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Watching some of the 1960s Jetsons episodes made me want a bby Kara on Krypton cartoon before I remembered that later everyone dies. 

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Pinkie for C1!

It’s pretty hard asking out your cute and smart and magical and really really cute crush.

Two Ciel Theory

Like many others that have stumbled across this nifty little theory, it has changed the entire game of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler).

For this post, we’ll be going in order of the Chapters instead of by chronological order of events.

First off, in Chapter 2, when our Ciel first refers to himself, he puts quotes around his name, giving off the impression that it is not his real name.

When he thinks back to the people he’s lost in chapter 17 after Madame Red dies, we see a child that looks like our Ciel along with his mother, father, aunt, and dog.

In chapter 19, Ciel is sitting in his cage and says that no one will save “us”. It then shows someone who looks like our Ciel being killed and then Sebastian comes out and tells our Ciel that what he has sacrificed can not be returned.

In chapter 31, we can see our Ciel on Vincent’s left, but then Vincent put’s his right hand on a child’s head. It is more likely from the hand he uses, that Vincent puts his hand on the head of someone on his right rather than his left.

In chapter 32, the cheerful child has his hair parted on the opposite side of the shy one.

We can see from Ciel’s point of view in chapter 34, a boy similar to our Ciel being held down as our Ciel looks on through the bars of his cage.

In chapter 54, we can see a boy who looks like our Ciel being pulled away. Next, our Ciel reaches out for demon Sebastian while the boy who looks like our Ciel is stabbed.

Furthermore, in the same chapter, a picture of the other Ciel’s dead body is shown with the caption,

In chapter 58, under a speech bubble, you can see the feet of a child sitting opposite Elizabeth while the other Ciel practices fencing.

In the same chapter, when Ciel first comes back and meets Lizzy, he hesitates when she asks if it’s really him.

When our Ciel first escapes with Sebastian in chapter 62, Sebastian accuses him of being a liar when he says he is the head of house, Ciel.

In chapter 90, our Ciel is inside of a cage and when someone grabs his hand, he looks over and sees the other Ciel.

Also in chapter 90, when Meirin calls the blind young master, Ciel, he sounds confused.

Just a page after that, Ciel grabs onto Finny and says,

Though in other translations, it is more, “Ciel, I don’t want anymore pain!” Signifying that our Ciel has confused Finny, because of his smaller size, with the other Ciel.

In the chapter after the next, Chapter 92, our Ciel rejects Sebastian because of something he did to the other Ciel.

In chapter 93, we are shown the inside of our Ciel’s mind, where there is two Ciels.

This can of course be confused with our Ciel’s fractured mind, but in chapter 95, it becomes obvious that the other Ciel is more than just a piece of our Ciel’s mind. The other Ciel says that our Ciel didn’t need to get revenge with the power he got from sacrificing the other Ciel. He goes on to ask if our Ciel wants forgiveness for using him to gain power.

In chapter 68, our Ciel learns about what a fag is, but in chapter 99.5, we are shown that Vincent tells the other Ciel about it when he was younger.

In the same sidestory, the other Ciel cooks with Vincent then runs away to play, but then we see our Ciel, who is sick, clearly not the same person.

The other Ciel says he is going to go play chess, and we then see our Ciel coughing by a chess board. This can just mean that the one Ciel went to go play chess, but then the scene shows a platter containing the necessities for two people, telling us that there were two people in the playroom eating together and playing chess.

Finally, Tanaka tells our Ciel that he is glad to see him well because he was able to eat a plate of food, even though Tanaka had just seen the other Ciel cooking with his father.

And that’s not all, there are more reasons and proof and evidence to be found. But what really matters is: do you believe that our Ciel isn’t the real Ciel? And if so, what is Ciel’s real name?

Something cuter (Tom x FemReader) short fluff

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(A/n): this man

Summary: Tom makes fun of reader during an interview because he thinks she’s cute

Warnings: fluff??


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Absolutely Smitten

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Prompt: Inspired by Dodie Clark’s song of the same title, which you can listen to here

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,642

A/N: I just really love Dodie’s music and this song is adorable and you should all go check out her YouTube channel/EP’s for some great music.

Also, this gif doesn’t really fit the story at all, but it’s the only good one I could find with Peter in the same outfit as he’s in in this imagine. So yeah.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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You gazed idly out of the airplane window at the dazzling skyline below. There were tall skyscrapers surrounded by calm waters that reflected the blue in the sky. You took a deep breath. This was it. Goodbye long beaches of Los Angeles, California, hello busy streets of Queens, New York. You didn’t like the idea of moving away from the only place you had called home, but you understood that this move was for the better. Your parents’ business had just partnered with the infamous Stark Industries, and moving to Queens just made everything a lot less stressful on your mom and dad. Nevertheless, the journey to NYC was a difficult one for you. Saying goodbye to all your friends was the toughest part. You weren’t necessarily the “popular” kid in school (you were more of the geeky, yet kind of cool one), but you still had some great friends that you hated to leave behind.

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Journey (Meals Not Included)  by Zunda Korokke

The Sudden Slump
Noctis: “All right, perfect!” 
Prompto: “Man Noct, you’re tough.” 

Ignis: “That’s it! I’ve come up with a new…” 
Noctis: “Oh, there you are, Ignis.” 

Ignis: “I’ve come up with a new… a new…”

Ignis: “I’ve got nothing…”

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the reason why I am so obsessed with Class B is because we don’t know anything about them but we should like

  • Ibara’s favorite food is bread
  • there’s this guy called Manga whose quirk is called “comic” and his head is a speech bubble????? 
  • he also likes to draw I’m
  • Reiko’s quirk is called Poltergeist and as far as we know she could be a damn ghost
  • Honenuki is a good-looking boy who got into UA for recommendation and likes giving and receiving massages
  • There’s this girl called Kinoko (which means “mushroom” in Japanese) who looks like a mushroom and whose quirk’s name is “mushroom”. Her favorite food? take a wild fucking guess.
  • they got a discount version of Beast from X-Men. His hobby is taking naps
  • when the plan to take down Class A during the Cavalry Battle failed they all just decided to go against Team Monoma like who cares it’s just Monoma they had all been waiting for an excuse
  • Tsuburaba got googly eyes and he is???? so cute????
  • not that is that important but Kaibara is a Pretty Boy™
  • their class is full of lesbians who admitted that they would date Kendou
  • let’s be real Class B is just Kendou’s harem 
  • Tetsutetsu

Some random info of a few characters from bnha + creator’s insights!!! I cant find the English version of this so here’s the translation from yours truly, youre welcome. But can we just stop for a sec and appreciate bakugou in normal clothes, I can die happy now.

Midoriya Izuku

Birthday: 7/15

Height: 166cm

Favourite things: Katsudon


·      Originally wanted to reuse a character from another short, so the character design is the same. The plan was to make the main character look uninteresting so wanted to draw him with bangs that covered one of his eyes, but then decided not to so he’s back to the initial design. I still think he looks pretty plain.


Uraraka Ochako

Birthday: 12/27

Height: 156cm

Favourite things: starry sky, Japanese food


·       Because she and Izuku interacts a lot, so she has to have a talkative and preppy personality

·       Unexpectedly offensive. This is the proof of you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover

·       Originally Mt. Lady is the female protagonist, but cant think of a way to let her grow as a character plus Uraraka’s character slowly formed, so changes were made.

·       When naming her, first time in my life as a manga artist I thought I might be a genius. Because of the meaning of the words.

Lida Tenya

Birthday: 8/22

Height: 179cm

Favourtie things: studying, beef stew


·       The character was created near the end of the meetings. His growth as a character is completely opposite to what I imagined, even I was surprised. I might enjoy drawing him the most. Lida’s quirk was planned to be very “business like”, after some thought, his quirk became what it is today.

Bakugou Katsuki

Birthday: 4/20

Height: 172cm

Favourite things: anything spicy, mountain climbing


·       Originally designed to be a prodigy, but very ignorant/innocent in terms of his people skills, the kind of character that unintentionally offends others. But this makes the story line very uninteresting. After giving him an explosive, angry personality, he can now be easily hated.

         (speech bubble) “this is so easy, anyone can do it!!”

         Original design. Isn’t he annoying?

All Might

Birthday: 6/20

Height: 220cm

Favourite things: Yakusugi (Japanese Cedar), movies


·       It takes 1-2 pencils to draw him every time he goes into super mode, he is burning my money.

·       Although I thought his original design was already really cool! But editors in meetigns said “No one would look up to this kind of old man” “Why don’t you try making him more handsome”. Other artist friends also said “He looks like a happy old man”, so I tried to change his design. Thank you for all your comments, now I put more thoughts into my drawings.

Side note:

·       When he’s in normal mode, his eyes are black from the shadows of his sunken eyes because he’s too skinny, but his pupil still shine with the pride of being the “symbol of peace”.

             Wanted to show that while he is in super mode, you can still see the same person from his eyes.

             Not skilled enough to represent it well. Sorry.

Aizawa Shyouta

Birthday: 11/8

Height: 183cm

Favourite things: cats


·       calm and logical, but action-taking kind of person

This is what a person would look like when they constantly get bogged down by the facts and logics. But this is only a sketch of him in those occasions when you don’t have to mind how you look anyways.

Side note:

·       Apperently there’s nothing in his room


Aaaaand that’s everything. Pls excuse some of my clunky wording, new to translating plus I’m bad at switching between languages. Hope you still get an idea of what’s going on. I find Bakugou’s section the funniest, and yes, it is canon that Aizawa sensei likes cat.

Did Other!Ciel Know?

One thing which has been discussed frequently are Ciel’s words to Lizzie about not wanting a strong wife like Frances.

This is what led Lizzie to try to act as if she was simply cute and helpless rather than allowing him to see her stronger side.

Now, this has been discussed a lot. Initially, I looked at it as the words of the only Ciel we had seen at that time. It was assumed he had simply forgotten saying that.

With 129, it seems that this was most likely real!Ciel. He would have been the one that was trained in fencing as our!Ciel had weaker health. OurCiel wasn’t there and didn’t know about this conversation.

Or did he.

Let’s take a look of this particular scene.

Here we see Frances, real!Ciel, Lizzy and someone we assume might be a butler. However, look a bit closer - behind those speech bubbles that Yana has used so well.

See that chair. Doesn’t it look like someone might be sitting in that other chair?

It looks like other!Ciel might have actually been in the room at that time! He might not have remembered the incident, however, since the idea of not wanting a ‘strong’ wife was his, nor was he the one engaged to Lizzie.


answering asks!

SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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I’m sorry I just love that these two are trekkie dweebs and I was drawing Halloween stuff and this dumb thing happened I’m sorry

(Allen is @wdgadget‘s of course <3)

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i just voted and it was 46% ! could you do jimon with smth like them being roommates?

sorry this took so long omg

“Simon!” Jace calls out into the apartment as he rummages through the cabinet by the fridge, “we’re all out of cup noodles!”


Simon’s voice is still thick with sleep after his nap and Jace can only imagine what he looks like right now, soft brown hair a mess atop his head and brown eyes still half closed.

“I said,” he repeats after having to clear his throat, “we’re all out of cup noodles!”

“Oh,” Simon replies as movement erupts in his bedroom, the sound of tired feet dragging across the floor and quiet shuffling of clothes traveling through to the kitchen. “Why don’t we get some McDonald’s? I cold honestly kill or a McFlurry right now.”

“Fine,” Jace says with a fond roll of the eyes. “We leave in five minutes. I’m starving.”

“Yeah whatever,” Simon replies from the bathroom. The door is open wide enough for Jace to see him wash his hands. “You’ll probably just get on your phone and forget to keep track of time, anyway.”  

Two minutes later, Simon is beaming beside him as he puts on his jacket and prompts Jace to get up with a gentle touch to the shoulder. They walk in silence, but it’s a good silence, the kind that Jace would blanket himself in if he could. And honestly, he doesn’t think he’d be able to keep up with conversation if it had started, not with Simon beside him looking like … that

He’s smiling that little smile of his, the one where every single one of his features softens and everything looks right. The street lights are reflecting in his eyes, making them look like jewels under the moonlight. His hair, barely brushed, is dancing with the cool breeze and not even the sounds of the cars whizzing past them can drown out the sound of Jace’s heartbeat in his ears. What had he done in his past life to get the privilege of admiring gentle beauty like this?

“Jace!” Comes Simon’s voice, breaking through the pink bubble around him. His speech is pregnant with bright laughter. “We’re here, Jace! Where are you going?”

Rolling his eyes once again, Jace follows him inside and ten minutes later, Simon is eating a McFlurry and Jace is munching on his nuggets and fries. Everything feels so warm, so peaceful. Jace feels like a child again, almost as if he’s been transported back in time.

Simon’s hand rests on the table between them, and for the first time ever, Jace gives in to his urges and entangles his fingers through Simon’s. Expecting him to draw away, Jace looks up in shock when Simon squeezes his hand instead, a blush tinting his cheeks.

This was safe, warm.