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Have you seen Animal Hustlers on Netflix? I'd love to hear your take on it. Assuming it's correct information, it's super interesting!

Actually called Natural Born Hustlers for those of you who want to look it up (OP shot me a second message to clarify that) this show is amazing. I definitely just watched all three hour-long episodes almost back to back. 

This is really good animal behavior education! It talks about deception in the animal world as survival strategy, food gathering success, and mate acquisition. Great narration, very little anthropomorphism, and a kind of silly but appropriate soundtrack. 

Seriously, watch this when you want to learn something new and engage with a totally unproblematic animal show. 

so in light of this john is a catfisher. it is what he has gone multiple times this past year despite getting caught every single time. if you were his former friend and do not wish to patch things up and simply want to be left along, be careful about new mutuals and be suspicious of blogs with pictures that don’t look like “real people” or don’t look like selfies someone would take, or look like professional instagram girls. i have caught john at this three separate times now. don’t be afraid to reverse google image search a selfie if you’re concerned.

some tips (mostly for digital art)

・don’t force yourself to draw things you don’t want to draw. If you do too many of them you’ll end up hating drawing. This is the most important thing
・when doing lineart try not to take breaks. It might mess up the pressure you draw the lines with
・occasionally flip the image you’re drawing. If it looks unbalanced, fix it cause it shouldn’t
・try changing lineart color. Black isn’t the only option
・instead of making your lineart darker and darker to make it visible on darker colors, try using multiply. I didn’t know about it for a very long time and it was painful
・learn a few shortcuts. It might seem unnecessary for some but it does save a lot of time and energy (i do almost everything by using keyboard shortcuts at this point and it’s very helpful)
・try drawing on a canvas larger than you need so that you can adjust and crop at the end
・do not leave works unfinished and start new ones thinking that you’ll come back to it unless you completely gave up on it because you will not come back to it and even if you do come back after a while, your process, tools, skills or style might change to the point where you can’t continue and you’d have to redo everything
・don’t be afraid to try new things. They might turn out surprisingly well and if they don’t you can either throw them away or keep them so you can laugh at it years later.
・take breaks and don’t look at your drawing for around 10 minutes so when you come back at it you can see the mistakes better.


Neha: We’re not romantic anything. We’re just friends. Jules, I would have never said yes if before we had-

Jules: I don’t really want to hear it. You can do anything you want. You are anyway. I will also continue to do what I want. 

Neha: You’re not listening to me. Please, just listen to me. 

Jules: For you to say words to make me feel again? No thank you. I was fine before you did that. I was dealing with my confusion before you did that. Is this what you like, playing with persons emotions? Showing up to this social gathering, looking like that? 

Neha: Looking like?

Jules: Socially acceptable levels of attract- listen you should just go back to your date. . 

Neha: You think I look attractive?

Jules: Have you been listening to anything I’ve been saying?

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“They’re not your kids, back the f*ck off.” :))))))

“Robert, they are not your kids, so back the fuck off. Right?” Debbie snapped at him, scooping Jack up into her arms. 

“Debbie, come on - they’re Andy’s kids, I’ve got to look out for them.” Robert pleaded with her, his stomach twisting at the sad expression on Jack’s face. He’d just wanted to spend some time with his niece and nephew, and make up for the years he’d lost with them.

Debbie didn’t look impressed. “Since when were you so concerned about Andy? Just, stay away Robert.” 

Robert watched her walk away with Sarah and Jack in tow, embarrassed at the tears that welled up in his eyes as he was left standing alone in the middle of the village. 

Roughly wiping at his eyes, he started to quickly walk back toward the Mill, not expecting Aaron to be home so early. His husband was standing at the kitchen sink, filling the kettle.

“Hiya!” Aaron greeted brightly. “I was just going to make a cuppa, you want one?” 

Robert felt his tears overwhelm him as Aaron spoke, spilling down his cheeks.

“Hey, hey - what’s wrong?” 

“Debbie hates me and she’s never going to let me near Sarah and Jack again.” Robert choked out through his tears. “I just wanted to make up for their dad not being around, because it’s my fault, isn’t it? It’s my fault they’re growing up without their dad, and I just, I owe it to Andy to try and step up and be there for them and she won’t let me.”

“I’ll talk to her, okay? I’ll talk to her.” Aaron reassured, gathering Robert into his arms, hugging him close. 

“That’s not the point, Aaron. I’m useless, I’m a useless uncle, I’m a useless husband, I don’t know why anyone wants me around -”

“Robert.” Aaron interrupted, his voice firm. “You’re amazing. How many times do  I have to tell you that before you believe it? You’re amazing. You’ve done so much for me, and Liv, over the years, how can you ever think you’re useless?”

“I’m trying so hard to be good, Aaron.” Robert sobbed, clinging to his husband tightly.

Aaron tried to swallow his worries, his questions. Robert had been on edge for weeks now, and this was just another thing to add to the list of reasons why Aaron was about ten seconds from calling his counsellor and getting Robert an appointment of his own.

“You are good, Robert,” Aaron said quietly. “You’re the best person I know.”

pls imagine: link introduces zelda to sidon, and zelda keeps giving him this Look
sidon finally asks what seems to be the problem and she’s like “i swear we’ve met before….”
sidon says that he’s mipha’s little brother and then zelda just Lights Up

“oh my gosh, last time i saw you, you barely came up to my knee!!!! you got so big!!!! i remember when me and mipha would go out to Vah Ruta to discuss tactics you would cry and cry because you didn’t want her to leave-”

all the while sidon is frantically trying to shush her so he doesn’t look like a dork in front of link

Close as Strangers: Chapter 11

Close as Strangers: Chapter 11

Word count: 6.2k

Genre: High School au, angst, smut  

This is dedicated to one of my best friends, thank you for being my friend and putting up with my weird ass. Thank you for reading my works and helping me want to keep writing even when I feel overwhelmed. Love you to death @kae-popx have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it! 

Chapters: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

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You and Yoongi were bringing your stuff down to the foyer when the doorbell rang. You had woken up only about fifteen minutes ago. You were so tired but you lazily went and opened it to a sleepy looking Jungkook. He smiled and walked in, giving you a kiss and brushing hair from your face.

“Morning, Jungkook.“ you rubbed the sleep from one eye.

“Hi, love. Do you want some help with your bags?” He asked. He became very smiley all the sudden. His hand suddenly slid down your back and cupped your ass, squeezing it quickly. All you could do was gasp and he was out the door with one of your bags. Yoongi had already taken his but came back for his pillow and backpack.

“You okay, Y/N?” Yoongi asked.

“Yeah,” you unfroze, you were definitely awake now. You grabbed your backpack and blanket. Then you and Yoongi said goodbye to your parents and his parents.

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What if at a massive party (after everyone is horribly wasted of course) someone suggested strip twister?

Heather Chandler: Super down. She’s so proud of her body and is not shy about it at all, but she still tries hard to win just because she wants to show everyone up.
Heather Duke: Actually insecure but she does it anyway and tries to look confident so she sort of overcompensates by being like “HAHA WHY WOULD I BE SHY I HAVE THE HOTTEST BODY HERE” and then Heather C glares at her and she’s like “EXCEPT YOU OF COURSE”
Heather McNamara: Honestly doesn’t care, she sucks at the game but she’s totally fine with stripping down so it’s w/ever.
Veronica: Honestly if she was sober she would never but we’ve all seen how wild she gets when she’s drunk…I feel like she would honestly have no problem with it and think it’s super fun and be absolutely mortified the next morning. But yeah she would participate happily.
JD: would refuse until Veronica convinces him and he gives in but doesn’t get farther than his shirt and coat bc he’s really good at it, it ends up with just him and Heather Chandler because literally everything is a fight to the death with them.
Kurt and Ram: Do I need to elaborate?? They would literally be so stoked and happy they’d be shitting their pants
Martha: does not participate lol

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I'm having a lot of trouble thinking of names for places in the novel I'm working on, and I obviously don't want to leave them with names like the desert and the capitol. Do you have any methods or tricks for naming places? Any help would be greatly appreciated

So, when I’m stuck, I usually go to name generators. For towns, if it’s just a normal town and I’m looking for some inspiration, I’ll play around with generators like this one to help come up with something I like. Names too - I look at lists of baby names. Based on the age of the character, I’ll pick from the top 100 baby names the year they were born (only if no name is coming to mind and I’m not looking for anything special anyways). I particularly like this website.  

If I’m trying to come up with a name with meaning for an important place - I’m a bit of a Classics geek - I turn to Latin and Greek roots and play around with what might make it sound more like the name of a city. For a capital, I might pick something that feels titanic or domineering, but it depends on what I’m going for. A lot of the time I don’t think too hard on it. I just make something up on the spot so that I can keep writing. I always will play around with the name while I’m procrastinating, but more often than not, the name I made up on the spot usually sticks - there’s usually a reason why it came to mind and the more I try to pick something new, the more I end up preferring the spur of the moment name. 

Seventh Sanctum is also a great resource. I can’t say I ever really use any of the names in the generators, but it usually prompts some kind of inspiration that with help me come up with a name on my own that I’ll use instead. For that reason, it’s pretty helpful. I hope this helps! Happy writing! 

As a fan, them coming out was probably a shock to witness it. Imagine being me,“ said Castle. "As somebody who looks up to Tanahashi as a mentor, as somebody I respect and want to emulate and kind of be like in my career, saying, ‘I want to kind of be at your side in this one, and dress as one of your boys.’ My mind was blown. You think you appreciate it as a fan? I’m still not over it.

Dalton Castle, ESPN


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ok imagine sucking harry off while wearing red lipstick? i bet it drives him crazy, seeing your painted red lips wrapped around him, and when you look up at him with those innocent eyes he throws his head back and moans

“Look so pretty with your lips around me…. Wouldn’t want to ruin this”

But maybe, you kiss up his shaft, leaving marks all over that he’ll remember for a long, long time - all the while, you’re suckling on his tip, peering up at him….


Hey love your blog!! Could you please do a Kai imagine with him being all sweet and cute while trying to apologise to you (like he did to bonbon) you can choose why. And he gets all nervous and starts stuttering and tripping on his words. Thank you so much xxxx

The heat of the oven engulfed you as you bent over to retrieve the brownies. You nodded to the music that was currently playing in the background as you stuck a toothpick into the chocolaty goodness, checking it. They were perfect.

“Stress baking?” 

“Jesus!” You cursed, jumping in the air to see the one and only Kai Parker standing in your kitchen. His shoulders were somewhat tense, hands shoved into his pockets lazily. “What do you want Parker?” 

“I wanna say sorry.” You remained silent, stirring the mixture for the next batch of brownies. “I was an ass, okay?” Kai couldn’t take you not even looking at him. He had messed up and he knew it, he felt horrible. 

“You pushed me away.” You said, turning to face him. 

“I…I was scared. Okay, Y/N, I was scared? You… I don’t know. Dammit.” He fumbled, nervously rocking on the heels of his feet. “You mean so much to me and I was scared because I thought you would hurt me, so I hurt you before you could do that.”

“That makes no sense Kai, I love you. And I’m always there for you. I would never intentionally hurt you.”

Kai took two long strides towards you. “…I’m s-sorry, okay? I’m so sorry.” You grinned up at him, taking his hand. Kai gripped onto your hand, he wasn’t going to let you slip through his fingers again. “Will you forgive me? Please forgive me…” He rested his head on top of yours. 

“I forgive you.” You whispered as he began rocking the two of you side to side. 

Kai exhaled softly. “Feelings are hard.” You nodded in agreement. “Hey Y/N?”


“Can I have a brownie now?”

Megan knows EXACTLY who Don is like she even knows she’s his side piece when he’s still dating Faye yet she still marries him after what, like 2 weeks of fucking? Why??? WHY? and then she can’t handle how awful he is later on and it’s like girl you had all the evidence! Why did you do it? Money? Looks? You just wanted three screwed up children to coparent? Like I’m not saying the way Don treats her is her fault at all but I think she got into the relationship for the wrong reasons and the whole time they were together every “sweet” moment they had felt so weird like they were playing house and it’s because they were!

Justin, the cashier,

Today was the first time I saw you and probably the last time I ever will. But I hope you’re okay. I saw your arms.

I don’t know if you’re recovering. The marks didn’t appear to be fresh but they weren’t scars yet either. You didn’t notice me looking but I promise I was neither judging you or pitying you. It was surreal as I have never known anyone in person that self harms. (To my knowledge.)

I’ve been there though. And it made me feel a little less alone in that moment. And I want you to know that it does get better and you are strong and loved. You were a really nice person and quite the looker too. Don’t give up on yourself, okay?

I’m sorry that I didn’t say anything about it. I’m sorry that I couldn’t. My family doesn’t know about me and I wasn’t going to draw attention to something you may be ashamed of.

Please don’t be. You’ve got this.

- The blue haired  girl that didn’t speak.

5 Things

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1. headphones to block out the haters
2. a shit ton of change
3. old receipts
4. a book
5. phone


1. pictures of my family
2. my precious jack skellington pillow 
3. clothes everywhere
4. makeup
5. a desk


1. own a farm and be the happiest woman alive with all my cows, pigs and horses
2. visit a different country other than mexico
3. have a child
4. make myself proud
5. have a successful job that i’ll enjoy


1. Marvel
2. TØP
3. Wendy’s
4. Mom Jeans
5. #NotMyRodrick memes. (look them up if u a wimpy kid fan) @heaventide knows all about this


1. organize my life
2. get a job 
3. save up some money
4. finish up the whole seasons of Friends
5. hang out with my best friend


1. I use to eat toilet paper as a kid (i was fucking weird ok)
2. I’ve never been in a relationship before
3. I am actually really salty af
4. I have Trygophoia
5. I watch ASMR videos every night before i go to bed

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Imagine #2: Rant

“Do it.” 


“Do it. Or you’re…ugly.” You walked in at a great time. Liam and Harry were sitting at Liam’s kitchen counter. Liam had just called Harry ugly. Harry looked like he was going to pass out. 

“Ouch. You want me to call the burn unit?” You chuckled, but they both looked at you confused. “Cause Harry just got roasted? Seriously? No one? Sheesh.” You shook your head and continued to the refrigerator as they started mumbling to themselves again. 

“You could do it right now. You could just spit it out.” Liam was getting more aggressive as he went on. 

You’d lived with Liam for a few months. He was dating Cheryl. Cheryl was your cousin. You were a broke student. She had a big heart and boom. You ended up living with Liam Payne. All you had to do was babysit their son every now and then and make sure the house wasn’t falling to the ground when they had to travel. It was a great deal. 

But the best part of the arrangement was the company they kept. Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Harry Styles to just name a few. There were countless other stars who came and went as they pleased, but those three were your favorite. 

“Knock it off Liam.” Harry barked and you jumped a little. Harry rarely got short, but when he did his voice was intimidating. “See what you’ve made me do? I’ve scared her.” He shook his head and turned to look at you. You assumed he opened his mouth to apologize, but instead Liam spoke for him. 

“I like you.” Liam mocked Harry’s accent, but you froze and looked at…well…you weren’t sure what to look at. Harry shot Liam his usual disgusted face, but instead of letting it go after a few seconds his held it. Liam was unfazed by it as usual. But it didn’t pass by you. 

“See?” Liam stood up and squeezed Harry’s shoulder. “Wasn’t that hard.” He walked out with a short wave. “I’m going for a run. House to yourself. Don’t break anything with any body parts. Thanks.” With that the front door shut and you found yourself face-to-face with Harry. 

“Uhm.” You blinked and busied yourself by struggling to open a water bottle with shaking hands. Of course you were shaking. Did Liam realize what he’d just done? Liam knew you liked Harry. A lot. Niall and Louis were sweet, but there was something about Harry’s intelligence and talent and sense of humor and kind heart and family sense that just made him better than anyone else. 

“You want some help there?” He chuckled softly as you almost dropped the water bottle. He opened his hand and you cautiously handed him the bottle. You were like a scared dog afraid to be touched by its new owner. “Here you go.” He grunted as the pop snapped from the band. 

“Thanks.” You squeaked before guzzling the whole thing and taking a breath. “Okay. Uhm, well, I…I don’t know. I think I have something to do. If I don’t I’ll find something.” You went to turn around but you heard the chair he was sitting in scrape against the floor. You stopped. “Harry, I don’t know what to say.” You whispered.

It was true. You weren’t the best with words. Especially not in these situations and he knew that. He usually spoke for you whenever there were parties at the house because he knew you would freeze up. He’d keep an arm around you or a hand on your shoulder or arm so that you’d be okay. 

“You don’t have to say anything.” He stood up and pushed the chair in and stiffly shrugged. “He’s not lying. But I don’t want you to feel pressured or anything.” He was so perfect. 

“I don’t feel pressured.” You mumbled and he scoffed making you raise your eyebrows and cross your arms. “Excuse me?” You laughed. 

“You always feel pressured when you have all the attention on you.” He raised his eyebrows this time and leaned against the counter. There was now feet of space between you and you didn’t like that suddenly you weren’t close. 

“You always talk for me when that happens.” You took a few steps forward. Harry rolled his eyes. 

“If I talk for you now you may not like my words.” He was blunt about it and looked you right in the eye. 

“Try me.” You took a few more steps and uncrossed your arms. 

“Seriously? You’re going to make me do this?” He laughed, but his eyes widened as he leaned his arms behind him on the counter top. You took the spot next to him and mimicked his posture. The stance left him looking down at you on his left. You nodded. “Alright, well, uhm,” He stopped and ran a hand through his hair then pinched his bottom lip. 

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“Let’s go, Harry. I’m aging here.” You teased, but your heart was going ten miles a minute as you waited for him to say something. Anything really. He could start singing Gaston’s Song and you’d be relieved to a certain degree. It wouldn’t be what you wanted to hear, but it’d fill the tense silence that was settling around you both. 

“I’d say that you’d say you feel the same way. That you don’t want to be friends anymore.” He stopped and so did your heart. 

“I don’t.” The words choked out of your throat as you managed to look up at him even though your neck was now stiff. 

“Oh.” His face went white as a sheet and he looked down at the floor. At first you were confused before you realized what upset him. 

“Oh, no! No, Harry! That’s not what I meant!” You slapped your hand against your forehead and stood in front of him. “I didn’t mean I don’t feel the same way. I meant to I don’t want to be friends. Well, I do. I like being your friend. I like it a lot. But, I mean, I do feel the same way. That’s why I don’t want to be friends. I want to be more than friends. That’s what you meant right? Be more than friends? Or did you mean that you like me and don’t want to and so we shouldn’t be friends? Cause if you did that’s cool. I guess. It’ll suck, but like, whatever you want man. No judgement here.” He watched you carefully as you rambled on. You didn’t realize that the color had returned to his face and he was brushing hair out of your mouth as you aggressively motioned as you ranted. 

“You done?” He asked when you stopped to take a deep breath. You nodded. “Good.” He laughed before kissing your forehead and resting his hand on your cheek. “You cleared it up at oh no.” You blushed and shook your head.

“This is why I don’t talk for myself.” You laughed realizing that he now had his hands trailing down to your shoulders. 

“It’s okay. I’d be happy to speak for my girlfriend.” He smiled like a goof and you imitated it. 

“Oh good. You did it.” Liam was suddenly standing in his kitchen again with a smirk on his face. “It’s about time.” 

It didn’t matter how long it had taken. You were just glad it had happened. 

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I just want to say that I am absolutely in love with your art and then I realized that you wrote and just wow! You are truly talented in both medias! Your art is wonderful to look at and cracks a smile to my face, while you writing is wonderfully detailed taking my breathe away. You are very gifted and should kept up the phenomenal work.