look me in the and tell me thats not gay

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The Sequel

Trivia: Devrim is the first canonically gay Destiny character.


maggie in a t-shirt appreciation post

when someone is too uncomfortable to refer to me as a lesbian is really shitty, the way lesbians have been portrayed for years is something dirty and nsfw which makes me so sad. lesbians are people, not porn. we’re so much more than something you can’t say in front of kids

>No black characters

I’d post more, but when you make an absolute statment like that, a single example to the contrary is literally all thats needed to disprove it.

>No gay characters
You look me right in the avatar and tell me that the carpenters in Ocarina of time were straight. And that one carpenter in Breath of the Wild too.

>their mascot is a racist stereotype
Mario? The white guy? A racist- Oh wait, I forgot, Italians are in the “PoC when its convenient to me” group of people. 

>Shying away from diversity
Yeah, how dare a Japanese video game company that produces video games with a higher focus on the Japanese consumer, not cater 100% to western values.
You’re being pretty problematic by, you know, attempting to impose your western values and sensibilities on a very not-western company, run by very not-western people in a vvery not-western country, man. Don’t y’all got a fancy word for that? when one group imposes their values on another group and tries to force them to conform? Huh. What is that word? 

conversation i just overheard my brother and his best friend having while they were playing video games
  • friend: yeah like i kinda get the one direction thing now... harry styles is a legend and we should respect him
  • brother: i know he's so cool
  • friend: like... he bagged taylor swift and kendall jenner
  • brother: he's gay he's like fuckin engaged to another dude in the band i've already told you this
  • friend: taylor swift like wrote songs about him tho
  • brother: that's not even confirmed man
  • friend: i saw a picture of him looking at her butt once
  • brother: taylor swift doesn't even have a butt...
  • friend: he was looking at it!
  • friend: dude just let it go like he's not gay. he and that other guy are probably just really good friends. like we can be pretty gay sometimes too, you know?
  • brother: you're telling me you would get like ten matching tattoos with me
  • friend: what the fuck they have matching tattoos?
  • brother: i've told you about this!
Your A Girl?


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Hi my name is Exclusiony Terf'ness Anti-Sjwia Truscum Reg and I have stubborn exclusionary shit beliefs (that's how I got my name) with a misgendering streak and long fingertips that i use to reach for excuses and edgy ableist crypting jokes and a lot of people tell me I look like a radfem (AN: terfs get da hell out of here!). I'm not related to Anti-SJWs but I wish I was because we get along really fucking well. Cishet aros & aces arent LGBT & if you disagree with me you are straight and white.

You have pale white skin. I’m also exorsexist, and I made up a new community called LGBTP where cis gays are the most important (N). I’m an asshole (in case you couldn’t tell) and I’m mostly a nuisance. I love Anti-MOGAIs and I borrow all my rhetoric from them. For example today I told a mogai enby with matching mogai orientation that they were a special snowflake, posted hate in the ace positivity tag, spoke over rape survivors and suicide baited a minor. I was shitting on ace/aro terminology, sexually harassing people, lying about statistics and demanding sources be studies that don’t exist. I was walking outside the LGBT community on my way to my appointment to get terf bangs. People were engaging in pda and making sex jokes so there were no aros or aces, which I was very happy about. The majority of people in the LGBT community stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Ok but.

can you please not tell me what sort of representation I, a queer person, should be grateful for??? Can you stop telling me that tropes and stereotypes and, frankly, flat characters are revolutionary when they’re not?

stop. please. i like talking about my gay ships as much as the next person but I would never for a second claim they have any sort of revolutionary quality because they do not.

you want to talk to me about good, healthy queer representation? go find something written by a queer person for queer people, and do not tell me it’s not out there. it is. the fact that you have not seen it is so incredibly telling.

i’m sorry if this offends you but I am just so, so sick of being told that I need to recognize and be satisfied with underwhelming content because it’s the only content that has representation for people like me in it. Thats bullshit. if you want to enjoy a fun, cute anime and ship the two mains together, even say they’re canon, great. but don’t claim it’s changing the way Japan or the world looks at queer relationships, because it’s not.

gay men have been fetishized in Japan for a very long time. a canon gay couple full of tropes, no explicit confirmation (pls don’t act like the proposal was actually a proposal like yes it’s cute yes it’s something to buzz about but it’s BEEN DONE and it could have been done better, so could that kiss), and completely ignores real LGBTQ+ problems is changing nothing. If anything, it’s perpetuating yaoi culture, whether you want to label it that or not.

these boys are from Japan and Russia, countries where gay marriage is illegal. they’re living in russia. have you considered what it means to completely erase the problems that they would actually face as a gay couple? it’s not normalizing anything besides the fact that gay people are cute when it’s convenient and they can be sold, not when they’re struggling and suffering and demanding equal treatment. my healthy, queer relationship does not look like this. i am a person, my girlfriend is a person, we are not an ideal.

but we got an ambiguous kiss scene, so I should be completely satisfied, right? I’m being represented now, right?

I liked the anime. I enjoyed it a lot!! I’m just frustrated.

sincerely, a queer girl who actually tries very hard to write legitimate queer representation and faces backlash for it because that’s what actual queer authors face a lot of the time and then straight people come around and suddenly it becomes Revolutionary. with love.

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I was wondering (if the Witch Dadsona ship hasn't sailed too far) if there could be another Coming Out of the Broom Closet confession but nicer? Like Dadsona tells [DAD] about witchy-hood and said Dad takes it well and still accepts/loves them (please, please, please include good Joseph) and they're happy. I just really love Witch Dadsona and Dad with a happy ending. Thanks 👍👍👍

[i gotcha fam, sorry for short answer I’m so busy today - mod rae]

🎣Brian : “Oh my gosh! That’s so cool! Can you do spells? Show me please!” you were surprised at Brian’s enthusiastic outburst, expecting a dreary outcome. “I-I guess…” you chuckled and rubbed the back of your head a little. “Yeah I can, but mostly protection ones. I don’t do black magick,” as you explained you could see Brian’s eyes shining in anticipation, bringing a small smile to you. He looked adorable like that.

🏋Craig : “Brooooo! I knew it! With you sacrificing our secret pet hamster at the school’s fountain isn’t exactly discreet, you know,” his face breaks into a large grin. Your cheeks heat up and you quickly wave him off. “That was nothing! It was just to-” Craig interrupts before you can say anything else. “Protect me, I know, bro. There are books for me to read and finding a charm under my pillow now and then wasn’t that normal.”

🐶Damien : He nearly chokes on his tea when you tell him the news, and only 5 minutes later does he respond. “A witch?” his voice is curios, yet somewhat scared. “I do mostly protection, don’t worry,” you soothe and kiss his forehead. “That's… Interesting, (Y/N) but did you know that “witches” were burned at the stakes last time? They would be put into a river among other tests and-“

📚Hugo : He gives you a look of knowing. “You’re pranking me, aren’t you. Just like that time you told me that you were gay when I clearly know that you’re pansexual,” the fond memory makes you laugh. “No, I’m not pranking this time. Why else would I have cast protection spell for you?” you said coyly and sit on the edge of the desk. Hugo this time lets out a half laugh as well, gently kissing the back of your hand. “As long as you don’t curse cheese away from me,” he jokes.

💒Joseph : You were telling him about it as he was packing brownies for the latest bake sale, and Joseph nearly drops the entire tray in shock. “A witch!” he cries out and you prepare yourself for the Godly attack. “That’s so… Cool!” despite his reluctant voice you can tell that he has a million thoughts running through his mind and you’re trying to be supportive. “Yeah. I don’t do blood spells, or whatever. I mean I did it once bUt it wAS FOR PROTECTION I SWEAR.”

☕Mat : “That’s cute, babe,” you can scarcely believe your ears when you hear his words and watch as Mat’s cheeks colour a little. “Oh god, I called it being cute. I’m so sorry if I offended you, I mean that it was interesting and stuff and yeah!” he wrings his hands about. You press a kiss to his lips softly and hold him closer by his waist. “I know, don’t worry honey.”

🔪Robert : "Wait what?” Robert tells you to repeat yourself, and you oblige, maybe it’s because he’s getting older. Either way you see the most interested look on his face in the few months you’ve been together. “Tell. Me. Everything,” he takes your hands and you can feel his rough skin against the back of your hands. “Have you met a cryptid? Summoned a demon? Set something on fire?”

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Why woman is gay? Can you explain me

First of all, my interpretation of the song is that is about Louis and his stunts, so yeah but let’s see a few lines I find interesting: 

“I’m selfish, I know But I don’t ever want to see you with him” (sounds more like he’s jealous of the guy than the woman) 

He’s right where I should, where I should be
But you’re making me bleed (if he’s right where he should be, why is she making him bleed? The guy should be the one hurting him, not her) 

“I hope you can see, the shape I’ve been in
While he’s touching your skin
This thing upon me, howls like a beast
You flower, you feast” (again, based on my interpretation, he’s in bad shape seeing his man touching this girl, he’s jealous af because he can just watch and do nothing about it. And flower, you feast is so… interesting. I think it’s can be about her doing this and he’s telling her karma is getting her later or about her looking innocent but being actually evil inside) 

But really, to me, taht first line just screams gay hsjsjskslsls first time I heard I was like “wait but he’s jealous of the guy?!" 

Just found out the author of some of the Replace novels (specifically the one featuring Nijimura in America) is a girl. I feel like this might explain Nijimura’s interesting description of Himuro……..

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I know you have the korra armband tattoo so i figured you were the best to ask this question! Ive been thinking of getting a raava tattoo but im scared it would be hella judged cause its from a cartoon? What is your thoughts?

uhm well when people ask me i tell them its inspired by one of my favorite characters and then if they proceed to ask me from what.. theyll either be like “WOW thats awesome!”  or “oh….” but tbh i dont really care what people think of my tattoos?? and neither should you because its your body and you can do whatever youd like and i bet a raava tattoo would look awesome!! 

fem! Viktor Nikiforov 

When I get away from skating, two L words come to mind, Life and Love. I’ve been neglecting both for over twenty years.

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hey mod aria im at a catholic summer camp rn at a college founded by monks and there's a lot of cute girls here so im like Ultra Catholic and Ultra Gay at the same time rn it's great but i wanted to tell u that one of the monks wants to go to comic con in his habit and see how many ppl tell him he "got his costume wrong" bc it kinda looks like something from i think he said star wars (i mean ive never seen it so idk) and i thought that's smthn u'd appreciate

I do appreciate it, thank you! :-D

Dan and Phil (Phan): Surprise

“Dan can I talk to you about something?” Phil asked nervously. 

“Yeah. What is it?” Dan asked, slightly concerned about his best friend. 

“Well. It’s something that I have been trying to figure out for a while. And at first I was scared, but now I’m ready to accept it and tell people who I really am. And as my best friend I hope you can accept me and still be friends with me.” Phil rambled. 

“Okay?” Dan replied with a confused look on his face. Was everything all right with Phil. Dan had never seen his best friend (who he had fallen in love with over time) this upset. 

“Dan. I’m gay.” Phil stated. 

Dan was taken back slightly. how did he not know Phil was gay. How did he not figure it out. 

“Thats great.” He smiled and nodded happily for Phil. “I’m so proud of you!!!” He exclaimed, and hugged Phil. 

“Thanks. So are we still friends?” He asked as he pulled away from the hug. 

“Of course we are. Why wouldn’t we be?” 

I don’t know. Maybe you are one of those people that find it weird to have a gay best friend. Or just know someone gay.” Phil said. 

“Of course not. Now I think that because you have told me a secret, its my turn now. So Phil, I have two things to tell you. So number one, I’m gay.” 

“I already knew that. Everyone does. It’s pretty obvious.” Phil joked. 

“Hey! Thats rude.” Dan said, fake offended.   

“Whats the other thing?” 

“Phil. I’m in love with you,” Dan admitted. 

“Oh.” Phil said with a slight smile on his face. “Well thats good because I’m in love with you too.” 

“Really?” Dan asked surprised. 

“Yeah.” Phil nodded. “I just remembered I forgot to ask you something.” 

“Whats that?” 

“Do you want to be my boyfriend?” Phil asked with the biggest smile on his face.

“Yes.” Dan replied and then jumped on Phil, kissing him repeatedly. 

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I came out to my dad by accident. I had just graduated and was unsuccessfully looking for jobs. He was telling me that our generation is one of the most educated yet can't easily find a job. And I without thinking said: "Well my generation is also the gayest generation and that's good." He gave me a questioning look. I just shrugged and left the room as quickly as possible. He brought up the subject again later and we talked about it. Luckily it all went well.

“gay jobless youths” a horror film coming to ur nearest republican cinema