look its thanksgiving


The gang of losers had a party at Jean’s place.

Jean and Marco’s little nerd hearts can’t wait for the force to awaken. Ymir is proud to have Christa as her Trainer, wink wink. Reiner and Bertolt didn’t have their couples costumes because Reiner had to bail Bertl and his pitchfork out of jail.

Then they watched a black & white scary movie where a guy made bad decisions in a castle dungeon and had to be saved by his prince charming, while I seriously questioned my time management choices.

( me right now logging on for a respite from my weary troubles and hoping to continue to write with some fine folk who’ve been waiting )

( me three seconds later when my brain says no more and meltdown commences and I must go back to war again tomorrow for another week )


apparently studio bones thought that manga Lovecraft wasn’t creepy enough so they essentially turned the body horror dial up to 1000%, a fact I am very much celebrating because LOOK AT HIM

Solas didn’t move for hours, only staring into the eluvian’s glass. I wish it could, vhenan, he repeated over and over until the words no longer held any meaning.


It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and Lardo is outside in the reading room. She’s wearing one of Shitty’s hoodies and her mitten flaps are folded down so she can light the joint she’s holding. The air feels crisp, like it might snow tomorrow. Normally she’d just smoke in her room, but she’s just here visiting Bitty and it’s not her room anymore, it’s Tango’s, even if she is sleeping in it for the weekend.

Bitty crawls out onto the roof beside her. “Sharesies?” he asks. “Bro. Of course,” Lardo says as she inhales and passes him the joint. Bitty’s got a mug of hot chocolate and a blanket; Lardo tucks herself into Bitty’s side and gets cozy beside him. After a few more passes, Lardo turns to him and says, “You really love Jack, yeah?” Bitty sighs. “Yeah. I really, really do.” 

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Heads up.

Super attractive blonde in the corner.