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Okay but Winston meeting Shao and telling dizzie about what a nice boy he is and yeah he's struggling but he just needs love and understanding. Winston explaining to dizzie that he needs to nice musically talented boy not some wanna be artist white boy

Oh My God but like forreal imagine winston really not minding the fact that dizzee likes boys but he’s so dead set on setting him up with a nice black boy and it’s not even that he doesnt like thor per se it’s just… white folk dont always understand.. (but dizzee obviously is paying him no mind cause “pop i really love thor please stop suggesting other guys”)

anyway then he finally gets to meet shaolin one day cause he comes by the shop to pick up the other brothers and he’s getting to know him a little bit and his affiliation with his sons and by the time dizzee and the others come down winston’s got it in his mind somehow that shaolin would be the perfect match for his son cause of course he wants a musical son in law for his musical ass family (he tells dizzee and dizz just looks at him like he lost his mind)

winston also makes a point of bringing up shaolin when thor comes for dinner sometimes cause black parents just be petty like that

(he’s a warms up a little more to thor when he finds out he plays guitar tho)

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I am the only one who ships Shao with Carlo Pakoussa ?

nah boo i been all over that ship since i first peeped shao’s gaystache.

imagine them meeting because shao finally comes out to dizzee, so him and thor decide to take shao to that club and Carlo’s looking shao up and down he same way he did dizz at first but he’s hitting on him and comes to find him whenever somebody else takes over his dj station. and at first shao’s kind of oblivious but in the end they’re bonding over being dj’s and they’re just really feelin each other’s vibe 😌

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The get down brothers taking care of Napoleon. Who helped him get his hair together? Who bought him his jacket, his t-shirt? I need to know

tbh it’s mainly shoalin and boo that take care of napoleon

shaolin gives him all his hand me downs, shaolin teaches him how to spin, boo decided leon needed to look like the rest of the brothers during performances, they give him haircuts, they talk to him the most, get him food when he has to be confined to the temple for safety, get him comics and records, keep him lookin cool and relatively unnoticeable when he is out and about, etc.

don’t get me wrong zeke, ra, and dizz also look out for napoleon cause thats their new brother, but the ones who actually take care of him are shao and boo