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alien emoji rating

I really like aliens so I’ll go ahead and rate my little boys


He looks cute and kind of nice, this shows that aliens do come in piece, the gradient effect gives a 3 D  S P A C E  P I N B A L L feel which is a nice touch. 4/5. He’s really nice, someone give him live stock for his planet.


I’m not sure Google is aware of the popular conception of aliens, but maybe they know something we don’t???? The colors are flat, something that in most cases is not bad, but this time it is, he seeks intelligent life yet he looks as he has no life at all. 1/5.


He’s conventionally attractive and happy for some reaon, I’d let him make patterns in my crops, the T H I C C lines are not the best idea but the glow in his eyes are perfect. Not the best desing choices but I can deal with it. 3/5.


Isn’t this the most visually pleasing gradient ever made by human kind? But not for this guy, he looks like he’s dying cuz can’t breath our oxygen, poor fellow, also his face looks strange, he might as well be Mr. Burns. 3/5. Looks really smug and I bet this kid thinks he’s the smartest guy in the class.


Straight out of the uncanny valley, the face you’d expect to see from a badly written creepypasta edited over an old photo that’s supposed to possess you, looks scary, creepy and offsetting but not in the nice way aliens are supposed to look. Please deport him to his planet. 0/5. Save your children from LG cellphones.


Look at this guy, like LOOK at This gUY!! His cute smile, this lime boy looks so mischievous, probably on space Santa’s naughty children list. The lines, the colors and the E D G E S are so pleasing to the eyes. 5/5. I’d let this guy invade my planet any day and eradicate all sentient matter without hesitation.


He’s scary, creepy and offsetting in the nice way aliens are supposed to be, the soulless eyes and the grey color blend so nice together making him intimidating and also hypnotizing. 5/5. Please take me away with you and use me as a guinea pig for your nefastus plots. 


The colors looks like he’s from a flash animation and his face of utter disgust makes him unpleasant, I’ll take him with my leader because I don’t wanna deal with him. 3/5. You might be ugly, but you’re the designated emoji for most of my chats.


He’s minimalistic and cute, this grey buddy is my friend, please hug him and treat him nicely, he just want diplomatic relations with our planet, give him love and natural resources, he deserves them. 4/5.


This guy is not an alien, he’s a light outlet. He’s nice and is probably that one cousin they sit with you on family gatherings, not because you get along, but because they want you to keep him from doing something stupid like breaking a bowl or causing a nuclear holocaust. 2/5. Sorry Kyle, I’m not your baby sister.


@pocpotterweek day three: wizarding schools

This ancient Japanese school has the smallest student body of the eleven great wizarding schools and takes students from the age of seven. Mahoutokoro’s reputation rests not only on its impressive academic prowess, but also on its outstanding reputation for Quidditch.

Podcast nails 3/?

riddle me this: why is the photo quality so bad on tumblr?

(minor color correction to get the nails to show up true to life which is why my hand looks pink rip)


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“Go on, have a pasty,“ said Harry, who had never had anything to share before or, indeed, anyone to share it with. It was a nice feeling, sitting there with Ron, eating their way through all Harry’s pasties, cakes, and candies

21st century Lily Evans
so this all came out from a conversation with @floralhxrry?? Because she aproached me with “do you think Lily Evans would have an studyblr?” (or something along those lines) and a collab headcanon happened
  • Lily Evans has an studyblr
  • She opened it in fifth year, when the OWLs were stressing her out
  • She had been following studyblrs since fourth year, but she didn’t think she could make her notes pretty enough for one
  • In fifth year she said fuck it and decided to make an effort, for the sake of her sanity
  • She asked her parents to send her pens and markers and notebooks, and she started trying
  • By sixth year her blog is very well known in the studyblr community (most of her asks are muggles that think that she makes everything up, but love her “fake notes” anyway) (her fellow magicians are kinda worried, but love her because her notes are so easy to understand!)
  • She loves it, it’s therapeutic and she discovered that she is doing better in her classes with this organized-by-color-and-with-pretty-doodle notes
  • For each class she uses two markers of the same color (a pastel one and a vivid one)
  • She takes Potions, Herbology and Charms for her future (potions professor? Aporhecary owner?? Who knows, but potions related for sure), and also DADA and Astronomy (for the sake of safety, and because stars are cool and the AestheticTM respectively), and Divination
  • For potions she uses purple (because potions are rad and purple is such a good color for a potion) (it is also her favorite color and subject so, it’s kind of an obvious choice)
  • For DADA is green because she is unable to forget the fact that it’s James’s favorite subject (even if he told her in second year and how do you even remember that Lily?), and James always says he loves her eyes
  • For charms it’s blue, because Flitwick is Ravenclaw’s head of house and because she finds it fits with the class as a whole, really
  • She doesn’t take pretty notes for divination. She doesn’t even know why she keeps taking divination (Ah right, because Remus finds it interesting but none of his mates wanted to take it with him). She doesn’t even think it has actual theory, it’s all guesswork (unless you have mystical powers like Professor Trelawney’s ofc). But she does use an orange pen in it because she keeps exchanging notes (not class related of course) with her friends
  • (Said notes are about whatever, really, from gossip with Marlene to gossip with Remus, or the most fucking random things like “Do you think snakes are sad because they don’t have any arms and legs?” “Remus what the fuck” “But do you think they do??” or planning what to do the next Hogsmead trip with the girls)
  • (Also she uses the parchment in which she doesn’t write for these notes, since she uses muggle notebooks for class)
  • For astronomy she uses grey, because grey is a cool color, and the starts usually look silver
  • And Herbology is yellow, because even if some of the plants are dangerous she finds it a happy subject and yellow is a cheery color that she think fits with her mood in class
  • (Yes, she has had to back up her color choices to her friends before, because they just facepalm at the childishness of her reasons)
  • She likes to doodle on her notes too
  • She literally just learned how to do faux calligraphy to make her notes look more aesthetic (and now she can’t stop)
  • She has neat, small handwriting, that many have trouble reading (“Fuck Lily would it really hurt if you made your handwriting a little bigger??” “Yes”) 
  • At first her friends thought she was weird taking photos of her notes, but then she came clean with them and they were very supportive
  • (They actually started borrowing her pens to make their parchments a little more bright) (but still made good fun of her color choices)
  • She sometimes takes photos in the library or common room (when there aren’t many people around) but mostly in her dorm
  • (At the start of sixth year she brought from home a small table to put in her dorm so she could have a flat surface to take photos in, without having to leave the safety of it)
  • Sometimes she records the lessons and takes her notes later (because sometimes teachers are messy and get things mixed up or just straight up don’t tell the things in order)
  • And she has scheduled time exclusively for her note taking, be it in the library or common room
  • She also posts tips and tutorials, an a few aesthetic photos of the grounds and the sky and the lake
  • She tried to keep a bullet journal but she didn’t have enough time, so she uses a normal journal instead, and puts stickers and washitape in it sometimes, just to make it look prettier
  • When she has free time she likes to answer asks and tag games (she has done this in: her bed, the grounds, with her head resting on Remus’s lap, with her head resting on Marlene’s shoulder, in The Three Broomsticks while Mary and Dorcas were having a heated discussion about which flavor of Honeydukes chocolate was better and Marlene flirted with a ravenclaw seventh year, among other places)
  • She’s the kind of girl that messy notes make her head swim. She can’t stand them and therefore hates skiping class for one reason or another
  • (If she has to, she makes Remus record the lesson for her) (Remus, bless his soul, does it) (She pays him in Honeydukes chocolate and lending him her notes when he can’t go to class because of his furry little problem)
  • She’s that person that everyone goes for help with notes
  • And talking about that: She helps everyone, everyone knows that if you are too shy / anxious to talk to her you can send her an anon ask or an owl message and she will answer you with where and when you can pick the notes up and she will use a duplicating charm to make copies for you and leave them in the spot; if you are a seventh year she will help you revise and give you tips to organize your notes yourself; and she keeps all her notes from earlier years for if a little one needs help
  • She also spent her fifth year summer organizing her notes from first to fourth year “for the future generations”
  • (Petunia thinks she’s even more mad than before)