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“So stop making that face at me…”


Now each of these four founders formed their own house; for each

Did value different virtues; in the ones they had to teach.  (x)


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Steve: And since Ms.May works as much as she does, we pretty much take Peter full time. After school, and most nights. He even has his own room in the tower.

I noticed something, I know I must have not been the only one but…

You see this guy? Is wearing a Vishkar uniform and by now we know he has been present in at least two Talon reunions.

Cause, not only the uniform, but that hairstyle is easy to spot.

His name is Sanjay Korpal, is a negotiator for Vishkar and has been already introduced in Symmetra comic A Better World, as her supervisor. Yes, he is the one who blows up the Calado building killing a lot of people inside and around it, in the favela to be precise.

The same one who tried to negotiate with Lumerico in Mexico before Sombra hacked the data and make it all public, probably showing them that was better plan to work along with Talon… because after the all out war they are planning to start, somebody has to rebuild the world.

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What's Lucien's relationship with Loki?

Lucian: None of your concern…


MariEli phone backgrounds (´ ∀ ` *)

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Day 6: Dark Forest

Went for more of a “soft, lineless” theme here….Played with lots of brushes and effects and just in general had fun with it XD Hoping to break up the usual style with something fun :3 Big papa Lugia will stick close to his tiny Wafflebutt to protect her from those scary eyes~