look its us!!!!!

so i’m watching the magicians and what should pop up, but this establishing shot

of Havemeyer Hall, the lab building I work in, masquerading as a convalescent home?

The two ground floor windows on the far right are literally my lab? There’s a nonzero chance that whenever this shot was taken I was sitting on the other side of that window?

anyways, that’s weird

anonymous asked:

Is that you on your profile pic with a few filters and edits in it?xD

I’ll have you know I’m a Chiss IRL!

But yes, that is me via Chissified selfie. Tbh, even the original selfie has filters and edits because I’d be too anxious about posting an unedited one \o/


Jeez, something bad is happening to my Tumblr, it’s fourth time when i try to post it xD
Some doodles of Superhero AU i’m doing with friends :D Still didn’t came up with any superhero costume yet :v xD

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STELLA!!! our bby girl miss yoon bora got herself a MAN and lawd he is fine as hell. She escaped the evil clutches of starshit, got herself an acting contract AND has nabbed herself a fine slice of man look at the TRUE WINNER of sistar yaaas lmaooo (i love all my queens relax yall lol)


I always knew she was the smartest lmao!


do you ever think “fuck it, i might as well give this fic a try,“ and then like three paragraphs in you read a phrase so horrible that you know it’s just gonna echo through your fucking subconscious til the day you die

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack



make me choose: asked by @jungkooky  fire era jimin or i need u era jimin? >:)


rhodey is the cutest person i can’t believe this,,, saying “boom” when something goes his way…Dad Jokes™… being So Into Being War Machine oh my god literally every one-liner rhodey has is life-changing i can’t believe how good he is??? “welcome to the dance floor, boys. oh no, i didn’t say you could leave” “I think it’s weird. you look like two seals fighting over a grape” “you look damn good mr president but i’m gonna need that suit back” WAR MACHINE,,,COMIN AT U,,, “no, it’s your fault, I just wanted to say I’m sorry”

he adapts so quickly to ridiculous situations he’s brave and resilient and selfless and incredible and his password is WARMACHINEROX with an x all caps what a giant dork i love him @ marvel where the fuck is my war machine movie