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Human Brixy Process

WOAH. Okay. So… I may have underestimated the thirst for Human AU Brix’tul… [gained +20 new followers… Hello…]

Obviously there’s a few steps missing from this since I wasn’t planning on sharing something like this. But WHY NOT. So you can see in there that I had originally planned on making his hair green like in game, but then I realized that would elude that he dyes his hair- which he does not

Initial sketch and lines done in Paint Tool Sai, Colour in Corel Painter and final touches in Photoshop cs5. About 4 hrs to do, split up over a couple days. ALL ON MY NEW CINTIQ. 

I took some scissors to my chest,
I carved every last part of him out of my heart.
I felt nothing as I tore out that radiance;  
I have no need for a god – I am my own deity.
I dug my own claws into my chest and  
I threw back my head and howled.

There is no God:  
I tore him out.
I dug my nails into him and screamed. x


Appreciate A Dragon Day ~ Long Ma



Aegis (In This World or Any Other)

A Reylo retelling of Hades & persephone, with a twist. 

Those whom the gods love die young. To obtain a god’s attention is to hand over your life, so keep your head down and pray that they never notice you.

She took pity on the god no one ever visited, the god she doesn’t believe in, when she started leaving small offerings at his feet. She should have listened to local superstition.

“Still watching the girl, my Lord?” Mitaka asks with airs of resigned patience, yet still with an underlying thread of nervousness. Kylo’s eyes follow the man as he comes forward with Kylo’s meal, placing it gently to the side, within reach of Kylo’s hand. Kylo’s subdued smile never eases.


Mitaka holds his torch closer to the pool, shining its pale blue light over it, but the girl is long gone.

“Of all the beings in the universe, why that one?” Mitaka asks, unable to keep the wonder off his voice. Kylo supposes that, when there’s nothing else in the way of entertainment centuries at a time, even his Master’s curiosity becomes Mitaka’s own. Kylo can hardly blame him. He chuckles.

“She talks.”

Mitaka gives him a strange look, as if to say, ‘well of course she talks. All humans do,’ but he remains silent. A wise choice.

(Exerpt from Chapter One, On AO3)

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get to know me: [3/5] male biases

Seventeen - Woozi
“I hope there will be people who will listen to my music even when the time passes. It’s okay even if there will not be a lot. I just hope people will keep listening to the music I made.”



-The Crimson Warrior Princess

The eldest daughter of the Hoshidan Royal Family. She fights with the strong desire to protect her nation; marching for the battlefield despite everyone’s objections. Her nature is more of a warrior than a princess: plain and honest. The most caring individual in the army.