look its an onion

Just re-watched 5sos' slfl tour diaries and i laughed way too much with this
  • Luke: *wearing a Bon Jovi shirt*
  • Michael: Look! it's a Poison shirt that says onion
  • Luke: But it's a Bon Jovi shirt...
  • Ashton: It's a Bon Jovi shirt
  • Michael: It's a Poison shirt that says onion
  • Luke: But it's a Bon-
  • Michael: Who cares about the band, it says onion

the good news! remember in January when I went on hiatus to apply to grad school? remember in March when I went on a giant trip for a mysterious interview??

I’m pleased to announce I was accepted into my number one program!! I’ll be going off to graduate school in the fall to study fun things and work super hard. :3 I’m really REALLY excited. this is the culmination of a couple years of hard work and a whole lot of onion stress, so I’m just. I’m really, really happy. (my number one school!!!) 

bad news: I have a lot of things to figure out in the next few months, not least of which is how I’m funding this. Like most educational programs in this country, this one comes with a giant price tag that’s currently entirely insurmountable for me. So - dream on one hand, money on the other. I don’t yet know how it’ll balance, or if it even will. (anyone have an extra 100k lying around?) The school’s also on the complete other side of the country, so I have a giant move and adventure ahead.

On top of all this, I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself to get fic and fandom events done and it’s spiraled out of control. I don’t possess a strong ability to say no to people or fun activities, so it’s just built up to the point where this self-imposed level of anxiety and stress is not healthy for me. So I’m stepping back from tumblr for a little while to see if I can’t get a handle on everything - IRL stress, fic stress, any or all of the above.

Worse news, maybe: I’m going on hiatus for a while. I have some things queued and will be around to do a thing or two (events I’m running), but for the most part I’m not here. This also means no Hunk Day or Shiro Day for the foreseeable future. If you’d like to take up one of those please shoot me a message and I’ll walk you through it :) it’s not hard.

tldr; I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL, I’m more stressed than I should be, I’m going on hiatus at least for a bit <3 tag me or @ me or drop me a message if there are things you want me to see in the meantime. I’ll respond when I can. :)

Thank you all for your support!

Taehyung Scenario: Jokes Aside

Request: I want to request a TaeTae scenario where you are childhood friends and he has always been a prankster and just really silly and generally how he is, but before the reader leaves for like college or something he confesses to her, but she doesn’t take him seriously at first. Super cute stuff you know. Fluffy Af.

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Taehyung had been a close friend and a next door neighbor to you since you two were basically in diapers. Your houses had always been right next to each other, and since your families were so close, the property line between your yard and theirs was really only a formality. And since you and Taehyung were about the same age, it was only natural that the two of you became close.

But now you had both grown up. You had both recently graduated high school– and you were so ready to start this new chapter of your life as you headed off to college. You had chosen a school very far away from home, while Taehyung had opted for a local school. It was the night before your flight, and as you and Tae texted each other like always as you reminisced away as to how long you two had been friends.

Taehyung had always been a fun-loving guy, and while he never took his pranks too far, he never ceased to get creative. One time, on your first day of kindergarten, you were sad to be without your parents for the first time and to cheer you up he thought it’d be a good idea to hide a fake spider in your backpack. While you hadn’t appreciated the scare, it certainly did distract you from missing your parents as you chased him around the playground.

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oldmythos  asked:

Why do YOU like to write?

Ohhhh I think you asked me this last night  and like a very responsible onion I fell asleep before answering. <3 

I’ve been trying all day to come up with some sort of sophisticated and elegant, profoundly deep answer - and I just don’t think I have one, other than I really just….have to write. I’ve gone through periods in my life where I haven’t done so, and they’ve been a different sort of dark and lonely and less bright, if that makes sense. I love the feeling of seeing something in your head - kind of like a movie - and then finding just the right words to explain it. That tugging in your gut when something lands just right - a cliffhanger, or the perfect image - uhggghhh I live for those moments. I love creating something that didn’t exist before i took the time to sit down and make it so. Isn’t that neat? Art is such a beautiful form of expression - in any context - because of that unique, performative quality to it. Art does not exist until we, the dreamers and pushers and shakers and movers, make it so. It doesn’t matter the form or the context. We just have to sit down, show up, and do the work. And the end result is sometimes so breathtakingly beautiful. 

It’s always worth it. Even if it’s a struggle (and it often is; I don’t want to romanticize this), I always learn something from what I’m writing. New ways of characterization? New ways of expressing emotions through body languages? New ways of exploring tenses, or sneaking around filter words, or playing with styles and formatting? guhhhhh I live for those. I love learning and growing in this art form - any art form. And I really do love sharing these words and ideas and gifts with people, but that’s like a cherry on top. I write first and foremost because it’s a gift I have and I really firmly believe in using the gifts we’ve been given for good and beautiful purposes. Why else do we have them? Secondly, because nobody else will tell these stories in my head if I don’t do the thing. Thirdly, I’m a sucker for punishment and like beating my head against the wall and crying when the fic won’t edit itself, when the plot is dumb, when the fic is 15k long with no end in sight…

Ehhhh this got wordy. What’d you expect, it’s me <3 I LOVE WRITING. I hope I never stop. What a great question.

My “StevenBomb 6″ Predictions - Spoilers -

Ok, first of all, I thought the In Too Deep (aka SB 4) trailer was crazy intense and un-Cartoon Network-like, but this blows it out of the water. The other one was creepy, but this one is just… insane. And random, it just hits you with like: “oh and by the way here are 5 new things you now have to worry about until May 8″. Here’s a link.

But let’s go. First of all, let’s skip Lion 4: Alternate Ending, the 1/5 episode. Reason: it’s been leaked, I watched the leak, it’s pretty straight forward what it is by now. But just as a catch-up: Steven finds a tape that tells him that originally, Rose and Greg didn’t know which gender he’d be, and that the female option for the name was Nora. He also learned that he doesn’t have a destiny to fullfill, he’s just meant to be Rose’s child.

Next is Doug Out, where “Connie and Steven help Doug (Connie’s dad) on a stake out”. Nothing surprising since he is a security guard. It’s safe to assume that most, if not all of the clips containing Connie are from this episode, since she isn’t in any other description. So let’s think. I think the episode is going to start with the first scene of the episode, with Connie and Steven reminiscing about the Out Of This World (aka SB 5) events. We see Steven raise a fry bit up in the air, which is an interesting choice of perspective and shot. 

This and the fact that everytime Steven is eating frybits in the boardwalk there seems to be some kind of spaceship coming from the sky (Laser Light Canon and The Return’s intro scenes), I think that they’re both going to see a spaceship fly by, or in the distance at least. Indignation, they decide they must understand what it means, so when Doug invites Connie for a stake out mission (Daughter’s Day at Work style), Steven joins in, with the parallel mission to find where the spaceship has landed or crashed while Doug does the stake out. But, who is he looking for? Well, strangely enough, I think he’s searching for Onion. 

We know that because of this shot, Onion is actually wanted by someone, possibly Mister Smiley due to the picture being at the arcade. Doug could very well be on a mission to follow Onion to see what he’s up to. Strange I know, it’s Onion so… Anyways, that explains why in several other clips we see Steven and Connie on the middle of the forest. It looks like its the same on from Onion Gang, and Steven probably link Onion with the forest now, so either they follow Onion there or they go there to look for Onion.

(the first 2 are from the trailer, the last is from Onion Gang)

The episode culminates, when both Doug’s and the kids missions come together, as they not only find Onion but they also find the spaceship, abducting Onion. This sort of explains this scene, since the show rarely deviates from Steven’s POV.

What exactly are they fighting in the forest, we can’t really tell. I don’t think it’s the new gems, because that would ruin the ominous reveal of Onion’s abduction, unless I’m missing something with the actual order of the clips, which I might ‘:P. Another flaw to this theory is that, I don’t think Steven will actually realize that abductions are happening until much later, so idk…

Next to The Good Lars. I think that after Lars realization in The New Lars, (episode name parallels), that people like him more when he behaves like Steven and is nice like Steven, he’ll invite Steven to the party he and Sadie are going to, to mimic him in impressing the Cool Kids. This will mostly likely backfire somehow, but that’s not important because we got the only clip in the trailer for this episode (possibly).

Steven and Sadie part ways after the party and that’s pretty much all that happens. 

Now, one of the most weird titles in all of SU: Are You My Dad? If this was a brazilian soap opera I’d get it, but it’s a sci-fi show about a kid. Why is there a random fatherless child now. Obviously the ominous sound clip in end is from this episode, seeing it is the title of the episode. But it’s a new voice… a british child voice. Noone from beach city, I think it’s either one of the new Gems or a kid we haven’t seen yet. Now, this is how I think the episode will go:

Steven wakes up and Beach City is eerie. He goes to the Big Donut, notices the lack of Sadie and calls her, only to have Barb tell him Sadie never came home. Steven worries and starts to link things up and realises that people are being abducted, and so he goes to the Gems and mystery solving ensues, until he finds the new gems, confronts them but pretends to be a human, which is the best way to catch these gems’ attention since they’re kidnapping humans amirite? So we have this scene of the Gems worrying about what he’s doing and he assures it will all be alright. He lets himself be kidnapped with the thumbs up scene, and the whole I’m not my mom shpiel, as Pearl cries watching the ship leave. Inside the ship, Steven is escorted to a row of cells (Jailbreak style) and a bunch of unknown human are there, including a kid that hears his steps and asks “Are you my dad?”, as Steven sees the number of humans kidnapped. 

In I Am My Mom, Steven goes forward with his plan of saving all the humans, but in the process reveals to the new gems that he is Rose Quartz. I don’t think any clip is from this episode, but of course I can be wrong, I really don’t know what to make of this episode… idk. 

Other clips include Garnet punch, maybe from the end of Are You My Dad during the CG vs. New Gems encounter, and Steven’s phone, which could be from the beggining of Are You My Dad, as he calls everyone to see if they’re alright, but panics when learning they’re not.

I do want to note that the “Are you my dad?” line sound very fabricated and like a recording of sorts, it doesn’t sound natural… I was thinking it could also be Nora somehow, maybe in a Steven dream or something. I’m just so confused by the line in general, it makes no sense regarding the show’s direction, it’s so new yet so weird idk…

The Sword in the Stone


Morgan always rather liked Russia and Saint Petersburg in particular. The architecture was beautiful and its people often warm and friendly.

Not so much this guy though. He glowered at her from the doorway of what appeared to be a crumbling, baroque palace - once gilded and azure its onion domes now looked tarnished and tired. A bit like the thug blocking the entrance.

“пошел на хуй,” he spat and started to close the door.

“You fuck off. My name is Catherine Townsend and I was invited by Aslan Usoyan. Пойдите, получите своего босса, сука.” Morgan gave him a nasty smile and waited for him to do as he was told and fetch the big guy.


Owl City music video lines

My reaction/guesses to the su season 4 eps titles
  • Buddy's book: Well, this sounds cute! Maybe it's about Connie and Steven reading together!
  • Mindful Education: Looks like we're about to learn something. Let's see where this goes.
  • Future Boy Zoltron: This sounds like some sort of mech episode. *looks at description* Wait, it's not?
  • Onion Steven: Are...Are Steven and Onion going to fuse...?
  • Lion 4 The Prequel: Are we gonna learn where Lion came from, or who he is? What's he gonna reveal to Steven this time?
  • Unbubbled: BISMUTH! OR JASPER!
  • Mindception: Steven's gonna hop through dreams like in spongebob, isn't he?
  • Steven's Army: We're gonna see the Watermelon Stevens again!
  • Gal Pals: The girls of Beach City hangs out with the Crystal Gems. Or each other, who knows?
  • Gem Harvest: I...I'm kind of scared of this one...
  • Gem Grade: The gems go to school, or Steven, or it's about gem ranks.
  • Keep Beach City Weirder: Oh great, a Ronaldo episode... -_-
  • Last One Out of Beach City: I'm scared of this one too...
  • Monster Crew: Steven, do you accidentally fall onto more bubbled gems?
  • Space Rubies: We get to see if the Rubies are okay! And hopefully see what homeworld looks like
  • Camp Pining Gems: Cosplay episode. Calling it here.
  • Capture the Wag: I have a feeling that they're going to chase a dog like monster. Maybe Jasper if 'Unbubbled' isn't about her.
  • Home Run: Homeworld, do we get to see it finally?
  • Cellmates: Who fucked up so much that they got arrested?
  • Kindergarden K-625: How many kindergardens were made before the rebellion stop it?
  • Era 2wo: We may see some more era two peridots, or other era two gems!
  • Howlite of the Hour: Howlite may either be from 'Kindergarden K-625' or 'Era 2wo'. Either way, new character!
  • Escape to Mask Island: Watermelon Stevens!
  • Shattered: ...no...NO...NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!