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Handyman: Part 4

Handyman: Part 4 (m)

Word count: 5.1k

Genre/Warnings: smut, angst, language, cum play, role play and pegging

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Summary: You’re trying to figure out what you want but you’re more interested in what Jimin wants and you’ve never felt that way before.

Sadly, I think there will be only one more chapter of this. I have a lot of new things I want to work on and this one just seems like a good one to come to an end to.

Parts:  one | two | three 

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28 Ladynoir!!

“Marry me?” 


“Is now really the time?!”


“What other time is there?”


“Not! In the middle! Of! A! Battle!”

This was worse than the puns by far. Why oh why had she started dating this doofus, again?

A strong, black-gloved hand wrapped tight around her wrist, yanking her out of the way of a stray lightning bolt a putting her between Chat and a wall.

Between a rock and a hard place, if you will.

He was panting heavily, hot breath washing over her ear and down her neck, the tension leaking out of his frame as it started to look like the akuma had missed them and was now starting to wander off.

“There,” he sighed as the akuma disappeared over the line of buildings across the street from their nook. “That was close.”

“Mhmm,” Ladybug agreed, feeling the tension leave her own frame a little more with every breath Chat took, every second of his warm weight pressed reassuringly solid and close against her, and well…

Maybe that was why.

“…So,” said Chat, turning to look at her with a kind of anxious hope in his eyes that tied her insides in knots. “What do you say? Will you marry me?”

Like she’d say no.

She went up on her tiptoes to kiss him, adoration bubbling up and over in her chest.

“’Course I’ll marry you,” she sighed against his warm mouth, wrapping herself up in the feeling, and then drew back so she could look him in the eye.

“But god, Chat,” she huffed to his dumb, overjoyed grin. “I am never letting you forget this.”

Somehow, he only looked happier.

Beer Pong and Powdered Donuts

prompt: A’s been arrested and is waiting handcuffed to a bench in the police station, B is there to deliver donuts and can’t help giving A one

prompt by @writing-prompts-list

Originally posted by archiegifs

Request: Being Kevin’s sister and dating Veronica 💜💜

A/N: I hope it’s okay that I put this in an imagine instead of a “would include”, if you’d like me to make a list just let me know :)

A/N: Also, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve just had a lot of homework load. Still have to work on it all weekend, but I found sometime to write tonight <3

Word Count: 770



Night air swept across your face. Cold metal dug into your wrists. Your face was highlighted by the red and blue light flashing above you. 

When the car pulled up, the wind got stronger. Your hair whipped around you. The Riverdale Sheriff’s office.  You were going to be in so much trouble.

The police officer grabbed your cuffs and hauled you towards the front. As the large doors opened, your brother rushed towards you. 

“y/n what the hell!” Kevin’s blue eyes glimmered, “Dad’s going to kill you! What did you do?”

It was a simple party. At someone’s house that was trustworthy….

Okay maybe simple wasn’t the correct word. But never-the-less what you did wasn’t that bad.



The music was booming so loud you could feel it in your feet. People laughed all around. Red cups were being passed around, beer pong was being played. Striding over to the table, slinging an arm around your girlfriend. “Hey Ronnie” Her face beamed, her arm slinging around your waist, “Hey babe, want to join”

You shook your head, “I’ll join in a minute, I’m gonna get a drink” You smiled at her before disappearing back into the crowd. Sweaty people dancing surrounded you before you were passed a drink.

Two hours later, after 4 rounds of beer pong, you and Veronica were lying on the couch, her head resting on your chest. Your hair was splayed on the couch, veronica’s manicured hands playing with it. “you know…we should probably get home…”

“mmm” she hummed, “But I’m so comfy…”

“I know…if I’m not home soon my dad will start looking”

She sighed, “okay..I’ll stay here though..make sure Archie doesn’t do anything stupid”

You slid off the couch and kissed her forehead. “See you tomorrow”


Tomorrow. If you were let out by tomorrow.

“Oh my god Y/n! Dad’s going to kill you. You went to a party, make out with Veronica, then drive a car drunk?!”

“Shh Kev…”

His eyes widened, “You didn’t tell him yet!”

You looked down. “How am I supposed to? His son is gay, what would he do if he found out his daughter was too?”

Kevin just looked at you solemnly.

Not even a minute after, the doors flung open, raven hair flew around. 

“Y/n? Kevin? What the hell happened” 

Veronica rushed towards you two, Kevin taking the queue to leave, probably walking outside to go find Joaquin.

Two power donuts rested in a Tupperware that was peeking out of her purse.

She looked at you sternly, monitoring the scratches on your face, “What happened after that party?”


You opened the door to your car, and slung the seatbelt across your body.

With your hands at ten and two, you jumbled around for your keys in your pocket.

The engine started, you pulled out of the driveway, but next thing you knew, you saw bright red and blue lights. Your foot slammed on the break so quickly, that the next thing you saw was the stop sign.


Her hand rested on the side of your face, eyes calculating. “if you crashed, why would they take you here?”

You looked down, “I was drunk, and didn’t stop the car”

“Yes, but your father is the Sheriff, wouldn’t you get let off?”

Shoes clacked along the tiles on the floor.

Speak of the devil.

“Y/n..” You looked up, Veronica retreated her hand from yours.

You father stared at you, disappointed. 

“I’m sorry dad…I just really wanted to go this party..”

“Don’t tell me you went to that party for some boy. I know Kevin might have an influence on you, but if its going to be with anything just don’t let it be his choice of men”

He cleared his throat.

“You’re off the hook. Luckily you didn’t do much damage to the car, or the stop sign. We’ll talk about this at home” His eyebrows furrowed as he walked off, saying goodbye to you and Veronica. 

“well..” Veronica started, “that was sufficiently awkward”

She reached into her purse to grab the container. Flipping the lid off, she handed a powdered donut to you.

“I came as soon as I can but I thought I’d get the chef to make some powdered donuts, I know they’re your favourite” You smiled at her, but it was wavering.

Sure, you should be happy that you were off the hook, but you were scared. Not only had you gone to the party, didn’t stop for the cops, and got drunk, you also had something huge to tell him, and you weren’t sure he would take your girlfriend lightly.

Netflix and Chill

Day 5 of @deanxkatherine-af One Week Writing Challenge. This one was definitely a challenge for me, because it’s my first time to write smutty smut like this. I’ve written love scenes before, but nothing like this. I’d appreciate some feedback, if anyone feels so inclined. :D

Title & Prompt: Netflix and Chill
Author: @sunriserose1023
Warnings: Slightly vague spoilers for the movie Steel Magnolias. I tried not to go into detail for those who haven’t watched that cinematic masterpiece. If you are one of those people, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO IN ORDER TO WATCH IT. AND HAVE TISSUES HANDY BECAUSE YOU’LL NEED THEM. Back to the story warnings: This be smut. And my first time writing it, so it might be a little rough. Not the smut, but my writing of it. ;)
Summary: Your day of marathoning Netflix gets interrupted by Dean, and after you expose him to one of your favorite movies, the two of you give in to your feelings.

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Star Wars Night - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Originally posted by stydiafamm

Your POV

“Stiles!” I call out, grabbing his attention. “We still on for Star Wars night?”

He grins, “Definitely. Scott and everyone else knows not to bother us or grab us.”

I high-five him, “Finally!”  

“Hey, Sheriff Stilinski.” I greet.

Hey, Y/N. I have to go to work but, there’s money on the kitchen counter for pizza. I don’t want you using your money again.”

I stare at him shock.

He smiles, “I’m the sheriff. I know things.” He gets into the patrol car, waving goodbye as he drives off.

I open the door to their house, going into the living room. I look to see a fort made of blankets.

“Stiles?” I ask, creeping towards the fort.

“Yeah.” I hear a voice from behind me say, making me jump.

I turn around clutching my chest, “Damn it! Why did you do that?”

Stiles’ smiles, drawing me into his embrace. My hands going to rest on his chest. I look up at him, his eyes shining with excitement. Leaning down, he kisses me. Our lips moving together for a few seconds. Before pulling away, resting my head on his shoulder.

“No prequels or prequels?”

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Breathe Again

A/N: Okay, so this def isn’t one of the holiday fics that I haven’t finished yet (though those are in the works, I promise.), but it is my first Wanda fic! I’ve been working on this for a while, so I really hope you guys like it!

Pairing: WandaxReader

Word Count: 1821

Warnings: None

Seeing her for the first time was like a slap in the face. Not so much a harsh, angry slap, but the kind that just really gets your attention. The way she walked and the way she talked seemed to come so easily. It was hard not to be drawn to her. She was the most gorgeous person in the room. I fell for her then and there.

We spoke that night. She had hidden herself along the edge of the room, sipping on a glass of water, eying the partygoers with curiosity and a knowledge of them that I will never understand.

I had quietly taken a seat beside her. I didn’t dare look at her in fear of scaring her away, but I saw her eyes flicker to me in periphery and I felt a slight pressure behind my eyes that wasn’t there before. Then, in an instant, it was gone. Strangely enough, the loss made me feel lonely.

“Hello, (Y/N).” Her voice had been quiet, but I could still hear it over the roar of the party.

“Hi.” My voice had been just as quiet. Honestly, at the outset, I never expected to make it this far. I felt flushed.

“Aren’t you going to ask how I know your name?” She’d asked, looking me over, curiosity in her eyes.

“No. I felt you,” I gestured to my head. “In here.”

“I’m sorry.” She had instantly looked down at her lap.

“Why?” I’d asked out of genuine curiosity.

“I looked into your mind without permission. It’s an invasion of privacy and I’m sorry for it.”

“Oh,” I’d been surprised. I never expected her to be this shy. “Well, don’t be.”

“You’re not upset?”

“Why would I be?” I tilted my head to the side and looked at her inquisitively. “I’m more intrigued than anything, really.” Her eyebrows had shot up to her hairline in what I could only describe as mild shock. “You look surprised.”

“I just…” She trailed off momentarily and I could see her gathering her thoughts. “In training, I’m told that my powers are a weapon, that they must be reigned in and controlled, and it’s just more than a little strange to have someone be so accepting of a slip-up.”

“Well, if that’s what you call a slip-up then I think you’ve got your powers well under control.” I watched as a light blush crept across her cheeks. I couldn’t stop myself and a small smile formed on my lips before I remembered myself and shook my head. “I’m sorry, I don’t even know your name.”

“My name is Wanda.” She’d smiled brightly and my heart leapt in my chest.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Wanda.”

It felt like an eternity until I saw Wanda again. In reality, it had only been a week.

She was sitting in a cafe, looking around like she was worried about getting caught out after curfew. Without much thought I went into the cafe. I stood a little ways back from the queue, trying to decide what to do, and felt a familiar pressure behind my eyes and I looked over in the direction of Wanda’s table to find her eyes on me. Her eyes were wide in surprise and I grinned at her before deciding to purchase a cup of tea and a scone and stay a while.

When I sat down at Wanda’s table, she looked at me like she was dreaming. Like she couldn’t believe I was there.

“Do you want some of my scone?” I asked, holding it out to her. She shook her head and stared at the table for a moment before looking back up at me, her eyes going wide all over again.

“No, thank you.” She smiled softly at me, reigning in her previously shocked expression.

“You look like you’re on the run.” I said. “Did you sneak out of the compound or something?”

“Something like that.” Her smile grew. “It gets more than a little hard to breathe with all of them there, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.” I smiled and the corners of my eyes crinkled. “Too much time with Tony can get to be a bit suffocating.”

“Well… It’s not just that.” She’d said quietly.


“I’m afraid I’ve gotten myself stuck between a rock a and hard place.”

“Do tell, I’m all ears.” I raised my eyebrows at her.

“I’m sort of a fugitive.” She’d looked at me, her eyes filled with worry.

“Do you need a place to stay? Somewhere to lay low?” I immediately grabbed her hand. “My place is in a relatively undeveloped part of town. Mostly elderly and retired people. No one really pays attention to anyone and the most they do is bitch about how annoying the youths at the high school down the block are.”

“(Y/N)…” She trailed off, searching my face for answers she can only find in my mind.

“I’m serious. Anything you need.” I squeezed her hand. “Rifle through my head a little if you have to. I just want you to be safe.”

She stares at me for a few minutes before I felt a slight pressure behind my eyes. She was actually poking around in my head. I felt a twinge of annoyance run through me before I saw the look on her face. From what I could tell, the whole act was making her extremely uncomfortable. The only reason she was looking is because she really is desperate for a safe place to stay. Knowing that just makes me want to help her more.

“Do you really mean it?” She whispered.

“Of course.” I said simply, giving her hand a squeeze.

“I need you to be sure about this,(Y/N).” She says, her tone serious. “You could be painted a criminal as well. I don’t want that for you.”

“Well, if I’m going to be a villain for helping you out, then I guess you’re going to have to help me come up with my super villain name.” I raise my eyebrows and smile at her. “It’s only fair.”

She rolled her eyes and smiled back, somewhat reluctantly. “You’ve got yourself a deal.”

“How does Hideaway sound?”

“In what context, (Y/N)?”

“We talked about coming up with a villain name for me, remember?” Wanda’s eyebrows lift and she smiles at me in amusement. “Remember?”

“Of course I remember.” She laughs quietly, rolling over on the couch so she can look at me where I’m sitting on the floor. “But why Hideaway?”

“Because I’m a superhero smuggler,” I snort. “Duh.”

“Oh, of course, darling, that makes total sense! How could I not have seen that to begin with?”

“You’re just jealous because you didn’t come up with it first.” I say, shuffling forward and gently poking her nose. “It’s genius and you know it.”

She places a soft kiss on my finger and smiles at me. “Well, you’ve really got me there.” I feel my eyes go wide, realizing what she’s done. Her smile slowly slips away, only to be replaced by a look of concern. “(Y/N)? What’s wrong?”

“I… you….” I sigh quietly, wrapping the finger she kissed in my other hand. “I’m gonna go make dinner.”

Before she can say anything I’m on my feet and making my escape to the kitchen.

When I round the corner I press my back against the cool steel of the refrigerator and try to slow the beating of my heart. I’m amazed by the fact that a simple kiss on the finger could do this to me. Shaking my head I turn around and procure tomato sauce and ground beef from the fridge and try to refocus on what I had said I was going to do in the first place.

I busy myself cooking up the ground beef, adding dried, chopped onion and garlic powder to the sizzling meat. When that’s finished I add the tomato sauce to the pan and let them sit together while I get the pasta ready.

“(Y/N), what’s going on with you?”

I jump at the sound of her voice, but I refuse to turn around, knowing full well that my face is most likely beet red.

“Absolutely nothing, Wanda. Why do you ask?” I continue stirring the sauce, regardless of whether or not it needs it.

“Because you are refusing to look at me and you’re throwing off waves of anxiety like nobody’s business.” I hear her take a step closer and my body stiffens. “Did I do something wrong?”

I sigh and scrub a hand over my face before turning around and looking at her. “You haven’t done anything wrong. Nothing at all.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“The problem is that I’m in love with you, Wanda.”

Her eyes go wide and she takes a step away from me. “You what?”

I lean against the counter and fold my arms against my chest before staring at the floor. “I didn’t want you to find out like this. I was hoping that it wouldn’t ever become a problem, really.” I kick at scuff mark on the linoleum, trying to keep myself from looking at her. “I don’t want you to feel like you have to reciprocate because you live with me or like you’re being ambushed… I just-” She covers my mouth with her hand and I’m forced to meet her eyes.

“You have a tendency to ramble.” She says, her voice hushed. I raise my eyebrows at her, pulling myself up to my full height and looking down at the shorter woman in front of me.

“I’m sorry,” My voice is muffled by her hand.

She shakes her head and moves her hands to cup my cheeks. I can’t help closing my eyes and leaning into her touch. “Don’t be.”


“I must admit, I’ve fallen for you, (Y/N).” She smiles softly at me, her dark eyes sparkling. “You are unlike anyone I’ve ever met before. I find that I feel safe with you and I’ve found a, how did you say it earlier… hideaway in your presence.” My eyes snap open and I bite my lip to suppress a laugh.

She flicks her eyes down to my lips before meeting my eyes again and I feel myself hold my breath in anticipation of what could happen. She drags her gaze down my face before stopping at my lips again and beginning to lean in. I can’t tear my eyes away from her, not wanting to miss anything.

When her lips press against mine, my eyes flutter closed and my hands find her hips before I kiss her back. Her lips are soft and warm against mine.

The kiss can’t have lasted more than a thirty seconds, but when Wanda breaks away and pulls my forehead down to hers, I hear myself sigh and it’s like I can finally breathe again.

I genuinely hope that you enjoyed this! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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I was talking to a coworker and Kravitz showed up behind her and did that thing where you do silly faces behind their back. I was, of course frozen with terror, since I am 600% sure he is the grim reaper (even though he looked totally normal), and when my coworker turned around to see what scared me, Kravitz turned into the skull thing and she literally died of fear. Then, he did the I got my eye on you motion and heelied away. I am a witness to a murder

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I have a Yousana AU prompt that I would love for you to write, of course take all the time you need, don't worry about me waiting because I'll be re-reading all of your stories... prompt: 'My mom caught you checking me out in the store and confronted you so now I have to save you from her wrath because aren't you one of my brothers' friends, the dorky one - also…were you really checking me out?’ Hope you find it interesting to write because I've loved every fic you've posted! ❤️

Hey :)

Thank you for being so nice about waiting while I get to this prompt :) 
I hope you like it. Please let me know :D


“I’m so hungry!”, Sana complains.

Her mother looks at her with a small knowing look. They’ve been out, shopping, for longer than Sana ever likes it.

When shopping, Sana has a system. She walks through the store, looking at everything once and if she sees something that catches her attention she’ll look more closely at it.

Her mother on the other hand, she will walk through the store what feels like 20 times, looking at everything that amount of times, taking stuff with her but then deciding that she doesn’t want it and making Sana bring it back to its spot.

“We just need to pay and then we’ll go home.”, Mamma Bakkoush says.

Sana nods and gets excited about the thought of going home and changing into more comfortable clothes but that feeling gets crushed when the two women see the queue at the checkout point.

There is only one cash register open and Sana sees how fast the employee tries to work so she doesn’t feel like being whiny about it anymore.

After five minutes they did not get much forward in the queue. Sana puts her weight on one foot and then on the other. She’s staring into nothing because she’s so exhausted.

“Sana, I’ll be right back.”, Sana hears her mother say and barely realizes that she dumps all the clothes into Sana’s arms.

This shakes Sana out of her thoughts. What does that mean? Her mother didn’t sound like she was going to get something. She sounded too… aggravated.

Too confused to do anything immediately Sana just follows her mother with her gaze. Sana observes how her mother seems to know exactly where she’s going. Following the line her mother is walking Sana’s eyes land on a tall, dark-haired guy. His eyes are also trained on Sana and when their eyes meet from across the store, both of them look down in a bashful way. He seems familiar to Sana. She doesn’t quite know where she has seen him before.

Sana sees how his head snaps into the direction of her mother and even though Sana can’t see her mother’s face, she knows that she’s not just complimenting that guy.

Looking around her, seeing the queue has not moved much, Sana quickly walks over to her mother and the cute guy.

“… don’t know what you’re doing but it’s not polite to stare like that. I know my daughter is very pretty but you need to..”, is what Sana hears and she instantly decides to intervene.

The tall guy looks overwhelmed, his eyes wide, his right hand on his neck and his mouth lightly open as if he wants to say something but doesn’t know what and how.

Sana puts a hand on her mother’s arm and interrupts her rant.

“Mom, hey, mom. It’s okay.”, Sana says quickly. All she understood from what her mother was saying to the guy, she now recognizes as one of her older brother Elias’ friends, is that he was looking at Sana for some time.

Sana’s mother turns to her but keeps looking at the guy suspiciously for a few more seconds.

“He kept looking at you, obviously interested, which wouldn’t be a bad thing if he came over and said something instead of staring from afar.”, her mother tells her in Arabic.

Sana looks at the guy and then back at her mother. Was he? He is very cute and she knows that he is older than her, like her older brother. 
From the look on his face it’s clear that he doesn’t understand a word from what Sana’s mother said which Sana is really glad about. This doesn’t need to get more embarrassing than it already is. 
The dark-haired guy looks back and forth between Sana and her mother but doesn’t say anything.

“Mamma, this is one of Elias’ friends.”, Sana finally says and points to the guy, whose name she can’t remember for the life of her. Elias mentioned it once but that was quite a while ago.
“He probably only recognized us and tried to think of where he knows us from.”, she sends Yousef a look that tells him to just play along. “Right?”

He starts nodding quickly, looking obviously relieved that Sana said that. He holds his hand out to Sana’s mother and says: “Yes, exactly. I’m Yousef. Elias and I know each other from school.”

Even though she is not completely convinced, Sana’s mother nods slowly and looks from him to Sana. The look she gives her daughter obviously says that she’ll believe her for now but there will be a continuation of this conversation.

Sana’s mother looks back at the queue and thinking that they’ll never get home if she doesn’t get in line again, she takes the clothes from Sana.

“I’m going to pay for these and then we can go.”

Sana nods but doesn’t go with her mother. Instead she watches her get in line again and then turns around to Yousef. He balances himself on the heels of his feet and shows Sana a small, shy smile.

“I’m Sana, by the way.”, Sana says to break the awkward silence.

To be very honest, she thinks Yousef is a very attractive boy. She’s almost too shy to look at him because of that. 
Some of her brother’s friends hang around Sana and Elias’ house all the time so to some extent Sana is used to being around cute, older guys. But this particular one, he has another completely different effect on Sana.

Yousef nods: “Yeah, I know. I mean, because Elias had told me. We met a few months ago, at one of the football games we played?”

He reminds her of one of the very few encounters they had with each other but he seems unsure if Sana remembers. 
Sana nods. She does remember. But she didn’t get to watch much the match because she had a school project that took a lot longer than she thought it would have. She also remembers that Yousef was with her brother. He did draw attention to himself then.

“Yeah.”, Sana says and again there’s silence. She looks behind her and sees that there are still three people in front of her mother.

She looks back at Yousef and is surprised by his interested look. He is very handsome, is all she can think about in that moment. This thought makes it hard for her to say anything for a few seconds. His dark hair is falling on his forehead and Sana’s hand itches to push it back lightly.

She doesn’t think much before saying it, she was too lost in his eyes, the same way he was lost in hers. How that happened neither of them know but it didn’t feel awkward. At all. Which is weird because they really don’t know each other.

“So is it true?”

Yousef narrows his eyebrows in confusion. He presses his lips together and waits for Sana to elaborate. Only about two steps are between the two of them.

“My mother told me..”, should she really say that? Well, he is very cute and it wouldn’t hurt to know. “My mother told me that you were checking me out.”

Sana watches as Yousef raises his eyebrows and looks like he has been caught in the act. Is that enough of an answer for Sana? No.

“Is it true?”, she asks and looks him in the eyes while doing that.

Yousef’s right hand goes to his neck, which apparently is his nervous habit. Sana doesn’t know him for long but she did gather that much in the past few minutes.

“Eh… No, I mean.. yes… kind of?”, Yousef answers, stuttering his way through the sentence, if it can be called that.

Sana thinks it’s really cute and especially when she notices him blush a little she presses her lips together to not smile too much.

Yousef is not sure what this reaction from her means but he is so nervous that he just keeps talking.

“I saw you and recognized you and you were looking really pretty. I mean, you still do.”, he rambles and shuts his eyes in embarrassment. Why is he like this? Yes, Sana is very beautiful but he doesn’t need to get this nervous around her, does he?

Sana just watches him with an amused smile, feeling very flattered and a little bashful at the same time. He’s not just handsome and cute regarding his looks but he’s also a cute dork. Sana remembers seeing him do something at the football game that had made her think that too.

“What I mean is, you’re very pretty.”, Yousef finally says after taking a deep breath.

At that Sana’s smile grows but she can’t look at Yousef for too long. She gets shy after he compliments her straight out. She looks down on her hands.

“O my god. I’m sorry if I overstepped a line. I just.. I don’t know. I felt like I needed to say that.”

Sana looks up at him again and shakes her head laughingly.

“No, no. It’s okay.”, Sana says. “Thank you!”, showing him her dimples.

This results in them smiling at each other shyly without saying anything. The silence is not awkward anymore, it’s nice. They don’t know each other well, barely. However, this very short conversation made both of them happier than they were before.

Sana forgets about how exhausted she is.

Yousef forgets about his worries of finding the perfect present for his mother.

Speaking of mothers, he sees Sana’s mother walk towards them and he quickly looks back at Sana and says: “Thank you for saving me a few minutes ago. I wouldn’t want your mother’s first impression of me to be that.”

Smiling, Sana nods: “No problem. I wouldn’t want my mother’s wrath to scar you. She’s very particular when it’s about me. But you should work on being less obvious the next time.”

Yousef smiles at her but doesn’t get a chance to answer. Her mother arrives with her phone at her ear, just shortly telling Sana that they’re going now.

Sana nods and wants to follow her mother until Yousef quickly calls her name.

She turns around while her mother walks out the door of the store.

“Can I … is there a way we can talk again?” Yousef looks so nervous and unsure about the answer he’ll receive that he can almost not even look at her.

Sana smiles to herself. She is really happy that he did make a move, that he didn’t just let her walk away from this. Even though they didn’t talk long and didn’t talk about anything significant she feels comfortable around him.

“You can add me on Facebook.”

Yousef lifts his head and looks Sana in the eyes. He smiles brightly at her, happy that she looks at him with a similar look.

“I will do that.”

With a smile, Sana nods, says Bye and turns around to go. Her mother probably wonders where she went.

Sana meets her mother outside, who is still talking on the phone and they start walking. Having not even walked five steps away from the store, Sana’s phone beeps.

Yousef Acar sent you a friend request.

Yousef waits nervously. Was he too eager? She’ll probably think that and not even answer to that. His phone beeps just seconds later.

Sana Bakkoush accepted your friend request.

#1 Clayton Keller

can u do a clayton keller one where you two are best friends and very snarky and sarcastic with each other but it TURNS OUT that he actually has a huge crush on you and this is just how he flirts and you overhear him talking about it with a teammate and you’re just like ‘ooooohh so that’s what this has been’


song suggestion: Milk by the 1975

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“Go get your daily coffee fix or I am not driving you home.”

“Because what else would I do in a coffee shop?” you rolled your eyes. It was way too early for this shit. For his shit. Sure, you could be a little grumpy in the mornings but that was not the lack of caffeine. That was you being woken up way too early because Clayton wanted you to meet him and chych after practice before you both road tripped it back up to Missouri. 

At least you went back to your normal self after a couple of hours, or, as clayton suggested, a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, Clayton had been stuck perpetually in sarcastic morning mode since that one time you’d dragged him out of bed for a spontaneous off-season road trip last year. You could deal, he was still your bestest friend in the world but he tended to get on your nerves so much more than usual. 

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Ethan Dolan• "I need you, I need you so bad."

“Y/n, y/n wake up” a groan came from your slumbered lips. “Baby,pls wake up” and there it was again, the poking in your ribcage and the low, hot-breathed whispers onto your neck. The poking continued and you jerked forward in your laying position trying to escape the nagging and fall back into a peaceful sleep. And yet, it didn’t happen. In fact, the poking continued only, lower. And harder. And it definitely wasn’t a finger pushed against your ass. And if it was a finger-well, it’d have to be a pretty damn big one. When your boyfriends whining and prodding didn’t stop your sleepy eyes flew open as you turned to look at your very clearly desperate boyfriend. There he sat, propped up onto his elbow waiting for you to get adjusted out of your sleepy state. “Oh good, you’re awake” he smiled though the darkly lit room. “No Ethan, I’m not awake. I’m mad. Why’re you waking me up so god damn early, what’s going on? You’re not hurt are you?” You sighed out plopping back onto your shared memory foam mattress. “Well…. something hurts really bad and I need you to take care of it.” Although you couldn’t see it, Ethan was smirking and he couldn’t wait for you to find what was hurting him so bad. Suddenly concerned you sat completely upright running your hands over his body as if to inspect for any physical harm, all the while asking him, “where are you hurt baby? I don’t see or feel anything” and to which he gladly replied, “ go a little lower baby” and so you moved your hand down from his chest and to his stomach-thinking he maybe had a problem with his appendix. “Ethan, stand up for me real quick.” “Why?” (Queue the eye roll BC Ethan is so fucking stubborn and he never listens to you.) “Because if your stomach is hurting I wanna make sure it’s not your appendix,babe” and he chuckled at your cluelessness, obviously very amused, “no baby no it’s not my stomach I promise. Move your hand a little lower.” With your face distorted making you look very confused- which of course you were- you titled your head as if you were asking the question without using your words. He smiled and nodded telling you it was okay to do what he had previously told you. And so you did. You slowly slid your hand down his torso, slightly touching his hardened manhood. That’s when the lightbulb in your head went off. He woke you up because he was horny and didnt wanna whack one off when you were laying right there next to him. And to him, you always felt much better than his own right hand.

“Seriously E, this is what is hurting you?” You rolled your eyes so hard it actually made you dizzy. “I need you, I need you so bad.” He plead with his eyes, hoping desperately you would touch him-even just a little- to make him feel so much better. And of course you gave in, just like you usually do. And of course Ethan was a happy little shit and finally let you sleep peacefully throughout the rest of the night. Although you did wake him up later on in the night so he could take care of you…..

Sorry I literally suck :) feel free to request and I’ll get on it :))))


Chanyeol is a coffee shop musician. There’s just one thing very special about him. He’s mute. Kris is a published writer. There’s also something special about him. He’s deaf.

Chanyeol has never found a reason so dire to speak again. But he needs to tell Kris three words. Kris has never found a reason so dire to hear again. But he thinks he needs to hear Chanyeol mutter three words.

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“John, I’ve realised something.”

“Oh, joyous day.” John said distractedly. “Shall I alert the media?”

Sherlock frowned. “Rude, John! I’m serious!”

With a sigh, John tore his eyes from the newspaper.

“Fine, Sherlock.” John sighs, preparing himself to endure another endless Sherlockian rant about bacteria or flesh wounds. “What is it?”

“You have ocean eyes.” Sherlock announces this in the same way that he would the results of an experiment. His own eyes glimmer and he looks eager to hear what John has to say on his findings. “Do you not agree?”

“Ocean…eyes…?” John shifts in his seat. “What do you…? What does that mean?" 

Sherlock’s nose wrinkles as if John’s cluelessness has a foul odour. "Honestly?" 

"What? Yes, honestly!" 

"If someone says to you that you have ocean eyes,” Sherlock says. “Wouldn’t it at least allude to you that you must have eyes like the ocean?”

“The ocean doesn’t have eyes." 

Sherlock sighs deeply, then pushes himself from his own chair and the crowds in front of John’s. "Your eyes, John,” The detective begins, and in this close proximity, his voice seems unmistakably intimate. “They aren’t common eyes, you’re the only person I know with deep blue eyes. Your eyes contain every blue you can only find while below the water’s surface. Your eyes are an abyss, an undertow. The colour that represents submergence, lack of oxygen." 

It isn’t until Sherlock says ‘lack of oxygen’, that John realises he’s been holding his breath. 

"Your eyes make sense,” Sherlock continues. “Because if I look into them long enough, I do feel like I’m drowning. The pressure on my chest, the breathlessness.” He pauses. “Do you understand now?" 

John…has never had someone say anything like that to him at all. Never. He isn’t sure what to say now. What do you say to someone who’s just said that looking into your eyes takes their breath away?

“Dinner?” John’s voice cracks, Sherlock makes no note of it though. His eyes search John’s, and he feels breathless yet again.


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What do you think of Leonard Whiting’s looks? Do you think that physically he is a good Romeo?

Oh, I love him. I love his earthy hair color, his crystalline, watery eyes. Besides, I think that Zeffirelli succeeded in translating the force of Shakespeare’s poetry into the beauty of his images. So Romeo, who is regarded as Juliet’s rosemary in the play, is accompanied by flowers when we first see him, and also in the orchard scene. He plays with them, touches them, smiles at them in a sort of introspective way, as if there were a private bond between them:

Zeffirelli mentioned Leonard ‘has a magnificent face, gentle melancholy, sweet, the kind of idealistic young man Romeo ought to be’. Indeed, I love his quasi-ethereal looks: he is so very soft, his skin almost resembling the texture of silk. His aura conveys such delicacy that it seems that he is about to take wing. ‘With love’s light wings did I o’erperch these walls’, he says as he lifts his arms in the air in a bird-like embrace.

This Romeo is a true idealist, that’s for sure. He does not even wear a sword (except for the last scene); his voice is an energetic whisper, his smile genuine and warm. He has a tendency to run around rapturously, laugh tenderly, feel intensely. I love his urgent, albeit fragile movements.

But after Mercutio’s death, ‘fire-eyed fury’ springs. Red-faced, his soft eyes tinged with rage, his voice ripping the air violently. It is truly tragic to see this Romeo trapped by the cultural violence that surrounds him, because inwardly he is so very idealistic. In his duel with Tybalt, his skin is dewed with sweat:

But this dirt is a great foil to his physical beauty in the aubade scene. He lies on bed, completely naked and vulnerably asleep; then he gets up, opens the curtains, and lets dawn bathe his bare skin. It is a sensual image, and a very symbolic one: the play itself is much in love with dawn. (Its action wraps around that time of the day: in the first scene, Romeo is mentioned to be walking in a grove of sycamore at dawn; when he leaves Juliet’s window, a new dawn rises; equally ‘jocund day stands tiptoe’ when he leaves Juliet’s chamber; the discovery of Juliet’s faked death is set at dawn; lastly, the play concludes with the arrival of a lightless dawn). So it’s a suggestive image: after the consummation of their marriage, his bare skin is bathed in that fresh, newly born, pure, childlike light, which has not yet experienced reality. In a way, his words ‘Call me but love and I’ll be new baptized’ become true: Juliet, his fair sun, has finally risen, and all the ugliness from the fight has faded.

I love his sensitivity, which is so physical and palpably felt. He often weeps incessantly, and indeed there are tears streaming down his cheeks when he commits suicide—tender, frail, heartfelt tears:

Ultimately we see him fall. While he struggles to kiss Juliet’s hand for the last time, life dissolves inside his body, falling lifeless on the floor. So the boy who dreamt of ‘love’s light wings’ is now thwarted by the weight of gravity. Leonard’s Romeo is physically lyrical, his softness defines his very features. To me, it’s a true tragedy to see this Romeo die.

Delena Forever Ours Meta Month

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July 6: Three Quotes (3/3)

You are by far the greatest thing to ever happen to me in my 173 years on this earth. 
    -Damon Salvatore, The Last Dance

I’m about to break your hearts, so buckle up. This was the absolute saddest scene for me in the entire show. We were on a roller coaster of emotions at the end of season 5. First, we loose Stefan and we think that is bad. Then he is able to come back. Hell, everyone can come back. Happy times! What could we possibly be sad about?

And then Damon doesn’t get through. The acting in this scene is A+. In my opinion, probably Ian’s best performance in this show. They had me sobbing just about as hard as Elena did, and I remember the summer following being absolute torture, not knowing if Damon was gone for good.

They can’t be delena without some heartache and poor timing. They both worked so hard to be together, and when they finally work through their “Elena’s having dreams about my brother, that’s not okay” and “Why didn’t you notice?” issues, they’re separated. 

They deserved so, so, so much better than they were given. Sometimes I feel as if the writers had sadistic tendencies and enjoyed seeing our poor girl suffer. Damon’s come so far in his redemption tour and Elena has gotten through so much. They deserve to be happy. 

The fact that Damon wasn’t sad, but happy that he got what little time he did with Elena broke my heart. He is too pure for this world. Like, he’s lived nearly 2 centuries and this baby human girl is the epitome of that? And they were only together a few short months? Ouch.

You can see the obvious love in his eyes and oh, what I wouldn’t do to have a man look at me like that. Tell me he doesn’t love her. Tell me she doesn’t love him. You’re lying. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people love each other more.


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Imagine helping Kol prank his brothers.

——— Request for autumnslioness-dearie ———

“Want to assist me with something?” has you looking up from your laptop, where you had been absentmindedly scrolling through various websites, to see Kol. He had that look on his face. The one that you only saw when he was on the verge of doing something at best mischievous, or at worst deadly.

“That depends. What do you need help with?” you ask, cautiously eyeing him.

He just chuckles in response, “Don’t be so suspicious, darling! I assure you it’s nothing too sinister.” Your silence queues him to continue, “My brothers have been quite the pair of hard-arses lately, don’t you agree? I just want to bring a bit of laughter back into their lives.” Rolling his eyes at your prolonged silence, he adds, “Well, my life, that is.”

“And how do you plan on doing that, Kol?” you can’t help the upward quirk of your lips at his enthusiasm.

“Why, with a lighthearted prank, of course,” he plants himself in front of you, wiggling an enticing brow. “What do you say? Up for some fun?”

“What did you just say?”

Dean looked at Cas in shock. There was no way his best friend had just said-

“I don’t understand hickeys.”

They were sprawled out in Dean’s backyard under the shade of an enormous oak tree, just as they had spent most of the summer so far, and Dean could momentarily blame the heat on the fact that he clearly misunderstood.

“Dude, you’re seventeen. How do you not know what a hickey is?”

“I know what it is, Dean, I just don’t understand the purpose.”

Dean shrugged.

“To mark someone as yours, I guess?” he settled on. “I mean, the entire time the person has that thing on their neck, people know they’re taken. And they don’t exactly feel bad when someone is giving you one either.”

“Oh,” Cas nodded, then added, “Can you show me?”

Dean knew it was a terrible idea. He’d had a crush on Cas since middle school, and this was going to do nothing to stop that. In fact, sucking a sensitive bruise onto Cas’s tanned and sweat-salt flavored skin was certainly only going to make it worse.


Dean leaned in closer, chuckling when Cas watched him. He lifted his hand and gently pushed Cas’s head to the side, giving himself room.

“You got to move your head, nerd,” he laughed, and Cas hastily complied.

Cas’s neck stretched out before him, ligaments and soft skin bare and unblemished. Dean swallowed, licking his lips, and his eyes traced the lines, settling on the space below Cas’s jaw where he could see the steady thump of his pulse. He moved forward and licked the skin there, tasting the salty tang and something he recognized as the way Cas made his pillow smell on nights he slept over. Cas gave a small shiver, and Dean moved forward to seal his mouth around the pulse point and sucked softly.

Cas let out a tiny whoosh of air, and Dean felt Cas bare his neck even more as he sucked. Cas’s skin was soft and warm from the heat of the day, and Dean sucked until Cas gave a small whimpering sound. He added a light scrape of teeth, which caused Cas to clench his toes, and pulled back to check his handiwork.

There it was, a small oval shaped bruise blossoming on Cas’s skin. Dean stared at the pink and red mark and fought down a sense of possession. Cas was his best friend, but that was all. The thought left him with a sour taste in his mouth.

Cas grabbed his phone and turned on the camera to see the mark himself. A small grin passed his lips and he brushed his fingertips across the redness.

“There,” Dean said, aiming for nonchalant. “Now you understand.”

“Does this mean I’m yours until this fades?” Cas asked, putting the phone down to look at Dean, who suddenly found the temperature in the shade to have risen several degrees.

“Do you want it to?” Dean asked, and Cas nodded shyly. “Well, yeah. Yes. You, uh, you’re mine until that goes away.”

Cas reached his hand across the grass and lay it over top of Dean’s, then looked up at him with hopeful eyes.

“And after?”

“Still mine, Cas. And…and I’ll be yours.”

Cas beamed and Dean blushed.

“You understand what that means?” Cas moved closer and nudged Dean’s head to the side, speaking against the skin beneath his ear. “You’re going to need a hickey too.”

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Companions React to being taken back to Vault 111 and Sole Survivor finding a child still alive in one of the Cryogenic Chambers? By the way your reactions are hilarious 😆

God this was such a good ask. It took so much thought honestly. Hope you’ll excuse the wait though. 😁 And thank you! I’m afraid this one won’t be too funny though. Well maybe a little. Ah Deeks. How could I have made this funny without you? Ah but really thank you. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them.

Hancock: They found her together. (Hancock outright refused to let Sole go back there by themselves) She was probably only around six or seven. Hancock caught her when she fell out of the chamber. That was when she started crying.Not that he blamed her, he wasn’t exactly what most would call eye candy. Strangely though when he went to hand her off to Sole she wouldn’t let go of him. She clutched at his coat like it was the only thing keeping her heart beating. She sobbed into his chest, refusing to look up at either him or Sole. He carried her all the way out of the Vault like that.

Nick: It was a baby. Just a tiny little baby. He shook his head. Oh, if he ever found out who had done all this to Sole and all these people and this little baby there was gonna be hell to pay. “Nick,” Sole said, looking up at him now.
He hummed, “Yeah?”
“You wanna hold her?”
His metal heart stuttered a bit. “Ahhh, Kid, I dunno if that the greatest idea…..” He flexed his uncovered metal hand at them.
Sole shook their head, already passing her over. “Hold her,” they said gently but forcefully. “I have some stuff I need to grab anyway.“Before he even knew what was happening the baby was in his arms and was staring up at him curiously.

Deacon: “Can we name him Whisper? Or maybe even Bullseye?” He grinned at Sole, who just stared at him. “Is that a no?” He asked. He looked down at the baby in his arms. “What you think, little guy?” He asked bouncing him up and down in his arms. “What do think? You wanna be called Bullseye? It’s a great code name, I gotta admit. Everybody at HQ would be very envious of you my little friend.” The baby giggled. He looked up at Sole. “See, he likes it!” *queue Sole sighing forever*

Maccready: She was three. Only three. Maccready had picked her up carefully, she was obviously still very dazed from what had just happened. She looked at him with wide blue eyes. He smiled at her. “Hi there,"he said quietly. She just blinked at him.
"Dada?” She asked, a line forming between her thin eyebrows.
The words made his heart ache. One, because she was never going get to see her Dada ever again. And two: the last time he had heard those words they had come out of his own son’s mouth. He felt tears prick at the back of his eyes, but smiled at her anyway.

Codsworth: He hadn’t said or done anything, but he was there. When Sole had the child and they had calmed down he had seemed to actually take a liking to Codsworth. “My family used to have a Mr. Handy just like you,” he said fondly. “I’m really gonna miss him actually. But maybe he survived?” He looked up at Codsworth. “I mean you did…” Codsworth would have cried if his body allowed for such a thing.

Dogmeat: He watched as Sole handled things and when the child started crying he trotted over and nudged them until they had their arms around him and he whined with them. And licked their cheek when all they had left in them were dry hiccuping sobs. (Because maybe it was an absolutely awful day, but at least dogs are still around.)

Preston: “You look like a cowboy,” the little girl stage whispered to him. He laughed. “Yeah I do, don’t I?” He shrugged. “I guess that was just the cards I was dealt though.” He smiled at her.
She giggled. “They look like a porcupine though,” she whispered again, now referring to Sole who was trying to take their armor off so they could wouldn’t bother or accidentally injure the child. Preston laughed, even though he had no idea what a porcupine was.

Cait: The scrawny little girl stood up to them bravely, not daring to let either of them lay a hand on her. “Who are you people?!” She yelled. “Leave me alone!” When finally Cait had managed to catch one of her arms, she went limp, tears welling up in her eyes.
Cait squatted down beside her. “We’re not gonna hurt you,” she told the girl who wouldn’t look at her. “We want to help you actually.”
“Don’t want your help,” the girl said stubbornly.
Cait smiled, nodding. “I know you don’t. I wouldn’t either,” she admitted. “But I’m hoping your gonna let us anyway, cause outside.” She shook her head. “Outside is very different from the last time you saw it. Everything is different. And your gonna need help. As much as you’ll hate it and resent the fact, you’re gonna need help. And we’re the only people who are actually going to help you.” She grabbed the little girls chin lightly, turning her head to where she was looking at her. “I know you don’t want it, but will you let us help?” Stiffly, the girl nodded.

Piper: She couldn’t stay. It was too much for her. She had to go back to Sanctuary and wait for them there. She apologized to the boy when he came walking out with Sole hand in hand. They both sniffed and wiped their eyes as they talked. Politely, they both ignored each other’s tears.

Danse: “I don’t think I should…” He began but Sole was already placing the child in his arms.
The girl smiled at him. “Hi,” she said quietly.
“Hi,” he said, trying not to sound as stiff and military like as he usually was. He was so unused to children. He couldn’t remember the last time he even spoken to a child, much less held one.
“My name’s Denise,” she told him.
“That’s a pretty name,” he told her. “My name’s Danse.”
“That’s kind of weird, but nice,” she nodded. “Do you know where my Mom is?”
His stomach churned. He didn’t dare look at the skeleton over her shoulder. Instead he kept his eyes on her and shook his head. “No, I don’t. Sorry. Maybe my friend here will be able to tell you in a few minutes though.” He couldn’t stay when Sole actually told them about what had happened though. He had to leave. He couldn’t stand to hear.

Curie: “Ahhh!” She shrieked at Sole. “No, you take him. I know nothing of children, please take him from me.” She passed the child back off to Sole as quickly as possible. She couldn’t hold the baby. What if she dropped him? Or what if she held him wrong? Or what if? Or what if? It was all too much for her. She outright refused to hold the child.

X6 88: He regarded the child quietly, a small distance away. Sole was talking to them but but their eyes kept flicking back over to the Synth, as if they were afraid he was going to just jump at them suddenly and eat them. Finally, Sole brought them over and introduced them to one another. “X6-88 this is David. David this is X6-88.” Sole smiled at them both.
“Hello, David,” X6 said. “It’s nice to meet you.” Shyly, the boy just nodded, not saying anything.

Strong: Strong was immediately ordered to go back to Sanctuary and get Preston the second Sole found the child. Strong was scary to people now. He would be a nightmare for a pre-war child.