look its my best friend


And that means to hell with what happens to us.

Mycroft is being completely counterintuitive. If they’re going to have any chance of beating Eurus, it’s John who should die. John knows it, Mycroft knows it, Sherlock knows it, and yet it’s not John at the end of the barrel. It’s Mycroft. For someone who claims to be missing a heart, the love that Mycroft feels for his little brother is stronger than the logic he reveres. And so despite all that brain power and potential Mycroft knows he offers if he lives, he chooses to put it all aside and be a solider. To do his duty. To protect Sherlock. To be big brother.


Family Reunion ~

  • sai: I still don't understand your bond with sasuke
  • naruto: this again?
  • naruto: look, it's simple
  • naruto: basically, he's my best friend, and the first person to really accept me for myself
  • naruto: we're also rivals because I've always wanted to be his equal, but he made me feel inferior, that bastard
  • naruto: I admire his determination, skills, strength, and the hidden kindness in his heart
  • naruto: I like the way his skin glows like the moon, the way his eyes are so clear and black, I can see my own reflection if I lean in close enough
  • naruto: his lips feel like velvet and taste sour, but also a little sweet
  • naruto: like tomatoes, I guess... huh...
  • sai: and how do you know what his lips taste like?
  • naruto: oh yeah, we kissed a few times
  • naruto: it was mostly on accident
  • sai: but you say you're friends?
  • naruto: no, no, we're more than just friends
  • sai: I see... that makes more sense
  • naruto: yeah, he's like a brother to me
  • naruto: a really infuriating, good-looking older brother
  • sai: I'm confused again
  • sai: so you're not in love with him?
  • naruto: don't be ridiculous- I just told you he's like a brother to me
  • naruto: you can't be in love with your brother
  • naruto: no matter how good-looking he is
  • naruto: that's weird
  • sai: and the rest of this is normal?
  • naruto: um... yeah
  • sai: I understand now
  • naruto: you do?
  • sai: yes, if I was sasuke, I would want to kill you too
  • naruto: sai, we have to work on your people skills

I did some poses since I was bored and now I’ve made myself sad

@fandomescapades I want to draw more of your lolix au, but I’m forgetting everything ;-;

do you ever think about how church and tucker’s friendship totally changes in nature because the person tucker actually was friends with died

and how as soon as tucker and epsilon find common ground epsilon dies

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i love petscop have a picture of Toneth lmao

Whenever Sam and Cas hug they go for it so hard lmao there is no need for them to be like that but here they are clinging onto to each other like they give the other air ir whatever


goth-prep bird wives imho✨

do you ever just.. remember all of dan and phils history n just.. cry


#tag yourself i’m isak saying sana’s name with so much fond #but i’m also sana beaming at even #but i’m also even left feeling shook by seeing sana


favorite character meme: five relationships ♡ [1/5] julie & tyra 

my little girl’s all grown up.