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Rooster Teeth’s LGBT panel. Mariel Salcedo has the honors to pop the cork.


Ginette: “I quite like your painting, Marielle. It looks like a nice little home.”

Marielle: “Isn’t it just? I imagined where I’d like to live some day, and painted it.”

Ginette: “That looks like a very sweet place to live.”

Marielle: “Indeed…Ginette? That woman in black is your mother?”

Ginette: “Yes, she is. She is very…opinionated.”

Marielle: “That doesn’t seem to be the right word. Can you…are you okay?”

Ginette: “…I’m finding my particular brand of okay. And that is okay.”

Marielle: “…You’re very brave, you know that? And so…so very wonderful.”

Ginette: “As are you, my dear. As are you.”

anonymous asked:

Adeline and Jean have a kid?????

You saw that quick buddy old pal,,,,,,

But yeah! Theodora, named after Gaspard’s father Theodore.

It’s a decision made by all three of them, because it’s fairly certain that Jean won’t get married and will probably remain with Adeline and Gaspard until both of them die (assuming he lives longer), and then he’ll stick around as an unofficial uncle to the de Chalons kids. Adeline brings it up first, some point long after having three children for Gaspard, and they all agree. Eventually I mean, Jean is pretty shocked by it all considering he’s at a much lower status than both of them (he’s the bastard son of a minor Lord).

It also works as a sort of idk deterrent when people say Gaspard’s kids are actually Jean’s because Theodora looks little like Lienne, Marielle, and Kordillus. Plus Jean now has an heir to take over the wyvern breeding business!

Of course Theodora has to swear off of attempting to get the throne, and will never become Empress of Orlais (unless she marries into it which would be incest? So no). But all four children get along really well, and it’s nice for Jean to have a baby to adore, considering he has several siblings who he looked after when he was younger.

When Gaspard dies, some point twenty, thirty years into the future, Adeline may or may not marry Jean. Seeing as how Kordillus will be ruling the Empire and she won’t be the Empress any longer. Of course that will bring issues with people who dislike her but? She can have them jailed so who cares.

But thanks for asking BABE!! I’m always open to OC questions AH!!!!! 💕🌸💖✨