look like a lil' hoe

i was cute today✨

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Jin is so underrated I'm heated I feel like even though he looks like the one to be super lovey during sex I feel like he can get super rough and just pound into you like there's no tomorrow and have a death grip onto your hips all while moaning how good you look when he's fucking you like this -lil jimin hoe back at it!!!


BTS as things my family has said to me

Namjoon: “Plaid makes you look like a lesbian”

Jin: “No wonder you still look like an obese elephant”

Yoongi: “Fight me you lil pussy ass hoe”

Jimin: “If you play more sports you might get laid more often”

Taehyung: “The only time you like me is when you hit me”

Jungkook: “The coconut haircut you speak of is actually called a bowl cut”

Hoseok: “Look at that booty”