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I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.


Happy Pride Month!! Some Until Dawn Babies and my LGBT+ headcanons

(Pansexual Jess, Demisexual Emily, Lesbian Beth, Bisexual Sam, Gay Josh, Nonbinary Ashley, Trans Chris, Polysexual Mike, Queer Matt)

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Bonus Hannah:

(Sorry Hannah, but you’r a good ally at least)

I want it to be known that the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever listened to and I love it beyond words.

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 female character challenge Day Ten: Favorite female character in a scifi/supernatural show

↳jody mills, hannah, jo harvelle and charlie bradbury, supernatural
Write well-rounded women.  Write complicated women.  Write a woman who kicks ass, write a woman who cowers in a corner.  Write a woman who’s desperate for a husband.  Write a woman who doesn’t need a man.  Write women who cry, women who rant, women who are shy, women who don’t take no shit, women who need validation and women who don’t care what anybody thinks.  


So guess who bought me vegan dumplings and let me wear her sunglasses? I’ll give you a clue it was starfirepilgrim!


I’m back at home(? London. Is London home? I don’t know.) And I’m all on my own in my flat and my…best friend(???)…doesn’t arrive until tomorrow and SO HERE IS WRITING I DID WHILST LONELY AND BORED. You’re welcome.

This is a second part to 2,790 but you don’t have to read part one first, it probably makes sense standing alone. But if you’re interested, part one is HERE.


Hannah wakes. 

And is instantly aware that dawn is not yet scraping over her skin. 

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If it helps you breathe (2/4)

Pairing: Hardy x Hannah
Rating: Teen and up
Word count: 3900
Summary: “In London, you can keep secrets. You can be anonymous, you can be whoever you want. But as long as one person knows you entirely and loves you still… it’s the best place in the world.”After what they’ve been through, both Hardy and Hannah need one such person, a kindred spirit to feel free again and enjoy the city.
Catch up here or on Ao3 or FF.net
ETA: D’aaah I forgot to mention that the wonderful fadewithfury really helped me out with this (sorry).


The next weekend her sisterdumped Hardy at her house without a warning, like an unwanted baby on thedoorstep of a covenant. For the first time in months, Olly was with his father on the same weekend that Kyle didn’t have to work at the hospital. Jackie and her boyfriend needed to spend some quality time together alone in the house which involved getting rid of Hardy, the third wheel.

“Oh alright,” Hannah gave in, understanding their need, “but I can only take him until 5, I’ve an appointment at the salon.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Jackie said.

“But you owe me, I’m going to Berlin next month, you’ll have to take care of Sam.”

Hardy watched the exchange without a word, his crossed arms and the scowl on his face were enough to express his thoughts. She gave him a sympathetic smile, hoping to ease some of his discontent. He must have felt like a burden to them.

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The Leather Jacket

Hartbig fanfic, based off of what Grace said in her ‘MY FAVOURITE THINGS’ video:)
First shot at fanfic, hope it isn’t too awful:’) SFW, 1,300ish words;)

Feedback would be awesome and much appreciated!


The evening air was crisp and cold on Graces porch, but watching the sun going down over LA was mesmerising and relaxing to Grace, and the gin and tonic in her hand was helping to keep her warm. Hannah sat in the sun lounger next to Grace, but she didn’t seem to be enjoying the sunset quite as much. She sat with her knees pulled up to her chin, cradling her drink in her hands which were tucked away behind her legs. Grace noticed she was shivering slightly and couldn’t help but laugh at how cute the girl looked in this state.

‘What’s so funny?’ Hannah asked, looking up at Grace from behind her knees.

'Nothing,’ Grace replied, still giggling slightly, 'it’s just you look so adorable curled up like that.’

Hannah smiled, ‘Well it’s cold out here. And you seem very interested in just staring out into the distance so I’m just cocooning to keep warm,’ she giggled.

'I’m not just staring out into the distance,’ Grace started defensively, 'I’m admiring the sunset, it’s relaxing and-’

'FREEZING!’ Hannah half shouted as Grace began to laugh hysterically.

'Well no-one forced you to wear a sleeveless top half-way through February! Who goes out in just a vest and doesn’t bother bringing a jacket?’

'Sleeve me alone!’ Hannah jokingly whined, resulting in another fit of giggles from Grace.

'Hannah, you’ve used that pun too many times, it’s awful!’

'Reusing a great pun is perfectly harmless!’

'I think you mean armless.’

And it was Hannah’s turn to double over, clutching her sides with laughter.

'I’ve been spending far too much time with you and Mamrie,’ Grace sighed, with a smirk on her face.

'We’re such good influences,’ Hannah managed to gasp after her laughing subsided, still wiping tears from her eyes.

Grace held up her ring finger to Hannah with a smug smile plastered across her face.

'I am worth the middle finger!’ Hannah gasped in mock horror.

Both girls broke down into fits of laughter again until finally they both calmed down and the stillness and cold of the air around them returned. They both sat in content silence for a little while, watching their breaths leave their mouths in a cloud of mist as the sun disappeared beyond the horizon, the stars beginning to make mesmerising dot-to-dots across the darkening sky. Grace felt at peace again and her mind began to wander, but she was soon brought back to earth when she heard teeth begin to chatter beside her.

'We can go inside if you like, it’s getting pretty cold,’ Grace asked the younger girl, who had goosebumps beginning to appear across her arms.
‘No, it- it’s fine,’ Hannah managed between the chattering of her teeth, ‘I want to w- watch the st- stars come out with you. It’s b- beautiful.’

'Honestly, and you were complaining about me staring out into the distance!’ Grace said in mock exasperation whilst standing up and beginning to make her way to the door of her house. She noticed that Hannah didn’t make any attempt to follow and was still gazing up intently at the stars. Grace couldn’t help but admire the way the stars reflected in Hannah’s bright blue eyes, making it seem as though the stars were not in fact in the sky, but swirling through the ocean.

Grace moved away from the door and over to where Hannah was sitting. She began unzipping her leather jacket when Hannah looked up at her.

'What are you d- doing?’ Hannah asked in confusion, but Grace ignored her and continued to remove her jacket and then held it out towards Hannah.

'What? No, honestly Grace, you’ll get cold, I-I’m fine!’ Hannah mumbled in refusal, but Grace didn’t move and stood, with arm still outstretched, until Hannah eventually gave in to Graces stare and took the Jacket from her.

'Thanks Grace,’ Hannah mumbled in gratitude as she pulled the jacket around herself with a small smile playing on her lips.

'Anything to stop your annoying teeth chattering,’ Grace replied playfully with a wink. Grace was now beginning to feel the cold herself as she leaned against Hannah’s lounger, so she pulled her arms around herself tighter, trying not to let her own teeth start chattering.

Hannah noticed this at once.

'Look who’s cold now,’ Hannah said jokingly, raising her eyebrows.

Grace rolled her eyes as her teeth began to chatter.

'Shut up Han.’

'Trying to play the hero were we, but now who’s the damsel in distress?’ Hannah retorted with a smile, obviously enjoying the turn of events. 'Sit down beside me and we can share it.’

Grace gave Hannah a doubtful look. ‘Hannah, the j-jacket can’t cover the both of us.’

'Just sit down and we can drape it over us, share body heat like penguins or whatever.’

Hannah was watching Grace closely, looking for any sign of discomfort from her suggestion, but Grace showed none. She climbed over the arm of the lounger clumsily, landing half on top of Hannah.

'Sorry,’ Grace groaned as she tried to reposition herself comfortably next to Hannah, but after having been hit in the face three times by various parts of Graces body, Hannah grabbed Grace around her middle and allowed her to lie partially across her, with the back of Graces right shoulder pressed against the front of Hannah’s left. Grace seemed uncertain at first as of where to rest her head, but eventually deemed it most comfortable to lean her head sideways across Hannah’s shoulder with her forehead nuzzled against Hannah’s neck. Hannah’s head fell to the side almost naturally, so that her cheek was pressed against the top of Graces head. Both girls sat quietly like this for some time, simply enjoying the heat each was giving to the other, and the comfort of each others presence. Hannah concentrated on how their breathing was in time, but Graces heart was beating just slightly quicker than her own. She felt Grace shiver beside her and brought the leather jacket up slightly higher and breathed in the scent from it.
At this Grace startled. ‘You okay Han?’

'Yeah, I’m fine, your jacket smells like you just.’

'Oh, sorry about that, they don’t call me Smellbig for nothing you know…’ Grace trailed off, blushing slightly.

'No, not like that, in a good way. It smells like you in a good way, like, it’s comforting.’ Hannah managed, trying not to make things weird.

'Well if it’s so comforting then you can keep it. It makes me look like some sort of weird biker chick,’ Grace laughed.

'But you might miss it, you might decide you like looking like a weird biker chick.’

Grace thought about this for a second before replying, ‘Well, knowing me, if I do change my mind I’ll probably just go and buy a new one from H&M or something.’

Hannah laughed, ‘That does sound like something you’d do.’

Graces eyes began to grow heavy and soon her eyelids blocked the starry night from view. She could feel Hannah’s eyes on her, trying to tell if she’d fallen asleep or not, but she made no move to try and wake her, instead she nuzzled deeper into Grace’s hair and whispered softly.

'I know you’re asleep now, but for what it’s worth I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed watching the sunset with you. I enjoyed watching the stars come out too. I enjoyed watching you fall asleep. You make me really happy Grace, and although I know you can’t hear me, I love you.’

But somewhere in Grace’s sub-conscious mind, she did hear her. And that part of her agreed with these words, and soon walls that had been built up over months and months were broken down within seconds as her whole being came to the realisation that this feeling she had was real and could be suppressed no longer. And with a final effort before sleep took over she managed to whisper…

'I love you too.’

Feedback is much appreciated so I know whether I’m any good or not and if I should write more!;)