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things have changed for me

This is nowhere near as good as the perfection from @jiilys and @alrightpotter but this was still super fun to write.


James Potter to but does Buzzfeed know which friends character it is in five random questions: approximately how many jelly beans are too many

James Potter: because I bought all of the bags in the store

Sirius Black: enough to fill a car?

James Potter: I think it’ll be enough to fill Claire

Sirius Black: “riding claire” wasn’t even funny the first time prongs

Remus Lupin: wouldn’t it be “riding in claire”??

Sirius Black: #exposed

James Potter: #blocked

Peter Pettigrew to i’m lizzie bennet and sirius black is way hotter than darcy: I don’t think this is going to work

Peter Pettigrew: and even if it does, will people even watch it?

Sirius Black: people watched it on the middle

Remus Lupin: you’re the only person on earth who watches the middle

James Potter: does anyone even watch our regular videos

Peter Pettigrew: true

James Potter to Lily Evans: you coming to help film?

Lily Evans: nope

James Potter: :(

Lily Evans: pathetic

Lily Evans: of course I’m coming to help

Lily Evans: I wanna get my hands on some peach jelly beans

James Potter: they’re gonna be stuck to the other jelly beans

James Potter: (if this works)

Lily Evans: peach jelly beans with obstacles

Sirius Black to but isn’t james potter more of a state of mind: prongs way

Peter Pettigrew: ???

Sirius Black: where are you

Sirius Black: duh

Remus Lupin: remember when you texted like a human being

Sirius Black: nope

Remus Lupin: me neither

Sirius Black to WAY PRONGS: srsly jim way

Remus Lupin: we’re standing here around a car looking like idiots

Sirius Black: u always look like an idiot

Peter Pettigrew: guys we’re right next to each other

Peter Pettigrew: you can just say ur dumb insults to each other’s faces

James Potter: sry m8s I picked Lily up and she wanted to stop for lunch

Sirius Black: oooooooh

Sirius Black: ooooOOOOOHHHH

James Potter: not like that

James Potter: we just had tacos

Peter Pettigrew: oooOOOOOH

Peter Pettigrew: dang it

Peter Pettigrew: im too late

James Potter: better luck making fun of me next time pete

Lily Evans to James Potter: I can’t believe those jelly beans actually melted and stuck to the car

James Potter: I can’t believe you ripped a chunk off and started eating it

James Potter: thanks for filming, by the way

Lily Evans: just call me Freddie Benson💋

James Potter to Sirius Black: she sent me a kiss emoji

James Potter: what do u think that means

Sirius Black: maybe she meant to hit another emoji

Sirius Black: like the nose bc u stink

Sirius Black: idk ask Remus

James Potter added Remus Lupin to the chat

Remus Lupin: christ

Remus Lupin: its like three am

Remus Lupin: i need my beauty sleep

Sirius Black: its not working

Peter Pettigrew to not like that, we just had tacos: WE’RE ON BUZZFEED

James Potter: ??!!!

Peter Pettigrew sent a link to These Crazy Hilarious YouTubers Filled A Car with Jelly Beans to See If They Would Melt

Sirius Black: they called us “crazy hilarious”

Remus Lupin: a woman in the comments said “they get paid to do this?” though so I wouldn’t say we’re famous yet

Peter Pettigrew: if we got paid to do this I wouldn’t have to work at starbucks

James Potter to i’m sorry for being right, sirius: i’m adding Lily to the chat  

Sirius Black: this is moving fast

Sirius Black named the chat JAMES POTTER WETS THE BED

James Potter named the chat WELCOME EVANS

Remus Lupin named the chat stop

Remus Lupin: come up with some better jokes padfoot

James Potter named the chat Group Chat

James Potter added Lily Evans to the chat

Lily Evans: wait

Lily Evans: why is ur chat name “group chat”

Lily Evans: who does that???

Lily Evans named the chat Freaks and Geeks

Sirius Black: i like her already

Lily Evans to James Potter: uggggghhhh

Lily Evans: talk to me

James Potter: bout what?

Lily Evans: anything other than vernon dursley

James Potter: whales have no sweat glands

Lily Evans: fascinating

Lily Evans: gotta go eat with the fam

Lily Evans: i’ll take a swig of wine every time vernon says “actually”

James Potter: you’ll die in five minutes

Lily Evans: make sure they bury me in prada

Lily Evans to James Potter: i habve a new pshilosophy

Lily Evans: ill flip a coin dfor every desicion so i don’t enmd up high strung like petunia  f

James Potter to Lily Evans: where are you

Lily Evans: crowns pub

James Potter: i’m coming to get you

Remus Lupin to Sirius Black: why was lily sleeping on our couch

Sirius Black: so thats what the unearthly screaming was

Sirius Black: did u sit on her or something

Remus Lupin: no

Remus Lupin: (yes)

Remus Lupin: i hadn’t had coffee yet

Remus Lupin: it was dark

Sirius Black: uv still gotten more action than James

Lily Evans to James Potter: thank u for picking me up

James Potter: don’t mention it

James Potter: i would have taken the couch, u know

Lily Evans: i know

Lily Evans to APRIL THE GIRAFFE HAS GIVEN BIRTH: guess who I just met

Sirius Black: no

Remus Lupin: i can literally hear u laughing from ur room padfoot

Remus Lupin: that was not remotely funny

Sirius Black: i’m being joyful

Sirius Black: u already look twenty years older than u are

Sirius Black: u wouldn’t if you laughed a little

James Potter: can we stay on topic pls

James Potter: who did you meet?

Lily Evans: so I flipped a coin to decide whether to get a burger or go out to lunch with Petunia

James Potter: that is an easy decision??? u didn’t need to flip a coin

Lily Evans: but it worked out

Lily Evans: I went to lunch with Petunia

Lily Evans: (it was so fancy)

Lily Evans: and I met some YouTube exec who said they needed some “good, cleancut kids” to make videos and work with them and stuff

Sirius Black: and you didn’t lead with this?!

James Potter: excellent job lil!

Remus Lupin to Sirius Black: so he’s already calling her “lil”

Sirius Black: better than “lily evans, love of my life and future wife”

Remus Lupin: so what’s with the whole coin thing?

Sirius Black: jim said she went out to dinner with petunia and vernon, got smashed, and vowed to flip a coin for all her decisions

Sirius Black: and now she’s sober and is too stubborn to change her mind

Remus Lupin: already calling him “jim”, huh?

Sirius Black: ours is a forbidden love

Peter Pettigrew to WE HAVE NO IDEAS: so what are we going to do for our pitch

James Potter: look at the name of the chat

Peter Pettigrew: but we have to come up with something

Remus Lupin: he’s right

Sirius Black: how about “girl decides to flip a coin for every decision”

Lily Evans: exploitation

Lily Evans: i like it

James Potter to Lily Evans: so come over around seven so we can start filming

Lily Evans: I flipped a coin and it says eight

James Potter: flip that coin and see if you’d like to come to dinner with me

James Potter: (but like, only if you want to)

James Potter to Remus Lupin: REMUS WHAT HAVE I DONE

James Potter sent Remus Lupin a picture

James Potter: she’s going to think im some “nice guy” who thinks he deserves sex just bc they’re friends

Remus Lupin: james, chill

Remus Lupin: tbh that might be better than her first impression of you

Lily Evans to James Potter: I don’t need a coin for that decision ;)

Lily Evans: pick me up in twenty?

James Potter: sounds like a plan

James Potter to Remus Lupin: YES

James Potter to Sirius Black: YES

James Potter to Peter Pettigrew: YES

Remus Lupin to I’m not a regular buzzkill, I’m a cool buzzkill: hey, we’re ready to go

Remus Lupin: Sirius has literally poured a pot of coffee into his mouth

Sirius Black: its true, i did

Lily Evans: we’re on our way

Sirius Black to Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin: “we’re on our way”

Peter Pettigrew: WE’RE

Remus Lupin: can we be mature about this

Remus Lupin: lol just kidding james must be freaking out

Sirius Black: wonder if they’re gonna tell us?

Peter Pettigrew: idk be cool

James Potter to are you driving a snail? it’s been twenty minutes: we’re pulling in

Lily Evans: we brought bagels!

Sirius Black to WITHOUT JAMES: she is wearing HiS SoCKs

Remus Lupin: they can’t possibly think we don’t know

Peter Pettigrew: omg

Remus Lupin: we should probably act surprised when they tell us

Sirius Black: what is right

Sirius Black: what is wrong

Sirius Black: i don’t know anymore

Remus Lupin: chill

Remus Lupin: I can see sweat dripping down your face

Peter Pettigrew: don’t u think they see us texting under the table

Lily Evans changed the chat name to why are we texting

Lily Evans: are you guys taking a vow of silence

Lily Evans: james already filmed a bit of me flipping the coin to decide my outfit and what to get for breakfast

Lily Evans: maybe my next decision should be deciding whether we should have an actual conversation

Peter Pettigrew: their on to us

Peter Pettigrew: oops I didn’t send that to anyone

Peter Pettigrew: haha

Lily Evan to remus we’re out of biscuits: alright, I finished editing our video!

James Potter: you angel

James Potter: too good for me

Lily Evans: I know

Lily Evans: I’ll get it ready to present to the YouTube exec too

Remus Lupin: thanks Lily

Remus Lupin to WE HAVE BEEN OUT OF BISCUITS FOR THREE DAYS: we need to talk about our pitch

Remus Lupin: more specifically, what we’re wearing

Remus Lupin: bc sirius, you did not need to order me seventeen boxes of clothes

Remus Lupin: james, you did not need to send me twenty pairs of shoes and fifteen watches

James Potter: we’re like robin hood

James Potter: except without the stealing

Lily Evans to James Potter: the pitch is at four, could you swing by my house about two hours before

Lily Evans: its more fun getting ready when there’s someone with you

Lily Evans: and then we’ll drive there together

James Potter: I’m starting to think you don’t know how to drive

Lily Evans: I do

Lily Evans: I just prefer going with you

Peter Pettigrew to never gonna give you up: that went well?

Remus Lupin: surprisingly

James Potter: I think we got the job?


Sirius Black: greed is a sin pete

Remus Lupin: says the man who actually tried to create a swimming pool of money

Lily Evans: drinks on me!

Sirius Black to are u sure u still want to pay, lily?: u guys have been on like two dates

Sirius Black: u don’t have to act married

James Potter: it’s called being in love

James Potter: u should try it sometime

Lily Evans: you’re in love with me?

James Potter: oh no

James Potter: shit

James Potter: I did NOT mean that

Lily Evans: you didn’t?

Lily Evans: that’s a shame, because I’m pretty in love with you

Sirius Black: gross

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Can you write something about Jim spending the night with a girl, intending it to be a one night stand, but he can't get her out of his head and makes every guy she flirts with afterwards disappear. And tries to get her to be his s/o because he doesn't want to share her.

“It was a nice evening, Lewis.”, you smiled at the guy in front of you, a tall handsome man you met a few days ago.

You really meant it. The two of you went to a local bar and on a walk. Talked about your wishes and dreams for the future and had a few good laughs.

This wasn’t usually the type of dating you were used to. Dating itself wasn’t even something you’ve tried out in a proper way. Work and schedule have always been in your way so that casual hook-up’s became something you considered more often than starting a serious relationship.

But now you really had the feeling that this could lead somewhere.

After saying goodbye your date waved as he walked down the street you lived on. Waving back at him you pursued opening the door to your building. Just as you had turned the keys you could hear a man’s scream. Immediately you stopped what you were doing and quickly stepped back on the pavement to see what was going on. Your date had vanished and you could only hear a car’s wheels turning quickly as it rushed out of sight.

Not being able to move from the shock you stood still in the middle of the sidewalk, your keys still in your hand. A person you knew had just kidnapped in front of your eyes. A person had just been kidnapped in front of your eyes.

Now it struck you. You had to do something. Grabbing your phone you stared at its screen. Who should you call? The police? You didn’t get to see the car’s registration number. But at least you could give them the name of the person you were sure was now missing. Or Lewis’ phone? Yes, there was a possibility that the police could trace him by the in-coming calls to his mobile.

While you were thinking you completely ignored the sound of a car pulling up beside you. Only when you heard the door of it slam you turned around.

A man was slowly approaching you. His step had a slight swing to it and his moves were smooth just as his voice when he began talking to you.

“Hello.”, he said with a crocked smile and leaned his head to the side as he walked up to you, only standing still as he was a not more than a step away.

Still under a strain because of what had just happened you didn’t answer.

“Y/N, do you remember me at all?”, he asked while fixating you with his dark eyes.

You did.

Jim, that was the name he’d told you when you first met. It must’ve been a few months ago at an upper class party your friend took you to. Usually those were filled with nothing but old millionaires, pretentious designers, rude journalists and gold-diggers. But this time an elegant and polite man had approached you.

The rest that went down that night was something you had kept to yourself and labelled it as the usual one-night-stand.

Never would you’ve thought that Jim would creep up in your life again.

Yes, you did remember him. And now you started remembering what he’d told you about himself that one night. It wasn’t much to work with but when you recalled it the situation you found yourself in right now made more sense to you than before he had appeared.

Jim told you that he had an immense power. That he ran his own business and that he worked with people against people.

Nothing particularly alarming if you didn’t think about it more closely.

“I do remember, yes.”, you finally answered.

“Oh, good good.” Jim slid both of his hand in his pockets and looked at the ground as he proceeded talking.

“See, I remember you too. I also remember enjoying your company. It was” He looked at you “enjoyable.” Keeping looking at you he moved his left hand out of the pocket to slowly take your phone out of your hand.

“Naturally I am kind of disappointed that you’re now here with that…Lewis guy.” Jim began inspecting your phone in a closer way as if it was something he was seeing for the first time, while still speaking to you.

“You must know that if I like something I tend to get it. And as a matter of fact I also don’t like to share what I want to have.” His eyes looked straight into yours again.

Knowing what he was hinting at you nodded. You decided that the smartest thing to do in a moment like that was not to disagree. Any kind of unwise behaviour could provoke a spontaneous reaction from his side. He knew your date’s name and who knew what else. And you didn’t know what this person was capable of doing.

A quick look at his car showed that he wasn’t alone. Jim noticed your glance and turned around in a dramatic way while making a big gesture towards the vehicle.

“Oh don’t mind them. They’re…friends. They could become your friends too if you’d care to join me.” His almost sulking facial expression soon changed when you didn’t answer.

“Because if you don’t they might not be that friendly to you anymore. I keep my boys well trained, you must know. A word from me and they will catch the ball to get a treat. So don’t be like that. That’s not nice. I know you can be nicer.” He extended his hand as an invitation for you to grab it.

Not having any real choice you took it which caused Jim to smile.

“Good girl.”

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Home is where the heart is

Mood board/header made by the fantastic @theenchantedgalleryofstories / @yourtropegirl

Pairing: McKirk

Summary: Modern!AU Single dads Leonard and Jim and the road to falling in love

Warnings: NSFW moment

Word count: 9,729 (oops?)

Beta’d: No

Tags: @feelmyroarrrr, @auduna-druitt

“If it comes to it, who do you want us to focus on? Her or the
baby?” the doctor asked

“The baby,” she answered without a second thought.

“No. No, we can get pregnant again,” Jim said desperately.

“They have a better chance, Jim.”

“No, Ellie.”

“I’ve made my decision.”

He stared back at his wife in utter shock and horror. “What about Izzy?” he whispered.

“She has you.”

“She needs you too.”

“Jim, the baby has a better chance of survival if worse comes to worst. I love you. And I love Izzy. But we have to be realistic.”

He bit his bottom lip and nodded, leaning down and kissing her before she was taken to the operating room.

And then forty minutes later, the doctor came and told him the words he feared the most. “She’s gone.”

She’s gone. The words rang through Jim’s head as he tossed and turned in the too empty bed. He scrubbed a hand over his face and stared at the ceiling, utterly exhausted. He looked over at the crib in the corner of the room and his chest clenched when a small cry came from within it. He dragged himself out of bed, walking over to the crib.

“Hey, Elise,” he murmured at the four-month-old as he picked her up, holding her to his chest as he checked her diaper. “You hungry?” He glanced at the time and sighed. Six-thirty in the goddamn morning. He adjusted his hold on her as he walked down the hall to the kitchen.

Once the bottle was prepared, he sat on the couch, his feet on the coffee table as he fed her. She’d taken after Ellie. Tanned skin, dark hair and eyelashes. But her eyes. Well, Jim was grateful she didn’t get Ellie’s eyes.

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What You Need Most (Ryan Howard x Reader)

Request: I’m sorry if you guys are busy, but could you write a Ryan one shot? Like maybe Y/N really likes Ryan and she goes into the break room, but sees Ryan and Kelly kissing and walks out and storms out the building and Pam calls her name but she doesn’t listen and everyone except for Michael, Ryan, and Kelly follow her. She drives home and everyone is still following her and she starts breaking everything and she breaks down and Jim busts open the door and they call Michael and Ryan and Kelly come?

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I really wanted this one to be good. So I hope whoever requested this, and everyone else, enjoys this story.

WARNING: Later on in this story, the reader (you) experiences trouble breathing while sobbing. I’m not sure if this would be called a panic attack but just incase, I wanted to make everyone aware.

Being in love with your best friend was one of the most difficult things to deal with. You were always so close to reaching what you wanted, but also so far. It was even worse when your best friend was seeing somebody else.

Every time you saw Ryan and Kelly together you would feel a tug on your heart, wishing you could take her place. Wishing that he would see you as more than a friend.

Since day one, at Dunder Mifflin, your coworkers had warned to you to stay away from Ryan, that he was nothing but trouble. And boy were they right.

Now of course, you were glad that you and Ryan had a wonderful friendship. If you couldn’t date him, you were glad that the two of you could be friends. It was just somedays were worse than others.

When those days came, you would talk to your two good friends, Jim and Pam. They had been through the same thing, so they knew how to make you feel better. Always reassuring you things would look better soon.

But again, somedays were worse than others and that didn’t help. Today was one of those days.

You decided to head over to Ryan’s desk to make sure the pans you two had made were still on for that might. When you reached his desk, unsurprisingly, he wasn’t there. So you headed back to Kelly’s desk in the annex where Ryan would most likely be.

After rounded the corner in the small space, you were met by the sight of Ryan and Kelly passionately making-out. Now this was nothing new. Usually when this happened, you felt the string around your heart tug, you would clear your throat, and that’d be it.

However, today that string just snapped, which made the heartache feel even more intense. You hadn’t realized that you had gasped aloud, until the couple untangled themselves and looked at you.

Tears had welled up in yours eyes as you struggled to hold them back. Ryan looked at you with a questioning gaze, but one that was also full of pity.


The room felt like it was spinning and you felt a pounding in your head. For a moment you felt like you couldn’t breathe, and in that moment your brain told your feet to run.

You ran as fast as you could out of the annex, past the break room, and out into the main office. You barley even heard Ryan calling out your name, desperate for you to come back.

After you got to the main office, you collected your things, still crying. Before you could leave, you felt a hand grab hold of your wrist.

Turning to look at the person, you came face to face with Jim. “Are you alright, (y/n)?” He asked you, concern lacing his tone.

Not being able to answer, you shook your head and ran away out to your car. Jim looked over at Pam and they both mouthed their ideas to each. “Ryan.”

His concern turning into anger, Jim stormed back to the annex with Pam right at his tail. Both of them were livid at Ryan. They thought of you as a younger sister and hated the way he made you feel.

Once Jim saw Ryan, back turned to him, talking to Kelly, he spun Ryan around. “What the hell did you do to her?” He screamed at Ryan.

Pam tried to grab his arm and calm him down, but he just shook it off.

“What are you talking about, man?” Ryan said, looking confused as everyone.

“You know what I’m talking about, Ryan. What did you do to (y/n)?” Jim asked him again.

“I didn’t do anything to her. One minute she walks in here and sees me and Kelly kiss, then the next she’s crying and running away.” Ryan told Jim.

Running a hand through his hair, Jim mumbled something to Pam, and they then started to drive to your house.

Meanwhile back at your house, you were locked in your bathroom trying to call down. You splashed cold water on your face and looked at your splotchy, tear stained face.

It probably hadn’t been the best idea to just run out of work like that, but you had to get away from everybody. Away from Ryan.

Still crying, you walked into your kitchen going to make a cup of tea. However, before you could, tears began to run down your face once more. Sliding down the wall, your head fell into your lap as you continued to cry.

You cried because you were embarrassed of the scene you made. You cried because you were angry at Kelly. But mainly, you cried because Ryan had finally broke your heart.

As you sat on the floor, you didn’t hear your unlocked door creep open. Slowly, Jim and Pam made their way into your apartment trying to find you.

Hearing a soft sniffle, they walked in the direction they heard the noise until they found you in the kitchen.

Immediately, Pam got down to your level and wrapped you in a hug. Your head fell into her shoulder as you cried even more. On the opposite side, you felt Jim do the same.

After a few minutes, you wiped your eyes on with the back of your hand and stood up. Smiling sadly, you silently thanked Jim and Pam for coming to comfort you.

“I’m so sorry, (y/n), but everything will be okay.” Jim reassured you as he rubbed your shoulder.

You nodded, still sniffling. “Go sit down in the living room and we’ll bring you some tea.” Pam told you gently.

You went to lay down on your couch and you wrapped yourself up in a big, fluffy blanket. You sighed as you looked around the room, still trying to calm down completely.

Glancing at your mantle, you saw a picture of you and Ryan, smiling together on your birthday just a few months before. Again, you started to cry. But this time it wasn’t tears of sadness, but tears of rage. You felt a burning angry in your stomach, making you jump off the couch and hold the picture in your hands.

With one a second thought, you hurled the picture across the room, shattering it into tiny pieces.

You then grabbed everything else which you owned that reminded you of Ryan. Any pictures of the two of you, mugs left on the table, even the lamp he had bought for you at some garage sale.

Jim and Pam heard the sounds of glass shattering and ran out to find you destroying half of your living room. Jim sprinted to you and tried to pull you in his arms, but you ripped yourself out of his arms, now full on sobbing.

You tried to pick up another picture, but Pam pulled it away from you before you could. “(y/n)! (y/n), I need you to calm down. Please.” Pam shouted in an attempt to calm you down.

It was all in vain, as you continued to tear apart your living room in tears. Pam looked over to Jim in fear and yelled, “We need to call him!”

“No!” Jim said, firm on his decision. Why should he call the guy who hurt you? Just for him to see you at your worst?

Jim’s mind was quickly changed when you slid against the wall, still crying but now gasping for breath.

Pam ran to your side and tried to show you to calm your breathing, but to no avail. All you did was gasp and mutter over and over again. “Ryan, Ryan.”

Pam looked over her shoulder at Jim and shouted at him. “Call Ryan. Now!”

This time Jim didn’t hesitate and whipped out his phone to call Dunder Mifflin. You could faintly hear Jim desperately trying to get in touch with Ryan. You hoped he could soon because you knew that runs was the only one who could help you.

After what felt like hours of gasping for breath, but was only minutes, Ryan came bursting through your door.

He ran over to where you sat in the floor and pushed Pam away. Grabbing you hand, he pushed your hair away from your face and began talking. “Hey, hey, it’s okay, (y/n). I’m right here, and everything’s going to be okay. Just listen to my voice and take deep breaths. In and out.” He commanded soothingly.

You followed his instructions and in almost no time you were back to breathing normally. You wrapped your arms around Ryan’s neck, taking in his familiar scent. Grateful he had come out to help you.

You looked past him to Jim and Pam, nodding faintly, signaling to them they could leaving. After you heard them shuffle out, you went completely lax against Ryan’s body.

A few minutes of comfortable silence past until Ryan spoke up. “Why did you ran out at work, (y/n)?”

Instead of answering, you kept your head down not wanting a repeat of what just happened.

“Hey, I’m not mad. I just want to know if all of this,” He gestured to the torn apart living room. “Is because of me.” He explained, lifting your chin up with his finger.

You nodded slowly and shamefully. After everything you had done to hide your feelings, the truth finally had to come out.

“But why?” He questioned you.

“Because-because I can’t stand you being with Kelly.” You admitted, embarrassed about the conversation at hand.

Ryan opened his mouth to ask another question, but you stopped him. You had to get this out now, or you never would. “It’s because I’m in love with you, Ryan.” You finally confessed.

You held our hand, silencing him once more. “I’ve been in love with you for such a long time. And it always killed me to see you with Kelly, but today something just snapped.. I’m sorry and I understand if we can’t be friends anymore.” You let out a long sigh, a weight had just been lifted off your shoulder.

When Ryan didn’t reply, you heart sunk thinking that he didn’t recuperate your feelings. “Ryan?” You asked, meekly.

He shook his head as if coming out of a trance. He looked down at you and did something that surprised you; he smiled.

“Well it’s a good thing a realized my feelings for you right after you left and broke it off with Kelly.” Ryan admitted, stilling beaming.

“Y-you, you broke up with Kelly?” You stammered, not believing the words coming out of your best friend’s mouth.

He just nodded back at you. “I love you too, (y/n). You are truly the only person who gets me. You make me laugh, he make me happy, and you make me want to be a better person.” He said to you as he poured his heart to you.

“Would you, please, go out o n a date with me?” He asked you.

Your heart melted, hearing his delectation of love after years of dreaming for it. Your kind couldn’t form words, but you nodded eagerly.

Ryan bent down and gave you a chaste kiss on your chapped lips, to which you happily returned.

When the two of you came up for air, you just leaned into each other, cuddling.

You both finally had the one thing you wanted, and more importantly, needed the most.


Smalltown Girl: Jerome x Reader


*The brilliant plot for this came from @becausewckd . When Bruce’s cousin comes to Gotham for a few months in search of a change of scene, it isn’t long before the reader receives the bit of excitement they’ve been searching for.*

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AU where Jim is fighting in WW2 and becomes critically injured and Bones is the war doctor who saves him against all odds

Oh my God anon you have no idea how much I have been wanting this after seeing Hacksaw Ridge. 

  • Jim’s enthusiasm about being a soldier falters the first death he sees. It’s right next to him, too. Jim listens to one of Pike’s orders, and then in the blink of an eye the guy next to him tumbles down; his weight falling against Jim and toppling him over. Maybe beneficial, too, because a sea of bullets go over his head. Many other bodies drop down around him, and everything stinks of ash, old blood, and God knows what else. Another guy falls down next to him. Alive, this time, but he doesn’t look too good. “Medic!” Jim calls out loudly, and soon enough, a medic kneels down in front of Jim. Bright white medical sticker on his helmet, and while the medic focuses on saving this guy’s life, Jim reaches out to take that sticker off. “What are you-” “They go after medics first,” Jim says, “carrying a sticker like that is like carrying a bullseye.” Briefly, the doctor glances at him. Face dirty, covered in ash, tired eyes. Still a handsome face underneath all that. “Thank you,” the medic says eventually, and then nods, “I got him. Be careful out there,” he says, and Jim nods.
  • He sees Bones again at the end of the day. Or maybe the next day. Everything is kind of a blur. Jim is exhausted, but he’s okay. He’s alive, which is a big thing considering the fact that the US completely lost the battle and had to retreat. At least for now. He’s back at their camp, taken a quick, cold shower, and falls down on his bunk bed. He’s trying to close his eyes, but it’s all gunfire and screams when he does. So instead, he glances at the man who lies down next to him. The medic. Also showered, but not shaved. There’s a clear stubble on his cheeks. “Hey, doc. You made it,” Jim says, and the other glances at him. “It’s McCoy. Leonard.” He says, turning his face to look at Jim. He briefly narrows his eyes and looks at Jim, like he’s trying to remember him, but those eyes are a dead giveaway. “How are you holding up?” Leonard asks, “I’ve seen a lot of good men go a little crazy out there.” “I’m fine,” Jim says. “You ready to go back out there in the morning?” “Yeah,” Jim replies, “I mean, what choice do we have? Gotta defeat the Japanese somehow.” Leonard huffs a little, smiling lightly. “War’s almost over in Europe, I heard,” Leonard says, “reckon we’re not far off, either. Til that time, try not to get hurt, okay? Not a lot of medics left to save your handsome ass.” He adds, and Jim smiles. “Same to you, doc. Be careful out there.”
  • They just keep running into each other. Jim catches another man who’s lost most of his leg. And he calls out for a medic while tying his leg up to stop him from going into immediate shock. Bones sits down next to him a few seconds later. “I got him.” He sees Leonard a couple more times. Tirelessly saving people’s lives, and every time he finds Leonard alive, it’s a blessing.
  • They hole up together for a night, quietly talking about their lives back in the US. Bones says he has nothing to live for, being divorced from his wife and having no custody over his kid whatsoever. Jim doesn’t have anything in particular either, besides maybe his mom. They bond over missing that real American bourbon, and then Jim keeps watch while Bones sleeps for a few hours. The battle ground is so quiet, it’s incredibly eerie with a layer of smoke and fog covering the grounds, making both allies and enemies completely invisible.
  • The Japanese catch them completely by surprise at the crack of dawn, and the whole battlefield turns red in this unfair fight. Jim doesn’t even know who’s who anymore. He’s lost Leonard somewhere, people are falling back, and he doesn’t even know how he makes his way back to Pike, but he does. “What are we doing?” Jim shouts over the sound of gunfire. “We gotta fall back!” Pike says, nudging Jim backwards. 
  • When he makes his way back to the main camp, Jim drops down on one of the beds and he smiles when Uhura approaches him. “Aren’t you a light in the darkness,” Jim says, and Uhura throws him a smile. “D'you need anything?” She asks, and Jim shakes his head. “Have you seen Leonard?” “No,” Uhura says, “If he’s alive, I’m sure he’ll be back in soon.” “If he’s alive? You know how to be optimistic,” Jim huffs, running a hand through his hair. “I think we’ve both seen enough bodies to stop being optimistic here,” Uhura says, briefly resting her hand on Jim’s leg, and then she walks off to assist other soldiers where she can.
  • Leonard isn’t back come nightfall, and Jim fears for the worst. He’s checked all the dead bodies they’ve brought back, but Leonard isn’t among them. He finds out come morning that Leonard has been up all night rescuing survivors. When he sees Leonard again, he looks exhausted. Like he can barely stand on his legs, and Jim pulls him down on the ground. “Jesus, Leonard, how are you still standing?” Jim asks, and Leonard shrugs. “Gotta bring everyone home,” Leonard says. “You okay?” “Yeah,” Jim says. “Good,” Bones replies, “I’ll see you later.”
  • But then Jim gets hurt. He doesn’t know exactly what happens - he turns around just one second and a grenade explodes behind him. Jim hits the ground, and he’s passed out for a while. When he wakes up, he tastes blood in his own mouth, Pike is kneeling down next to him and Jim vaguely registers him calling out for a medic. Jim looks up at him, watching Pike press down his hands on Jim’s side to stop the bleeding. Leonard kneels down next to him, and he throws Jim a faint smile. “Hang in there, James,” Leonard tells him, “I’m gonna get you home, and you’re gonna show me Riverside. Okay? I’m gonna bring you home.” Jim listens to Leonard speak, and he smiles faintly. “You wanna see Iowa?” He asks, relaxing when Leonard injects morphine into his body. “Yeah,” Leonard says, “You gotta show me all of it, Jim. Just hang in there a little longer.“ 
  • The way back to America is kind of a blur. Jim is constantly in and out of consciousness, and he spends another two months at least just for surgeries and recovery. He doesn’t really see Leonard at all during that time, doesn’t even know if he’s alive at all. But finally, after three months of recovering at home with his mom (– which, bless her heart, is definitely driving Jim nuts), Jim looks up when when a car pulls up on his driveway. He’s sitting on his porch, enjoying that quiet, Iowa summer, though he still hears the bombs and gunfires in his head sometimes. Leonard gets out of the car, and Jim gets up slowly. “Hey, stranger,” Leonard calls out and Jim grins because he looks so absolutely incredible with that five o'clock shadow and a tight shirt that’s not a uniform. “Leonard,” Jim says, calling his name out like a sigh. He steps off his porch, and Leonard approaches him. “Comin’ here to take a look at my battle scars?” Jim asks, lifting up his shirt to show the ugly scars on his side and his stomach. “I don’t mind you shirtless, but I didn’t come looking at those scars,” Leonard says, and Jim can’t help but smile. Then, he pulls Leonard into a hug; tight and like he’s trying to tell himself that this is really happening. This is actually Leonard. He’s okay. “You look a lot better when you’re not covered in ash and blood,” Jim says when he lets go, and Leonard laughs. “You too,” he replies, “I wasn’t sure I’d see you again. You were in a pretty rough shape.” Jim shrugs at that, sliding an arm around Leonard’s shoulder to pull him towards the house. “I had a good medic,” Jim says, and Leonard smiles. But before Jim can drag him up the porch, Leonard pulls him in and kisses him. Just briefly, and Jim wishes it had been longer, because for the first time since his return he just forgets about all the things on his mind and he just pleasantly blanks out with Leonard’s lips against his own. When Leonard pulls away, he gives Jim a small grin. “Are you gonna give me a tour of the house?” He asks, and Jim nods. “How ‘bout we start with the bedroom?”

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Mckirk: Leonard having to be sedated, but he's freaking out about and Jim being there to hold his hand. If it isn't too much to ask, I'd love for it to be through the entire like sedation process, you know like how you see on youtube and stuff. I just think a slowly being drugged, slurring and droopy eyed Bones would be adorable.

“They are not sticking that in me!”

“Bones, it’s perfectly safe-”

“The hell it is. I don’t trust needles-”

“He’s a doctor, I promise,” Jim whispers to the nurse, who’s starting to look progressively fed up with the entire process. “Bones, calm down.” He reaches out to pat the back of Bones’ wrist and suddenly finds his hand clenched in a death grip.

“Don’t let them do it, Jim,” Bones orders, his eyes wild, and the nurse chooses this moment to step in. 

“Sir, we’re going to have to start prepping for the procedure now,” she says, and injects Bones’ IV line before he has a chance to argue back. “We’ll give him five minutes,” she informs Jim. “Keep him calm.”

“Will do,” Jim says cheerfully, and she leaves.

“Et tu, Brute?” Bones asks darkly as soon as the door closes, thumping his head back on the gurney. “This sucks. You suck. Suuuuuck.” His words are already slurring a bit, and Jim takes a second to be mildly impressed. He stealthily tries to retrieve his hand, only to find that Bones’ fingers are locked tight around his, like he’s forgotten how to open his hand.

"I’ll buy you ice cream once it’s over,” Jim says bracingly. “It’s a simple surgery, Bones. You said it yourself.”

“On paper. Everything looks…..looks worse from down here. Shinier……" Bones blinks slowly up at the ceiling, his eyes sliding in and out of focus. "Huh.”

“See you later, Bones,” Jim says, and Bones begins to snore.

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The boys of the San Francisco orphanage were not afraid. 

Sure, they didn’t have parents, they were often forgotten and they were at the mercy of Mr. Komack, the worst of the orphanage supervisors, but they had the best protectors.

Leo or Bones as Jim called him, was the oldest in the orphanage and took to being the older brother of the group. He was the one who demanded Komack feed them, patched up bruises and scraped knees and tucked each boy into bed at night. 

Jim, his best friend, was just a few years younger and still older than most of the other boys. He was also a troublemaker, who was going to Bones grey hairs at age sixteen and probably drive him to drink. Jim spent most of his times devising a way to escape from the orphanage and making Komack’s blood pressure rise. He also was more often than not the one who got punished, thrown in a small storage closet with no lights or windows. Bones would usually distract Komack after twenty minutes and the other kids would stage a breakout but the supervisor’s ire was still there. 

No matter what he did, Bones loved Jim. Loved him fiercely. It was the only thing that kept him around, even though he dreamed of walking out for good and never coming back. And Bones was everything to Jim too. Everything except for the the hole in his heart he had when he saw prospective parents come look at the younger boys. He was never good enough to warrant that sort of visit. Nobody wanted a damaged thirteen- year-old. 

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|| Running in Blood ||

Jim looked at the woman to his left in the car, his hands dealing with the steering wheel in front of him as he navigated through traffic. They’d lost the police but they couldn’t be out in the open much longer. 

“You just had to go and kill him in a public park, did you?” His voice was low and annoyed, but he was clearly not entirely focused on her enough to portray his anger. They were both still covered in blood, mostly due to Molly’s poor planning, but that was to be dealt with later.


Renee: Darling, I’m sure he didn’t mean to say grandson.
Anita: Don’t humour me, darling. I know what I heard. And his face the second after he said it…he realised he’d screwed up big time. God, what a moron. It’s like asking someone if they’re pregnant. It’s just something you don’t do. What do they teach kids these days? I despair, honestly.
Renee: There you go. He was just a kid. You know how anyone above the age of thirty looks like a geriatric to generation xyz or whatever they’re called these days. You shouldn’t take these things to heart. You know you don’t look a day over 35.
Anita: That’s so sweet of you to say darling, but I was looking a bit haggard. I didn’t have any makeup on and I’d been bawling my eyes out for 24 hours over Joël so my face was probably all puffy as well. I must have looked like the The Wreck of the Hesperus.
Renee gives her a commiserative smile and pats her leg. They sip their wine.
Renee: Cute barman.
Anita: Stop it.
The little wine bar where Anita has asked Renee to meet her is all but deserted on a Monday night. Unfortunately Renee has to go after only two drinks, she’s got a big job in Riverview tomorrow and has to get up early. Anita says glumly she should be getting home too, Jim will probably have patrol cars out looking for her if she’s out any later than 9 o'clock.
Renee: When does he retire?
Anita: In three weeks.
Renee: Well, that gives you three weeks to have some fun. Shall I call you tomorrow? It’s Ladies’ night at The Shamrock Bar tomorrow.
Anita: I don’t want to have fun. I just want to have Joël.


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The first time Leonard McCoy meets James Tiberius Kirk he is stumbling through some damn field of corn/wheat/whatever the fuck it is, in the middle of bumfuck nowhere because his car broke down. He nearly steps on the damn kid who is bruised, and laying on the ground with a leather jacket balled up under his head. Mechanic Jim offers to help with the car and surgeon Bones patches him up.

Leonard kicks irritably at the wheat trying to plaster itself against his pant leg, scattering bits of grain and grass everywhere and accomplishing nothing but making himself sneeze.

“Shit,” he splutters, blindly forging on through the dust cloud. “Fuck,” he reiterates, squinting through streaming eyes at the farm in the distance. Behind him, his Taurus is all but a smoking heap of junk on the side of the road, making mournful honking noises because somehow he managed to trigger the alarm by popping open the hood.

This isn’t happening, he tells himself, because this is something that only happens to unfortunate protagonists in the beginning of terrible movies, and not to small-town doctors on his way to a big conference that could potentially change his life.

“This is bullshit!” he proclaims to the annoyingly blue sky. “Fucking-”

“Pipe down, will ya?” says the wheat field at his feet, and Leonard stumbles backwards in shock, nearly falling flat on his ass. 

“What the-” He didn’t even see the guy there at first, some kid lounging on his back in the middle of the field, his head resting on a bunched up leather jacket and his hands folded serenely over his stomach. “What the hell?”

“I was napping,” the kid says reproachfully, peering up at him with bright blue eyes. His face looks lopsided, half of it covered in bruises and dried blood. Leonard scowls down at him, recognizing the signs of a bar brawl when he sees one. The last thing he needs in his life is some country punk who doesn’t know how to guard his face properly.

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Send me a number + a pairing/fandom and I’ll write you a drabble!

27. “i’m a runaway bride/groom and you’re driving my getaway car”

((A/N: I was literally thinking about something like this all day at work so this definitely owes something to this song right here.))

Jim tried his hardest to look nonchalant, but it was difficult to seem like you were just an ordinary guy minding your own business when you were wearing a rented tux with a boutonniere affixed to your lapel and skulking through the shrubbery.

He didn’t know what the issue was. Just, all of a sudden, sitting in the narthex of the church and listening to the chatter of his ushers, he’d been struck with an overwhelming thought, the same words running through his mind over and over again:

I can’t do this.

Sam probably assumed he was just going to get a drink of water or use the bathroom or throw up or something; anyway, he hadn’t said anything when he saw Jim head into the hallway. But instead of going somewhere expected, he’d slipped through the kitchen and out the back door.

Part of him felt guilty. Carol was a nice girl; they’d known each other for years, their fathers had served together, but Jim didn’t really want to spend the rest of his life with her. They’d been pressured into this by his mother and her father. Jim figured it was better to leave now, before they actually committed themselves, than to wait until the process would be drawn-out and expensive.

He shed his tuxedo jacket and dropped it into the depths of the bushes, then emerged onto the sidewalk and began walking as quickly and casually as he could, not really sure where he was going as long as it was away from the church. He couldn’t go back to his mom’s house, he knew that, but he at least had his wallet, so he’d be okay for a while. Maybe he would stop at an ATM and withdraw as much as he could from his bank account, so it wouldn’t be so easy to trace him. Yeah, that sounded good.

Maybe he would join the Navy. That was starting to have its merits, too.

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