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Funny story!

I finished work and as I looked at the time on the computer I did a little skip and said “Yay, time to go~!” then I turned and saw a customer in a mobility scooter watching me, then we both laughed. It’s just the fact that I freeze-framed with my arms out and a smile stuck on my face as I looked at her that got us laughing.

My colleague was nearby just in case she needed help and I asked anyway just in case, but she said was fine so I left wok on time :)

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It's sad how sakura always had to be the driving point in their relationship.Even after The coh no longer affected sasuke he still dident want her.She had to chase him in order to travel with him,why dident she give up?She practically is their relationship without her obsessive love sasuke never would have looked at her.And think about,she's the only female around him for a long period of time and the only female he's close to,of course he'd fall in love with his only option.

*Sigh*, where to begin…

Firstly Anon, after he was saved from his hatred, he had a lot of things that he felt like he needed to do before entering any kind of relationship. It’s as he said, he could now finally see the world with clarity again, so why do you think he would just suddenly start “wanting” Sakura? He needed to get accustomed to the reality of things first, and redeem himself from his past transgressions.

Secondly, just because she chased him doesn’t mean it was done without his consent. Sakura wouldn’t have been able to find him if Sasuke didn’t know about it, he could have literally been anywhere in the world.

Thirdly, her being “the only female around him” is utter nonsense. He was around Karin for extended periods of time too, and it was during his travels (when Sakura wasn’t with him) that he demonstrated that he prioritised her above the village, as he ignored the latter’s pleas for help, but went back when Sakura was concerned. So no Anon, Sasuke had options.

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Will you publish The Ocean Soul in webtoons or a separate site?

I’m still thinking about how to publish…I want to take my time and make it look really nice without being too stressed out or constrained by deadlines…

So I’m going to try and rely on Patreon and support from readers in order to release the story page-by-page regularly (make a return to Tapastic maybe? Or just create a site for it like you said), and of course, I’ll re-format the pages so that they’re available as episodes on Webtoon.

I do want it to be as accessible as possible!

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MM tsundere indirect confession to BH, but BH is kinda dense so she didn't get it, so MM decides to kiss her and confess directly

“Earlier,” Raven said carefully, glancing at Add, “were you trying to confess to Elesis?”

His face went red and he looked away, his Dynamo closing in around him in almost a wall.  “Yeah,” he admitted.  “But I don’t think she got it.”

“It was sort of hard to get,” Raven reassured.  “And I’ve been around awkward people for years.  You need to confess directly, with a girl like Elesis.”

“But what if she says no?” Add sounded nervous.  Raven shrugged.

“Better than tormenting yourself in indecision.  Just go up and ask if she loves you like you love her, and if she says yes, kiss her and ask her out.”

As if by a deus ex machina, Elesis just so happened to walk in the room. Add’s Dynamo fluttered uncertainly.  Raven raised his eyebrows.

“There’s your chance,” he encouraged.  Add swallowed hard and stood, crossing the room to Elesis.

“So, uh, I was wondering,” he stammered, and Raven, leaning back to watch, nearly facepalmed.  Nice way to start out, nerd.

Elesis tilted her head.  Add steeled himself.

“Uh, I like you.  Do you like me?  Like, like like?”

Elesis blinked.  “Like, love like?”

Red-faced, Add nodded.

Raven wasn’t sure whether to laugh or die from second-hand embarrassment.

Elesis’ face was flaming red now too, but she laughed and pulled Add close with a hand on his shoulder, grinning.

“And here I was thinking I’d have to do the confessing,” she teased.  Add leaned in for a kiss.

He forgot to tilt his head.  They bumped noses.  Raven heard the distinct click of teeth clashing together.

After a few seconds, Elesis stepped away.  “You’re… not a great kisser,” she observed, but then immediately grinned to counteract Add’s crestfallen face.  “But hey, we have a while to learn.  Wanna go out with me so I can teach you?”

Mission accomplished, Raven thought.  Well, sort of.

tonight i showed my mom the self-portrait i just did and jokingly told her i did it because of the time a few months back when i painted a self-portrait for a school assignment and she told me it looked nothing like me and i need to draw a Real self-portrait, and she got really huffy and was like “i’m sorry i’m such a TERRIBLE mother, i guess i’ll just go die”

she always does this. whenever i mention something she said or did that was hurtful, even in a way that clearly indicates i’m over it or i don’t blame her, she never actually apologizes. she just guilts me for bringing it up or tries to convince me it never happened and that i’m a crazy liar.

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What do you think Harry would do if he found out that one of his friends had a massive crush on his missus? Xxx

He’d get very weary and protective over her when it comes to going out with their friends to the pubs or the bars or just going out for dinner one night, especially if said friend who had a crush on her was going. He’d make sure that his friend got the message and the clear proof that she was very much taken and very happy in her relationship with him that she didn’t need to be looking for others. He’d keep his arm around her waist, taking her to the bar when he offers to buy a round of drinks, he’d kiss her cheek more often but he’d try not to make it known that he wasn’t happy with the situation.

But, Harry would make sure he has a chat with his friend to find out what happened. Pulling him aside from the group to keep it between the three of them. Shaking his hand when it gets sorted and offering to buy him a beer before they disappeared back inside.

“We’re good, right?”

“As long as yeh don’t try it on with my girlfriend, we’re good.”

“I promise, it’s just a crush, I guess. I’ll get over it.”

“If it helps, she has some single friends. I’m sure she’ll love to play matchmaker for you.” xx

Just wanted to share this story before bed

Woman and her son and daughter come in wanting to buy a betta. The son has a 5g set up with a filter. I’m thinking, great! Look at this kid go!! And so I ask them if it’s heated as well and the mom goes no and so I explain they’re tropical and need warm water and why a heater is a must. Instantly the mom starts bitching about how she doesn’t want to spend money!!! So she asks if the fish will die if it doesn’t have a heater. I said not immediately but it’s life won’t be as long and it will be sluggish and slow. The kids instantly go “ok we need a heater then”. Mom’s not having it. She asks if we just have some goldfish and I say no the only live animal we have are bettas, and even then, goldfish need more than 5g etc etc

She finally agrees to buy a heater so I go grab the one model we have. Now the kids are picking out a betta. As I’m about to go ring them up, she goes ok now let’s pick two more and I go hold your horses ma'am you cannot cohab them they will slaughter each other.

She explodes at her son!! Yelling at him how he hasn’t done his research and how she wants at least four fish in the 5g. I explain why they can’t be together and how there really is no other fish that can thrive in a 5g. The kids both go “ok we are fine with one fish we will pick one out together” but this mom is not!!! Having it!!! She puts the fish back and says they’ll just go to Petco to go get some other fish. I know instantly that the dorkuses (no offense fellow Petco employees) there will tell her it’s fine to put a goldfish and ten guppies in there or some shit so I instantly tell her that my LFS is much better with prettier fish, hoping the good people there will help her….

Some people I swear to God…

Team Skull Headcanon.
  • Guy: We need to find a way to look intimidating.
  • Girl: Lets wear tank tops to show off our guns!
  • Guy: Yeeeeeaah! Oh! Skull medallions!
  • Girl: And neckerchiefs to cover our faces when the feds show up!
  • Guy: And we could have a certain kind of walk! Let em know we mean business just from the approach! And beanies!
  • Girl: Lets dye our hair pink too!
  • Guy: ...why?
  • Girl: (embarrassed)...I always wanted to.
  • Guy: Okay. You do that.
  • Days Later
  • Girl: (Pink hair)
  • Guy: (Blue hair)
  • Girl: I thought you said you weren't gonna,
  • Guy: Oh no! I'm down for dyeing our hair. I just like blue more. Plus it matches!
  • Girl: Yooo!
  • Guy: Yooooo!

I should have done a better job tagging my health issues because I mentioned feeling the throbbing artery before yesterday. I just forgot. I was looking through the “health stuff” tag and I mentioned it before. That’s the second time in this ordeal I have said that something was weird and new and then I will look at a really old post and see that it’s something I’ve complained about before. I guess it’s a good thing I complain so much, I just need to be more organized about it. That’s why I have the pain journal.

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there's a post going around about how supergirl watchers should look at barry to see how a man should act, because man-hell is a bad example. but i feel...weird about that because JAMES is literally on supergirl and people who watch supergirl can just look at him to see what a great man looks like. james is kind, honest, respectful, a goddamned hero. like i love barry too but im so sick of james being treated like he doesn't exist.

I said during season one what James and Kara needed was tension but the writers instead of investing in them to give them some organic tension just tossed the entire thing away in season two, gave James and Kara contrived drama this year and introduced someone that challenges her in the most cliche CW way..

Kara doesn’t need a Barry because Kara is like Barry herself..

Kara needs to be with an adult, someone that stands beside her(for the right reasons) and challenges her when she’s wrong(all things James did) and most importantly makes her better,  not quirky one minute dialogue where two people argue like an old married couple we’re suppose to find cute.

James is more adult male than the CW is use to dealing with when it comes to their male leads, They usually go for young 20 somethings fandom can squee over but james is older, acts more mature and carries himself like an adult. That is a level of maturity this show should embrace instead of trying to CW the show up

i just had a dream about these two very big and sour-looking old ladies who came to my house to investigate me for streaming episodes of the dilbert cartoon on a laptop at the airport, and i was frantically explaining to them that “because of doing that for so many years i’ve started associating dilbert with christmas so i just need to do it” when suddenly they both took off their shoes, removed these little medical-looking plugs from the soles of their feet and started bleeding this rly viscous black blood onto the floor. then i looked at the tv & saw on the news that britney spears had pierced an artery by getting a neck tattoo from an unskilled tattoo artists apprentice (she was okay). then one of the scary ladies was suddenly on the tv and she said (addressing britney) “i know you and your lying sister faked your citizenships and THATS why everyone thought the suspect was originally from London and i KNOW you know that” and then i woke up. Hi


Requested, thank you

“We need a plan” You nodded as you walked over to Charlie. “Exactly, just what I was thinking!” Charlie agreed grabbing another bucket of paint. “Now we can’t just run up and grab one” you said as you watched Charlie take a swing from the paint, before moving it down from his lips to furrow his brows at you. “Why not?” he asked, shaking his head lightly. You paused for a minute as you looked at him. “True, let’s go” you grinned as you spun on your heels. “Bring the paint!” you called back. “Obviously” Charlie scoffed playfully.

LMFAO these 2 guys were sitting in Starbucks and trying to figure out the song that was playing and kept asking Siri bt they weren’t getting it so I secretly Shazammed it and waited to see if they’d find out but they couldn’t get it. So I asked “are you guys trying to figure out the name of the song?” and they looked over and said yeah so I told them and made it seem like I just knew the name of the song and was familiar with that type of music and they were so impressed LOOOOOL one of the guys was like “wow you need to be in here all the time (I am in there all the time lol literally everyday), we always try finding the songs but never can” 😂

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A different anon: but going on ur post about making A more "black" would be potentially offensive - a while back, @yuutayo (an asian) got a bunch of anon hate for not drawing K "asian" enough, which apparently meant "skin not yellow enough & eyes not slanty enough" (their bf made a hilarious edit to "satisfy" the anons' need for "asian-enough" K.)

yeah exactly that’s my trepidation for a “more____ looking” any type of race or ethnicity. like i said in that other post about how it could just nose dive into “exploitive stereotyping caricatures of black people” rather than honest representation, that could apply to any non-white ethnic group to be honest.  

Another Chris Wood Appreciation...

I know this is a bit late of a reaction but I just want to say this out loud coz of reasons. 😊
I have been complimenting Chris Wood for his incredible sense of humor and hilarious chops in Supergirl as of late. Now, I just want to commend him for bringing tears to my eyes for that heartfelt brokenness he transcended through my television screen during the Star-crossed episode.
I was utterly moved by the way he delivered his lines, his facial expressions and his eyes were magic! No words were needed for him to convey to me that he was completely torn after Kara decided it was over for them…his eyes said it all! There aren’t much male actors who could pull tearjerker scenes with flying colors for me. Some just look unconvincing or plainly ugly when they cry (sorry for the word used✌). However, Chris always nails every heartbreaking moment and he definitely owns it…just everytime! 👊 (i.e. Containment)
I’m not gonna talk about who’s fault it was for their breakup since everyone in the fandom particularly my Karamel fam had already said their piece and they all made their point. It’s not that mine doesn’t matter, it’s just that I may sound redundant given that I do share the same sentiments with the rest. Besides, I do think they both made mistakes. They just need to realize that and compromise. Trust issues are always a big deal in relationships but I believe all problems can be solved in time with proper communication and an open heart. ❤
Soooo back to Chris as Mon-el, I just wanna say…you broke my heart when you broke yours. Yikes! That was cheesy! 😵
Okay…on a serious note, Chris as Mon-el never fails to surprise me every episode and I can’t wait to see him pull another one on the future episodes to come. No pressure though but we’re talking about “the Chris Wood” here! The guy who can make me laugh my heart out, the next minute he makes me swoon and fall head over heels for him and then later, he’s making me cry buckets of tears! Because why not?! How could you not?! He delivers! That’s what you call versatility at its best! 👍

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I love how Pride cares about his team. That he genuinely wants to know they're okay, and if they're not, he wants to cook them food and listen to them work through the issue out loud and offer advice if they want it. It's like he saw all these misfit kids who were wandering around looking for a place to call home and was like, "Yup, I'm adopting them." Like he opened his arms and said, "I can be your home, for however long you need it." Ugh, just PRIDE.

Pride is embodiment of compassion and sunshine and he deserves happiness

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shownu trash senpai, teach me how to gif things <3

my gifs are trash tho?? lolol

First of all, you need PS. 
Heres a link to where you can download it 

Secondly, you need some type of program that allows you to record the screen. 
I use Monosnap - heres the link. Use that to record the bits and clips of what you want to gif.

Now, I’m just going to link you to a post of how to gif things because there are already so many posts and tutorials of this out there, and tbh ima kinda lazy to make a whole thing, but its basically the same thing i would have said to do. Heres the link for that. 

ALSO, heres a guide to what sizes to make your gif in so they look nice on tumblr

I hope this helps you out on starting that process. If you need any more help, just message me or inbox me, and ill try to help you out ^^

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Nico shook his head. "I'm alright. Just getting a little headache," he replied softly, squeezing her hand. "I'll be fine now, Hazel. You don't need to worry about me." Hazel smiled at him and squeezed her hand back. "I always worry about you. You know that," she said. Nico forced a smile but hoped it didn't look it. "I know. I wish you wouldn't though."

“It’s a sibling thing,” she said sweetly. “Will understands. You’ll always worry about me, and I’ll always worry about you.” Nico felt himself smile a little more genuinely, thanking Hades silently for the gift of his sister. Hazel had no idea just how much like Bianca she was, but Nico could see it plainly in the way she cared for him. She had a natural maternal instinct that would serve her well one day if she decided to have children. Nico hoped she did. Shaking his head when he saw Will’s concerned expression when he spaced out, he changed topics. “So how long are you staying for?” He asked her.