bit of violence
Word Count: 1363
Beta/Editor: me
Multishot: um, don’t believe so
Author’s Notes: nada
Morgan arc spoilers?: nope, set during more of season 6, way before then

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The Other Way Around: Part One

Rucas multichapter fic. Riley moves to New York from Philly her junior year of high school. Maya, Lucas, and Farkle have been the three best friends since forever. Maya wants to ask Lucas out, but the minute he sees Riley, all bets are off.

Junior year was just about to start. Maya, Lucas, and Farkle still couldn’t believe how strong their friendship was. The three of them had been inseparable since middle school. Farkle had gone to a science camp that took all summer, so Maya and Lucas the majority of the summer alone, together.  

When Farkle got back, Maya regaled him with stories. She would not stop talking about Lucas. Farkle told Lucas about this, and urged him that maybe it was time the two of them got together. Lucas never really looked at Maya like that, but after this summer, he could see it.

They had heard something about getting a new teacher. All of them had signed up for a civics class, to at least have one elective together, so they were bummed when they heard one of their favorite teachers had retired.

It was the first day of junior year. Lucas and Farkle always got to school early. Maya had texted Lucas to wait for her near their lockers, she had something important she wanted to talk to him about.

“What do you think she wants to talk to you about?” Farkle asked Lucas as they walked into the school.

“Oh please, she already told you. She tells you everything first. So why don’t you tell me what she wants to talk about?”

“It’s not my place.”

“Does she want together?”

“What that be awful?”

“No…but I wouldn’t want to ruin the…holy shit.”

The two are in the middle of the hall when they see a long legged brunette walk by and fiddle with her locker. She had long, flowing hair. She was wearing a turquoise crop top, with black jeans and booties.

“Farkle, who is that?”

“I have no idea. Maybe she’s new. This is a pretty big school, you know?”

“It looks like she can’t get her locker open. She’s definitely new. I’m gonna go see if she needs help.”

Before Farkle could convince him to do otherwise, he was already by her side.

“Uh, hi there, need some help?”

The girl flipped her hair away from her face, in what seemed like slow motion, and looked at Lucas. There stood before him was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

“What would ever give you that idea?” She said sarcastically.

“The lockers here are pretty tricky. What’s your combo?”

“I can’t tell you that. If I tell you then you’ll be able to get into my locker anytime you want.” She says coyly, a slight smile going across her face.

“It’s either that or you’ll be carrying around a lot of heavy stuff all day everyday.”

“Four-twenty one- eighteen.”

Lucas did the combination, and it unlocked instantly.

“Wow, guess I missed how to do that at my special orientation.”

“The trick is to pass zero twice on the first number.”

“Hm, they said t only do it once on the paper.”

“Do you always believe everything you read.”

“No, actually, I don’t.”

She starting putting a bunch of different things in her locker. She hung up a little mirror, and put up some pictures of friends. She sighed when she looked at them.

“I’m Lucas by the way.”

“Riley!” A man said from down the hall, suddenly approaching. She rolled her eyes. “Didn’t your mother and I tell you to stop wearing those shirts when school started?”

“Dad,” She takes a deep breath, “You and mom both got new jobs out of the blue, causing us to uproot our lives. You ripped Auggie and I out of school, and away from all of our close friends. I think my rebelliousness is understandable right now, don’t you think?”

“How long are you going to keep throwing this in our faces?”

“Until I’m not angry anymore.” She slams her locker door shut.

The man shakes his head, and walks away.

“Your dad is the new teacher?”

“Yup. He’s actually a really good teacher, I’m just annoyed right now.”

“That’s fair. Is your mom a teacher too?”

“No, she’s a lawyer.”

Maya walked up to Farkle with a big smile on her face.

“Morning Farkle.”

“Morning Maya, you seem happy.”

“Today is the big day. I told Lucas I wanted to talk to him. I’m gonna ask him out. There was a spark this summer, and I know he felt it too. Who, who is talking too?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Oh, well, I’m about to end this.”

The two walk over to Lucas and Riley.

“Hi Lucas.” Maya says annoyed.

“Hey Maya.” He says, still looking at Riley.

“Um, we need to talk remember?”

“Oh, right,” He says turning to her a little, “What’s up?”


“Maya, I’m sort of talking to-”

“It’s okay, one of my friends is calling me. See you around.”

He watched the beauty walk away. How could someone make walking look like an art.

“Damn, I didn’t get to ask her what her schedule was.”

“What’s her name anyways?” Asks Farkle.

“Riley. Her dad is the new teacher.”

The bell rings.

“We’ll talk later, okay?” Lucas says to Maya as he rushes to his first class.

“You okay?”

“Do I look okay? I don’t know who that girl is, but it looks like she’s going to be a problem. I’ve waited too long for this, I’m not going to let him slip away.”

The Love App

Dean downloads an app to find hot women around the states, but he didn’t think he’d find you.

  • Dean Winchester x Reader
  • 742 Words
  • Warnings: I don’t think so

Dean watched his phone, his heart beating as if he ran a marathon, his eyes locked on the photo of you—the girl he couldn’t get off his mind since that night you messaged him. He hadn’t been used to the app yet, unsure of why you were messaging him when he had nothing but a picture of him on the front end of his Impala.

When he finally figured out how to click on your profile, he was hooked. That picture of you in your crop top and short shorts, showing off how long your legs looked and your beautiful smile he couldn’t get enough of. He started asking for pictures, not even dirty, inappropriate pictures, though he loved when you occasionally sent one of you in your underwear, but simple, down-to-earth photos. You with no makeup were his favorite. He grinned every time you sent him a new one, even taking time out of his day to send you a message back, telling you how gorgeous he thought you were.

Chats with you went on for ages. Dean felt like he could tell you anything, except what he did for a living. Luckily, you two avoided asking that question, mostly sticking to anything else but that part of your lives, and he was grateful you didn’t push the question on him like some of the other women on the app, though by this point, he stopped searching. You had his complete attention.

How’s my darling boy tonight?

Dean grinned at the sight of your chat bubble moving, feeling even better the moment he read your text. My darling you had called him, making him feel like a million dollars.

Missing my girl. How’s my sweetheart?

I’ll be fine once I get my feet off the ground. Haven’t heard from you today—is everything alright?

He could’ve lied, he could have told you everything was just fine and that he hadn’t nearly lost Sam to a Wendigo, that the sheriff hadn’t shot his arm, grazing some skin off, that he wasn’t laid up at some motel room, miles away from you. But Dean didn’t like lying to you.

It’s been a bad day. Brother went to the hospital after an attack and now I’m lying here, alone.

Can I help?

Not unless you’re about to tell me you’re right outside my door.

Well… No. Maybe I can help another way.

Dean was expecting another picture of that smiling face. He waited on it, the anticipation causing him to itch all over and his stomach to tighten. It could be a naughty photo. He thought about it, what you might send, like a pose he hasn’t seen before. The last one he got was pretty damn sexy, but that was weeks ago. He hardly asked for them, wanting to respect you.

When the picture didn’t come and your bubble popped up again, Dean tilted his head to the right, wanting to know what was going on. You never made him wait this long, never.

A phone number appeared. Dean’s heart started racing against his chest. He noticed the smiley face you added to the end, letting him know you were serious, it was okay to call you. He’d never heard your voice before, only imagined it in his dreams.

Wasting no time, he clicked on your number and it started calling you, ringing and ringing. Now you were messing with him, tugging at his heart. It was a game to you and all too real for him. You couldn’t know how much you meant to him.

“Hello, my darling boy.”

His eyes grew wide at first, listening to the angelic voice on the other end of the phone. He dropped his gaze and his eyebrows were raised, trying to say something back. It was like his voice was caught in his throat, he couldn’t speak, couldn’t make a sound. Hearing you, your real self, it threw him off.

“Dean?” You asked, sounding a little worried. Dean let his eyes droop closed when you mentioned his name. It was blissful. Better than he ever thought. Then you giggled, and his head started to swirl.

“Hearing your voice just made everything better.” He admitted.

There it was, that giggle. “You’re going to make me blush!”

Dean smiled. A real, genuine smile that he hasn’t put on his face in years. How could a girl from the tiny computer in his hand be so perfect?


The ‘aesthetic’ tips series focuses on helping beginner to even advance graphic artists by providing thoughts and insights on photoshop and general aesthetic topics in order to produce the best results. Feel free to suggest topics at any time. In this post, we are focusing on all things size related! This one might be for beginners mostly.

Tips covered: Resizing without stretching/squashing (in gifs and images), picking the right size.

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Trust Me... [ pt. 2 ]

one | two | three
words : 1729
a/n : sorry for the late update, again.. but HOLY JESUS- YOU GUYS, THANKS FOR THE 200 FOLLOWERS! I’LL TRY TO UPDATE MORE OFTEN GUYS. ILY GUYS ALL! :3

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The Dysfunctional Greyjoy Family

First of all, I love the Greyjoys. I absolutely love every single crazy one of them, and not because they’re a wonderful family. The Greyjoys are anything but a wonderful family, which is what makes them so fascinating, and there are so many interesting dynamics at work. The animosity between Aeron, Euron, and Victarion is an entire story in itself, for one thing, and the books have only scratched the surface of it.

This post will be focusing mainly on Theon, though, and his relationship with his family members. Obviously there’s plenty of tension between Theon and Balon after Theon’s return home, but I’m convinced that his relationship with his family would have been screwed up regardless of whether or not he was taken away by Ned.

His “uncle” Dagmer is the first clue that his childhood on Pyke was lacking something.

1. Dagmer Cleftjaw

In ACOK, we’re introduced to Dagmer Cleftjaw, who joins Theon’s crew after Theon fails to convince Balon to accept his proposal. Theon’s third chapter in ACOK has some interesting things to say about his relationship with Dagmer.

Ugly as it was, that smile brought back a hundred memories. Theon had seen it often as a boy, when he’d jumped a horse over a mossy wall, or flung an axe and split a target square. He’d seen it when he blocked a blow from Dagmer’s sword, when he put an arrow through a seagull on the wing, when he took the tiller in hand and guided a longship safely through a snarl of foaming rocks. He gave me more smiles than my father and Eddard Stark together.

This is significant because Theon has memories—not just a few, but a hundred memories—of Dagmer giving him approval when he was a boy. And we know how much Theon craves approval. Every time Theon accomplished something, Dagmer was there to encourage him with a smile.

I don’t think Theon’s desperation to please Balon is anything new. I think he spent his whole life trying to get a smile from Balon.

Dagmer was no true uncle, only a sworn man with perhaps a pinch of Greyjoy blood four or five lives back, and that from the wrong side of the blanket. Yet Theon had always called him uncle nonetheless.

Dagmer isn’t even part of the family, but he seems like more of an uncle than Theon’s real uncles are. I definitely can’t see Euron spending quality time with Theon, and Aeron was always drunk when Theon was a boy. He might have had a decent relationship with Victarion, but Victarion isn’t really ideal uncle material either.

I find these lines particularly significant:

I know you too well, Theon. I saw you take your first step, helped you bend your first bow. ‘Tis not me who feels wasted.”

And yet a few moments later Dagmer adds these lines:

“You take this business too hard, boy. It is only that your lord father does not know you.”

There’s something troubling about those two quotes. Dagmer claims that he knows Theon too well, then goes on to say that Balon does not know him. Yet Dagmer and Balon have both been separated from Theon for the same amount of time. Neither of these men has seen Theon in ten years, yet Balon—Theon’s own father—supposedly doesn’t know him and has trouble accepting him, while Dagmer—a man who isn’t even a true uncle—doesn’t seem to have this problem. Dagmer saw Theon TAKE HIS FIRST STEP. He guided Theon throughout his childhood and didn’t turn him away when Theon returned to the islands, even though Theon had spent ten years among the Starks.

"Why do you tell me this?” Dagmer asked. “It was me who put your first sword in your hand. I know you are no craven.”

If you listen carefully, you can hear my heart breaking into a thousand pieces. Dagmer is the father Theon should have had.

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I missed you - Mark

Woo! I wanted to get this one out as soon as possible because a certain someone’s birthday is coming up and who would I be to not celebrate it? And yes, there will be a birthday scenario coming up for this dork and I hope you all look forward to it. For the anon who requested this fluffy Mark scenario, that is literally doing damage to my heart, where he is super clingy because he missed you so much. 

Transitioning from seeing someone almost every to not seeing them as much anymore was really hard. Vacation was sweet and something so precious nowadays since you were starting to work again and so was your boyfriend. Work means heavy schedules, long hours, and little communication through the phone. Separation wasn’t fun, but when you did get to see each other, it was always worth it. If anything, it made you appreciate each other more, but this time around it was a much longer and the distance was agony.

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