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Do you like Sam?

I just feel like you only use Sam as a cheerleader for Destiel.

lol aw!! anon!! I LOVE SAM. i love sam because i see a lot of him in myself. like, i have genuinely had similar situations to sam and a sister who is a lot like dean. and she has a partner who reminds me of cas. i just see a reflection of him in myself, which is why i was so emotionally moved by tonight’s scene. because what sam did is probably what i would do

i think the reason i have sam as a supportive force for the dean/cas relationship is because i’ve never been too swell with relationships either, but you feel happy to see others in them! so you just encourage it, y’know? especially when you really see it there? ya just like seeing the people you care about have that goofy love smile i suppose

so yeah, i love sam. sam loves dogs, had that weird dog shirt, and has the trust of some of the scariest things on the planet. and he also drew this one time