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Appreciate A Dragon Day ~ Long Ma



get to know me: [3/5] male biases

Seventeen - Woozi
“I hope there will be people who will listen to my music even when the time passes. It’s okay even if there will not be a lot. I just hope people will keep listening to the music I made.”



-The Crimson Warrior Princess

The eldest daughter of the Hoshidan Royal Family. She fights with the strong desire to protect her nation; marching for the battlefield despite everyone’s objections. Her nature is more of a warrior than a princess: plain and honest. The most caring individual in the army.

I took some scissors to my chest,
I carved every last part of him out of my heart.
I felt nothing as I tore out that radiance;  
I have no need for a god – I am my own deity.
I dug my own claws into my chest and  
I threw back my head and howled.

There is no God:  
I tore him out.
I dug my nails into him and screamed. x