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Neverland- Harry x Reader

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A/N Hiya this is my second imagine and for some odd reason my first one got deleted ): but I hope you guys enjoy this little idea I had before I go to bed (:

Summary:You have flashbacks of your first love Harry Hook who is on the Isle. You and Harry met and fell in love at first sight while rescuing Ben but sadly Harry did not return to you.  (x) (Here’s the song that inspired this story) I will italicize the flashbacks as well as bold the lyrics. Neverland Pt.2

Whenever I was frightened
Or if I ever felt alone
I turned to the night sky
And a star I call my own

You sighed as you looked at your clock beside your bed. 2:30am and you still could not sleep for the life of you. It had been 3 days since the King was captured and brought back home safely, but what happened down there in the Isle still ache your heart. You quietly got up from your bed hoping not to wake Evie and Mal up in the process of doing so. You grab a near by hoodie and some tennis shoes as you quietly snuck outta your dorm into the halls up to the roof. 

“Let go of me! Please I’ll give you money whatever you want just stop this!” you struggled as you tried to escape your grip from the rather handsome pirate attempting to kidnap you. “Don’t make me nip ya like I did to the king now love” his Scottish acent filling your ear making shiver “Your a pretty one aren’t ya maybe if I’m nice enough I’ll let ya spend the night with me”. Lets just say suggesting that you’d look for King Ben on your own was a bad idea especially since you had no idea how the Isle worked. Evie Mal Carlos and Jay tried to warn you not to run off but Ben was your best friend and you couldn’t let him face Mal’s rejection alone, so you followed him. 

You made your way to the roof and sat on the top. You brought you legs up to your chest and huffed. You looked up at the stars remembering exactly how the events took place. “No matter where you are no matter where I am we are under the same stars Harry” you whispered “I will never forget you” 

 We can sail away tonight
On a sea of pure moonlight
We can navigate the stars
Bring us back home

You were tied to a pole with King Ben across from you. You could see the pirate teasing him as his Captain Uma told him to leave them alone for a while. You didn't notice that Harry Hook was now walking towards you with a devilish smirk on his face. “Looks who’s awake” he laughed slightly running his metal hook along your hair “thought you’d never wake up love.” “Please let me go” you  begged not mattering if you looked weak but you were frighten to the core. “No can do dear your stuck with me for a while now” he smirked. “Harry I know there is some good in you please.” Harry stopped right in front of your face and huffed an amusing chuckle. “Listen here love. The way the Isle works is there is no such thing as lover or caring” he paused and looked you dead cold in the eye “you have no idea what hell we go through while you Bordon kids eat from a silver spoon……us Villain kids don’t know what love is.” 

“Wake up Y/N we’re going to be late for class” yelled Evie brushing her beautiful blue hair. You groaned in response but did as you were told. Getting up as you lazily got dressed Mal notice your eyes were red from the lack of sleep you got last night. “You snuck out on to the roof top didn’t you?” You started at Mal as she asked you that question all you could do was nod not finding any words to speak. “I know you miss him Y/N but you have to understand that we couldn’t bring him to Auradon it was way to risky and dangerous.” You shook your head at Mal not wanting to cause a scene in front of Evie as you grabbed your backpack and walked towards the door. You stopped and turned around facing Mal and Evie “Yes Harry might have been a dangerous guy but what happened on the Isle was real and everyone can tell me to forget about him but I can’t” you  let a single tear drop fall “ he was my pure moonlight and I saw the good in him just how Ben and Doug saw the good in you two.” With that you walked out the door taking deep breaths holding in your tears.

All that you hope for
You hope for today
Is the love someone gives you
In an unconditional way

You were in class now sitting next to your best friend Ben as you doddle in your notebook. These passed 4 days now have been filled with you not really speaking to any of your friends. All you ever heard from them was ‘Harry is not good.’ or ‘Harry can never learn to love.’ You know deep down inside you touched a soft part in him no one else did and he touched a soft part in you too. “Y/N” Ben looked up at you “I’m really sorry about Harry if there is a way I can make this right please let me help.” Ben’s faced was complete crushed. He hated seeing you like this. You shook your head lightly “No Ben it’s fine” you faked a smile “I’m fine” With that you got up from your chair and made your way to a new seat behind the class before it began. 

“Just give me an hour Hook to prove you wrong and if I don’t then you can tie me back up and I won’t budge I promise.” you stared down at Harry as he smirked “I never pass up a deal lass.” With that response he united you. You had no idea how you were gonna show this pirate what love felt like or what it was. You have only known him for not even a full day but you intended to try. “Any smart moves love and I will not hesitate in hooking you Y/N. Trust me it’ll pain me to hook someone I actually like.” You slightly blush at his comment. He grabbed your hands and walked you off the boat. He sat both of you down by the shore just a few feet away from the boat. ‘Let the game begin’ you thought.

It took a lot for Harry to finally trust you enough for him to open up about his past. After a while of finally trusting one another, hearing about Harry’s story made you feel sympathy for him. His mother passed away right before he turned 1 due to the mold growing on the ship, and his father expect way too much from him at such a young age. He never experienced loved as a kid which is why he is so cold hearted. There was a moment of silence between you two after Harry was explaining the way he wanted his dad to love and be proud of him and how he really wish his mom was still alive until you heard Harry’s low sobs. This shocked you because you were just a stranger to Harry a few minutes ago maybe he just needed someone to ask him once in a while how he felt. You didn’t think twice as you wrapped your arms around him. Harry burried his face in your neck and cried as you held him you brought his face close to yours. You didn’t realize how blue his eyes were or the features on his face like his jawline or his brown hair popping outta his hat. You wiped his tears and you swore time stopped between you both. You did the impossible next as you leaned in and locked lips with the pirate. For the first time Harry Hook can finally say he had a taste of what love was that night. 

In a place so far away
We’ll be young that’s how we’ll stay

“Harry if you let me and Ben go please I promise I’ll get you outta the Isle please we have to go home you can come with me.” you started into his blue eyes and he tied you up to the pole once again. “Listen Y/N I want to help you but Uma’s my captain and I can’t betray her like that.” “What if we make a deal Harry please I want to teach more about yourself. You are stronger then you think you are. You can be good and we can be something please.” Harry smiled at you lightly and he kissed your forehead and walked off to his pirate crew. 

Once the sword fighting was over and it was pretty clear Mal and the gang have won and rescued not only you but King Ben. Before you can make a run to the limo you turned and bolted towards Harry pulling him into a quick but passionate kiss and whispered “Harry I swear I’ll come back for you.” 

 And with your hand in my hand
I am closer now
To finding Neverland

“What do you mean you can’t bring Harry Hook to Auradon whatever happened to giving people a second chance Ben!” you raged at not only Ben but at your 4 friends who were against you. For Ben’s rescue he had granted everyone a favor even you but when you asked him your one wish he denied it along side your friends. “Yea Y/N this is crazy maybe he spelled you” Mal spoke with her arms crossed. “No he didn’t I love him and I’m sure he loves me too please Ben just help me I have to get him outta there. I made him a promise.” your breathing went slow as you stared at your friends tears falling from your face “guys please help me” But no one stood up they all turned away “I’m sorry Y/N but the answer is no.” 

You were currently in your room doing some homework. Nowadays that was the only thing that ever got you outta your thoughts. Mal and Evie walked in the dorm with a sly smile on their face as they walked over and sat next to you. “Y/N we’re both really sorry for pushing you. We didn’t know Harry mean’t so much to you and we can speak for everyone that we all would like to apologize and if you can come with us we would like to show you something.” Mal smiled as you hugged both her and Evie “You guys are forgiven but I don’t think there is anything you can do to make me feel better.” you answered honestly. “We can always try come one” Evie pulled you to your feet and led you down the hall to King Ben’s office. “Go ahead Y/N, Ben and all of us got you something” Mal held your hand and you let out a breath as you opened the doors. Your eyes couldn’t believe what you saw. 


“I missed you love” 

A/N okay i kinda had this idea while this song was playing and I know my writing isn’t the best but we all gotta start somewhere so I truly hope you enjoy (:

I Always Will

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - yes by: @nerdpeterparker

So, how about Y/N is Harry’s girlfriend but when she gets chosen for Auradon she breaks up with him and he feels betrayed, and slowly but surely he got worst and more insane. And makes the boys take her with Lonnie to help and when Harry saw her (literally more stylish than Evie) he didn’t say a word but he was looking at her, and one of the pirates pushed her into the water and Harry saved her but since he was acting crazy she wanted to get away from him.  And when Uma pulled her little stunt at cotillion he took her away because she got hurt, and after that he told her he would change for the better if he got to be with her Also, during the breakup he was always watching her on tv because she was always on events and stuff, and even got jealous if she was with some other guy. It got so long I’m sorry

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook X Reader

Summary – (Y/N), daughter of Rumpelstiltskin, has been gone with the VK’s in Auradon for 6 months now and both her and Harry Hook are feeling the effects

Warning(s) - horrible writing lmao

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Meeting the Family

So, I’m a total slacker when it came to CyborgBunny week >.>  I REALLY wanted to take part but between not being able to think of what I wanted to write and procrastination, I’m only now just getting started XP

For those of you that follow me for the D.Va/Junkrat story, have no fear, I do plan on continuing that at some point >.>

Day 1 theme: First time

Interpretation: First time meeting family


“You’re sure he’s going to be here?”  The brunette asked as she shoved her hands into the pockets of the hoodie she was wearing.  Her eyes rolled up towards the taller male beside her, though his armor clad body gave nothing away to the emotion that may have been hiding behind his response.

“Yes, my brother has come here every year after he tried to kill me.  He will be here,” Genji replied as he stared towards the vast emptiness that was the main entrance to Hanamura, the ancestral home to his family.  Around them, the rest of the village was bustling with activity as shoppers and workers continued their daily routines.  While the village itself was quite the tourist location, locals and tourists alike didn’t dare step foot on the desolate temple grounds, though that didn’t stop people from taking pictures at a distance.

Commotion started to rise up from behind the pair, pulling Hana’s eyes from the bell hanging in the pagoda before them.  A small group of people had formed at one of the shop corners, they were excitedly whispering to themselves, pointing at the shorter woman.  Catching onto what that meant, the woman rose two fingers in a peace sign and winked at the group, sending them into a further fit of excitement.

“Not to ruin your little moment of reminiscing, but unless we want to deal with troves of fans, we may want to move,” she said as she took a step closer to the ninja that had seemed to go totally unnoticed at that point, under the wave of D.Va’s popularity.

Genji looked down at her for a moment, the green of his visor reflecting her eyes back to her, only for a moment though.  Hana had learned that if you focused behind what the light wanted you to see, you could faintly make out the darker eyes of the male behind them.  Zenyatta (or Master Zenyatta as Genji was trying to get her to call him by) may have taught her that.

After a brief moment, he turned to look back at the group that had grown since D.Va had last looked back.  A slight hum came from the male before he said, “Yes, this could indeed prove problematic.”  Genji slowed wrapped his arm around Hana’s waist, his grip tightening for a brief moment as he lept from the ground, seeming to instantly vanish from the sight of the crowd behind them, their groans of disappointment carrying through the empty temple grounds.

While Genji had jumped, he had only moved them to the upper floor of the room that sat on the left side, beyond the main gates to the grounds.  He was more than aware as to why the grounds were avoided by the locals and the fears and worries they had were spread to the tourists.  For years, tourists would enter the grounds, but as the locals persisted that the grounds were bad and dangerous, there seemed to be this odd attraction.  Tourists continued to flock to the area, some wanting to go on the grounds that became “taboo” to enter, though there was really no such rule setup.  Others wanted to see the grounds to see if there indeed was criminal activity going on from the Shimada family.  Unfortunately for them, the Shimada family had long since moved on from their ancestral home.  The falling out that Genji had with his brother may have played a part in that, but the criminal activities of his family no longer took place there and the grounds were left to be forgotten.

The area outside the temple almost instantly fell back into its usually noisy pattern, almost as though the superstar D.Va had never been spotted.  Once satisfied with this, Genji released the woman and began walking towards the steps down.  “Follow me,” he said, his voice sounding more flat than usual.

The stairs led to a small, open barren room.  Genji paid little attention to anything around him as he walked out of there and turned away from the main entrance they had just stood before.  Under this new archway, Hana was greeted with a magnificent view of a massive temple surrounded by sakura trees, walk ways and numerous outer buildings.  Though abandoned, the temple was still a sight to behold as its multi-tiered roof towered over every other building not only on temple property, but in the village itself.  It was far larger than all the other buildings as well, the building itself easily being able to fit over the village square they were just in.

Genji paused near a gazebo outside the front entrance to the temple and without looking at Hana said, “You brought what I asked you to, correct?”

Hana nodded, shifting her weight slightly to allow the rabbit backpack on her back to sway into partial view around her back.  “Yes, sir,” she replied in a slightly teasing tone, in an attempt to break the seriousness that her partner had picked up since getting the Hanamura.

“Good,” he replied, his gaze focused on the large building.  Genji then grabbed her hand, pulling the woman along behind him.  “Stay close and stay behind me.”  Biting back any other comments to try and lighten his mood, Hana simply nodded, using her free hand to brush against her hoodie, ensuring that her blaster was concealed but present on her hip.

Genji ran them to the right side of the temple opening, his back pressed against the large boulder that separated the couple from the actual wall.  He leaned over, peering inside, Hana leaned in closely behind him seeing a single man kneeling before a large tapestry hanging from the ceiling.  “Is that–” she tried to ask but was hushed when Genji released her hand to place a finger against her lips.

“Are times really changing,” the man inside asked, his voice no higher than speaking volume and was nearly lost to the wind from the distance.  “When you continue to flaunt women around here.”  If it hadn’t been for the time that Hana had spent watching Genji, she would not have noticed the other man’s slow movements towards the weapon sitting at his side.  As the male beside her slowly pulled his finger from her mouth, she could watch him tense as he too slowly reached for his swords, though not immediately grasping them but preparing to move.

“You dare insult our family by continuing this behavior,” the man’s voice now boomed, echoing through the temple as he whipped around and in a trained manner had not only drawn the bow but released an arrow towards the couple.  Genji’s arm thrust backward, shoving Hana back and onto her backside as the sudden movement left her unbalanced.  He then sprung forward and into the hall across from the main opening.

“You continue to act brashly, brother,” that calm, almost rhythmical voice said, though it was difficult to pin from what direction it had come from.

The man looked furiously towards the opening, but when he didn’t see anyone, he gaze instantly darted towards the upper floor and where he had heard the voice initially.

“You tell me that you have accepted who you are, Genji.  You have not changed.  Perhaps I must finish the job that I clearly did not finish all those years ago.”  The arrow he notched flashed for a moment before flying through the air and as it found purchase on the wall of the second floor, the shattered, sending smaller arrows bouncing in various directions.

Genji’s voice this time came behind the irate male.  “You say you try to honor my death and what you did to me, yet you do that listen to what your own brother has to say.”  A fine, this piece of metal swept past the archer’s ankles sending him to the ground, though years of training allowed him to lessen the impact of the fall he was still left on his back, looking up at the cyborg suit that was now his brother.

“I have no time to waste on those that go against our family,” he replied with a sneer as something hit the ground behind the ninja, the explosion of it stunning him.  The older brother took that opportunity to plant a kick square in his brother’s stomach, sending him crashing into one of the tall lantern-like lights, the green light in his helmet flickering for a moment before fading.

“Do not think I didn’t not anticipate your return again this year, Genji,” he said as a male in a cowboy hat rounded the corner before helping him up.  The newcomer looked at the ninja, a saddened look in his eyes before he sighed, shaking his head, saying,

“Didn’t think we would end up on opposite teams, part’ner.”  The light in the cyborg’s helmet came to life once again as he pushed himself to a kneeling, ready position before the two.

“Ah, Jesse, perhaps you could speak some sense into my brother,” Genji replied, his tone void of any threat he felt from the cowboy’s sudden appearance.

The other shrugged in response before unholstering his revolver.  “Hanzo here was talkin’ about how someone’s been interruptin’ him while he honored his lost brother.  Wouldn’ta thought you were him though.  Honor is honor though and if a man ain’t able to get that back, what’s he got left.”  The two men rose their weapons toward the other as he unsheathed his blades though wasn’t ready to fully stand just yet.

“Hold it right there,” a female’s voice yelled out before the sound of rocket boosters filled the air.  A large pink mech landed in front of the ninja, a green projected shield expanding out before her as a volley of arrows and bullets rained towards them.

The archer sneered at the newcomer that was protecting his brother as Genji said, “Hana, we agreed on not bringing the mech here.”  Her eyes glanced down to her wounded partner for a moment as she shrugged saying, “Plans change, now hop on.”  The male simply nodded before pushing himself to his feet and jumping onto the top of the mech.  Once he was on, she brought the shield down and flew to the second floor walk way behind her and then out the window.

“Hana, what are you doing?”  Genji asked as he looked behind him, confused as he watched the other two males tailing them.

“This place is important, right?  I mean, you told me when you first visited your brother, you drew him outside.  Inside is important and still a temple, it should be honored, not destroyed.”  Genji shook his head, though he was pleased with her answer.  Even though she was competitive, almost to a fault, could be moody and act bratty, she still sought to respect customs, even if it was out of her usual character to do so.

“So what’s the plan?”  She then asked as she turned to face the two that had rejoined them just outside the main temple.

“We separate them.  I will talk to my brother, you keep Jesse busy.”

“Roger, roger.”  The two then split up, Genji jumping to the roof of the gazebo, Hana charge towards the cowboy.

The brothers took to the roofs, leaping across them and the ninja tried to reason with his brother.  “If you took as much time to listen as you did to honor those you harmed in your past, much could be avoided.”

As he loosed an arrow, the other replied, “Your actions have not changed.  You still continue to surround yourself with the company of women.  You are loose, Genji.”

As the combat continued, arrows flying towards the other, Genji never sought to attack his brother, but would deflect the attacks taken against him.

“She is the only one, brother.”  He said, suddenly turning towards the other, running towards him.  He watched as his brother steadied his attack and at the last moment, the ninja jumped, flipping over the other.  “She has accepted who I am and who I was.  Can you say the same, Hazo?”

Arrow still notched, Hanzo spun around towards his brother, but before he could say anything, another voice called out,

“Hanzo, darlin’, could ya maybe call a truce with yer brother fer now?  Don’t think I’m winnin’ this one.”

The brothers looked down towards the courtyard, the gravel was scattered and uneven, holes were bore in the wood structures and surrounding boulders, boards and splinters from the gazebo lay scattered on the ground as the pink mech had the cowboy cornered, hands in the air.

Hanzo stood slack jaw, utterly surprised at the sheer amount of destruction that took place over a few minutes.  “What sort of monster did you bring here, brother?”  He asked, his voice laced with astonishment, as well as fear and slight disappointment to what happened.

Genji smirked from beneath his helmet, though no one could see it.  “My fiance,” he replied simply.  He caught the flabbergasted look from his brother, but before he could say anything, the ninja had already jumped off the roof and was making his way towards the other two.

Once Hanzo caught up, the mech stepped backwards.  McCree’s hands planted onto his knees as he said, “Thank the stars, wasn’t sure if we could keep that up much longer, Hana.”  Hanzo looked at the trio confused, his grip on his bow tightening as his eyes narrowed.

“What is going on here,” he asked, his voice coming off as a warning.

Genji ignored the question as he gestured towards the mech.  “Hanzo, I would like to introduce you to my fiance, Hana Song.”  Hanzo’s gaze snapped to his brother before the mech, a surprised look crossing his face.

The back of the mech suddenly opened as a petite woman flipped out from the inside, landing gracefully in front of the older Shimada brother.

“Nice to meet ya,” Hana said extending a hand, giving the male an exaggerated wink.

Hanzo didn’t accept the hand but cast his angry gaze over the whole group.  “What is all this?”  He asked, his voice seething as he watched each one in disbelief.

“I told you, I wanted to–”  Genji started before his brother waved a hand cutting him off.  “No, not that, what was that Jesse.”

The cowboy smirked, shrugging to the other before saying, “We work together.  They asked fer my help, so ‘course I’m gonna do it.  Can’t stand in the way of true love after all.”  He then pushed Genji and Hana towards Hanzo, enough into his personal space that he was, for the first time, forced to really pay attention to the two.

Hanzo’s eyes focused on the smaller girl.  Jesse worked with her?  Genji was engage to her?

“Oh!”  She exclaimed suddenly, pulling her backpack round to her front.  “Genji asked me to get you this,” she said reaching into her bag before pulling out a neatly wound poster that had been partly sticking out of the top.  She held it out to Hanzo whom cautiously took it, watching his brother as he carefully unrolled it.

“It’s one of the originals,” Hana pointed out.  “Not one of those cheap ones you find in store.”  Hanzo then looked to what he had unrolled, it was a poster for Hana’s movie Hero of my Storm, signed by the lead actress herself.  The male rolled his eyes up, he had enjoyed that movie when he had seen it, even though it didn’t have the greatest of reviews.

“Jesse told us you were a fan, sooooo,” she added, her voice trailing off at the end.  Hanzo quickly rolled the poster back up, once done he pointed an accusing finger to his brother.  “If you do anything to break her heart, Genji, I will kill you second time.  This time for good.”  He then cast a gentle smile down towards the superstar, though the excitement in his eyes told far more of the emotion he was actually feeling.  “You tell me if he hurts you.”

Hana laughed and said, “You clearly don’t know your brother very well if you think he would do something like that.”  The emotion on Hanzo’s face seemed to calm as he slowly looked towards his brother replying,

“You may be right.  Perhaps it is time I did try to get to know you again, brother.”

There was a synthetic sounding laughter that came from the cyborg as he planted a hand on his brother’s shoulders.  “So it takes your favorite actress to get you to want to repair things between us?  Do not think I will let you get that close to her.”

The sound of people running on gravel soon reached the ears of the group.  The Shimada brothers instantly looked towards the main entrance where a large group of individuals in black suits were running towards them, some drawing weapons, others phones.

“We must go, our time is up.  You best leave too, brother, you know you are not welcome here,” Genji said to his brother with a nod.

“See ya next time!”  Hana said as she climbed back into her mech, Genji leaping on top.  “See you back at base, Jesse!”  The two then flew off.

Hazno and Jesse took off back towards the temple where a teleportation pad had been prepared for them, though Hanzo hadn’t asked how.

“Yer brother has changed, Hanzo.  Maybe it’s time to let go of the past and move on.”

The older Shimada sighed before saying, “Perhaps.  Perhaps it is time for some our of family to rebuild.”

No Place To Hide-Chapter One

@chase-brody-protection-squad @magic-marvin-protection-patrol @cyndaquil17 @reverseblackholeofwords

Hey, I made a zombie apocolypse AU, but with Jack’s and Mark’s egos! It’s gonna get edgy.

Chase’s POV

Someone shook me awake.

“Chase! Wake up!” I heard someone whisper-shout.

“W-Wha?” I asked, alittle to loudly.


I sat up, and scratched my head. Off to my right was my hat, so I put it on. My vision was still blurry.
Someone grabbed my wrist, yanking me to my feet. They started running, me clumsily being dragged along.
As my vision cleared, I realized it was Mark.

“Where’s Sean? Where’s Robbie?” I asked, barley realizing what was behind us.


“Wait! My backpack!” I called, getting away from his grip. I stop in my tracks, Mark stopping just a few feet ahead.

“Chase! Leave it! It’s not important!”

“There’s food! There’s weapons! Fresh water! There’s plenty of important things in that bag!” I yell, over the sound of growling.

I stood my ground. Suddenly, Mark swung an axe. Chase duck.

“What the hel-” I  stopped.

Mark was fending off human-like creatures, except they had grey and dark green skin. Their features looked like they were failing. Eyes missing, jaws ripped off, mucus dripping from orfaces, along with blood. Their clothes were ripped, barley intact. Instead of words, they made groaning, growling sounds. Zombies.

I scream, and scamper away, before remembering what i had been protesting. I got to my feet, and ran past the small horde of rotting flesh bags. I got to a dark, broken down room. In the corner, was my dark blue backpack. I walk over to it, and make sure everything is still inside. Everything’s there, including the real reason I went back for it. A small tube of green liquid my friend had told me to protect, the last time I saw him.
I wonder if I’ll ever see him again. If he’s alive…
I remember Mark was still in trouble. I take a gun out of the bag, and throw it over my shoulder. I’m no good in close combat. I’m only good at running away. I’m better with guns, rather than knives or swords. I rush back to the fight, to see Mark Batley hanging on. He’s sloppily killing off the creatures left and right, not actaully killing them. I shoot a few, and catch a glimpse of his glare. He’s not happy with me, at all. I manage to kill off a few more of the flesh bags.
Mark yells. There’s more coming towards me, I see Mark in danger.

Help Mark, or kill the oncoming Zombies?

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also known as Imagine knitting an ugly sweater and forcing Thorin to wear it.

A/N - Yes its a day early because I’m busy tomorrow! Yes, its christmas in middle earth and yes the reader has knitted Thorin a Christmas jumper. What more do you want?

Pairing - Thorin x Reader
Words -  1,538

It was finally nearly Christmas.
The company wasn’t even half way to Erebor and tensions were getting high.
A day didn’t pass without Gandalf and Thorin arguing or Fili and Kili getting into trouble.
You were even sure that they’d forgotten all about the human holiday that resided in December.
Luckily for them, you hadn’t forgotten.
In fact you made it your mission to get the perfect gift for each of them with what little resources you had.
Hopefully, it would cheer them up at least for a little while. 

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Drifter (Teenage Sam x Reader)

Note: I know it’s not part number whateverthefuck of my whateverthefuck series, but I can’t seem to write anything good for that just yet, so bare with me. In the mean time, here’s some teenage Sam to keep you amused and yadda yadda yadda LETS GO!

Summary: You’d never actually met either of the Morgan boys, but the eldest was pretty well known around town. His shenanigans were always the talk of the school; not that you ever bothered with petty gossip. You had a “business” to run - money to make. You didn’t expect to run into Samuel Morgan in the dead of night, but alas, you did. Who’d have thought that one cocky teenage delinquent would get along so well with another cocky teenage delinquent? 

You stroll down the dimly lit street with your hands in the pockets of your oversized leather jacket. Your two friends – more like associates, really – follow either side of you.

“Hey, Y/N, did you get a pack of those smokes? The ones with the fancy gold logo?” Asks Jordan, the older of the two twins – a slender boy, with greasy hair.

“You know I did,” you sigh as you round the corner and start walking up the road that houses the St. Francis boys’ home.

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A Captain Cobra Swan fic in 1874 words. Rated PG.

Based off of THE CUTEST OF CUTE SPOILER PICS, but the pic doesn’t necessarily have to be considered spoiler-y. Enjoy!

“Emma?” Killian calls from the living room, “love, we have to go or risk being late.” 

Emma barrels out of the kitchen, thermos of coffee in one hand, half a bagel in the other. “I’m coming I just…I can’t seem to find my cuffs.”

Killian taps his fingers on the door frame as he thinks. “Maybe you left them at the station?”

“No,” she says, rummaging through mismatched gloves and hats in the hall closet. “I know I had them on me when I left the station Friday, in case I needed to pull a shift over the weekend.”  

Henry bounds down the stairs at that moment, and heads for the door, his backpack slung crookedly over one shoulder.

“Whoa lad, slow down,” Killian chuckles, stepping out of Henry’s way. “School doesn’t start for,” he glances at the watch on his right wrist, “almost an hour. I’m the one with the slave-driving boss that insists that crime fighting must begin at seven o’clock sharp.” He winks at Emma as she turns toward them rolling her eyes.

“Yeah kid, what’s the rush?”

Henry mumbles something about seeing Violet ‘to talk about their literature project’ which makes both Emma and Killian smile.

“Alright, you should go,” Emma says, “but take an apple for the road. And Killian do you mind heading out with him? I’ll be right behind you.” She leans up to Killian for a quick kiss as Henry makes a slight gagging sound and goes to grab fruit from the kitchen. Killian’s hand slides home into the silky hair at the base of her head as he takes advantage of their moment together to deepen the kiss, sucking gently on her lower lip as she makes a slightly breathy noise.

She breaks away after a moment, steadying herself with her hands against his solid frame. “Ok pirate, this is not the moment for…that.” Her words sound stern, but there is a fire kindled in her eyes where just a moment ago there had been only harried concern.

“What kind of pirate would I be if I didn’t take full advantage of every opportune moment?” he asks, eyes glinting merrily. 

“Hopefully a much-reformed one, Deputy Jones.”

“Ah yes,” he winks, “as a law-man by day, I now restrain my pillaging and plundering to after-work hours.” He runs his hook down the right side of her body from collarbone to hip. “It’s a pity, that.”

Her eyes light a little further and she opens her mouth to speak, but Henry comes swinging out of the kitchen at that moment, mouth stuffed full of bagel and cream cheese, apple in hand.

“See you at the station, love,” Killian says as he opens the storm door and holds it for Henry to walk out ahead of him. “By the way Swan,” he says lowly, upon a flash of inspiration, fingers brushing lightly against her wrist where she has her hand propped against the door, “have you searched our bedroom for your quarry?”

Her eyes go wide and her cheeks flush, realization and memory flooding her at the same moment. “Oh…I…no. I haven’t. I’ll just…yeah okay, I’ll see if I can find them and then be along in a minute.” That lovely flush is the last thing he sees before the door shuts behind her.


Killian chuckles all the way down the driveway to where Henry is waiting for him at the street, but he sobers when he sees the look of consternation on Henry’s face. They walk along in silence for a few minutes, Killian determined not to push Henry to tell him what is bothering him. He doesn’t have to wait long before Henry addresses the issue, albeit in a roundabout way.

“Have you and mom and grandpa been busier at the station lately?”

It’s kind of an odd question, coming from a teenager, but he figures Henry’s building up to what he wants to ask so he’ll play along. “Not much more than usual. Most of the new residents seem pretty quiet. The dwarves keep us busy, what with their drinking and quarrelling, but nothing consequential recently, why?”

“Well…I don’t know,” Henry says, inspecting the apple in his hand before he takes a large bite. He mumbles his next words through a mouthful of fruit. “I just want to be ready.”

Killian’s brow furrows as he slides his hand into the pocket of his leather jacket and taps his hook along his left leg with each step. “Ready for what, lad?”

Henry takes another bite of apple and looks like maybe he regrets saying anything. Killian just waits patiently, keeping stride with the lanky teenager, mind wondering idly when Henry got to be nearly as tall as him.

“Back in Camelot there were knights always prepared to protect the people of the kingdom.” He takes another bite of apple, glancing at Killian. “Violet’s from Camelot.”

“Aye…that’s true.”

“I want to be able to protect Vi—the people of Storybrooke,” Henry says, with an edge of determination in his voice.  

“You do, lad. Your actions, making believers out of the common folk of New York, delivered us from the Land of Untold Stories. And Vi—certain people were there to witness the whole thing. I’d wager that most would agree that you are a superlative hero.”

The reminder brings a small, self-satisfied smile to Henry’s face as he chews on another bite of apple, but his face soon sobers again. “That’s great, but I can’t believe my way out of a swordfight.”

“A swordfight? With whom do you expect to be crossing swords?” Killian asks in mild alarm.

“No one…exactly, but it would be nice to know how to defend myself and…others if one of the newcomers decided to start some trouble. Grandpa promised to teach me to fight, but we haven’t had a lot of time, what with baby Leo and the underworld…”

Guilt grips Killian as a slight, involuntary shudder ripples across his shoulder blades, and not for the first time he wishes that none of his family and friends had sacrificed their happiness, comfort and peace of mind—not to mention very nearly their souls—to rescue him from that horrible place. “I’m sure I wouldn’t make as fine a teacher as the prince, but do know a thing or two and if you want I suppose I could…”

Excellent,” Henry says, cutting him off and tossing the apple core neatly into a sidewalk trashcan. He immediately begins hunting for a stick with which to practice.

Henry’s smile is so wide now, and his manner so excited that Killian wonders if he wasn’t just duped by the boy into feeling pity so that he would agree to help hone Henry’s sword fighting skills. He thinks he must be spending too much time with the lad if Henry is picking up his pirate ways of manipulation, but he can’t seem to feel sorry for it, in fact it seems as if the realization has made his heart swell just a little.

They find sticks a ways off the sidewalk at roughly the same time, and Henry immediately falls into a ‘ready’ stance, his weight pitched forward over his right foot, sword-stick held low across his chest and eyes trained on Killian. Killian knows now that Henry was sand-bagging him, because for all he means to correct Henry’s feet and balance, he can’t find a single fault with Henry’s form.

“I think you know what you’re about more than you let on, lad,” he says, grinning as he weighs his sword-stick against his hook and then swings it vertically just once to test the balance. “The prince seems to have taught you a few things already.”

Henry beams and if there is the slightest hint of sheepishness for his deception in the look he throws Killian, there is no worry, because he knows his mother’s true love will forgive him anything. “We may have had time for a few lessons between all the crazy things that happen in this town. En garde!”

Killian gamely raises his sword-stick and charges at Henry in a basic pattern of thrust and slash. Henry parries the offensive maneuvers easily, and then moves forward, advancing slowly to swipe at Killian. Killian smiles broadly at the old pleasure of the fight, a dance his body has known for hundreds of years, and easily blocks Henry’s blows, standing his ground, but pivoting in place to parry on all sides. When Henry brings his sword-stick down from on high, Killian catches the wood easily in his hook and twists, pulling the weapon right out of Henry’s hands.

“Hey!” Henry exclaims, protesting the break in fighting etiquette. “That’s not fair.”

Killian just grins. “Pirate!” He chuckles smugly. “We pirates have the advantage over princes.” He winks at Henry and allows him to retrieve his sword-stick, swinging his own lazily in his hand.

When Henry is again in position, Killian takes the offensive, this time attacking faster and with slightly less obvious technique. Henry gamely blocks his blows, but it is clear from the way his brow furrows (Killian doesn’t fail to notice that his brows draw together in focus the very same way his mother’s does) that he is having to concentrate much harder now than before. Just before he is able to move in the last few steps to disarm Henry again, Henry looks up. His face drops a little and his eyes go wide the way they do when he is caught doing something he knows he shouldn’t do. He squeaks out an “oh, hey mom,” laughing a bit nervously.

Killian remembers in an instant that he should already be at the station, and that his boss (true love or not) is not likely to look favorably on his horsing around when there is work to be done at the station. He turns on instinct to address Emma and sees…nothing. She’s not there. Before he can register what has happened, Henry knocks his sword-stick right out of his hand and places his own against Killian’s chest.

“Do you yield?” Henry asks triumphantly, grinning from ear to ear.

Killian’s hand and hook rise in the universal gesture of surrender. “Aye, I do, you bloody pirate.” Henry lowers his weapon to his side, still smiling, and Killian grabs him around the shoulders as they begin walking again.

“Seems as though you know a little more about sword fighting than you let on, lad, but I bet there is still a thing or two I can teach you. We can pick this up after school this evening. I think I may even have a set of practice swords we can use on the Jolly.”   

Henry enthusiastically agrees as they walk in the direction of their responsibilities for the day.

They are a ways down the sidewalk when Emma steps out from behind the corning building where she had an excellent vantage point of the entire exchange. She begins to trail in the wake of her two favorite boys, feeling like her heart has swelled beyond its normal size. Her deputy will be late this morning, but she could hardly fault him. She knew what she was getting into when she hired this pirate after all.      


Four Sword Middle School AU! This post was inspired by Ask-Ravio-Stuff’s HS AU! Note: This combines several Zelda Universes.

“Please! This has to stop!”

That voice…was definitely not the voice of a kid. Red, the poor child in tears now, pushed his hands onto the pavement, wincing as the raw skin rubbed against the dirt floor. He turned to look over his shoulder, able to make out the form of a…rabbit man?

“Begging your pardon little guy,” the rabbit said, looking over his shoulder at the boy on the floor. “I hope you don’t mind if I intervene. But…you…well, you looked like you needed some help.”

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At this point in her attack on Terminus, the only person that Carol had seen with her own eyes was Rick, being bound and dragged out of the train car. She had heard Martin mention a “kid in a hat” and a “chick with a  sword,” and as much of a stretch that might have been to immediately connect that to Carl and Michonne, seeing Rick in Terminus had solidified in Carol’s mind that her people were in trouble in Terminus.

While the fire and smoke gagged Terminus and the walkers set upon the Termites, Carol infiltrated the camp and worked her way room to room looking for Rick, Carl, Michonne, and any others who might be prisoners there. Along the way, she came across this room, where it looked like the Termites had stripped their prisoners of all worldly possessions before doing God only knew what to their bodies.

Among the clutter were tables covered in jewelry, clothing, children’s toys, weapons, and other miscellany. Between Rick and Carol, a wristwatch has come to encapsulate several meanings to their relationship. Carol had been around Rick long enough to recognize his watch instantly on the table amongst the other ones. As she picked it up and studied it, Daryl’s crossbow came into focus in the background.

Just like that, the atmosphere of the scene shifted. Not just visually, as Carol immediately crossed over to it, but audibly. You can hear her breathing hitch for a moment at the sight of the familiar weapon, and the soft music of the scene changed tune, from a sound of reminiscence at the watch to a sound of emotional recognition at the crossbow. She had come to Terminus to rescue Carl, Michonne, and any of their people or strangers who were being harmed there, but she had not expected to find this, to find him. She still hadn’t made visual contact with Daryl, Carl, or Michonne, only Rick. They could have been dead already, tortured, beaten, or mistreated in some way. This room was full of the loot stripped from prisoners, with the implication being that they would not be needing them again.

Carol picked up the weapon, giving a quick glance over to see if it was the same crossbow. If she recognized Rick’s watch with one look, then she knew this crossbow intimately. Every scratch, every worn spot, every mark: this was Daryl’s. Daryl was here, in Terminus, within reach and in harm’s way with Rick and the others. Her reaction was different from Rick’s, when he saw the poncho, the pocketwatch, and the orange backpack. Her response was not of rage or demanding where the rightful owners were. That would come later. Rick had come to Terminus suspicious but willing to try trust. Carol had had no misconceptions upon arrival there. She was set only on rescuing her family and, upon coming into contact with this familiar tie to Daryl, now she was set on not only ensuring their safety, but finding them. She had to find them, to reunite with them in some way, even if it was only briefly and only to be turned away again.

She had to return the crossbow to Daryl after all. She had to see him.

The pepper of gunfire and the moans of walkers filtered into the music, and Carol shouldered the crossbow with practiced ease. Only moments earlier, she had been driven inside by walkers who heard her gunfire. Now, she had a silent, long-range weapon. She took nothing else among the myriad of rifles and other guns. Just the crossbow, just that reminder that her people were still alive, that they were in danger, and that they were within her reach.

It seemed appropriate that she have Daryl’s signature weapon then, because it was time for her to go hunting.

gingerjilly  asked:

I love how you never take these prompts where we think they're gonna go. Anyway, here's one: SHIP ;)

“ARR!” Judith cried, leaping from one couch to another. “Shiver me tenders!”

Carol, who had been napping on the second couch, groaned and rolled over, where the girl had planted her feet in the gap between Carol’s knees and the backrest.

“Timbers,” Carl corrected, jumping out from behind the corner of the wall. “It’s shiver me timbers.”

“Don’t question my language, you swine!” Judith wielded her ‘sword,’ which Michonne had fashioned out of a cardboard gift wrapper roll.

“Hey, hey, can we take the piracy outside?” Carol rubbed at her eyes.

“There’ll be no swarsh buckling or horn swaggling aboard my ship!” Judith brandished her sword and adjusted the newspaper hat on her head.

Normally, Carol would have found this battle amusing. It was so rare to see Carl in a cheerful mood. His six year old sister had that effect on everybody. Unfortunately, Carol had been laid up with a headache for most of the morning, and she was simply not in the mood for this.

“C’mon, Jude,” Carl gestured, seeing Carol’s discomfort. “Let’s head for the open sea in the yard.”

“Nay!” Judith called out, pointing her sword at the floor. “The ground in lava! I can’t touch it!”

“What kind of pirates has lava oceans?” Daryl walked into the room, holding the mug of tea that he’d scurried off to make for Carol.

“I’m not just any pirate,” Judith declared. “I am Vulcana, Pirate Queen of the Lava Oceans! But you can call me…Your Demise!”

Daryl’s expression was flat, and he looked to Carl. “And what are you?”

Carl tipped his worn out hat. “I’m the Kraken.” He smirked.

Daryl shook his head and looked to Carol, who stretched out on the couch, hand on her forehead as Judith leapt onto the nearby recliner.

“What’s the name of your ship?” Daryl asked, setting the mug of tea on the coffee table in Carol’s reach.

“It WAS the White Rose, but the Kraken, here,” Judith glared at Carl. “Shot an ice torpedo at it, and it sank off the coast of the back porch.”

“Tragic,” Daryl tsked and looked to Carol. “You feelin’ any better?”

Carol grimaced, massaging her temples and closing her eyes. “I was.”

Daryl rubbed her shoulder briefly and stood, going over toward Judith. “So you can’t go outside without a ship then. C’mon, I’ll be the ship. Get onboard.”

Judith squeaked and waited for him to turn around. Once his back was to her, she jumped on him, wrapping one arm around his neck and keeping a firm hold of her sword in the other. Daryl got a grip under her legs, hitching her in place like a giggly backpack.

“Gotta name your new vessel,” Carl prompted, as Daryl carried Judith out of the living room, leaving Carol in peace and quiet.

“The…The U.S.S. Daryl!” Judith chirped. “And I henceforth name that couch as Carol Island!”

Carol snorted, watching them go.

“Or, since I love you both,” Judith giggled. “The U.S.S. Carol-Daryl…Daryl-Carol…Caryl!”

“Just Carol?” Daryl pretended to be offended.

“No! Caryl. ‘Car’ from Carol and ‘Ryl’ from Daryl. Mash ‘em together to make Caryl!”

Carl lifted an eyebrow. “The U.S.S. Caryl?”

“Yes!” Judith said with a mighty swing of her sword. “And..and it’s impervious to ice torpedoes and…and lava and…and pine cones. Yes. The U.S.S. Caryl: the ship that never sinks!”

Daryl snorted, toting her out into the yard, to wage nautical warfare against Krakens, trees, and any other foes that might come their way.