look it's a set about my url

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I have regretted my url (i had it linked to other social media accounts and i realized my family could find my account faster that way so i had to change it. I post too much stuff that they wouldnt like.) If you want to change yoour url its your choice! I personally think its cute, but if you dont like it youre allowed to change it!

the tags on my previous post were about my looking at some of YOUR urls and just… wondering if you regret. anyways im pretty set on this one but my main url is gonna change…. at some point. but since hardly anyone in this fandom knows it, its not important.


~ So… Yea. The URL I had was meant to be a temporary one while I set up the blog when I created it long ago… and I never changed it… ~

~ So, today is the day! The URL was changed from kantoleafchampion to indigochxmpion ~

~ The blog is still the same, just with another URL! ~