look limes!

Everyone whose calling taylor swift a fake feminist for not marching yesterday……,,,

You all realize that she would have been called out for that too right???

Y'all would make up some bullshit like

“Taylor Swift only showed up to help her image!”


“Oh wow look it’s taylor swift trying to prove how feminist she is.”


“How dare taylor swift come to the march and divert attention to herself and away from the actual issue!”

Y'all would seriously say these things, don’t doubt it, the only thing you guys do is try to find random ass reasons to hate on her and quite frankly it’s really fucking pathetic..

Let her live her damn life good god

guy in my class told me “athletic girls are unattractive” … how ‘bout you … say that again, punk.


My makeup for today. Felt like doing another michael hussar inspired makeup look today and this is what I came up with. I used sugarpill, lime crime and urban decay for the eyes, kleancolor for the cheeks, and a mix between urban decay’s shame lipstick and lime crime’s great pink planet for the lips

I'll Be Your Safety

The first time James Potter kisses Lily Evans is at a funeral.

It is a press of his lips to her temple as her grandmother’s casket is lowered into the ground. She is leaning against his side, but the ground is shifting beneath her and he could be anyone, so his gentle lips are telling her, I am here.

The next time, she kisses him, on the playground where she’d once played with her sister, the day before they leave for Hogwarts for their final year. He is wearing a Muggle t-shirt and jeans, and for some reason that makes her want to cry as her fingers curl into the fabric around his neck.

He’s never been very patient so their second kiss turns quickly to their third, and then fourth, pausing only when the streetlights and sunset remind her she needs to go home. Home is not tucked up in his gangly frame. (Not yet.) 

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