look it even got one canon pic

glowy-mimic  asked:

What's the names of all your Bosses? I wanna see what they look like!

Sure thing! :DDD *whips out wallet and unfurls pics*

First, there’s my baby boy, Colin Faulkner. He’s my canon and primary Boss. He’s also got like six alternate universe versions of himself floating around now

Then is miss Barbie, who is shared with my best friend ;)

And cutie pie Clarence Michael “Mickey” Ashbrooke III. Those three are my main trio and the ones I talk about the most.

Then there’s Mickey’s little brother, Winchell “Whitey" Ashbrooke IV,

and Lady (her real name’s Susana),

her cousin Tyrone,

the mysterious Kira,

the even more mysterious Twins (who have no names),

and last but not least is my SR2-only Boss, Layla.

And that’s everybody, so far at least ;)