look its when he had one tattoo and you can't even see it memories

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Prompts? So many! OQ reunion; Regina goes searching for Robin; Marian tells Robin she can't be his wife any more; no refreezing of the popsicle wife AU ending

[A/N: okay so I just had this beautiful scene in my head of Regina finding Robin Hood almost Hook finding Emma-like but better because no memory thing.] 

Take Me Home

Regina holds her breath, waiting for the universe to step in and knock her down, rip the earth out from beneath her because she’s right there. Standing in the doorway to her happily ever after, literally. She had watched Robin enter through these doors, Roland jumping at his side, holding tight to his Papa’s hand the other wrapped around something she had not even realized he’d taken with him; his stuffed monkey. 

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This is the first things I’ve been able to finish since the season 3b final. I think that sums up how I feel about it. Hoping now my block has been broken I can write more. 

I know it’s OQ week, so this might get buried, but I’m posting it anyway. 

Robin has not been able to stop thinking about her and it’s making him drown in guilt. 


These days Robin couldn’t remember what it was like to walk around without a heavy burden of guilt everywhere he went. It was unrelenting and tiresome… but there it was.

Because he knew in his heart of hearts how he was supposed to feel.

His wife, the woman he loved, cherished and downright adored had returned to him. She was- in nearly every sense of the term- back from the dead.

He was supposed to be happy. His heart so bursting with joy that he could barely contain it. He was supposed to be so overcome by his re-freshened love for her that he never wanted her to leave his sight.

He was, for Roland, thrilled that his son now had an opportunity to know his mother, beyond tales he would share.

But aside from that, all he felt was his heavy guilt.

Because at night when it was his wife by his side, it was Regina on his mind. In the day when they would stroll leisurely through town, it was Regina he was keeping an eye out for- hoping for a glimpse of her dark hair and petite stature. When it was his wife kissing him on the cheek, it was Regina lips he was picturing- and not just on his cheek- but on his lips- full and soft and full of passion.

The woman had not left his mind once and with that came the unrelenting guilt.


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