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Me: tumblr always screws up the layout of my post Tumblr: *messes up the layout of my post* Me:

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I have so many feelings about Zoe Evans, and her beautiful face 💫

Warning: cavity-inducing fluffy nothings, feat. the Clacks.

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Just a heads up I might make a Patreon or one of those ko-fi things soon just cause its the slow season at my job so I’ve been getting less hours so I figure now’s a great time to start the process of making art my full time job!

Worry not though, everything will of course make its way to Tumblr for everyone to enjoy, so look out for more details soon!

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Happy Easter everyone! And if you don’t celebrate Easter, I hope you had a great day.

I’m Megan, 14 and from the uk.

Come and say hello! Everyone’s looking beautiful as always.

The Writers Room
  • Marlene: It's so funny, from the looks of Twitter and Tumblr, everyone is calling Sara Harvey, "Shower" Harvey! LOL.
  • Marlene: I have a great idea
  • Marlene: Let's kill her
  • Marlene: In the shower..
  • Marlene: It'll be great guys, I promise

And finally~ 300+ follower Raffle 3rd prize: Sans joining in Mario kart~!

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Well, the monarchy is a foreigner; oppression is a stranger; the right divine is a stranger. Despotism violates the moral frontier, an invasion violates the geographical frontier.  (Les Misérables)


Hey KD- I made you a quick bit of fanart for “Spring Conditions”! I know absolutely nothing about skiing, so the equipment is probably all wrong, but they’re smiling and Rose is wearing her pink ski jacket, so hopefully it makes you smile as well? I just caught up on it (Ugh, I want to shake them both and make them kiss! ;) ) and was inspired to throw something together. Thanks for being awesome!

hey guys! so since fall/halloween is everyone’s my favourite time of the year, and since i just changed my url from bluesargeant to kirayukimurra, i decided to do a tumblr awards to celebrate! 


mbf this spoopy loser

-reblog this post (likes are for bookmarking!)

-this post has to get at least 70 notes (pls) or it never happened

-reblogging ends october 31st, winners announced soon after that

-there will be one winner for each category, possibly runner ups depending on how many people enter


-best url

-best posts

-best icon

-best theme

-best harry potter*

-best teen wolf*

-best the raven cycle*

-best multifandom*

-best edits*

-best halloween url* (i added this one bc it’s halloween month u feel me)

-best overall

-nicest blogger(s)

-my favourite(s)

*if you want to be considered for any of these categories, put whichever one in the tags when you reblog this



-a follow from me (if im not following already)

-unlimited promos until november 15th (upon request)

-a problematic great new friend!!

Runner Ups:

-a follow from me (if im not following already)

-three promos upon request, available until november 15th

-my friendship!! (which is a gr8 prize if i do say so myself)

okay and that’s about it guys, happy halloween & get reblogging!!