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just wondering but does jeremy have a tattoo in the tattoo au?

Oooh! That post was from pre-Jeremy (or at least pre-Jeremy in the main room and thus his fabulous self was not yet in my writing) so i hadn’t considered it but of course he would! Hmm. Jeremy might actually be the only one to have a set colour scheme rather than a set symbol (and i’m sure you can guess what that filthy colour combo is). 

Following a close call where Jeremy came to his rescue in the most obnoxiously improbable way Geoff gets a lurid monster-truck ramping off his shoulder blade. And with that the final unspoken barrier was breached, undeniable evidence of the truth they’d all long since embraced, that Jeremy was as permanently entrenched in the crew as anybody else.

It would be a joyous event except, well. The tattoo tradition is well and truely in place at this point so it turns out to be more of a problem than anything, considering not a single other member of the crew was even remotely prepared to ink that travesty of a vehicle onto their bodies.

Geoff cops a lot of shit for his choice, and for the longest time nothing is done, but eventually it is, as usual, Jack who comes up with a solution. She turns up one morning, after a long drunken night on the town with Jeremy, inexplicably bearing a neat little row of shots across the inside of her bicep. The glasses, holding varying levels of liquid, are two-toned; the same eyesore colours as Geoff’s truck, the unmistakable mark of Rimmy Tim.

From there all bets are off and within the next month or two the rest of the crew adds to their collection. After the pair utterly destroy a rival gang with little more than their fists Michael gets the most cartoony looking knuckle dusters printed on his ribs. When Jeremy spends a week going out of his way to keep Gavin occupied after a particularly nasty job got him down Gavin comes home with a fluffly little purple and orange tabby cat cheerfully etched into his skin.

Ryan’s takes a while, waits so long that Geoff’s gleefully insisting that the only thing left for him to do is to immortalise the godforsaken cowboy hat the whole crew thinks Jeremy wears just to spite them. In the end though, after Ryan and Jeremy get paired together for jobs more and more often the image comes easily. Crossed weapons, Jeremy’s favourite ridiculous custom coloured semi-automatic over Ryan’s sleek and sensible matte black, like crossbones over the fiery glow of an explosion.

(Original post / Michael and Jack

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so since ur such a big padmé fan too, I have a bit of a question for u. so when padmé is telling anakin all the reasons they can't be together, she mentions how she's a senator, so before I thought oh I guess senators can't married (which I realized was incorrect). now however, it seems she brought that up just bc of both their statuses and how it especially wouldn't look good for a jedi and senator to be involved w/ how close the two organizations often work together. do u have any thoughts??

I’m SO GLAD I’m not the only one who thought that Padmé meant Senators couldn’t marry, lol. I basically just went “Huh, space politics are weird,” and just kind of wrote it off until I got back into Star Wars earlier this year and rewatched The Phantom Menace recently. And @evaceratops and I have talked about this issue at length!

And yes, I definitely think it’s because of how the Jedi have been conscripted to work under the Senate (huehueue); @gffa has some meta on this that has been buried in my likes somewhere; otherwise I’d link it! IIRC, it was basically written into the founding documents of the Republic that the Jedi would be merged into the Republic as a peace-keeping force? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s the (very basic) gist of it. So the Jedi already have the No Relationships/Marriage thing, and added to the fact that Padmé was a very influential Senator, a relationship with a Jedi could have negative repercussions for both of them.

Eva and I also have this headcanon that, for Padmé, as a prominent member of one of the Naboo noble families - House Naberrie - her relationships were tied to social standing. The Naboo are very traditional, and traditionally, relationships/marriages had to be Approved by the families. For her to be in a relationship with a Jedi, and not a Good Noble of Excellent Standing, would have been a minor scandal among the more austere traditionalists in Nabooian society. (oh, ha, this headcanon definitely comes into play for arcmaiden, too, I just realized)

Anakin has to work with the No Attachments rule, and Padmé has her career as an active politician in addition to her family’s expectations for relationships. A nice combination of canon-and-headcanon for an answer :D

You never asked (Batboys imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  I was wondering if I could request an imagine where batmom has a twin sister and nobody knew so the boys are out one day and they see batmom’s twin sister with her bf or husband and they’re like “wtf mom you’re cheating!??!” so they bring the said sister to the Manor and try and find Bruce but then they see batmom in the living room watching TV and probs cuddling Titus and they’re just super confused, “wtf we have two moms?!
Summary: The boys meet batmoms twin in a weird way.
Word count:  635
Warning(s): none

“Fuck they didn’t have it again,” Jason came out from yet another bookstore with a look of disappointment. All of his brothers groan, “TT, Can we go do something actually useful no?”Damian asks, rolling his green eyes as he normally does. Everyone of the boys agreed, but Jay on the other hand wasn’t even listening, his eyes following something or someone, his eyebrow deeply furrowed.

Hey jay, you coming?” Dick says nudging him with an elbow, “Ma?,” Jason asks, causing all the boys to confusedly look at what’s caught their brothers eye. “What the hell,” Dick mumbles looking at what looks like their mom and a man clinging on to her.

“Ummi?” Damian mumbles, his jaw nearly dropping.

“We should tell father,” Damian finally says as the group of men stop awkwardly staring at the woman, averting their attention to the youngest in the group. “ I agree,” Tim reluctantly says gesturing towards the boy. 

“Maybe we should take her with us?” Jason says, as if asking Dick, “yeah, she needs to pay consequence for her actions.” He nods.

The group approaches the pair, “Ummi how could you?” Damian says, scowling at her, “what?!?” She asks not understanding what’s going on. “You’re cheating on Bruce,” Dick exclaims, and now it clicks in her head.

You, the woman’s sister had told her all about her crazy family, but she had never told anyone that she had a twin sister. She tries to hide her slight smile, whispering something in her partner’s ear before he walks off. 

“And what do you want to do about it?” She sweetly asks, “you’re coming home with us, Bruce needs to hear about this” Jason says, before all of you start walking to the parking lot. “You’re not even wearing the wedding ring,” Tim says, earning a disapproving groan from all of the boys.

The car ride was tense and quiet, no one bared to even look at her, while she didn’t seem to have a bother in the world.

“Wait there, we’ll go find Bruce,” who she learned to be Dick says, pointing at the large open room, with a Tv playing. As the boys vanished into the depths of the large building. She took off her coat walking towards the couches, admiring the large, beautifully decorated room. 

As you move to sit down at a nice armchair, you notice a tuft of hair from under a blanket on the couch, a hand reaching down towards the ground, scratching a large black dog. As she finally sat down, she could finally see the owner of the hair. 

Y/n?” She asks, ask you lift your head to see the person who spoke to you. “y/s/n? What are you doing here?”  You ask sitting up, much to Titus’ disapproval. “Well long story short, your kids saw me and my boyfriend outside and now are looking for your husband to tell him you're cheating,” She chuckles. You only roll your eyes, chuckling “Typical”

You two you started talking about life, loud laughter often filling the room. Titus found a comfortable spot on your stomach. “We couldn’t find Bruce, “ The boys say, walking into the living room, met to loud laughter.

What the hell?” Tim asks, quirking an eyebrow. As they made their way behind your sisters back they see both of you. “We have two moms?” Dick asking, his mouth slightly agape. “TT, What is going on?” Damian asks, looking between the two of you.

You both chuckle. “Well actually, I’m your moms twin sister,” she chuckles. “You never told us, Ma?” Jason says, obviously shocked. “You never asked,” You smile, as Titus takes his place next to Damian.

What was mom like as a kid?” Dick asks, sitting down on the floor, as the other boys join him for story time.


With love,

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Hey! People underestimate me and what I can do physically alot based on my height and that got me thinking, I'm actually the same height as Jeremy (maybe an inch taller now). Granted he is understandably a lot more buff than I am, but do you think people in Los Santos, civilians or LSPD alike, would underestimate him since he's so short?

Oh love, being underestimated is my comfort zone at this point and i’m a fair bit shorter that Jeremy so i always find the relentless height jokes kind of odd - though to be fair i think there’s an unusually high number of stupidly tall people working for RT so, you know. 

But as for FAHC Jeremy? Absolutely. People are animals, any perceived weakness will be exploited, and if there’s anything the cops and the crooks have alike it’s their tendency to throw around degrading insults like they’re going out of style. Have done since the beginning, zeroing in on the little guy playing with the big dogs, running his mouth and goading people twice his size into fights like he has no idea he’s at a disadvantage. It make’s them cocky, all swaggering confidence and lowered expectations, playing out the same cookie-cutter bully routine with no idea they’re walking straight into a trap. 

Because Jeremy knows exactly what is said about him, has heard the same damn jokes every day of his life, a multitude of fools senselessly equating height with power irregardless of how visibly muscular he is. It would be enough to make another man irrational, to have him swinging fists willy-nilly and going down hard when someone decides to prove the insults right. Not Jeremy though, Jeremy has never been that impulsive, has long since learned how to bend expectations to his own benefit, ignoring his own pride to treat fights like Gavin treats pool; all talk, guileless eyes, begging to be taught a lesson. It makes it that much sweeter when the tables turn, when he effortlessly gains the upper-hand in a fight, laughing right in the face of the newest idiot, watching as confidence turns to disbelief, to panic. Jeremy pulls out taunts of his own then, grinning like a nightmare as the latest adversary begins to realise just how badly they are going to lose.  

Because yeah, he’s compact, but there’s a reason Jeremy plays muscle, a reason he’s trusted as bodyguard, a reason all that wicked insolence and sly humour haven’t gotten him killed yet. Jeremy who has been getting into fights as long as he can remember. Jeremy who’s been finishing them almost as long,  strength and talent meeting hard-earned knowledge, combining into something truely lethal. Maybe the snide comments hurt him once, maybe the shitty jokes used to land, but these days Jeremy is all sunny smiles and amused indifference, completely confident in his own abilities and knowing full well that being underestimated just makes him that much more dangerous. 

Though, to be honest, he could really live without the awful pun headlines the media pulls out any time he’s front and centre in a a scandal. Considering the assholes he works with it is little surprise that the fridge in the FAHC’s penthouse is constantly covered with cut out articles, a never ending rotation of Bank Short Changed and LSPD Coming Up Short and Short-Tempered Criminal Strikes Again that leave Jeremy groaning in misery any time someone starts cackling in the kitchen. 

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I just rewatched a silent voice x) may I request a scenario for todoroki and Bakugou with a deaf! Crush who attempts to confess using their real voice instead of sign language and it ends up coming out weird

Shouto Todoroki

Originally posted by atsushisnakajima

When you gently tap his shoulder to get his attention and hand him a piece of paper with a small smile before leaving to go back with your friends he finds himself speechless, unsure what to say or do as he stares at the paper. He slowly unfolds it and reads over the words before looking up at you. Your back is to him but he can tell you know he’s watching. 

At the end of the day he walks up to the roof of the building where he finds you already waiting, he feels guilty upon seeing your form. His hands are slightly shaking as he signs to you, a phrase he had just learned that morning.

What did you need?

The smile that lit up your face was worth the looks he had gotten from practicing during lunch. Your hands replicate what he had just done in a more fluent manner as you gently corrected him. He sent you a nervous smile and you gently squeezed his hands. You breathe in and slowly the words you had been practicing flow out of you,

“I lub mou” You say in the most casual way you are able to. His eyes search yours for a moment as he looks for what you mean. “Ib ma voish weird?” You ask and he quickly shakes his head, squeezing your hands as he looks at you.

“I like you,” He pulls his hand away from you to sign you the words you had just spoke. “That’s what you said?” He asked and when you nodded, you eyes looking downcast he smiles a genuine smile, his free hand reaching over to pull your head upward before he leans forward to kiss your cheek before pulling his way. “I like you, too” He spoke before he signed the words again. Your face lit up and you wrapped your arms around him. He lets out a laugh, a sound you wish you could hear but the rumble that you can fear against your cheek is enough for you. 

Katsuki Bakugou

Originally posted by shoto-s

At the end of the day, he finds you in the fountain that near the school. At first, he’s confused as he slowly makes his way over, confusion was written all over his face as he stands at the edge watching up bend over to pick up some of your things. 

So this was the reason you hadn’t been hanging around him after school.

He angrily drops his bag on the ground and slips his shoes off, rolling his pants up before he stepped into the fountain. Although you can’t hear his angry mumbled threats towards the people who had done this to you, you do feel the water shift and see his hand reach over to grab one of your notebooks. 

When everything is collected, he shoves the wet objects into your arms. He’s angry, obviously, his hands are shoved into his pockets as his eyebrows furrow together.

“Why didn’t you tell me this shit was happening? Who the fuck did this to you?” He huffs out and when you look away, a small frown on your face he lets out a loud sigh, one you obviously can’t hear. He waves his hand to catch your attention and with that hand, he signs the word stupid. “Idiot,” He says, along with signing the word again. You gasp, dropping the books in your hand and reaching over to grab his. You’re smiling as you guide his hand, showing him the right way to sign it. You then copy his movements and look up at his confused face happily. He signs the word again before pointing to the books you had dropped back into the water

“I lub mou” You say as you look at him, after collecting the wet books. He stares at you, stopping himself from stepping out of the fountain. 

“What the fuck…”

“I lub mou” You repeat your jumbled words, your grip against the soggy books tighten as he takes longer to reply. His mind is racing, thinking of other possible sayings you could have possibly meant. He continues to stare before he walks over to you, grabbing the back of your head and smashing your mouth against his. It’s painful and clumsy but you kiss back, the books squished between the two of you before he pulls you flushed against him, his lips moving against yours as he says,


p>“Your voice is so fucking strange…” But that only causes you to let out an airy, breathless laugh that makes his heart skip a beat. He pulls you back into another kiss, this time in a more passionate and caring matter as he ignores the other students passing by and staring at the two of you.

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I know you've already expanded a bunch on the tattoo AU, but I would so love to hear how Jeremy ends up getting the symbols from the rest of the guys

Oh yes alrighty. It comes after the rest of the crew have theirs for Jeremy, considering its not really the sort of thing he felt he could jump in on uninvited, which means the tone of Jeremy’s have arguably been influenced by what the others each got for him.

Geoff’s comes first, Jeremy’s moustache part of the logo on the label of a whisky bottle inked onto his leg. It comes after the pair have an epic showdown with some troublemakers in a bar, drunk as skunks and wielding bottles like clubs, brutally confident as only the truely plastered can be. 

Jack’s compass, a small old school nautical looking thing lifted right off the page of an antique map, come about after surviving an increasingly improbable high speed jet boat chase through the questionable depths of Los Santos’ rivers. 

Michael’s wolf is a flipped counterpoint of the bright Phoenix Jeremy got for Lindsay, a dark greyscale animal forming out of wispy smoke, sombre and fierce where it masks the few ragged scars which remained after Michael blocked the brunt of some flying shrapnel. 

Gavin’s is born after the man embarks on a very well meaning and arguably successful journey to give Jeremy a birthday he’d never forget. The sunglasses, gold rimmed aviator’s neatly folded across Jeremy’s ribs, reflect an image of disaster complete with coloured smoke bombs, fluttering cash, and a firetruck completely engulfed in flames. 

Ryan’s tattoo is probably Jeremy’s favourite. When he and Ryan single handedly bring a compound to the ground, perhaps with slightly more enthusiasm than expressly requested, Jeremy risks Ryan’s eternal horror and has the Vagabond’s grinning skull wearing an obnoxious cowboy hat etched into his arm. 


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Colombia: oh my god you are just precious! *hugs*

“A-ah, salamat po, manang…”

Jose is slightly confused but appreciates the gesture nonetheless.

((Ahhh sorry this is crappy, drew it on my phone during class lol. Not sure if I used manang in the right context?))

Child!M!A: 1/10

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Hey! I love you imagines just wondering if I could request a Jax Teller one where the reader has fallen pregnant and is scared to tell Jax Thankyou so much :)

Originally posted by karladahmer

A/N: GIFS NOT MINE! I hope you enjoy it! ALSO thank you for your kind words hon!

Warning: Cursing I think & thats all.

The Lines:

Two lines. That’s all it took, two lines and you felt your world begin to spin around you. Pregnant. You were pregnant, with Jackson Tellers baby and the feeling of fear coursed through your body, he was already a father of two boys did he really need another kid? Did he want another kid? You sat there looking at the test not realizing you had started to cry until you felt your legs began to be covered in your tears. You sobbed quietly trying not to alert the boys as they played together, you got up from the toilet wiping your face trying to pull yourself together for the sake of the boys. They needed a strong woman in their life not some weak excuse of a woman, you heard a soft knock at the bathroom door “Baby? You in there?” Gemma said and you felt the tears swell up in your eyes as you opened the door tackling her in a tight hug, she was always like a mother to you when you hugged her she hugged you back with no questions asked she shushed you, stroking your hair softly.

“What’s wrong baby?” She asked softly as you silently sobbed “I’m pregnant ma..” you said softly she now held you at a distance smiling widely “It’s Jackson’s right?” She asked raising an eyebrow at you, you laughed nodding “So why are you crying baby?” She said wiping your tears away softly “I’m scared.. what if he doesn’t want it.. what if he doesn’t want me after.. what if he hates me.. ma..” you said looking down at the ground “Jackson loves you darlin’ he’s not going to throw you to the dirt, he doesn’t got a reason to do that, I’m sure he’s going to be so happy when you tell him your pregnant.” She said smiling at you, helping you feel more assured at your pregnancy but you still felt a bit frightened to tell Jax about it because of everything that’s happened to Wendy and Tara.

Jax has been more careful when it comes to you and your interactions with the club because he doesn’t want you to leave him like the other two, they both had his kids and they both left him alone and broken. You felt Gemma give you a soft kiss on your forehead rubbing your arms softly telling you that everything would be okay “Go take a nap darlin’ I’ll watch the kids till Jax gets home.” She said pushing you softly towards the bedroom, you nodded at her giving up the fight because you were tired as is with all the wiry running through your brain. You went to bed to rest off the nerves and fear but shortly after Jax had arrived home.

“How are my two favorite boys?” He asked holding his arms out as he watch Abel run to him and Thomas crawl to him both smiling at the sight of their father “Hey ma, where’s (Y/N)?” Jax asked looking for his wife as he held Abel and Thomas in his arms “She wasn’t feeling well so I sent her to bed while I watched the kids.” Gemma said folding a couple of the boys clothes “You know ma you don’t have to come here all the time, me and (Y/N)  can do this.” He said kissing his sons before putting them down “Oh yeah but things are about to get a while if a lot harder around here.” Gemma mumbled.

“What’d you say ma?” Jax said now standing in front of his mother “Things are going to get harder so you’re gonna need me here honey.” She said softly lacing the truth in a cheap excuse “What do you mean by that?” Jax said sitting next to his mother curious as to her reasoning “Someone found out they were pregnant.” She said softly looking at her son’s reaction. His eyes wide and smile gleaming “You’re lying.” He said with the happiest face ever before his mother could even answer he went to the room and gently shook his wife.

“Is it true? We’re gonna have a baby?” He asked causing you to fully wake up “W-What? How do you know that?” You asked silently cursing yourself for telling Gemma “Baby, is it true? You’re carrying my kid, our kid?” Jax said holding you tightly but not enough to hurt you, you nodded softly feeling the tears swell up in your eyes.

“Why are crying baby? This is good news, fuck this is great fucking news. Wait till I tell the gang.” Jax said chuckling still not believing it as he showered you with kisses before moving down to your stomach kissing it softly all over causing you to laugh “I love you Jackson Nathaniel Teller.” You said laughing as he kissed your stomach “I love you more (Y/F/N).” He said smiling up at you as he rubbed your stomach whispering sweet promises to your child.

Please never again

(Teamiplier x sister!reader)

Originally posted by nikkilovesturtles

Request: Could you do another version of “Not In My House” where there’s a bit more angst? I really like how you wrote that, and the idea of it, and think it’d be super cool to see where you took an angsty form of it.

A/N: I had a lot of fun with this thanks for the request noonie.

Not In My House

“You’re not going and that’s FINAL!” Mark yelled obviously completely done with this argument. He never lost his cool so him yelling was rare. “I hate you.” You spat out with menace in your tone, you stomped towards your room and slammed the door. Quickly wiping any angry tears that slid down your cheeks you texted your friend telling them the plan for the night. You were still going to that party even if you had to sneak out. You ignored Mark’s meager attempts at trying to talk to you and get you out of the room. He sighed obviously exasperated at the attempt and left you alone after a few hours.

When you heard Mark’s friends come through the door it didn’t stop you. You had already made up your mind, and once you got the text from your friend you were ready. Dressed for the night you snuck out through the window ignoring any chat they had downstairs, obviously asking about you. You quickly ran to your friend’s car and speed off. With no care in the world.

It had been a few hours and as Mark and his friends realized how late it had gotten, Amy decided to check on you. She quietly walked up the stairs and knocked a soft knock on your empty bedroom door. “Hey (N/N), it’s Amy you wanna come join us?” She asked and awaited a response. Receiving none, she knocked again a little louder. When that didn’t work she decided to crack open the door which was unlocked. As she peered into the dark room to see a lumpy form in the covers, she assumed you were asleep and shut the door. “She’s asleep,” Amy stated as she sat back down next to Mark. With a nod, he turned his attention back to the movie on the screen. Another hour passed before Mark got a call from an unknown number. He answered after it had called insistently many times. With an exasperated sigh, he answered “Hello” “Hello is this Mark Fischbach?” A woman on the phone asked. “Yes this is him,” he said with a confused look as the crew looked at him mirroring the same expression. “This is a nurse from Thomason Emergency.” She said “we’re calling in regards to your sister (Y/N) since you are her legal guardian. She’s been in an accident and is badly injured.” The woman continued and Mark’s stomach dropped a look of horror dawning on his face. “What, what kind of accident, how bad?” He rambled. “A three-way collision from a drunk driver, she is in surgery but you are needed here.” The woman’s voice spoke, “Oh god, I thought she was home.” He mumbled as he wiped his face. And avoided looking at any of the crew’s panicked stares. “I know this is very scary to hear sir, but it’s very important that you are here right away.” The voice sympathized, he nodded meekly as he answered a quick “I’m on my way. Thank you.” And hung up quickly getting up to grab his things. “I have to go,” Mark mumbled and began leaving the room. The friends shared a look and got up quickly from their seats. “What happened?” Tyler said trying to get Mark to calm down for a few seconds to explain. “It’s (Y/N).” He said as he searched for his wallet and keys. “What do you mean? (Y/N) is upstairs.” Ethan jumped in. “No, she snuck out,” Mark said with a panicked look. “She got into an accident and she’s hurt bad.” Mark stated as he had finally found his keys. “I have to leave,” Mark said as he made his way to the door. “Wait let us come with,” Amy said and grabbed his hand. A pleading look on her face. Mark who wasn’t thinking straight wiggled out of her hold. “Meet me at Thompson emergency.” He said and ran off leaving them with a worried stare as they too piled into the car and drove behind him.

Mark had sat for what felt like hours in that small and cramped chair, waiting for any slight news. He felt the fear bottling up in his chest and he bounced his leg up and down quickly, not being able to sit still. Amy sat next to him with a hand intertwined with his. She shared a look of worry, they all did. Mark’s worry had reached high levels and his guilt stepped in too. He recalled the last thing you had told him after the fight and he began to think you actually meant it. He hadn’t realized that tears were falling down his face till Amy began rubbing circles with her thumb on his hand. No one had talked for a long time, and as Mark continuously paced around the room it felt like hours had gone by. When the doctor finally came in and explained the results and situation. Mark’s heart lifted a bit. As the doctor explained that the surgery went well and there was no internal bleeding mainly head trauma and that you’d be out for a while because of heavy sedation, Mark felt himself sigh and let Tyler and Amy handle the questions. The doctor stated only one person was allowed to stay with you and Mark of course quickly nodded. He stepped in as and his heart dropped. The wires and many bandages wrapped around any cuts and deep gashes filled his heart with dread. “Oh God (N/N).” He sighed out and quickly sat next to you, taking your hand into his. New tears flowed down his cheeks and he sniffled. “I’m sorry (N/N), I’m so sorry.” He rambled. He kissed your head and sat there by your side for the whole night. He tried sleeping in that small non-reclining chair, but his mind couldn’t stop racing.

It was another few hours that lead up to the early afternoon when you woke up. A strangled groan being the first thing that left your lips as Mark quickly reacted with a panicked and relieved look. “Hey bug, hey you’re okay” he reassured and smiled a little. “Ma-Mark?” You asked with a confused look. He looked so awful with dark bags under his eyes and greasy disheveled hair. “What happened?” You asked and looked around noticing the tubes in your left arm. And the bandages wrapped around your arm. The dull ache from you head was still there and the bright light hurt your eyes. “You were in a car accident (N/N),” Mark said with a look of sadness in his eyes. “I almost lost you…” he mumbled and brought you into a crushing hug. “I’m sorry.” You breathed out. “It’s fine I forgive you, I’m just so glad you’re okay.” He sighed out and his hand cradled your head as he kissed your forehead. When it was finally visiting hours the crew piled in excited to hear that you were okay and on the road to recovery. They came bearing so many gifts from a bear to balloons and candy. Amy hugged you quickly “you nearly gave me a heart attack (N/N).” She said and kissed your head. The guys gave you another round of strong hugs or more like holds. And Kathryn came and smiled at you. “I’m so happy you’re okay. You had us all scared to death.” She said and hugged you. “I’m so sorry guys” you mumbled tearing up a bit. They ignored the mistakes and grief, focused on the now. The present, that you were going to be alright. Mark stayed at the hospital and didn’t leave for a good while till you forced him to shower. He fussed over you profusely insistent that you wouldn’t leave his sight ever again (not that you were planning on sneaking out ever again). And the team visited every day staying as long as they could. Mistakes were made but you were learning from them. And Mark and the entire group would be there for you.


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Anon request for two of my favorite Canadians 😄


Kevin persuades Sami that, Reader isn’t good enough for him as she’s related to Shane. Which results to Sami cheating on her: CHEATING/ANGST


Warnings: NONE


I gave my boyfriend Sami a kiss on the lips. “I’ll see you tomorrow right?” I asked pulling away.

Sami nodded. “I wouldn’t miss dinner with your parents for anything.”

“Okay.” I replied, flashing one last smile before going to my limo.


Kevin walked up behind Sami, doing a slow sarcastic clap. “Well congratulations Sami.” He said patting his long time friend on the back. “You’ve officially sold your soul to the McMahons.”

Sami sighed turning to face Kevin. “What are you talking about, now?”

“That.” Kevin said extending his hand in Y/N’s limo, direction. “She’s leaving in a limo.”


Kevin placed both hands on his head, frustrated. “So? Dude she’s a McMahon. McMahons don’t like people like us. She’s playing with your mind Sami.” Kevin protested. Wake up.“

“No, she’s not.” Sami replied, shaking his head. “It’s getting serious. I’m even having dinner with her parents tomorrow night.”

“She’s playing her game. I’m telling you.” Irving gave Sami another pat. “You’re just the puppet on her strings.”

Sami watched as Kevin walked off, then back at Y/N’s limo as it turned a corner.

Could Kevin be right?

He didn’t want to believe it but now that’s it been said, he couldn’t just forget it either.

Is he just a puppet and she’s the puppet master?

Seems ridiculous to even think that but then again, you’ll be ridiculous to put anything past a McMahon.

They’ve been known to go to extremes.


“Sami Zayn. I know you’re in there.” I yelled out in the hallway, as my hand collided with the door again. “I swear, if you don’t open thi–”

The door finally swung open, but Sami wasn’t standing on the other side of it.

Instead some brunette with icy blue eyes, stared back at me. But not only that, she was wearing the shirt Sami was wearing last night.

I eyed her from her head to her toes with disgust.

“Who are you?”

She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms. “Who are you?” She questioned mocking me.

I am not about to bow down to this bitch, especially when she’s in my boyfriend’s hotel room.

Instead of answering the question she threw back at me, I pushed her out of my way, and walked into the room.

From behind me, I heard her mumble a quick. “Ow.”

Shouldn’t have been in my way, or my man’s room bitch, I mentally spat at her.

Before I even got to the bed, I could see Sami’s red hair peaking out from under the messy covers.

“Wake up Sami.” I said swatting him with my purse.

He groaned soon after me hitting him, then started to flutter his eyes.

I stood there with the meanest scowl on my face I could muster up.

“Y/N..?” Sami mumbled in his raspy, morning voice.

No it’s the fucking queen of England.

“So this is what you missed my parent’s dinner for? So you could fuck some blue eyed bitch?”

Sami rubbed his eyes as if he didn’t know what I was saying. “Huh..?”

I groaned. “You were supposed to be at my parents at seven o'clock, but instead you have me wondering around a hotel looking like a goddamn fool at two o'clock in the fucking morning.”

I watched as he furrowed his eyebrows, opening his mouth.

“Dude, I swear I will slap every piece of that red hair off you face if you say "huh” again.

He closed his mouth. “Y/N I–”

“Why’d you do it?” I questioned interrupting him.

That’s what I want to hear.

Not whatever mess that was about to come from his mouth.

Sami ran a hand through his messy hair. “Cause you’re you…” He started.

“Of course I’m me Sami, who else am I supposed to be? That bitch there?” I yelled pointing back at the brunette.

“Um.. my name’s Ma–”

I shot a threatening look in her direction. “I didn’t ask for your name.”

“…Y/N, you’re Shane and Stephanie’s cousin. You’re a McMahon. And McMahons don’t like people like me, people like Kevin.”

This is the most stupid shit I’ve ever heard.

And what does Kevin have to do with this?

“So i get cheated on, cause of my last name? And who I’m related to?” I rolled my eyes. “I can’t pick my family members Sami.”

Sami gave off a shrug. “But I can pick my girlfriends, and I don’t want to be with someone who has the last name McMahon.”

I scoffed. “You didn’t have a problem with it last night or the five months we’ve been together.”

“That’s because I didn’t have anyone to open my eyes, until last night. Kevin said–”

Oh, okay.

This is why Kevin’s in the equation.

He’s gone from brainwashing Sami in the ring, so he could do his dirty work for him, to brainwashing him outside of it and fucking with Sami’s personal life.

I nodded with a sarcastic laugh. “You don’t even need to say any more. You’re so stupid for him, I bet if he tells you to jump, your dumb ass will say how high.”

“Jumping will be better than, being someone’s puppet.” Sami spat.

Okay that’s a good one.

I applaud Kevin for coming up with that.

“Oh, Sami. You are someone’s puppet. But it wasn’t mines.” I said turning to walk out.

And once again that brunette was standing in the doorway, but this time she quickly moved so i could leave.

Smart move, I thought.

I left that hotel room and Sami, without taking one glance back.

It’s sad how some people can be easily manipulated and how others feel so comfortable doing it.

But in time Sami will realize the devil takes many shapes and at the moment it’s taken the shape of his so called best friend, Kevin Owens.

Just like Sami was quick to pull Kevin out of the way of my cousin Shane, at Hell In A Cell, and was quick to mess up what we had, Kevin won’t ever do the same for him.


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Tbh there's actually historical basis for Aphrodite being trans (and/or intersex), since Hermaphroditos started out as an aspect of Aphrodite (Aphrodite as a herma, a phallic idol) and only later came to be considered a separate figure who was a child of Aphrodite and Hermes, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ terfs are wrong and they can fuck off.

THIS ASK IS A BLESSING !!! i didnt know that, though, omg… im a fake hermaphroditus fan :/ (i cannot, sadly, name 5 of his albums)

this is awesome news to me, though, thank you for sending the ask (and honestly turdfs just look for any reason to cry at this point like ajksldfs go home or at least be a misogynist somewhere else)

Apologies for the delay. Hopefully the length makes up for it.

I’m really proud of this one actually.

#7 Fake Dating AU

Tap tap tap tap tap.

Rafael was going to throttle Carisi if he didn’t stop tapping the pen against the desk. It was late and Carisi had dropped by the office with take out and an offer to help go through depositions. Rafael was initially grateful, but now he was stuck with a clearly agitated, and quite possibly nervous detective. The tapping of the pen, the jiggling of his knee, all pointed maneuvers to drive the prosecutor insane. And then his phone rang.

“Hi Ma,” He began, his Staten Island accent particularly grating. “I’m still at the office. No Ma. I have no plans on joining you all for lunch on Sunday.”

Rafael rolled his eyes and went back to highlighting the depositions on his desk. Carisi, who was continuing his overtly loud conversation with his mother, was making it too easy for Rafael to eavesdrop.

“I’m sure she’s a nice girl Ma but I’m not interested,” Carisi paused as his mother continued to squawk down the phone at him. “I like men Ma, I’m not interested in meeting women.”

Rafael tried to look as uninterested as possible while filing that personal piece of information away. Yes Carisi was brash and hot tempered, but he also looked quite delectable in his newly fitted suits and well.. Rafael wasn’t blind.

“No Ma, I won’t just ‘give her a go,’” Carisi sighed, slumping back into the couch. “Look Ma, my boyfriend doesn’t appreciate you setting me up all the time.”

Rafael tried to ignore the twinge of disappointment he felt. It didn’t surprise him that Carisi could be considered quite the catch by some people.

“It’s new Ma,” Carisi looked more and more distraught as each second passed. “I didn’t think you would want to meet him- oh you do? Uh, I’ll need to check with him. Tonight? Look Ma I’ve got to go, I’ll ask him alright? Bye.”

As Carisi hung up on his mother the office filled with an especially awkward silence. Rafael slowly looked up to see the blond looking suitably stricken at the prospect of a significant other meeting the parents. Rafael couldn’t help but take a bite.

“How new is new if you’re that terrified for your partner to meet your family?”

Carisi did nothing to hide how red his face was getting. “Non-existent?”

“I would say I expect more from you Carisi-”
“Save it counsellor, I am embarrassed enough already.” Sonny sulked into the couch.
Rafael felt some pity for the younger man, he had been in a similar situation in his youth. His own family had never quite come to terms with his Sexuality so he knew exactly what the young man was going through. A stray thought crossed Rafael’s kind and before he knew it an idea emerged.

“I cannot believe that I am suggesting this, but if you can’t find anyone else I would be more than happy to assist.”

Carisi’s head snapped up. “Wait really?”

Rafael could barely believe it himself. “I know exactly how daunting coming out to your family is, the least I can do is be there for moral support.”

“I don’t know what to say counsellor,” Sonny’s jaw was slack.

“A bottle of Glenfiddich wouldn’t go amiss,” Rafael smirked. “But a thank you would suffice.”

A wide smile broke across the detectives face.“Thanks counsellor.”

Rafael nodded. “You’re welcome. Now lets return to these depositions.”

The Carisi family house looked surprisingly unremarkable. Rafael had expected something loud and brash that may have explained the detectives initial behaviour, instead he was greeted by a slightly worn, well loved looking house.

Sonny walked him up to the front door and opened it straight away without knocking. He dragged Rafael inside announcing their presence with a shout, “Everyone, Rafael and I are here.”

Rafael had formally met Tessa and Dominick Snr only hours before in front of their church before Mass. Even though he hadn’t been in years the service was very familiar. Carisi’s parents of course were unimpressed, each hesitation or fumble Rafael had only furthered their opinion that their son shouldn’t be dating a man, let alone one ten years older. If Rafael was actually dating Carisi he probably would have been more offended by the entire situation, but currently he just found it amusing.

After his initial shout was met with silence, Carisi tried again.

“Alright, alright you don’t have to yell.” Tessa Carisi was blonde haired and blue eyed, and clearly annoyed at her son. “Make yourself useful and set the table.”

Carisi flushed red and gestured for Rafael to follow him out of the entrance way, through the living room and into a large dining area. He pulled out the crockery and passed it to Rafael, gesturing to where everything needed to go. They worked in comfortable silence, Carisi only stopping to greet each family member as they walked in the room.

Eventually the room was filled with people, hot food, and of course wine. The lunch itself was quiet at first, once again surprising Rafael, the conversation had been kept to gossiping about which neighbours were doing what. A complete contradiction to the person Rafael saw almost daily.

Bella was the first to break the uncomfortable almost silence. “I just knew there was something going on between you two!”

“Oh?” Rafael stopped eating and raised his gaze to meet the youngest Carisi’s.

“He’s always gushing about you,” the words eagerly spilled from her mouth. “Barba did this and Barba did that. Did you see Barba’s press conference the other day?”

“Bells!” Carisi hissed, his face flushing pink.

Rafael felt his mouth curl into a smirk. “No *Sonny* I want to hear what you’ve been saying about me.”

“He calls me at least once a week to tell me how impressive this or that legal manoeuvre was,” Bella continued, ignoring her bright red brother.

Teresa couldn’t help but join in. “Back when he first started he dragged me along to watch you in court, he wanted me to dress him like you.”

“Just kill me now,” Carisi groaned dropping his head into his hands.

“That’s enough girls,” Dominick Sr hissed “I’m sure Sonny doesn’t appreciate you gossiping about his- er-”

A scowl crossed Bella’s face, “Boyfriend? Partner? Significant other.”

“Friend,” Dominick settled on.

“We were a bit worried,” Gina quietly interrupted. “But we were glad to hear that you’re together now.”

Rafael turned to look at Carisi, he was completely purple and had almost folded himself in half with his hands and head resting on the table. Rafael reached over and rubbed gentle circles on the other man’s back. The resulting moan that escaped Carisi’s mouth made Rafael pause for a second before running his hand down Carisi’s arm and talking the younger man’s hand in his.

“I’m glad too,” Even though Rafael was pointedly looking at Carisi the truthfulness of his own words surprised him. Carisi flushed red and dragged Rafael’s hand beneath the table, but he didn’t let go, and neither did Rafael.

The rest of lunch passed in the same awkward silence and stilted conversation that had haunted the conversation previously. Every now and then when one of the Carisi elders shot the detective a dark look Rafael would squeeze the younger man’s hand causing Carisi to flush red.

Eventually the debacle came to an end, Rafael politely shook Tessa and Dominick Sr’s hands. “Thank you for the invitation, maybe you’ll allow me to attend again sometime.

Tessa smiled politely while Dominick said a brief thanks before both of them turned to Carisi and started to whisper frantically at him. Rafael turned away only to find hims of face to face with Tommy.

“You really are good for him,” Tommy sounded genuine. “It’s been rough for him recently, I’m glad he has you to talk to.”

Rafael thanked Tommy for his kind words, and waited for Carisi to finish thanking his siblings. Once again Rafael grabbed the detective’s hand with his own and winded their fingers together. They walked to the car slowly, shoulders bumping together occasionally.

Carisi lent towards Rafael and whispered, “Thank you for doing this.”

“It was a pleasure really,” Rafael smiled as he unlocked the car. “I-I’d like to do it again sometime.”

“I’m assuming you don’t mean lunch with my family?” Carisi raised an eyebrow in a loose attempt to cover his expression.

“You know what they say about assumptions-”

“Barba!” Carisi hissed.

Rafael couldn’t help the bark of laughter which escaped from him. “I would like to take you out sometime, get to know you better.”

“I’d like that too,” Carisi flashed a wicked smile. “But you know what I’d like more?”

Before Rafael could answer Carisi swooped down and captured the shorter man’s mouth with his own. Rafael responded by placing one hand on Carisi’s waist and winding the other through the blond man’s thick locks. The kiss ended abruptly when a loud cheer erupted from the other Carisi siblings.

Carisi made a highly inappropriate gesture at his sister’s before opening car door and ushering Rafael inside. As they pulled away Carisi rested a hand lightly on Rafael’s thigh. “Where to counsellor?”

Rafael tried to flash a smirk at the younger man but a genuine smile seemed to form instead. He wasn’t sure where this thing with Carisi was heading, but he couldn’t wait to find out.

The Story of Us

Prologue || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 

✮ Chapter Six: Balance ✮

Word Count: 7541

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Monday sees Riley return to classes at Hillford High. At lunch she enters the cafeteria with Mabel and they sit together, later to be joined by Lucas, Thomas and Tristan. 

The conversation is - like it was all last week - basically just the boys talking to the girls as it was obvious the three family members were always in each others business so it wasn’t as if a simple ‘How was your weekend, what did you get up to?’ would suffice between them. 

They were so in each others business that Riley wonders how Lucas has a place that’s secret and separate from his cousins. How does he explain away the time? These are all thoughts that bounce around Rliey’s head and pull away her attention like a trance. 

“Earth to Riley,” Thomas snaps in the brunettes face to which she shakes her head in shock and quickly swats away his hand. 

“Where is it you went just now?” Tristan asks with a small smile. 

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